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Top 19 Tips For a Bigger Butt

how to make your butt bigger

1. Just Do Butt Bridges or Hip Thrust

Click photos to see how to do the 2 best butt exercises

Butt Bridges or Hip Thrust
Yep, luv this guy I followed his advice on hip thrusts & my booty got bigger and more lifted. I started with 30 kg and worked myself up to 80 kg barbell with hip thrusts. What helped more than anything was heavy weighted barbell hip thrustsNataska Gordon
Thank you so much for these tips. I've been doing the weighted butt bridge for the past couple of weeks and definitely see a difference. I spent countless hours in the past with light weights and doing squats, but this is really what it takes. Thanks for sharing :)Leigha

2. No More Girly Weights

The picture below explains this perfectly…

best butt building tip

To get a bigger butt like Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
, CoCo
, J-Lo
Jennifer Lopez
, Vida Guerra
Vida Guerra
, Andressa Soares
Andressa Soares
, Beyonce
or like this butt here…
this butt here

3. Stop The Insanity!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

So if you keep using the same amount of weights, reps & sets each workout you do then your butt won't get any stronger meaning it won't get that much bigger so…

To make your butt bigger & stronger each time you workout…

For example… If you did 4 sets of 8 reps using 100 pounds with the hip thrust then the next time you workout…

Use your training log and always try to beat your last butt workout by using heavier weights, more sets and/or reps every time you workout or instead of waiting until your next workout…

You can also try to beat each set you do in a workout by doing more reps and/or using heavier weights on each set.

Training logs you can use…

4. More Exercises For a Bigger Butt…

The exercises below will also give you thicker thighs…

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Tip: When doing squats or lunges try to come all the way down past parallel in order to get a better butt workout and you can watch the squat or lunge video here for more info but basically…

You want to come down so far when doing squats or lunges that your butt nearly touches the floor and after you've squatted all the way down…

Pause for about 1-to-3 seconds and then stand back up by pushing thru your heels so you'll get a better butt workout.

5. Sprint like you stole something

how to do hill sprints for sexier legs

40-to-100 yard sprints at top speed as if a dog where chasing you is one of the best ways to get sexier legs and if you don't believe that… Look at the legs of some of the world's fastest sprinters.

Quick tip: The stepper the hill is = the better butt workout you'll get - See how to do hill sprints for a bigger butt

6. Get Your Ass Kicked!

See tip #1 again but in each butt workout you do you only need to do 1 exercise for 4-to-6 sets using heavier weights that only allow you to get 5-to-12 reps per set and at the most…

You could do 2 exercises (for maybe 4-to-6 sets each) by doing the hip thrust or butt bridge while adding one of these exercises but MORE IS NOT BETTER!

Focus on trying to get a quality workout where JUST One Butt exercise literally kicks your ass!

If you feel you can still do 20, 50 or 100+ reps of donkey kicks or go thru the entire Brazilian butt lift routine after doing 4-to-6 sets of Weighted Hip Thrust, Weighted Butt Bridge or 1 of these exercises then…

You probably should check to see if you was using heavy enough weights.

7. Only 1-to-2 Days Per Week

When you're using heavier weight where you can only get 5-to-12 reps per set then doing a butt workout 1-to-2 days per week is more than enough to get you the bigger butt you want &…

Working out more than that will actually slow down the butt building process because you're not giving your glutes (your butt muscles) enough time to rest, recover and grow.

8. Feed Your Butt

After you break down or do damage to your butt muscles by working out…

9. Start Recording

You already know you need a training log but you also need to keep a food journal so you can see exactly how much protein & total calories you need (along with carbs & fats) that YOU need for a bigger butt &…

You need to record or write down everything you eat in your food journal so you can make adjustments to your diet based on the results you're getting so for example…

10. Pause

When you do pause reps you take a slight 1-to-3 second pause right before you do the working part of the exercise where you actually move the weight - for example…

The reason why pause reps help you build a bigger butt faster is because pause reps force you to use 100% of your butt muscles without you using any momentum that takes away from your butt building workout.

Now I'm NOT saying that YOU CANNOT get a bigger butt doing regular reps without pausing but you'll get a better butt building workout using pause reps.

11. Use Your Heels

When doing a butt exercise it is very important that you push from your heels (and not your toes) to "feel it more' in your butt so when doing exercises like the Leg Press, Squat, Lunge, Hip Thrust & Butt Bridge…

Curl your toes up or place your toes on a very thin book to help you focus more on pushing thru your heels.

