They Lost 178 Pounds

…& She Lost 150 Pounds by herself Doing This

Good day all I use the to do so many different workouts at home. I'm down 150 pounds

I'm still pushing, stick to and transform your body. Now it's time for me to start some toning and tightening workouts. We got this!!

Raw Rivera

THANK YOU, I lost 230 pounds from your videos!

lost 230 pounds

Dont know if you'll read this but im from Texas and i use to weigh 420 pounds. One day got sick of it and stated looking up workout videos and i found you and Im 210 pounds now.

Thanks brother. You the man.

Much love from Texas‬
‪‪Justin Walters‬

Anja Lost 98 Pounds!

Anja Lost 98 Pounds!

Hey Adrian,

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Hi Adrian,
I'm a vegan.
I'm 56
I'm 5'4" and 211#
I injured my left ankle 5 years ago and have a chronic 3rd degree ankle sprain.
I want to lose fat, be firm, look good naked and increase my donk.
I'm motivated.
What do you recommend?
Thank you in advance

May 10, 2017

Adrian Bryant

are you limited by your ankle? if so then see this

May 11, 2017


Hi Adrian,

I am 5"0 and ~130-40lbs. I want to lose around 40-45lbs within 1.5 months, my goal weight is 95-100lbs. How possible is this and which exercises would be best?

Thank you

April 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

possible but not highly probable

April 02, 2017


Hi Adrian,
I'm 38 years old, 5'4 weighing 274 lbs. I've started a 90 day program on YouTube BBM and I recently came across your channel. My plan is to be fit by 40. My ideal weight is 135 lbs. I workout 6 days a week no more than 20 minutes. I eat 1440- 1380 calories a day using the lose it app. I'm doing intermittent fasting and I eat as clean as possible. I want my weightloss to be permanent so I'm not looking for a gimmick. I watched your videos and I plan on incorporating the workouts into my daily routine. I have two small children so I can't devote a long period of time to exercise. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

March 05, 2017


Hey my sister showed me your videos.I work 3-11:30 at night and i have a little 2 year old.I have lower stomach fat that i want to get rid of its not huge but its to the point where i hate my arms i have fat there.I have alil love handles not much and back fat alittle.My booty is FAT but i want it to be plumper.Please get back with something i can do in the morning.

March 02, 2017

Adrian Bryant

overall, you need this but any of my workouts can be done in the morning before your first meal for faster fat loss

March 03, 2017


Hi adrian I need to lose 23lbs in 7 weeks if I work out 7 days a week doing hiit jumping jacks for 30 minutes will i achieve my goal!?

February 21, 2017

Adrian Bryant

depends on your curent weight in height but yes it is possible

February 21, 2017


Hey Adrian

How do I send you my before and after pics?? I lost 50 pounds in 4 months!! I am really very grateful to you for the insane and effective exercises of toy snake, broom, bedsheet exercise etc.

Would want you to have a look at my transformation! :)

February 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

Send your pics to along with what you used off to do it

February 04, 2017


I'm a female weight 290 I'm 5"8 need to loose 40lbs fast how long will it take eating healthy and your workout

January 25, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at least 6-8 weeks

January 26, 2017


I want loss 2 inches from waist and 2 inches from arms in 2 weeks is it possible

November 26, 2016

Adrian Bryant

very possible depending on how overweight you are

November 27, 2016


I want to loose weight i am 180 and want to be 130 how can i do that with no exercising stuff..

October 25, 2016

Misty G Owens Young

397 Dec2015
297 October 2016. ...
I was doing so awesome renewing my HEALTHY LIVING JOURNEY ♡♡♡
I've really lost focus had alot happen over the last 7 weeks. But I've Maintained My weight-loss! ! So this is day 3 backnowledge on track with Everything. .Gym Food SLEEP Stress.. 5 days ago I just Put on My Facebook page that I'm losing 50 by my BIRTHDAY
01/26/17... Which makes slacking difficult. I asked them to call me out if I wasn't posting sweaty Photos♡♡ And NOW I HAVE The most PERFECT WEBSITE TO TEACH ME WHAT I NEED TO Really HIT MY 200 POUND WEIGHT-LOSS MARK BY DECEMBER 25, 2017!!!! ♡♡♡ Wish I could load before and afters!!

October 25, 2016

Bethany Roberts


I'm very excited to start working out again. I am 16 years old and lost 85 pounds. Now, i am at a stand still and decided to start to blanket workout again like I did in the past

The problem is my diet. It is hard since my parents look at my grandma...who only eats the most unhealthiest of foods. I am forced to eat this i am asking how can i change this?

October 08, 2016


sir my current weight is 84 kgs and i need to reach 48 kgs. Also, my height is just 5 ft. What workouts do you suggest? Would be really grateful for your kind help.

October 03, 2016

Adrian Bryant

these workouts

October 03, 2016


Adrian can u help me pls

September 10, 2016

Adrian Bryant

yes. what is your goal

September 10, 2016


Hi sir
My maintinance cal is 1762 what if i eat 762 per day and burn this 762 with workout daily how much i will lose with it in amonth

August 09, 2016

Adrian Bryant

depends on hw much you weigh but your weight loss may be temporay being that you may not be able to eat 762 cals per day forever

August 10, 2016


Hey sir i m saima i want to know if i walk for an hour n in that perios if i run for a short period any time n again walk.n then run again when i feel i can do it.. not like creating intervals so this is also called as hiit for ex if i walk for 50 min n run for 10 min

July 28, 2016

Adrian Bryant

no, intervals are much shorter of seconds on and seconds off

July 28, 2016


How can I get the fee DVD?

July 25, 2016

Adrian Bryant


July 25, 2016


I stumbled across your website on July 16, 2016 and I have been hooked on you and your workouts since! You are motivating to me and funny at the same time, but I need the hard talk to keep me going. I have been on a see-saw with my weight since I returned home from the military in 1998. Now I am 44 and determined to get my sexy back. I know I will know...with your help. Thanks Adrian.

July 19, 2016


i need information regarding calories as why it is being said that eating under 1200 cal is not good for women?can u tell me the reason y??

July 17, 2016

Adrian Bryant

that is a myth. it may be bad to eat that less since it is not possible for most people to eat that low amount for a long atime

July 17, 2016


i saw ur videos and in most u mention these wordings (do this workout 20-40 min a day 3-4 days in week 1-2 times in a day)
can u tell what do u mean by 1-2 times in a day is it like two 40 min session ?

July 17, 2016

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