Intermittent Fasting for Faster Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss
Use Intermittent Fasting with 1 of these weight loss plans for rapid weight loss like Sue pictured above ↑ who lost 124 pounds

To do Intermittent Fasting…

5 reasons Intermittent Fasting burns fat faster than the average diet

1. Intermittent fasting forces your body to burn more fat

Intermittent Fasting forces your body to  burn fat

After you eat a meal your blood sugar rises and your blood sugar (along with the stored carbs/glycogen in your body) is the energy or calories your body uses or burns to keep you alive, functioning properly and to do all your daily activities but…

Your body fat is just the accumulation of all the excess calories you overate so every time you eat too much…

The less blood sugar you have in your body = The more fat you will burnJohn Rowley, Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association

Imagine how fast you'll lose fat combining Intermittent Fasting with a weight loss diet & exercise plan

2. Intermittent Fasting increases your metabolism because…

As your blood sugar or energy levels gets lower as you fast…

3. Intermittent Fasting targets belly fat

intermittent fasting belly fat
Update: after doing intermittent fasting for a week, my lower tummy is finally disappearing. Yadira Garcia Sanchez

Stubborn belly fat is hard to lose because your abdominal region contains a lot more alpha-2 receptors that slow down fat burning than beta-2 receptors that speed up fat burning and because Intermittent Fasting reduces insulin…

Real life examples on this page

Disclaimer: If you ONLY want to lose just stubborn belly fat you need to be at a point where you only have 5-to-20 pounds left to lose because if you're more than 20 pounds overweight you'll lose fat all over your body and not just belly fat.

Remember: belly fat along with stubborn butt, hip & thigh fat are usually the last to go. See Why do I still have belly fat after losing all this weight?

4. Intermittent Fasting naturally increases HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH is a miracle hormone that burns fat, builds & maintains muscle mass.

5. Intermittent Fasting makes you eat less calories

The less you eat = the faster you'll lose weight.

Intermittent Fasting absolutely causes you to lose weight faster because…

6 Intermittent Fasting Tips

1. How to start intermittent fasting

Please note: Your lifestyle, current schedule, situation, stress or a wide variety of reasons may not allow you to get into the habit of fasting 14+ hours a day and if this is the case you'll need to use one of these other fat loss plans

2. Best way to schedule your daily fast

When you're intermittent fasting you can schedule your 14-to-20 hour fasting & 4-to-10 hour feasting cycle anyway you want to but for the best results Its best that you eat your last meal 2-to-3 hours before bedtime so you'll spend less hours awake while you fast.

Here's a sample intermittent fasting schedule over a 24 hour period where you fast for 16 hours and eat over an 8 hour period…

Click to see more
sample intermittent fasting schedules

3. Eat whenever you want during your 4-to-10 hour feasting period

Most diets tell you When to eat, What to eat & How much to eat and when you combine intermittent fasting with your current diet to burn fat faster…

The only change you'll have to make is when you eat so you can still stick to your diet but you need to eat everything you're supposed to in that 4-to-10 hour period and generally…

4. Dealing with hunger & cravings

intermittent fasting hunger

See tip #5 here again but…

40 ways to curb cravings & kill hunger

5. Drink water, coffee & green tea

Intermittent fasting works because it FORCES your body to burn more fat by lowering your blood sugar/insulin levels by NOT EATING anything for 14-to-20 hours so…

6. Workout while fasting

When your blood sugar, stored carbs/glycogen & insulin levels are lower from fasting you'll naturally burn more fat for energy (without any extra dieting or exercise) so guess what happens when you exercise while you're fasting…

Intermittent Fasting 101

Watch the intermittent fasting video for beginners below if you hate reading…

Intermittent Fasting Works!

Intermittent Fasting = She Lost 124 Pounds

sue intermittent fasting results

Hi, Adrian!

I am 5'7" & I have lost 124 pounds. I started at 272 pounds and now I'm 148. My first 90 pounds or so came off in the first six months and then my weight loss slowed until I read about your suggestion for Intermittent Fasting

I incorporated that into what I was already doing, and also started walking. Now I do walk-run intervals for 30 minutes, 3 times per week. I also life weights 3 days per week.

Sue Ellen Holmes

Lost 112 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting

yasir intermittent fasting results

I just want to thank you. I was really depressed due to my obesity. I started browsing the internet and found

I followed intermittent fasting with a 1200 calories diet plan and focused on eating raw vegetables and fruits only before meals.