12. Squeeze!

When doing exercises that target the butt only like Hip Thrust & Butt Bridges… Squeeze or contract your butt muscles real hard for at least 2 seconds at the end of each rep.

13. Drop sets

In a drop set - what you do is…

Your drop set may look like this here…

Drop sets are best done for the last 1-to-2 sets of your butt building workout because they are too intense for you to do them for more than 2 sets at a time.

14. Stretch It Out

You can get a much better butt workout by doing just 1-to-2 sets of 15-to-45 seconds of static stretching for your calves, thighs, lower back, hamstrings and especially your hip flexors before and/or during your workouts for a bigger butt because…

When you do these lower body stretches before doing any squat exercise you'll increase your range of motion which allows you to go down deeper in your squats which leads to you getting a better butt workout.

Watch the video below on how to squat for a bigger butt but really pay attention at about the 60 sec. mark on how to stretch for a deeper squat…

You really should do the hip flexor stretch to give your butt bridges & hip thrust workouts a boost.

15. This Will Not Make Your Butt Bigger

As I mentioned earlier… Doing any butt exercises with light weights & high reps probably will not make your butt that much bigger so unless you want a butt like Ciara
, Fergie
or Kate Hudson…
Kate Hudson

Stop wasting your time doing exercises like donkey kicks, cable kickbacks or the Brazilian butt lift routine where you have to use light weights and high reps to get a butt like this
this butt here
when instead…

You can quickly & easily get a butt like Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
, J-Lo
Jennifer Lopez
, Beyonce
or like this butt here
this butt her
using heavier weights for sets of 5-to-12 reps doing Hip Thrust, Butt Bridges and/or the other butt exercises here

16. Burn out your butt

You can pre-exhaust your butt muscles before your bigger butt workouts for a more intense (and more advanced) butt workout that will make your butt stronger much faster making it get bigger quicker over a regular butt workout without you pre-exhausting, pausing, and/or using drop sets so how do you pre-exhaust or burn out your butt muscles?

Basically you do the exercises from Tip 15 using lighter weights and do up to 6 sets of 15-to-30 reps to pre-exhaust your butt muscles before doing your serious butt building exercises from Tips 1 & 4 with heavy weights. You could also do this 5 minute or 4 minute butt workout to pre-exhaust your butt.

The video below shows you how to use reverse hyperextensions to pre-exhaust your butt…

17. Maca Doesn't Work

The only thing you can eat or take for a bigger butt is a good diet plan where 25-to-50% of your diet is protein

18. It Won't Take Long

19. It Worked For Them

I Got the Butt I Want

The exercises I use is the weighted butt bridge, weighted hip thrust, elevated lunges & barbell squats as told here and I use 70lbs for all exercises and 5 sets of 8 for all.

I also used your 7 minute video on slimmer thighs and do that 3 times a week.

That is not my whole exercise routine. It would be too much to put in lol but that is how i used NowLoss.com and ive shared it with so many people. Its so organized and covers everything u need to know to get the body you want.?

Jenna Allure

My booty got bigger & more lifted

bigger booty

Yep, luv this guy followed his advice on hip thrusts over squats and my booty got bigger and more lifted. I started with 30 kg and worked myself up to 80 kg barbell with hip thrusts.

I do squats but they do not build a big booty like I have now as you can see the proof is in the pudding. What helped more than anything was heavy weighted barbell hip thrusts

Nataska Gordon

Victoria's progress after 6 weeks…

My Butt Looks Really Good Now…

Go to Tindra's Instagram to see more of the results she got with squats and this diet tool I gave her.

Thanks so much
Tindra Isabell

My Butt is Better Now

I lost 10 pounds and I use the butt bridge workout! It helped me to build up my booty quite a bit after losing weight.

I had booty but I didn't have a thin waist. Now thanks to your program my waist is very small and I still have a butt! My butt is better now then before because it's muscle.

Sasha Noneya

Adds 4 inches to her butt

Went from 33" hip to a 37.5" hip! All by utilizing the hipthurst. Thanks to Bret Contreras & Adrian Bryant for showing me! This is by far the most dramatic change for my Glutes, Hamstrings and overall thigh development.

Deirdre W.

Gained 2 pant sizes in my glutes

Adrian, Thank you so much for your advice and program. I am in love with my body and the results!!

Results are from heavy weighted glute bridges and hip thrust. No squats!!!! Gained 2 pant sizes in my glutes

What really helped was your advice on protein intake. I ^ my calorie intake to 2000 and my diet consisted of 50% protein.

