17 Tips to Make Your Butt Bigger

how to make your butt bigger

1. Just Do Butt Bridges or Hip Thrust

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Hip Thrust make your butt bigger
Yep, luv this guy I followed his advice on hip thrusts & my booty got bigger and more lifted. I started with 30 kg and worked myself up to 80 kg barbell with hip thrusts. What helped more than anything was heavy weighted barbell hip thrustsNataska Gordon
Thank you so much for these tips. I've been doing the weighted butt bridge for the past couple of weeks and definitely see a difference. I spent countless hours in the past with light weights and doing squats, but this is really what it takes. Thanks for sharing :)Leigha

2. No More Girly Weights

The picture below explains this perfectly…

tip for bigger butt

If you use lighter weights where you can do more than 15 reps per set on any butt exercise you'll probably only get a butt that's a little bit bigger & rounder like Ciara
, Fergie
, Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
or like this
this butt here
that you may be satisfied with but…

To get a bigger butt like Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
, CoCo
, J-Lo
Jennifer Lopez
, Vida Guerra
Vida Guerra
, Andressa Soares
Andressa Soares
, Beyonce
or like this…
this butt here

You're going to have to use heavier weights that limit you to 5-to-15 reps per set because your butt gets bigger as it gets stronger and your butt can't get as strong using lighter weights for high reps.

3. Stop The Insanity!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

If you keep using the same amount of weights, reps & sets each workout you do then your butt won't get any stronger meaning it won't get that much bigger so To make your butt bigger & stronger each time you workout…

For example… If you did 4 sets of 8 reps using 100 pounds with the hip thrust then the next time you workout…

Training logs…

4. More Bigger Butt Exercises

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To get a bigger butt doing squats you need to Do ATG or Ass-to-The-Grass Squats where you squat down past parallel or squat to a point where your butt is below your knees at the bottom of the squat where your butt nearly touches the floor.

Tip: Pause for at least 2 seconds after you've squatted all the way down and then stand back up by pushing thru your heels for a better butt workout.

5. Sprint like you stole something

hill sprints make your butt bigger

30-to-100 yard hill sprints at top speed as if a dog where chasing you is one of the best ways to get sexier legs and the steeper the hill is = the better butt workout you'll get - Hill sprint workout for a bigger butt

6. Get Your Ass Kicked!

See tip #1 again but in each butt workout you do you only need to do 1 exercise for 3-to-6 sets using heavier weights that only allow you to get 5-to-15 reps per set and at the most…

You could do 2 exercises (for 3-to-6 sets each) by doing the hip thrust or butt bridge while adding one of these exercises but MORE IS NOT BETTER!

Focus on trying to get a quality workout where JUST One Butt exercise literally kicks your ass!

If you feel you can still do 20, 50 or 100+ reps of donkey kicks or go thru the entire Brazilian butt lift routine after doing 3-to-6 sets of Weighted Hip Thrust, Weighted Butt Bridge or 1 of these exercises then…

Check to see if you were using heavy enough weights, enough reps and/or sets

7. Only 1-to-2 Days Per Week

When you're using heavier weight where you can only get 5-to-15 reps per set then doing a butt workout 1-to-2 days per week is more than enough to get you the bigger butt you want.

Working out more than that will actually slow down the butt building process because you're not giving your glutes (your butt muscles) enough time to rest, recover and grow. How often can I workout the same muscle?

rest to make your butt bigger

8. Feed Your Butt

You need enough protein to build your butt back up into a bigger & stronger one after doing a butt workout

Type your weight in the box & then click enter to See how much protein you need to make your butt bigger…

Type in how much you weigh here →

You need -to- grams of protein per day for a bigger butt

Get all the protein you need from these foods and/or protein supplements

9. Pause

When you do pause reps you pause for at least 2 seconds before you do the working part of the exercise where you actually move the weight - for example…

Pause reps help you build a bigger butt faster is because they force you to use 100% of your butt muscles without you using any momentum that takes away from your butt building workout.

Pause rep tip: The longer you pause = the heavier the weight will feel or be so if you're unable to use heavier weights… Pause reps will help you build a bigger butt with lighter weights.