I also did your Jumping Jack 30 min HIIT workout

Yasir Nasir

I love Intermittent Fasting

colleen intermittent fasting results

Literally a years difference. December to December. I have been doing Intermittent Fasting since reading about it on your website last year. This is close to 40 lbs gone. It has been amazing! I love love love Intermittent Fasting and I'm so glad I read your post!

My dad is a dr and he is the most healthy 71 year old you'll ever meet and he stresses the importance of fasting as well. Anyway, just thought I'd share with you my latest update :). Thank you again for your life changing post!

Colleen Whitson

I've Lost Over 40 lbs.

chavas intermittent fasting results

Hi, I'm a big fan of yours! Your intermittent fasting video has helped me out tremendous ly. I've lost over 40 lbs.

Chavas Noelle

Intermittent Fasting Helped me get Ripped

adrian intermittent fasting results

Intermittent Fasting along with my NowLoss Diet helped me lose enough fat to finally be able to see my abs

Adrian Bryant of

Lost 33 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting

kim intermittent fasting results

This is the change in 101 days!!!! 33 pounds down! It's a result of eating completely clean, doing intermittent fasting (for the most part) and working out 4-6 days a week

Kim G

From 220-to-145 in 10 months

I want to say thanks! I have struggled with my weight all my life, and I am 28. I am not stupid and completed my homework before trying intermittent fasting. I started by getting to one meal a day within the first month and by month two I was calorie counting to try to keep that one meal at 1500-1700 calories.

Basically, I am a 28 year old male 5' 7" in height that started 10 months ago in December weighing 220 pounds. Today, exactly 10 months later I weigh 145 pounds. I have lost 75 pounds!!!

I have had full blood work done and I am now normal on every test and I have been yanked off my blood pressure medicine.

Thanks for all your help!

Intermittent Fasting for a smaller waist

edda intermittent fasting results

I just want to thank u for I have loss 25lbs following the intermittent fasting and HIIT. I am soo wishing I can meet you to thank you in person. All I can say is wow is this really me.

Edda Pollard

My Lower Tummy Went Away

Yadira intermittent fasting results

Update: after doing intermittent fasting for a week, my lower tummy is finally disappearing. I think this was exactly what I needed to get over that hump I reached. I had a permanent bloated belly - LOL

Yadira Garcia Sanchez

She lost 28 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting…

Ursula intermittent fasting results

I just want to say thank you for doing your website! You have helped me so much and I wanted to share my progress with you from intermittent fasting and a diet of 1800 cal a day. I started at 179lbs & now weigh 151lbsI think I have finally found a life plan that fits with my lifestyle!

Thank you
Ursula G

7 More benefits of intermittent fasting…
  1. Decreases your chances of getting cancer.
  2. You're less likely to become diabetic.
  3. Improves your cognitive function.
  4. You're less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.
  5. Reduces inflammation.
  6. Helps you live longer
  7. Protects you from the effects of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's diseases.

More Tips

I'm Adrian Bryant, I started to help you look better naked & if you're serious about losing weight…

Use My Fat Loss DVDs which Chris used to Lose 137 pounds in 7 months & Sue used to Lose 124 pounds in 6 months

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Do you feel it is possible to lose 60 lbs in 75 days with intermittent fasting? If I do 1000 calories only between 2pm - 8pm?

November 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

it all depends on these facgtors

November 21, 2017


I'm doing the intermittent fasting while staying with in a 1500 cal diet eating pretty much whatever try to eat healthy but sometimes not with this said I am on day 4 when I wake on the morn I feel and look like what I am doing is working but by late afternoon feel bloated and day again am I doing something wrong or is it just my bodybieng stubborn as Ian only on day 4

November 18, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how much water are you drinking

November 19, 2017


Hi Adrian,
I'm teja,I have been doing Intermittent fasting for 16hrs from 3 weeks.But there is no change in my weight.And I also increased weight to 91kg.Im exercising weekly 4 to 5 days.Im very unhappy with my weight.i don't know what to do.I have pcos.So please help me to reduce my weight.

October 16, 2017

Adrian Bryant

are you tracking your calorei intake?

October 17, 2017


Actually no im not counting the calories.