Amanda Bertaina

"Dang ma, you got a phatty girl."

I targeted the Booty with Adrian's bootylicious workout. When i did the workouts alot, i saw faster results, even with using weights. Thanks, my jeans feel GREAT!

Thanks so much for inspiring me and for giving me my new booty lol.

I was in atlanta earlier this month to visit my bf and as i got off the subway guys were saying, "Dang ma, you got a phatty girl." lol. I knew the workout has worked. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Renita, South Carolina

GAINED 3 inches on my hips

Omg!! In one month using the NOWLOSS workouts I lost 4 inches on my waist, and GAINED 3 inches on my hips! My measurements now are 32"-26"-37" hell yes!!


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I have to run a mile twice a week in school. WIll that negatively affect my results ? Also would it be better or worse if I did the butt bridge 2 & 3 times a week rather than 1 or 2 times ? Thank you. 😊

July 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

start off with 1-2x

I would slowly add more running depending on the results you get

July 23, 2015


I only have 30 pounds of weights.What can I use for more weights to build a bigger butt.

June 30, 2015

Adrian Bryant

have you tried to do the butt bridges or thrust with one leg to make it more intense?

July 01, 2015



I'm pregnant and I noticed every time I am my butt gets bigger and my husband ( and myself) likes this... I'm normally about a 130 at 5'4 so I'm not tiny but I'm not a particularly fat person either. I'm wondering if I can add some muscle/ lift too my butt safely while pregnant making it easier to keep it plump after I thin out... And one down side it get bigger and rounder but I my cellulite is way more pronounced I was hoping to do a routine without too heavy of squats as I don't want to injure myself and maybe some moderate weighted butt bridges??? Please email me if you have advice. I usually work out moderately when pregnant up until the third trimester where I back off a bit . Let me know what you think!

June 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you'll have to ask your doctor for help if that would be safe for you or not

June 24, 2015


hiii! this is puru here ....i js go throw ur exersise tips fr getting thick thighs n heavy hipps....it's really wonderfull.

i also want my waist slim n thighs n hips bigger in size bt....the problem is m vry fatty girl ,i want to reduce my weight n wn to bcome fit by having slim waist n heavy thighs n hips....plzzzz help me out

June 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here

June 20, 2015


Just wanted to clarify that Macca DOES work! I highly recommend this supplement! I buy organic vegetarian pure macca root I Take 3 of these vitamins each day and it only takes about 2 months to see results! It helps with fertity and increases sex drive, it's a very old incan root kinda of like a sweet potato root and helped incan and mayan women get pregnant and prepare for child birth and what I noticed on myself is that it definetly made my hips and butt a much larger size and I swear by my results. My waist is thin and sometimes i use a training corset too but I went from a pant size 3/4 to a size 8 in just 2 months! I highly recommend you try organic macca root in capsule form 3 times a day.

June 09, 2015


Can you do more than 6 sets of 12 once you get there or?

June 01, 2015

Adrian Bryant

not really. if you can do more than 4-6 sets then the workout is probably too easy for you to get any results

June 02, 2015


Is it possible I could start working out my thighs and butt to get bigger even though I am about 30lbs from my goal? How would I be able to do it without losing the new muscle growth in my butt and thighs?

May 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you can, but read this

May 21, 2015


Hi Adrian..Would you recommend doing the stairmaster before or after doing hip thrusts or not at all? I am looking to keep the fat and thickness around my thighs and butt...will the stairmaster make me lose that....and also will doing hip thrusts make me lose fat around those areas (which I don't want to happen).....thank you!!

May 20, 2015


Hey Adrian. I tried to do today the weighted bridge with 40kg, but that thing was so heavy that i thought it would make a hole through my body. My butt muscles could definitely stand the weight and perform the exercise, but my lower belly hurt so much so i didn't do it. What do you suggest? Plus, what do you think is a good weight for a beginner to start with? Thanks beforehand

May 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

are you using a cushion

May 09, 2015


It does recommend you doing 4-12 sets of the hip thrust or bridge. That's a big difference being doing 4 sets as opposed to doing 10-12 sets. Is there an ideal number of sets that I should be focusing on to achieve the fastest result?

