How to Get Ripped Fast in 4 Steps

how to get ripped in 6 weeks
  1. Build Muscle
  2. Burn Fat
  3. Your Diet Plan
  4. Get Ripped Abs

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To see exactly how you need to eat to get ripped…

  • This chair trick tightens up your ABdominal muscles pulling them in To make your stomach flatter but,
  • Get Adrian's Plan to actually lose belly fat to TRULY get a FLAT Stomach.

Select if you're male or female, Put in your height, weight, age & your activity level before starting this plan and then Click on the button that says "Tell me how to Get Ripped"

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Eat -to- calories per day along with -to- grams of protein to burn fat to get ripped.

  • Eat these high protein foods, protein shakes like Optimum nutrition whey, and/or protein bars to get enough protein to burn fat & build muscle at the same time.
  • Optional: Use a food journal or an app to accurately track the total calories, protein, carbs & fats you eat.

Eat Whatever You Want as long as you…

  • Eat ONLY -to- calories per day with -to- of those calories coming from the -to- grams of protein you eat each day. 1g of protein = 4 calories.
  • The other -to- caloreis you eat can be from whatever foods you like but it's best to eat mostly weight loss foods to burn fat faster & easier.

Eat Whenever You Want

  • It does not matter WHEN you eat as long as you're eating -to- calories per day so…
  • You could eat anywhere from 2 VERY LARGE -to- calorie meals to 6 TINY -to- meals spread thru-out the day but…
  • You'll burn fat faster eating your -to- calorie meals based on an Intermittent Fasting schedule.

Drink at least Ounces of ice cold water everyday

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Click on photos to do an Ab workout

When Will I Get Ripped?

That mainly depends on how fat you are because 99% of getting a ripped body is losing all the fat that is hiding the ripped muscles you already haveso The more overweight you are = the longer it is going to take you to get ripped no matter how fast you build muscle so what you should be asking is…

How Fast Can I Lose Fat to Get Ripped?

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fat loss tips

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Adrian Bryant

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Hey man, I have been travelling but want to start toning muscle and burning fat. I will be traveling throughout the Middle East and Europe the next few months. Are there any muscle exercises I can do without a gym? The cardio is easy but I need different strength exercises. Preferably body weight ones.

June 09, 2019


Hey man I have some pretty serious man boobs and I've eating healthy and doing some of your hit exercises but are there any exercises i can do at home without much equipment to eliminate these god awful man boobs?
Please help.

June 06, 2019

Adrian Bryant

yes, you can simply do pushups or dips on chairs to firm up that area but if your man boobs are basically chest fat then only diet and exercise can burn them off.

see this if you truly have man boobs

June 06, 2019


Everything you need to know on a single internetpage... Wow. Bro i think you should get the Nobelprice ;) Thanks for your work and have a nice time with your goooooood karma :)

May 16, 2019

Adrian Bryant

wow. your welcome

May 16, 2019


I'm 5ft 7 imches weight 185 pounds doing the build muscle and lose fat plan most of my fat is in my stomach and cheast is this the right plan I do have a decent amount of muscle under

January 09, 2019

Adrian Bryant

If you're trying to add muscle while losing fat then YES, you are on the right page but if only trying to lose fat then this plan or any other plan will work

January 10, 2019


Should I work on legs and Should I been eating around 1900 calories

January 21, 2019

Adrian Bryant

Yes, you can (sorry I forgot to add it in)

IDK about 1900. if you are losing fat on that then = yes but if not then you need to go lower

1900 + your acitivity level should be enough (make sure you get enough protein)

January 22, 2019


I’ve been at the build muscle lose fat for about 5 weeks now I do see some change I been doing the super sets along with squats about 2 maybe 3 days cardio but still have Belly and chest fat should I do more cardio in place of the squats and also what is a good rest time between supersets


July 10, 2019

Adrian Bryant

You can do more cardio or more intense HIIT see this and/or lower calories

you will only need to replace squats with cardio/fat loss workouts IF the squats affect your cardio workouts

no set rest time. rest long enough to do better or about the same for the last set

July 10, 2019


Can I lose the build muscle lose fat plan with the emergency diet

July 14, 2019

Adrian Bryant

you will lose fat either way but you probably will not build any new muscle basically due to the fact the 911 diet does not offer enough protein for muscle growth

