Intermittent Fasting for Faster Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss
Use Intermittent Fasting with 1 of these weight loss plans for rapid weight loss like Sue pictured above ↑ who lost 124 pounds

To do Intermittent Fasting…

5 reasons Intermittent Fasting burns fat faster than the average diet

1. Intermittent fasting forces your body to burn more fat

Intermittent Fasting forces your body to  burn fat

After you eat a meal your blood sugar rises and your blood sugar (along with the stored carbs/glycogen in your body) is the energy or calories your body uses or burns to keep you alive, functioning properly and to do all your daily activities but…

Your body fat is just the accumulation of all the excess calories you overate so every time you eat too much…

  • This chair trick tightens up your ABdominal muscles pulling them in To make your stomach flatter but,
  • Get Adrian's Plan to actually lose belly fat to TRULY get a FLAT Stomach.
The less blood sugar you have in your body = The more fat you will burnJohn Rowley, Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association

Imagine how fast you'll lose fat combining Intermittent Fasting with a weight loss diet & exercise plan

2. Intermittent Fasting increases your metabolism because…

As your blood sugar or energy levels gets lower as you fast…

3. Intermittent Fasting targets belly fat

intermittent fasting belly fat
Update: after doing intermittent fasting for a week, my lower tummy is finally disappearing. Yadira Garcia Sanchez

Stubborn belly fat is hard to lose because your abdominal region contains a lot more alpha-2 receptors that slow down fat burning than beta-2 receptors that speed up fat burning and because Intermittent Fasting reduces insulin…

Real life examples on this page

Disclaimer: If you ONLY want to lose just stubborn belly fat you need to be at a point where you only have 5-to-20 pounds left to lose because if you're more than 20 pounds overweight you'll lose fat all over your body and not just belly fat.

Remember: belly fat along with stubborn butt, hip & thigh fat are usually the last to go. See Why do I still have belly fat after losing all this weight?

4. Intermittent Fasting naturally increases HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH is a miracle hormone that burns fat, builds & maintains muscle mass.

5. Intermittent Fasting makes you eat less calories

The less you eat = the faster you'll lose weight.

Intermittent Fasting absolutely causes you to lose weight faster because…

6 Intermittent Fasting Tips

1. How to start intermittent fasting

Please note: Your lifestyle, current schedule, situation, stress or a wide variety of reasons may not allow you to get into the habit of fasting 14+ hours a day and if this is the case you'll need to use one of these other fat loss plans

2. Best way to schedule your daily fast

When you're intermittent fasting you can schedule your 14-to-20 hour fasting & 4-to-10 hour feasting cycle anyway you want to but for the best results Its best that you eat your last meal 2-to-3 hours before bedtime so you'll spend less hours awake while you fast.

Here's a sample intermittent fasting schedule over a 24 hour period where you fast for 16 hours and eat over an 8 hour period…

Click to see more
sample intermittent fasting schedules

3. Eat whenever you want during your 4-to-10 hour feasting period

Most diets tell you When to eat, What to eat & How much to eat and when you combine intermittent fasting with your current diet to burn fat faster…

The only change you'll have to make is when you eat so you can still stick to your diet but you need to eat everything you're supposed to in that 4-to-10 hour period and generally…

4. Dealing with hunger & cravings

intermittent fasting hunger

See tip #5 here again but…

40 ways to curb cravings & kill hunger

5. Drink water, coffee & green tea

Intermittent fasting works because it FORCES your body to burn more fat by lowering your blood sugar/insulin levels by NOT EATING anything for 14-to-20 hours so…

6. Workout while fasting

When your blood sugar, stored carbs/glycogen & insulin levels are lower from fasting you'll naturally burn more fat for energy (without any extra dieting or exercise) so guess what happens when you exercise while you're fasting…

Intermittent Fasting 101

Watch the intermittent fasting video for beginners below if you hate reading…

Intermittent Fasting Works!

Intermittent Fasting = She Lost 124 Pounds

sue intermittent fasting results

Hi, Adrian!

I am 5'7" & I have lost 124 pounds. I started at 272 pounds and now I'm 148. My first 90 pounds or so came off in the first six months and then my weight loss slowed until I read about your suggestion for Intermittent Fasting

I incorporated that into what I was already doing, and also started walking. Now I do walk-run intervals for 30 minutes, 3 times per week. I also life weights 3 days per week.

