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The laziest way to burn more fat in just 14 hours than most people do in a week of regular dieting is…

With intermittent fasting & When you do intermittent fasting…

4 reasons why fasting 14+ hours per day will help you burn fat faster than the average diet

1. Intermittent fasting forces your body to burn more fat

Intermittent Fasting forces your body to  burn fat

After you eat a meal your blood sugar rises and your blood sugar (along with the stored carbs/glycogen in your body) is the energy or calories your body uses or burns to keep you alive, functioning properly and to do all your daily activities but…

Your body fat is just the accumulation of all the excess calories you overate so every time you eat too much…

The less blood sugar you have in your body = The more fat you will burnJohn Rowley, Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association

Imagine how fast you'll lose fat combining Intermittent Fasting with a weight loss diet & exercise plan

2. Intermittent Fasting increases your energy & metabolism because…

As your blood sugar or energy levels gets lower & lower as you fast…

3. Intermittent Fasting naturally increases HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Fasting also increases your metabolism by releasing more HGH &…

4. Intermittent Fasting eventually eliminates your hunger & cravings so…

Fasting reduces cravings

This will absolutely cause you to lose weight faster because you'll end up eating less due to less hunger & cravings and when you first start intermittent fasting…

7 Intermittent Fasting Tips

1. How to start intermittent fasting

2. Best way to schedule your daily fast

Here's an example intermittent fasting schedule over a 24 hour period where you fast for 16 hours and eat over an 8 hour period…

Click to reveal more
example intermittent fasting schedules

But you can schedule your intermittent fasting anyway you want as long as you're fasting 14-to-20 hours and feasting 4-to-10 hours per day.

3. Eat whenever you want during your 4-to-10 hour feasting period

Usually most diets tell you…

The only change you'll have to make is when you eat so you can still stick to your diet but you need to eat everything you're supposed to in that 4-to-10 hour period and generally…

4. Dealing with hunger & cravings

See tip #4 here again but…

5. You can drink water and maybe coffee & green tea because…

The reason why intermittent fasting works is because it FORCES your body to burn more fat by lowering your blood sugar/insulin levels by NOT EATING anything for 14-to-20 hours so…

6. Do a workout(s) while fasting

When your blood sugar, stored carbs/glycogen & insulin levels are lower from fasting you'll naturally burn more fat for energy (without any extra dieting or exercise) so guess what happens when you exercise while you're fasting…

7. Watch Intermittent Fasting 101 (If you hate reading)

Intermittent Fasting Works!

Lost 33 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting

This is the change in 101 days!!!! 33 pounds down! It's a result of eating completely clean, doing intermittent fasting (for the most part) and working out 4-6 days a week

Kim G

From 220-to-145 in 10 months

I want to say thanks! I have struggled with my weight all my life, and I am 28. I am not stupid and completed my homework before trying intermittent fasting. I started by getting to one meal a day within the first month and by month two I was calorie counting to try to keep that one meal at 1500-1700 calories.

Basically, I am a 28 year old male 5' 7" in height that started 10 months ago in December weighing 220 pounds. Today, exactly 10 months later I weigh 145 pounds. I have lost 75 pounds!!!

I have had full blood work done and I am now normal on every test and I have been yanked off my blood pressure medicine.

Thanks for all your help!

Intermittent Fasting for a smaller waist

I just want to thank u for NowLoss.com. I have loss 25lbs following the intermittent fasting and HIIT. I am soo wishing I can meet you to thank you in person. All I can say is wow is this really me.

Edda Pollard

My Lower Tummy Went Away

Update: after doing intermittent fasting for a week, my lower tummy is finally disappearing. I think this was exactly what I needed to get over that hump I reached. I had a permanent bloated belly - LOL

Yadira Garcia Sanchez

She lost 28 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting…

I just want to say thank you for doing your website! You have helped me so much and I wanted to share my progress with you from intermittent fasting and a diet of 1800 cal a day. I started at 179lbs & now weigh 151lbsI think I have finally found a life plan that fits with my lifestyle!

Thank you
Ursula G

7 More benefits of intermittent fasting…

  1. Decreases your chances of getting cancer risk.
  2. You're less likely to become diabetic.
  3. Improves your cognitive function.
  4. You're less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.
  5. Reduces inflammation.
  6. Helps you live longer
  7. Protects you from the effects of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's diseases.