July 14, 2019


Hi Adrian! I've read your blog, watched your YT videos and been a long time fan. My name is Cort, trying to progress into modeling. I'm 6'5" (almost 6'6") and I weigh 308lbs. I started my weight loss journey January 2nd of 2017, staring at 333lbs, in March of 2017 I was involved in a horrible car accident and was out of commission for 3 months, thus putting more weight on me (345lbs), after I healed I hit the gym like crazy and dropped down to 318lbs by November 2017. For whatever reason my weight continued to fluctuate. I have never been the type to overeat (I've always drastically undereaten, some days not eating at all cause...I just don't get hungry. By day 3, I'll get hunger pangs and a bad headache and I'll eat), exercise intensively 5-6 days per week, but I still would fluctuate in weight.
Fast forward, end of July 2018 my weight had went up to 329lbs, so the FULL month of August I went 100% Keto and lost 23lbs, putting me at 316lbs. Start of September I kicked myself out if keto, visited my doctor and he put me on "Contrave" even though he knows that it has a strong appetite suppressant (told me to eat through the it), well for the last 2.5/3 weeks, my weight has been fluctuating between 308lbs and 311lbs, it won't go past 311 nor will get go under 308.
My personal trainer and even my doctor are still having difficulty believing I'm over 300lbs, based on the way I look and my muscle definition, but...I can feel it mentally and physically.
I've tried everything possible, my doctor has ruled out any health problems (interactive thyroid, cancer, etc) him & both are at a loss at the moment. My trainer is amazing and very dedicated, but I want to drop this fat!!! I'm trying to be an up & coming model-actor and I need this fat gone. I'm willing to do any exercise, take almost any suggestions, just about anything. It's been over 2yrs and I still can't enter into my 200's. I eat healthy (when I do eat), workout religiously and research and study anything fitness related.
I need help/advice bro, I'm trying not to give up, cause giving up means defeat & failure...but it's starting to get a lil depressing knowing you're doing everything possible and I haven't been able to reach my goals. In 1yr I only lost 4% fat, everything else I lost was muscle due to my car accident, which I regained my muscle back, but the bf% hardly ever shifts.

Please help...


September 20, 2018

Adrian Bryant

first of all, are you actually tracking your calories?

September 21, 2018


Yo wats good Adrian. Quick question , I'm 21yrs old gonna be 22 in October and a week and a half ago I was 296lbs and now I'm at 287lbs. I work in and out of the sun and I'm constantly dripping sweat at work and when working out after I get home. But I plan on working out first thing in the mornings from now on since it says I can burn 3x more weight. I also see that it says more protein will help burn fat and lose weight and I just happen to have an unopened jar of Dymatize Iso 100 Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate and was wondering watt do u suggest I do in my situation?? Btw I don't have a problem with replacing my meals.... I've actually been eating fruit and healthy snacking for my lunch and dinner...

September 10, 2018

Adrian Bryant

it sounds like you're on the right track but want to speed up the fat loss so use these tips

as for protein, including more in your diet or making protein at least 30% of your calories will speed up fat loss.

working out before your first meal will speed things up but only do it if it isnt a big hassle on your lifestlye

September 11, 2018


Hello Adrian,
Thank You for all you do for folks looking for help to get healthier. Your commitment to helping others is so apparent and appreciated.
I have 2 questions
I am 58 years old male, 5'7", 190lbs, I have begun working 3 days a week so I am active. I have a weight loss goal of 20 pounds to get down to 170 Lbs, and say a 32 waist, BUT, I am wondering if those are good or correct goals.
I want to do this program because I am interested in getting and keeping muscle. In the past, I just ran until I hit my weight goal. But now, I'm trying to gain muscle at the same time which makes watching the scale confusing. For example, sometimes I don't lose weight but I feel so much stronger, and I lose an inch on my waist.

Should I have a weight goal, or a measurement goal, or both? And If I want to just look lean and healthy, what measurable goal is that?



July 27, 2018

Adrian Bryant

I tell people to go for a measurement/mirror goal or better yet a body fat goal

July 27, 2018


im 5'7 184lbs male i want to get down to 150-160 lbs

July 19, 2018

Adrian Bryant

ok. are you having any trouble beginning this plan?

July 19, 2018


I wasn't sure if this was the right routine for me

July 20, 2018


Hi Adrian. I would really appreciate your help and advice for weight and fat loss. I'm 5'9, 20 years old and weigh 76 kg (168 pounds). I don't have any fat throughout the body, except for a really pot belly and fat thighs. My measure around the belly used to be 34 inches, now it's 40.5 inches. When I get up in the morning at 6 a.m, I run for about 7-8 minutes, do 300 jumps, 35 crunches, 35 pushups, 20 weight lifts with each hand( 7 kg). Then, I take a 5 minute break and do 2 side planks on each side( 30 seconds for each 1 plank), 90-degree static presses(20), 20 double-leg drops, 20 ab-reverse curls and 10 reverse plank hovers, with a 60 second break between every different ab exercise. At night, around 10:30 p.m, I run for 7-8 minutes, do 300 jumps and 20 sit-ups. Then I take a 5 minute break and do 2 side planks on each side same as in the morning, 20 U-Boats, 20 Full plank passé twists, 20 frog crunches, 20 frog presses and 10 Oblique burners, again, with a 60 second break between each different an exercise. I've been doing it for 13 days, but there hasn't been any change in my waist measurement, but I've lost about only 700 grams. I'm confused as to what should I do. Should I change my exercises or do some other changes? I would really appreciate your guidance.