Now I'm NOT saying that YOU CANNOT get a bigger butt doing regular reps without pausing but you'll certainly build a bigger butt faster using pause reps.

10. Use Your Heels

When doing a butt exercise it is very important that you push from your heels (and not your toes) to "feel it more' in your butt so Curl your toes up or elevate your toes on a very thin book/platform to help you focus more on pushing thru your heels.

11. Squeeze!

When doing the Hip Thrust or Butt Bridge… Squeeze or contract your butt muscles real hard for at least 2 seconds at the end of each rep. Peak contraction fast muscle building trick

12. Drop sets

Drop sets help you get a bigger butt faster by making you do more reps even after you've reached a point where you're not able to do another rep.

In a drop set…

For example - your drop set may look like this here…

Drop sets are best done for the last 1-to-2 sets of your butt building workout because they are too intense for you to do them for more than 2 sets at a time.

13. Stretch It Out

Get a better butt workout when you increase your range of motion by stretching your calves, thighs, lower back, hamstrings and especially your hip flexors before and/or during your workouts for a bigger butt

14. This Will Not Make Your Butt Bigger

Doing any butt exercises like hip thrust, butt bridges, donkey kicks, cable kickbacks or reverse hyperextensions with light weights & high reps will not make your butt that much bigger unless you want a butt like Ciara
, Fergie
or Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

Your butt muscles/glutes can't get that strong with light weights and the stronger your glutes are = the bigger your butt will be.

You'll easily get a bigger & stronger butt like Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
, J-Lo
Jennifer Lopez
, Beyonce
or like this butt here
this butt her
using heavier weights for sets of 5-to-15 reps doing Hip Thrust, Butt Bridges and/or the other butt exercises here

15. Burn out your butt

To get a better butt workout when doing Squats, Lunges or Leg Presses you can use the pre-exhaust trick to completely burn out your butt muscles and To do the pre-exhaust trick…

Watch how to use reverse hyperextensions to pre-exhaust your butt…

16. Maca Doesn't Work

17. It Won't Take Long

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1-35 of 1710 Comments

Hi Adrian it might seam weird for a man to be tell u this but I'll go on I've being trying for the last 2 years to get a bigger butt and its just not moving I tried wearing tight boxer briefs that didn't work I tried briefs and it didn't work I've tried jock strap and it didn't work at this point I don't know what to do can u please help me I need it I really need my ass to get big thank u

February 28, 2017


I'm 5'6 133lbs. Do I have to gain more weight to get a big butt? I have a butt like Fergie, I want a Kardashian like one. I'm afraid if I gain more weight I'll get a waist or if i lose weight I'll lose the butt I already have. Not sure which route to go for what I want?

February 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yes but mostly muscle weight in your glutes/butt. see bigger butt workouts

February 04, 2017


Are Bulgarian Squats better than reverse lunges for butt building?

January 28, 2017

Adrian Bryant

I would say yes since you are able to go deeper in squats

January 29, 2017


hi I want a bigger butt but ive just had a baby so I have around 35 pounds to lose.

is they any point in starting a butt building workout, until ive lost the weight, I'm on a low calorie diet so I'm not having much protein.


January 12, 2017


What if I cannot lift anymore than 30lbs with my arms? Is there any way I can get the Kim K/J Lo butt without building those arm muscles up to above 100lbs or will I have to build up my arms first?

January 12, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you mean you arent able to lift the weight into postion to do the hip thrust? are you doing this at a gym?

January 12, 2017


This is not entirely accurate. I have poor glute genetics and have worked up to a 190 lb barbell hip thrust and while my glutes are looking a lot better, it has been 5 months now and I definitely do not have glutes like Kim K. My glutes look more like Kate Hudson.

Expectations have to be reasonable. Some people will not add inches to their glutes in a short period of time. What's important is progress and constant progressive overload. I went from hip thrusting 40 lbs and now hip thrusting 190 lbs and I'm still moving up to my goal of 225 lbs.

November 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

and as you continue to get stronger you will get that kim k butt.

how many reps areyou doing with 190?