Sue Ellen Holmes

Lost 112 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting

yasir intermittent fasting results

I just want to thank you. I was really depressed due to my obesity. I started browsing the internet and found

I followed intermittent fasting with a 1200 calories diet plan and focused on eating raw vegetables and fruits only before meals.

I also did your Jumping Jack 30 min HIIT workout

Yasir Nasir

I love Intermittent Fasting

colleen intermittent fasting results

Literally a years difference. December to December. I have been doing Intermittent Fasting since reading about it on your website last year. This is close to 40 lbs gone. It has been amazing! I love love love Intermittent Fasting and I'm so glad I read your post!

My dad is a dr and he is the most healthy 71 year old you'll ever meet and he stresses the importance of fasting as well. Anyway, just thought I'd share with you my latest update :). Thank you again for your life changing post!

Colleen Whitson

Lost 99 Lbs.

I've used your NowLoss Diet + IF and lost 45 kgs (99 Pounds)

Rudra Patra

I've Lost Over 40 lbs.

chavas intermittent fasting results

Hi, I'm a big fan of yours! Your intermittent fasting video has helped me out tremendous ly. I've lost over 40 lbs.

Chavas Noelle

Intermittent Fasting Helped me get Ripped

adrian intermittent fasting results

Intermittent Fasting along with my NowLoss Diet helped me lose enough fat to finally be able to see my abs

Adrian Bryant of

Lost 33 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting

kim intermittent fasting results

This is the change in 101 days!!!! 33 pounds down! It's a result of eating completely clean, doing intermittent fasting (for the most part) and working out 4-6 days a week

Kim G

From 220-to-145 in 10 months

I want to say thanks! I have struggled with my weight all my life, and I am 28. I am not stupid and completed my homework before trying intermittent fasting. I started by getting to one meal a day within the first month and by month two I was calorie counting to try to keep that one meal at 1500-1700 calories.

Basically, I am a 28 year old male 5' 7" in height that started 10 months ago in December weighing 220 pounds. Today, exactly 10 months later I weigh 145 pounds. I have lost 75 pounds!!!

I have had full blood work done and I am now normal on every test and I have been yanked off my blood pressure medicine.

Thanks for all your help!

Intermittent Fasting for a smaller waist

edda intermittent fasting results

I just want to thank u for I have loss 25lbs following the intermittent fasting and HIIT. I am soo wishing I can meet you to thank you in person. All I can say is wow is this really me.

Edda Pollard

My Lower Tummy Went Away

Yadira intermittent fasting results

Update: after doing intermittent fasting for a week, my lower tummy is finally disappearing. I think this was exactly what I needed to get over that hump I reached. I had a permanent bloated belly - LOL

Yadira Garcia Sanchez

Lost 50.2 Lbs in 4 Months

Dear Adrian Bryant,

I have lost 50.2 lbs in 4 months using your workout and intermittent fasting. Thank you for all of your videos. I especially liked your elliptical workout where I burn 887 calories. Hope my results can motivate more people to start exercising! Thank you very much,

Tian Liu

She lost 28 Lbs. Intermittent Fasting…

Ursula intermittent fasting results

I just want to say thank you for doing your website! You have helped me so much and I wanted to share my progress with you from intermittent fasting and a diet of 1800 cal a day. I started at 179lbs & now weigh 151lbsI think I have finally found a life plan that fits with my lifestyle!

Thank you
Ursula G

7 More benefits of intermittent fasting…
  1. Decreases your chances of getting cancer.
  2. You're less likely to become diabetic.
  3. Improves your cognitive function.
  4. You're less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.
  5. Reduces inflammation.
  6. Helps you live longer
  7. Protects you from the effects of Alzheimer's & Parkinson's diseases.

More Tips

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Adrian Bryant

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1-40 of 2083 Comments

Hi how much does this workout burn ?

I’m a 78.5 kg.