October 18, 2017


Please suggest me how many calories should i take per a day.According to my weight,fitness pal is showing 1490 it correct?sholud i take more than those calories.Im from India,so my food includes white rice twice a day.Should i avoid white rice or can i continue eating white rice to reduce weight.please help me.

October 18, 2017

Adrian Bryant

see this to figure out calories

October 18, 2017

Rdog Voorhees

You're not counting your calories? I'm not gonna say anything sarcastic since I'm 15 pounds too fat but the number 1 thing is calories in - calories out

November 18, 2017

Dee Dee

Hello Adrian,
I came across your website and the many different weightloss plans and food recommendations. Very encouraging and impressive stories!
I am 39 years old, 168lbs. I workout 6 days a week, 3 days cardio, 2 days strength training, 1 day combination of both. Weakness, food and how much I love it! I NEED to lose 20+ pounds before October 20, I know it's October 8, so realistically 15lbs would be awesome for a wedding I will be in.
HELP....your recommendations would be much appreciated!

October 08, 2017


I'm trying to lose mass in my thighs. Any suggestions. Lots of muscle from ing soccer my whole life.. some fat but mainly large muscle want to slim and tone to smaller version of my beautiful legs.

October 06, 2017

Adrian Bryant

what is your overall weight and height

October 06, 2017

Michele F

I came across this article on intermittent fasting on Thursday September 28th.

I decided I was going to fast for 16 hours to start and see how I did. I started that night. I stopped eating at 7pm, I woke up at 7am, and had already been 12 hours! I drank a 32 oz water followed by a 32 oz Diet Coke (caffeine!) and then another 32 oz water. I made it to about 11:30 (16.5 hrs!) before I was pretty hungry. I had a salad and a panini. I had a midday snack and then dinner around 6pm. (Warning: when you do eat, eat may come out the other end as quick as it went in!)

I repeated this schedule from Friday to Today (October 4th) I had a few cocktails on Saturday night and Tuesday night, I even had a Reese’s! (All before 7pm of course) I used the app MyFitness Pal to track whatever I ate and tried to stay under 1800 calories, but more than 1200 calories.

I woke up this morning and thought is this working? Am I crazy to keep starving until lunch time? So I decided to hit the scale, why not? I did a double take!! I lost 4 lbs?? I adjusted my eyes, this cant be, I haven’t really exercised, I have had candy bars and alcohol???

Needless to say, I am going to keep going! Add in some workouts while my body burning my stored fat, and keep going! WOW what motivation, 4 lbs in 5 days!! Eeepppp!

October 04, 2017


I want to try Intermittent fasting for 16hrs.please tell how can I lose my weight and how many months will it take to achieve my goal of 65kgs.Whatever it takes I will do please help me with this.

September 25, 2017


Hi Adrain,
I'm Teja ,29yrs old weighing 90.3kgs with 5.3inches height.I want to lose 30kgs according to my BMI.please suggest me a plan to lose my weight.

September 25, 2017


I'm 46 years old, weighs 235 and 5'7. I need to lose 25 pounds by October 19. Is that possible? Also, I will like to continue losing 25 more pounds later on. But need to lose 25 asap for a family reunion. Please help. Thank you

September 22, 2017


Hi Adrian....I'm a 51 yr old female and have basically been an intermittent faster my whole life (who knew there was a term for it lol). I've gained about 15 lbs this year and desperate to turn this around. Should I continue intermittent fasting while adding exercise OR do I need to change my eating habits completely since this has been my lifelong normal? Thanks!!

September 19, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you simply need to track calories if you are gaining weight. look at this diet

September 20, 2017

Betty Lewis

I started the fast diet Yesterday. A couple of hours after eating carrots, apple, and celery my stomach started to hurt real bad. Sweat, pain, nausea, and felt like faint. I don't eat a lot of veggies normally. I don't like apples, but I eat it. Could I be allergic to any of these? Green veggies seem to cause stomach pain sometimes when I eat them. I don't have a gallbladder. What can I do to replace the veggies ? Can I eat watermelon for my fruit?

September 14, 2017

Adrian Bryant

as for the stomach pain you need to see a doctor about that but as for losing weight... combine this with fasting b/c as you can see it does not matter WHAT but HOW MUCH you eat

September 15, 2017


Hi, Adrian. Is it recommended to attempt a 24 hour intermittent fast, for one day? Why or why not?