2 reasons intermittent fasting may not be for you

1. Your lifestyle or…

Your current schedule, situation, stress or a wide variety of reasons may not allow you to get into the habit of fasting 14+ hours a day and…

If this is the case for you and you really want to use intermittent fasting then you need to find a way to make fasting fit your schedule or…

You'll simple need to use one of these other fat loss plans

2. You have trouble gaining muscle or…

You're known as a 'Hardgainer' who needs to eat more than 2500 calories a day to gain muscle mass and in this case…

Trying to eat 2500, 3000 or more than 3500 calories in a short 4-to-10 period may be difficult for you (that is unless you use shakes & MRPs)

You may also want to see…

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1-40 of 1163 Comments

Awesome video and info, I was not sure if I should do this but now I feel confident about it. I'm a male 37y/o 5'8" 230 lbs and I want to focus on losing body fat. I'm planning on fasting from 9pm to 4pm. My concern is whether I'm working out too much to do this. My normal workout week consist of the following:


5:45am - Spinning class(45 Mins)
7:00am - Weight Training(1:30 hr)
5:30pm - HIIT (45 mins - Not on Fridays)
6:30pm - Pilates (45 mins - Not on Fridays)

Tues & Thurs

5:45am - HIIT
6:45am - Elliptical(1 hr)
5:30pm - Bootcamp(45 Mins)
6:30pm - Spinning (45 Mins)


0830am - Boot Camp (45 Mins)
0930am - Spinning (1:30Hrs)

Sundays: Rest or make up day if I miss a weight session

Now that I have written it down it looks like A LOT but I really enjoy it and I can see the difference in my body but I'm in no way, shape or form an exercise expert, I just show up and work out. Do you think I should alter my routine or stretch my eating window or change anything at all? Thanks in advance.

July 01, 2015

Adrian Bryant

looks good to me as long as you dont burn yourself out

July 02, 2015


Great info! I've just started IF and I'm so excited. Quick question. I'm 5'2", 162 lbs, 32 yo female. I just completed a 24 hour fast and worked out during this period for one hour. (Cardio)
Then I enjoyed 1200 calories afterward during my window. If I keep this up, how much weight can I expect to lose?

June 30, 2015

Adrian Bryant

expect to lose a lot. I can't tell you an exact number but you are definitely on the right track

July 01, 2015


first of all Thank you So much for answering questions for Muslims who r fasting....I read in another website that fasting actually slows the metabolism down and the body hold on to fat even more due to hunger?
OK this past week for ramadan I started fasting from 430am to 830pm...that's about 16 hrs of fasting...right?.... I'm 5'2" and I started at 137 lbs...now after a week of fasting...with about 1500 to 1800 calories ...no workout by choice...but...I still didn't lose weight..I'm still 137 .I'm very sad...please advise me...thank u

June 26, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking your calories?

June 26, 2015


Hmmmm...I guess eyeballing it...two fists of protein...or a 3 slices of pita.......earlier in the week i was avoiding sweets but now since i didnt lose any weight. Im adding sweets like cereal cake slice of cake etc 😕I know there is an online journal I have it too but inputting stuff in there is tedious so I avoid it ..now regardless if I fast shouldn't I lose any lbs???

June 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you still need to know exactly how many calories you are eating b/c it is obivous that you may be eating too much preventing you from losing weight

June 27, 2015


Okkk...see I was under the impression that regardless of excerise or food journals ..if you fast for 15+hours or so you can expect to lose weight if you avoid fried foods and desserts
..do you suggest adding in excerise too? Or if I record food in a journal then I can avoid working out?

June 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this diet with fasting

June 27, 2015


Ramadan, I am also fasting for Ramadan 4:15 am to 8:55pm here. I know I too have not lost any weight, maybe 2lbs right away, but nothing since. I track my calories on fitness pal and I am careful as I am diabetic. My doctor allows me to fast and to be honest my sugars are amazing without meds when fasting. I am eating between 370 and 480 for suhoor (morning meal) Combo of eggs, organic oats and maybe yogurt, with a date, I switch it up to keep it different. I also make sure duringout eating and drinking times I consume 70 oz of fluid. I just started drinking green tea in the evening. My dinner is usually lean protein, baked sweet or russet potato and broccoli or salad. 8 oz of milk and a date to break my fast. I have avoided sweets, because it actually made me nauseated when I took a a few bites of baklava. I do plan on continuing with the fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, and will on the off days cut back calories. This site is great!!

July 01, 2015


Hi ,Adrian I just keep wondering about something. If I am working out fasted in the mornings I know that is great but since I am eating throughout the day isn't that just putting in calories into my body that i already burnt .Before I would eat from 7 am to 11 am and fast from 11am throughout the rest of the day and the night then wake up and eat at 7 am and repeat.I would then workout after school which is around 3:00 and do weight training then cardio which is while I am fasting and I know that the calories I was burning was not being eaten back and that would mean I was burning calories from what i ate in the day and i would then tap into y fat stores .So is working out in the morning and eating after my workout until the end of my eating window effective or should I say ;will this still work to cut.I am actually bulking more and cutting at the same time using my fat stores basically as my calorie surplus and I am eating all my protein without crossing my calorie deficit and finishing before my eating window ends.

June 25, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you'll still cut. you need to realze that during the fasting period more fat is burned and during the feasting period less fat is burned as some of the calories you ingest are of course being used for energy

June 26, 2015


Quick, but maybe silly question. Is 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning with stevia and unsweetened almond milk okay? It adds up to about 30 calories total.

June 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

no calories are okay when fasting but that small amount should not derail your weight loss dreams

June 24, 2015


I am 5'10 and I weight 290. I am trying to loose at least 50 lbs by September. Is this option best or is there another option? If so could you suggest one to me.