May 22, 2019

Adrian Bryant

at least 300 cals

May 22, 2019


hi Adrian,
I started IF last weeks and am counting calories. I am only eating 1200kcal - basically breakfast (weetabix + coconut milk), lunch (depends on the day) and a banana and oats smoothie for dinner. nothing else. in a week i managed to loose 2kg but today i weighed myself and found that I had gained 0.3kg already without changin anything. can you tell me what is wrong, when I try to diet, it is always like this i loose weight in the beggining than start gaining it back again. i havent changed anything with regard to my diet. I was 95.7kg on 13/5/19, i was 93.6 on 20/5/19 and now am 93.9 kg (22.5.19). can you help me pls as I am at a loss. I dont do exercise as i dont have time, (Work, study and taking care of a baby)

May 22, 2019

Adrian Bryant

first of all, dont chek your weight everyday (it will only stress you out)

a slight .3 gain simply means you a change in water weight. I doubt you gained .3 pounds of fat

May 22, 2019


many thanks, before I read your message, i had already checked the weight and today another 0.7 so in total now i gained a kg. i hope it is water as you said.

May 23, 2019

Anthony Hurndon

Hi im Anthony the 13yr old and i eat a apple in the morning pizza and fries with no salt for lunch at school and dinner whatever my parent makes but I don't know how much calories they are and I went to fitness pal and more things like that and I have to be at least 18 do you know a calorie tracker for kids

May 16, 2019

Adrian Bryant

yes, google.

simply type your food into google + calories.

for example. type medium fires + calories into google to get counts or use this

May 16, 2019


Really need to know if I workout in the morning around 6, is it ok if I don't eat until 12 or should I eat immediately after I workout?

May 10, 2019

Adrian Bryant


Intermittent fasting works but remember, it mainly works b/c it helps keep your claorie intake down

May 10, 2019


is this information downloadable

May 07, 2019

Adrian Bryant

shoot me an email at nowlossATgmail and I will send to you

May 07, 2019


When intermittent fasting is it alright if I do workout when am in my eating period its pretty impossible for me to do it any other time through day will it still have same effect with weight loss

May 01, 2019

Adrian Bryant

If you workout before your first meal you will burn fat faster.

If you ever hit a plateau or not losing fast enough then you'll want to make sure to workout before first meal

for now, you will still get results no matter when you workout

May 01, 2019


Hi Adrian!
Thank you so much for your amazing site.
If I follow a strick 16/8 fasting ratio, how fast will I lose weight? I’m 4’ 11” and 174lbs. Because I’m so short, I can’t eat 2000 calories a day.
Any advice would be appreciated.

April 16, 2019

Adrian Bryant

you will lose weight fast at your weight JUST on the fact you're eating less than 2000cals alone

April 16, 2019


Hey Adrian ,
I am doing intermittent fasting but I’m trying to workout before my first meal to lose more fat, but basically this is my schedule everyday , 7 am wake up 8.20 am school starts , 4 pm school ends . So I don’t really know how to handle this ???? Like how am I supposed to do it , do I have to just have my first meal after that I did my workout so after 5 pm ??? But then I’ll be starving myself I guess , what’s your opinion? What do you recommend?

March 22, 2019

Adrian Bryant

what about school lunch. you could simply skip breakfast and use school lunch as your break-your-fast

March 23, 2019


So it’s okay to eat lunch , let’s say 12. Pm and then exercise on 5 pm , after 5 pm I’ll have my second meal of the day. Is that alright ? Or do I have to eat before exercising, and do I equally burn fat?

March 24, 2019

Adrian Bryant

you can do it like that. the most important fat burning step is overall calorie intake

March 24, 2019


ok, I'm 44 yrs old next week. I'm a diabetic and I have high cholesterol. I weight 206 lbs and i'm 5 foot 1 in. I work from 7 pm til 730am. I have a gym membership. What hours for IF would work for me and when should i work out? I want to be curvy with a nice large fitting backside and thick legs and thighs. Help!!

March 22, 2019

Adrian Bryant

as far as IF goes you can start off just skipping breakfast but with your work schedule you may not want to employ IF.

IF is a strategy that works mainly b/c it keeps calories down and it kills hhunger.

start here as for a more flexible diet for your schedule

March 22, 2019


Hii Adrian, so i just did a small kind of research about my body type and how I can lose weight , and it turned out I’m an “ endomorph “ I think you know what it means but if not, it’s basically that body types like mine have a harder time losing weight than others, and it’ll take them a while, so I want your advice on what i should do to lose at least 15 kg in the course of maximally 4 months *IF THATS POSSIBLE*, thanks already!