September 13, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you can do that but the question you need to ask yourself is... can you seriously sustain that?

September 14, 2017


Hello Iwill be turning 48 this month and having a really hard time shedding these last 6-8 stubborn lbs. I have my 30 year class reunion in 1 month and would like to be down these last lbs. What can I do? I do walk/run intervals a couple times a week for about 30 mind at a time. Need help! I'm stuck!

September 12, 2017


Thanks! I will try this & maybe I will get 10 lbs off. Then I can use your fasting diet. Is this what U suggest after the loose 8?

September 14, 2017

Adrian Bryant

i thought all you had left to lose was 8 pounds?

September 14, 2017


Hey Adrian, Oh no, I am way off my mark just losing 8 lbs. My goal is to lose 30 at the least. I am looking at 120 or 115 for my goal. I took in a total of 1,102 calories starting on Sept. 16 & I seemed fine. It wasn't junk either. I had oatmeal , 1 small apple & honey. For drink , coffee with a little cream & 1 teaspoon sugar in my 1st cup then the rest of the day black, 2 - 8oz cups of grapefruit juice too. I also had water as well. I cooked a homemade meal for the family which I know was well over 2,000 calories it self & didn't eat any which was smoked sausage & veggie casserole corn casserole & a peach, blueberry & pear cobbler crisp. I only tasted like a 1/4 teaspoon of each just to make sure it was flavored right. Do I sound as though I did okay my 1st day or should I do better? Thanks in advance for your consideration advice!

September 17, 2017

Adrian Bryant

when are you trying to lose 30 pounds by and how do you track calories

September 17, 2017


Hey Adrian, thanks for responding. I have no actually time to lose the extra weight . I just won't to lose it & hopefully learn to keep it off. I have started using "My Calorie Counter" The website recommends taking in a total of 1700 calories & I have been tracking myself taking in about 600 a day for the last 3 days. I don't t greatly feel hungry at all. I started on 9/16/17 at a weight of 150lb then 147.5 lbs on 9/17/17 but I was the same 147.5 lbs today. So I assume it is water loss from 150 to 147.5 . Kinda bummed but I am going to keep going no matter what. Am I doing okay? Hear from u soon. Thank u, Jenia

September 18, 2017


Oh yeah, by the way for my 1st day "My Calorie Counter" says different on the calories than I added . I was adding myself 1,102 calories for 9/16/17 & the website calculated 652 calories. Thanks, Jenia

September 18, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you're doing fine but I would just add that when you are trying to lose last 8 you will need to be more patient than a more overweight person who will lose weight much faster

September 20, 2017


Thanks so much Adrian! In fact I weighed myself today & now weigh 144.4 so with the exception of 1 day it looks like a pound a day so far. Not bad I'd say. I do weigh after waking & emptying my bladder which I've heard my whole is the way for a more accurate weigh. I will keep u posted! Jenia

September 20, 2017


Hey Adrian, Hope U r well! Wanted to let u know dating from Sept. 15 through today Oct. 1st I have totaled a 10 pound loss! I was 150 lbs Sept. 15 and today Oct.1st I now weigh 140.5 lbs. Yeppie!! I have found that starving yourself is not the solution because once U do finally eat your body seems to hold on for dear life to that food it's been missing! So from U I have learned to began to eat less caloric portions and feed my body what it needs to loose weight. My mama was always right about portion control !! Should have listened to her many many times before having to learn the hard way. Your web site has been a wake up call to the past and thank U for a better future!will continue to let U know my progress! Have a wonderful week! Sincerely, Jenia

October 01, 2017


Dear Adrian, I hope u have been well! Gotta problem - I last posted that I was down 10 lbs from my initial starting weight but for some reason I started sliding backwards on eating. I didn't eat a great deal but I know they were loaded with calories. I got kinda depressed about floating from 140.5 lbs to 142.5 back & forth so I guess I said the heck with it & ate calorie loaded food. We also had a family problem over the weekend that I assume didn't help matters. So today I decided to go back to normal & diet right. Wish me luck . I guess I just need a pep talk.Oh yeah, I can't seem to do the particular exercise "Running from a dog" very well without almost falling , can u suggest others that won't be a problem that achieves the same result. Thanks for reading! Love to hear from u soon.