November 08, 2016

Maya Smith

Hi Adrian.

I am 140 pounds and 5'5. I would like to lose my belly fat BUT would like to keep/increase my thighs/butt and breasts size.

November 02, 2016


Hi Adrian
I have increased bridges from 80kg to 120kgs (I wish I had purchased 2 x 10kg plates instead of the 20kgs i brought instead) however I still manage to perform the bridge exercise using the 120kg.
However I do have a problem, I'm having problem keeping the full force of the weight of the barbell to stay on my hips and it keep rolling into my stomach... Last night I really felt it on my stomach and shortly after, i had stomach pain. Without being crude or anything, it was the kind of pain where it made me go to the bathroom!! Which is not a bad thing I guess as I suffer from bloating. But I am worried in case I do any harm. Do you have any tips on how I can control such heavy weight to stay on my hips without rolling onto my tummy. Or any other effective exercises I can do without building legs too much
Ps I have been following your plan but unfortunately I am going premenopause and everything is slowing down, so I had to focus on weight loss to get rid of the extra pounds and bloating on my stomach, so your amazing plan has been neglected but I am now resuming this. Thank you for you time x

October 11, 2016

Adrian Bryant

are you using any kind of padding between you and the bar?

October 12, 2016


Hi Adrian
Yes I am using 2 very full pillows stuffed into on small pillowcase and there is no gap between the pillows and the bar and my hips

I meant to also ask, what is the ideal height in cms for the bench or stepper when performing hip thrust

October 12, 2016

Adrian Bryant

regular bench height while making sure its anchored or that it wont move while doing the hip thrust but back to the original challenge of bar placement...

you say it rolls back as you do the hip thrust? 120kg or 250+ pounds should pretty much stay in place as you do the exercise so let me ask you this

at the end of the movement are you pushing the bar with your arms or keeping your arms locked to prevent it from rolling back as you thrust up?

October 13, 2016


Yes I'm using my arms but maybe not as much as I should. I wasn't sure if I should be and also it's very heavy but I will try with my arms fully locked next time and keep it strong. I feel like I'm working out my arms too but I will focus on this next time. Thank you

October 13, 2016


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for such thorough instructions and information! Just have one question. I am doing the hip thrust with about 20-25 lbs of varying weighted Dumbbells in a box on my lap using a chair (have to improvise lol). I definitely feel it in my butt muscles but I feel it even more in my thigh muscles. Am I doing it wrong or is this normal? Not trying to get bigger thighs, just a bigger, rounder butt.
Thanks for your time :)

August 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

its normal at first but make sure you are pushing thru your heels

August 20, 2016


Hi Adrian, I'm 132 pounds and I'm 17 i'm watching my calorie intake and doing the How to lose 20 pounds fast in 30 days with Bed Sheet Workout #2 and Use A Toy Snake to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks. I'm still at 132 and it's been a month...

July 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

how tall are you and what exactly is yur calorie intake?

July 10, 2016


Hi Adrian.
I want to get wider hip and bigger butt... The problem is I can't go to gym
I have 2 dumbbell each one is 2 kg
How can I do squat with tow dumbbell ? And what is the exercise to get wider hip and bigger butt in home
Should I get a heavier dumbbell ?
Please help

July 03, 2016

Adrian Bryant

do workout D here if no weights to get a bigger butt at home

July 04, 2016


Hi Adrian, I have recently received this customized workout routine from a fitness trainer and I have a few questions for you.... According to her routine,

Smith machine squats –

3x 20 – moderate weight
1x 12-15 – heavy weight with very slow movement

Front squats

3x 20-25 – moderate weight
1x 20 – heavy weight
1 x 10-12 – heavy weight with very slow movement

Will I be still able to bulk up my legs and hips big with that many reps? I was following your routine for a while and now shes telling me to do something else. I am confused. Please help me! Thanks.

June 14, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you can get results with hers or mine. The key to bulking or gaining mass is to get stronger so if you're trying to use more weight, reps or sets each workout (as long as you're doing at least 5 reps per set) you are going to gain mass.