March 14, 2019

Adrian Bryant

that endomorph stuff is not true and even if it does, it doesnt matter what body type you are.

you get fat by eating too much. you burn fat by eating lesss and/or exercising more NO matter what your body type is but as for losing 15kg,

just follow IF or the other advice on

March 15, 2019


Hi Adrian!
Just came across your site and YouTube channel, I just want to say what you are doing is amazing and I’m so appreciative. My question is, do you have any at home workouts that build muscle like lifting weights but without weights or gym equipment? I hope that makes sense. I have a treadmill and I’m using that for cardio but I really want to add in some muscle workouts too like lifting. I have kids lol can I use them haha.....but seriously.

February 12, 2019

Adrian Bryant

not any muscle building workouts but have you seen this

February 12, 2019


I got to know about IF from this website 4years ago and now I have become pro at IF.
However, I am noticing that my fat is increasing because I left weight training 1 year ago and now I don't focus on my diet also but, I do IF daily for 17 hours.
Please help me.

January 30, 2019

Adrian Bryant

what is your overall calorie intake

January 30, 2019


Hey! I've been following this site for a while but I'm so busy that I've never been able to get around to a lot of this. I'm a 17 year old female in high school, and I take college level classes and work a lot after school, so I'm constantly busy between work, homework, and school itself. I also lack willpower a lot, which I think is why I struggle to lose weight so much. With such a busy schedule and such little willpower, what do you think would be the best way for me to lose weight and rather quickly (though healthily)? I'm 5'5 and I weigh 240 pounds.

December 30, 2018


During the fasting period can you drink water?

November 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

yes. anything ZERO calorie is okay

November 30, 2018


I have been trying to loose weight after i was operated for uterus ovary and gall bladder removal. Iloose a little and then it comes back..yes the yo yo way. i have blood pressure now and metabolic syndrome symptoms have set in. will IF work for me..i am a vegetarian and from India. your posts are very motivating.

Please help.
Thank you

November 21, 2018

Adrian Bryant

Yes it will work but your yo-yoing may be due to you not tracking your calorie intake. IF works but it does not mean you can eat as much as you want

November 21, 2018


Hi Adrian,
I have been doing IF for 1 & half month for 16-18 hrs depending on my schedule and I was able to loose 8 lbs. my lower my has never been so flat in past 6/7 years.
BUT I stopped losing weight since last 2 weeks, so I stopped doing IF for last a week and my tummy looks same as before and I gained 3/4 lbs back. I am trying to do IF again but I cannot, because I’m getting constantly hungry. I used to start Fasting at 7pm & & break at 11/12pm next day. But My new job schedule is from 5:30, so its hard for me to wait until noon. I tried a different schedule from 4pm to 8am but I get hungry at night, so it didn’t help me either. Please help me.
1) how should I schedule my fasting accordingly?(my work schedule is 5:30am-12:30pm)
2) what should I eat as my last meal so that I don’t get hungry until breaking fast?
Different question:
3) I started taking both whey protein & casein protein. Do you think I can have both on same day & every day? Or only on my bigger butt workout days?
I know its too many question but I would really appreciate your answer. Thanks

November 06, 2018

Adrian Bryant

in your case I dont think IF is a good fit for you and your lifestlye. maybe a more flexible diet like this

November 06, 2018


I sent you a pretty lengthy email, in hopes that you may be able to help me to kick start my weight loss after a 3 month plateau! Any advice you may have would be great. I sent you what I am currently doing. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you for having a public page that gives such great advice!

November 01, 2018

Adrian Bryant

Got your email. with the info you gave me you shouldn't have any current problems with losing weight but, IF will help speed things up

November 01, 2018


I've tried Intermittent Fasting in the past and experienced great results! I lost 50 lbs in 5 months and it was easy. That was when I was 26. Now that I'm 43, I tried it again and all I lost was time. I gained 4 lbs, in fact. What am I doing wrong?

October 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

IF does work (you have personal proof of that) but the gaining of 4 pounds could be due to muscle (so what was your workout like) and/or... do you know your calorie intake

October 30, 2018


I am tired of being this fat girl who gets picked on all the time. I was pretty until I gained all this weight. But I am going to change and get ready for summer! Currently 170 lbs but I will be 44 lbs less after this.Well I hope 😝😊

October 26, 2018

  • This chair trick tightens up your ABdominal muscles pulling them in To make your stomach flatter but,
  • Get Adrian's Plan to actually lose belly fat to TRULY get a FLAT Stomach.

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