October 10, 2017


Hey, wonderful to hear these great stories. I feel like I may just be one of the less fortunate. I'm 44 & have never lost my last fat from my last pregnancies. I'm 5'2" and weigh 150 . I feel bewildered & the stress of loveless marriage I know doesn't help. I do fast but I seem to only loose 2-3 pounds & then when I eat it all comes running back! I was a heftier teenager than most my age which were maybe 95-100 & I was 120 . I had a more poportioned body with curves but I seemed to be made fun of growing up with people saying I'm fat at the time. Now I know I'm not having anymore children I've pretty much tired of seeing my unshapely body. People say I look good but I tell them "U haven't seen my body"! I know in today's society my doctor says my weight is healthy & the government changed the healthy weight & unhealthy weight tables years ago to accommodate for the obesecity in the world, so he says I'm normal. But when I was a teenager I know I was overweight. What your suggestions? I carried on so but I need some help & help sticking to it. Thanks in advance. Jenia

September 12, 2017

Suzanne Herr

Hi, I turned the big 4-0 this year and I'm the heaviest I've ever been (around 275-279 lbs). I would love to lose at least 75-100 lbs as quickly as possible. What do you recommend?

September 12, 2017

Suzanne Herr

*NOTE* I have a lot of stubborn belly fat that I've been dealing with for years that I want gone for good. Any and all recommendations of how to lose this weight and lose all my belly fat once and for all would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

September 12, 2017

Adrian Bryant

use this plan

September 12, 2017



I'm trying to follow the weight loss plan and the build a bigger butt plan but weight loss plan says dont eat more than 2000 calories but the butt building says eat 2400 calories. Fat loss plan says do hiit cardio butt building says don't do too much cardio. I'm confused what should I be doing to lose weight and gain curves?

Thank you!

September 09, 2017

Adrian Bryant

are you doing one of my butt plans? b/c the calorie amount is not that important for butt building as is how you workout and the amount of protein yo uget

September 09, 2017


Yes I'm doing Plan A. So if I just focus on making sure I'm getting enough protein I should be good right? So i can still eat less than 2000 calories and hiit working out 4-5xs a week

September 10, 2017

Adrian Bryant

1. yes, get enoug h protein while making your butt str butt

2. yes, eat less than 2000

September 12, 2017


Hi Adrian.i just a started your bed sheet work out one week ago and i already lose 5 pounds.and now i want to try your intermittent just wandering if i can skip dinner instead of im gonna start fasting 3pm to 7am next day.

September 06, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yes, that'll work

September 07, 2017


Hello again Adrian,
"The 5 hours awake fasting" is the most difficult part for me, since this cause cramps in my stomach (because I'm empty stomach?) can you suggest something for this? Thanks again!

September 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

You can drink cold water. helps me

September 05, 2017


Hi, Thanks for the great post!
I've been skipping breakfast for the past month but I like to start my day with a cup for Green Tea - just wanted to know if its ok to add some Honey in it ?

September 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

no. anything with cals breask the fast

September 05, 2017


Hi Adrian,

Can I take bullet proof cocoa, coffee or tea without sweetener during my fast?

September 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

nope. anything with calories will break the fast but depending on how mnay calories you drink then it may not ruin your weight loss dreams

September 04, 2017

Tatiana Marie

Is sugarfree gum and lemon/lime water allowed during the fasting hours? I usually have around 4 sticks of gum every day (helps me with cravings and keto breath) and I enjoy adding some lime or lemon juice to flavor my water and it's healthier than diet soda. 2-3 sticks of gum and some lime juice isn't more than 20 calories, but I'm not sure if that will affect the fasting? I just found this page but I had sortof been doing this type of thing for a while, not usually particularly hungry in the mornings and I eat a meal and have two snacks from around 2-10. (Snack at 2, dinner at 6, snack a 9:30, bed at 12)

August 29, 2017

Adrian Bryant

technically YES. the 20 cals will break the fast but the 20 cals will not ruin your weight loss dreams

August 30, 2017


Hi Adrian!

I usually workout 9pm-10pm, can you suggest any routine i should do like when i should feast and fast? Cos i noticed that almost everyone who does intermittent fasting works out in the morning eats heavy post workout meal afterwards.

Thanks in advance!

August 29, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you need to find the sched. that works best for you but you will burn more fat orking out while fasted

August 29, 2017

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