A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle

so if you use the same weights each workout then NO her plan will not work.

In my opinion though you dont need to do both squats and front squats (just pick one) they both do the same thing and you're better off just doing squats since you can use more weight and make your legs stronger quicker that way

June 14, 2016


Thank you for a quick reply!! I split those two exercises and do one for the 1st and another one for the 2nd leg day.. So you are saying that as long as I increase the weight or reps each workout, I should be still able to get bigger legs and butt even with her routine..? So how many different exercises per day do you recommend me to do? And how many times cardio per week for fat loss & muscle gain? I have a few on my list which are weighted Lunges, Leg press, Front squats, Hamstring curls, Deadlists, Smith machine squats.... But as you mention on your page, Im trying not to do more than 3 exercises that target the same area... ( Like I did weighted lunges, Front squats and deadlifts today with the amount of raps she wrote me to) I felt like I used more of my leg muscle than glutes though so I want to add hip thrust for the next time.. What do you think?

June 15, 2016

Adrian Bryant

yes, as your muscle gets stronger it will get bigger and it'll be better if you just do squats from workout to workout where you can use more weight instead of switching back to the lighter front squats.

Dont focus on doing lots of exercises just focus on getting stronger and all you usually need is just ONE to do that.

For cardio you'll need to gradually add that to your workout to see how much you can do without it affecting your progress

If ALL you want is a bigger butt and thicker thighs (bigger legs) then you can seriously do ALL that with DEEP Ass-to-the-grass squats and I would only add hip thrust if you are unable to go down as deep with your squats

June 15, 2016


Thank you so much!!! I will keep you updated as I see results.

June 15, 2016

Davina Tamrez

I forgot to include my current workout;

Squats 70kg 6 sets 8
Lunges 65kg 6 sets 8
Bridges 80kg 6 sets 8
Finish off one set of cable kick back

This takes me 1 1/2 and I like to try cut down the session time x

June 09, 2016

Adrian Bryant

there is no need to do squats and lunges in the same workout because they work the same muscles (they're almost similar exercises) - Just PICK ONE of those and stick with that ONE for 4-to-6 weeks. I would do DEEP Squats since they activate the butt more than lunges

Same with hip thrust and bridge. Just pick one. the bridge is actually just a hip thrust with a shorter range of motion. It's better to just do hip thrust

June 10, 2016

Davina Tamrez

Hi Adrian

OMG you are Amazing!! Over the last year I have wasted money on PT who actually made my bum smaller! I got really depressed as I am a dancer, I started working out on my own with very little results, I searched online for any secret miracle exercises I don't know about to no avail. Until I came across your website... After workout 1 I sense something happening and after workout 2 I really do see a HUGE difference already!! The choice of exercises are the ones I enjoy doing and make sense. And I think the protein diet plays a massive part in this. No one ever explained this to me the way you explained everything so simple and fun to follow. I am forever admiring in the mirror and I can actually grab my bum before there was nothing. But I have a couple of questions...
I'm used to doing several exercises in my workout, doing 2 exercises seems strange so is it ok for me to do ;

1. Squats, lunges, bridges and hip thrust all in one work out?
Or could I split them into alternate sessions ie
Day 1 squats and bridges
Day 2 lunges and hip thrusts.

Or perhaps

Squat, lunges and bridges / thrusts in one workout. So only doing 3 exercises.

I did bridges up to 80 kg but it keep wobbling, I tired next session in the smith machine but could not manage full movement properly. What can I do to stabilize the barbell with huge plates. I tired with 45 kg barbell fixed with small weights and it was perfect.

Can I go on the treadmill for 5 to 10 mins inclined on a rest day? As I need to burn fat off my stomach??

Sorry for the long essay but I am your biggest fan!
Davina Tamrez x

June 09, 2016


Hi Adryan,
I am a 5'2" female with multiple sclerosis. My hand stregnth has been affected so using heavy weights is a big issue. Because of my situation I was wondering if increasing butt bridge reps&sets would beneficial without wait increasing weights.
(I am not aiming for a Kim K. butt)

April 20, 2016

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