July 11, 2018

Adrian Bryant

as for losing belly fat your exercise regimen is okay bit more importantly what is your overall calorie intake

July 11, 2018


It's about 1600, I've also started Intermittent fasting which is for 24 hours, if not for a glass of milk that I drink after 15 hours of last meal. Started doing 15 minute running HIIT in the morning and a 20 minute jumping jacks HIIT about 6-7 hours after the first one, and some an exercises, and this has replaced my old regimen. Definitely feeling a change now.

July 14, 2018


You most likely are building muscle which is hiding the fat loss on the scale. Ive only lost about 5 lbs since june but you can see im building muscle. Once your muscles are large enough and boost your metabolism you'll see a large drop in weight at a decent rate

July 28, 2018


Hi, I am here to say THANK YOU !! :)
I'm 5" 7" with 165lbs ( 75KG) now, 24% FAT

I am following your website from last 15 days but I officially started the plan from 1st of July 2018 I swear I lost 3Kgs by doing all clean diet and exercises you have mentioned here.

I can feel my belly fat has been reduced. My waist is reduced and now I tie my belt in one hole above the previous one in just 10 days.

Now I am doing more weight training and cardio less, just 10 mins after my workouts.

I have one query, I have 24% fat still and as per my BMI I am still little obese. Will my fat % will reduce if I do 45mins muscle (progressive training) and later just 10 mins cardio?
Or should I do cardio 20-30 mins at end of my muscle training? so that I build muscle mass and loose fat%.down to 20% at least.

Kindly guide me.

Again thanks :)

Love from India.

July 09, 2018

Adrian Bryant

with the plan on this page your bodyfat will go down as you'll build muscle and lose fat.

I would always do cardio or HIIT after weights

July 10, 2018

Rickie wakefield

Hi. I am 5.9", 37 years old, 248lb. I have been in bed for a little over five years ( just getting up to grab something to eat or use the bathroom was pretty much all the activity i got ) during this period of time i would drink around 20-24 beers a day. To say the least, i started racking up the weight and the biggest beer belly known to man! My gut is always getting jokes ( when is the baby due ) so on and so forth. The rest of my body is fine fat wise. I quit drinking 16 days ago and would really like to get back in shape. I plan on doing the keto diet...??
At this point it's a nightmare just to tie my shoes or walk up five stairs without being out of breath. I am definitely starting from scratch again. I have purchased a bench press, squat rack, dumbbells, large amount of weights of different weight, cattle bell's, other odds and ends. My goal is to get in shape, be able to walk more then 100ft without feeling like I'm going to fall over dead. Also if possible? Get a little ripped.. Thanks for your time and any help you can give me.

July 03, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you may want to start here with this beginner workout plan and work up to the plan on this page

July 04, 2018

Rany Abou Karroum

Dear Sir,
I am 15 years old. I am slightly active. I have a deadline of 5 months. I want to gain a lot of muscle. I have a BMI of 22.2. What is the best diet plan for me and what exercises should I do? (I am 5'8 and i weigh 150 pounds)

June 10, 2018

Adrian Bryant

go here to focus mainly on muscle mass

June 11, 2018


hi i m 82 kg 5'1 i want to lose 22 kgs in 80 days please guide me to lose 22kgs in 80 days ...and tell me is it possible ?

June 03, 2018

Adrian Bryant

very possible but with the plan on this page you will ONLY lose fat and LOOK like you lost 22kg. If you want to lose weight in order for it to show up on the scale instead of the mittor then choose 1 of these plans

June 04, 2018



I am 5'10 232. I turned 40 last month and have gained about 25-30 in the last few years after having hip issues and not being able to run and play ball the way I always had. I would like to get down to 215 by mid June and 195 by August. Appreciate any tips and suggestions.



April 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

are you able to do the plan on this page?

May 01, 2018


If you are referring to the supersets, yes, I should be able to do that.


May 02, 2018


Dear Adrian,
I am truly curious and excited about trying this out.

April 23, 2018

Antonio D

Also, how can I burn off this stubborn belly? Im at about 19-20% body fat and the belly wont go away. If I increase my caloric intake wont my belly just get bigger? But then if i decrease it i wont see gains on my arms, chest, shoulders, etc.. I’ll just be bony again
Whats the magic middle ground to get both?
Thanx again-

March 14, 2018

Lose 10 Pounds Every 7 Days
doing the workout above ↑ ONLY if you also DO Step 1 of Adrian's Fat Loss Plan

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