April 24, 2015

Adrian Bryant

4-6 is all you need. I would only do 8+ sets IF 2-4 of those are strictly warmup sets where you do more than 12 reps

April 24, 2015


hello, im trying to loose 30 ILBS. i currently eat clean and do HIIT 2-3 per week and reg cardio (classes/bike/stairclimber etc). I am currently interested in building my glutes. I have read that you should train your glutes from all different angles thru various exercises to promote muscle growth? But reading your blog your suggesting all i have to do is ONLY hip thrust/glute bridge with an appropriate wieght for 4-10 sets/ 5-12 reps 2 times a week in addition to what im doing and i can see results? will my HIIT and cardio effect my glute growth?

April 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here and do #1,2 & 5

April 14, 2015


Hi Adrian. I have been incorporating glute bridges. I'm starting of slow with the weights till I can increase. Last time I used a 25 pound plate on my hip. The problem is that altough 25 pounds is not heavy, it was hard to place on my hip. I had to ask a stranger to place it. My question is, do you know any creative ways to do hipthurst and glutebridges without having to pick up heavy weights to place on hip? I see some people use a barbell, put even picking up a 50lb bar to place by a bench will be heavy for me. I tried to use a leg extension machine once to do hip thursts since I don't have to pick up weight with hands but getting my body inbetween the bottom and chair was sooooo hard. And I'm pretty skinny. Any tips

April 13, 2015

Adrian Bryant

is there a smith machine at your gym?

April 13, 2015


yes I do. Can you link a video on how to do glute bridges or hip thurst on the smith machine?

June 28, 2015

Adrian Bryant

ddi you search on youtube

June 29, 2015


If I do hip thrusts twice one week, once the next, start at 30 pounds, keep the same weight twice, then add 5 pounds for example Monday: 30 Sunday: 30 Wednesday: 35 Monday: 35, Sunday: 40 Wednesday. 40, etc & I keep that going until I reach 135 pounds, in how long do you think my butt would grow one inch? I know you say to expect changes every 2 to 4 weeks, but estimating how long do you believe I could grow an inch?

April 11, 2015

Adrian Bryant

all I can say is to look forward to every 2-to-4 weeks and if you see NO PROGRESS at that point then something is wrong with your diet and/or more likely your workout

April 12, 2015


Hi Adrian, I am 19 years old. I've tried so many routines to get a bigger butt but I never saw the results I wanted. I really need your help please! I want bigger thighs, butt, and smaller waist and wider hips. I have no butt or waist. I got to the gym 5 times a week. I do cardio 3 times a week. My body shape is straight. I weigh about 145. I do a lot of weight training. But I haven't gotten any good results yet. What do you recommend?

April 07, 2015


I'm very skinny, trying to get bigger legs, thighs and of course bigger butt in 3 months. is that possible? how? I just got a gym membership and I'm willing to go 3 times a week.

April 06, 2015

Adrian Bryant

start here

April 07, 2015


I really need help with something. My favorite exercises are squats and deadlifts. I added the hipthrusts for once a week and I don't want to stop the other two. Can you tell me when I should do each workout in a week, because I want at least 2 days for a break. Also I don't squat and do deads on the same day, so should I add hip trusts to one of those days or do them separate too?

April 04, 2015

Adrian Bryant

depends on what is your overall goal?

April 05, 2015


My goal is to lower my body fat and gain muscle on my legs and to get a bigger butt faster (which is why I just added hip thrusts). Everything else is going fine I'm just stuck on when to do everything because like I said I don't wanna stop doing squats and deads they really work my legs.

April 06, 2015


Hi Adrian sorry to keep messaging you I know you're busy but I just want to make sure you saw my reply above because I would be all set if I knew a better way to go about it. If I want to do all 3 exercises and get the results I want should I do hip thrusts one day, then alternate between deadlifts and squats each week, 2-3 days after the thrusts. Or should I do all 3 in the same week and just separate each 2-3 days? Knowing the right schedule to give me the best results would help so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time.

April 10, 2015

Adrian Bryant

your best bet is to just stick with thrust and deep squats for the best reuslts

April 12, 2015


Hi Adrian, well was just wondering that if I didn't do as much as weight as other people and start at maybe 35 will I not get as fast results? Thank you.

April 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you need to start at a weight that will only have you do 6-12 reps so if 35 pounds keeps you in the 6-12 rep range it will help at first

April 03, 2015


I wasn't sure how long to rest between each set before starting the next.

April 01, 2015

Adrian Bryant

rest as long as you think it will take you to beat the last set OR do at least the same thing you did on the last set which is usually no more than 3-5 min

April 01, 2015

Incorrect please try again

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