June 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet along with intermittent fasting

June 24, 2015


Can I only fast for 14 hours daily? (excluding sundays). I also can exercise only thrice a week. Will this work in loosing fat?

June 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

it'll work but how fast you lose weight depends on how overweight you are

June 24, 2015


I'm a 21 year old female, 5'3 and 180 pounds. I'll be fasting during Ramadan from 4 am to 9pm. If I eat healthy and do the jumping jack workouts an hour or two after breaking my fast every night, will I be able to lose 30-50 pounds by August? Is there anything you recommend I do to lose weight all over my body as fast as possible? Thank you.

June 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

maybe not by august but definitely in 2015

June 19, 2015


Ramadan is starting on the 18th june till the 17-18 july so i will b fasting for a full month starting 1am till 9:30 pm thats over 20hours of fasting so i can only eat for 4 hours i would like to now will i still reduce my fat faster becauce i weight 180lbs im 19 years old male i wana lose 13pounds of fat so my body fat% is low for my abs to be visible

June 17, 2015

Adrian Bryant

yes you will simply due to fasting.

June 17, 2015


Thank you

June 18, 2015


If my fasting period is from 8pm-noon, can I still take my daily chewable vitamins (probiotic, fiber, calcium, biotin, multivitamin, etc.) in the morning during my fasting period? I take several chewables, which as you know have calories and typically sucralose. Thanks!

June 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

no but the the minimal amount should not hurt your fat loss dreams

June 13, 2015

Mike G

Adrian; is there an optimal fast period? If 16 is good, 20 is better kind of thing? I do vigorous resistance and HIIT training, and hunger can be significant at times....If I struggle through to 20 hours, am I making a significant difference vs. 16? Or is the difference minor and not worth the extra effort?

June 10, 2015

Adrian Bryant

it is worth it! but don't do 20 if its a mental struggle for you. me personally over 19-20 gets too hard for me

June 11, 2015


Adrian, my sister cannot do too much tiring workouts because of her heart problem, but she can do intermittent fasting + 15 minute cardio + your 10minute jumping jack workout (once a day only). She weighs 129 lbs and is 4"10. How much weight can she lose? and can it work?

June 10, 2015

Adrian Bryant

expect to lose 10 pounds every 4-to-6 weeks

June 10, 2015


Hi Adrian! I would just like to ask you if how much weight I can lose (and for how long) if I do your 10-minute jumping jack workout 2x a day? Plus, I combine I.F with it. (Btw, I'm 18 y/o -- 4"10, I weigh 129.4 lbs), and slightly overweight (but I think only 3-4 lbs overweight). I really need your help because my sister is having her wedding on October, I really want to look my very best. Thanks and I'll be waiting for your answer!
Also, I want to do the 10-minute jumping jack (2x a day/3 sessions per week), alternating it with my own workout routine (1x a day/3 sessions per week).

my own workout routine consists of 20 minutes pure (moderate) cardio and 10 minutes of strength workout.

If I improve on this & get your advice, I will surely tell all my friends & family about this (already did, though).

June 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

expect to lose 10 pounds every 4-to-6 weeks but of course you may lose more than that in your first 4 weks

June 09, 2015

Jacob Marko


About to add intermittent fasting to my routine. I have a question though. I typically workout during the early morning (7am) and have my meals late at night. So I want to make my feasting hours 2pm-10pm, I was just curious though if I do a resistance exercise in the early morning (7am) is it okay to wait that many hours before injesting protein? Or should I have 1-2 servings of whey to help heal my muscles, but no other calories?

June 06, 2015

Adrian Bryant

does not matter when you take protein as long as you get enough of it

June 09, 2015


Very useful and very-well explained article Thanks a lot for this Adrian....

I am of normal weight with and normal BMI (83 kgs, 6 ft 2 inches), but have a big belly because of drinking and sitting around not doing much. I started going to gym just a week back. Is there anything I need to take care of or can do, because I am not overweight but only have a big (it's really big compared to my body size) belly?

June 03, 2015

Adrian Bryant

just use this workout and this diet with intermittent fasting for faster results

June 04, 2015


Thank you, Adrian. Will definitely try this.

June 10, 2015


Hello Adrian,
Am a 43 year old female trying to lose weight fast. I have been doing intermittent fasting for 2 days now and for me this is it. Eating healthy but keeping it at 1200 calories a day. PLanning to have 1 day off a week eating whatever I want but eating 2500 calories within my 4 hour window. Walking 8 hours a week and working out with weights 2 times a week. Will this plan help me lose weight fast, or do you have any suggestions? Thanks for sharing intermittent fasting way of eating.
Bless, P.

June 02, 2015

Adrian Bryant

that is a good start but we wont know until you start tracking everything. Just adjust week-to-week based on the results you get

June 02, 2015



Jacob here. Going to add intermittent fasting to my program to try and speed up results. Anyway, while doing your get ripped in six weeks program I was curious about not only fasting 14+ hours a day, but also one day a week. A few people have told me, as well as some websites, that it is good to take one day a week to not eat any calories. I just wasn't sure if that would stunt my muscle growth, because I am trying to get ripped. Any advice? Thanks


June 01, 2015

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