Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

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To do Intermittent Fasting,

5 reasons Intermittent Fasting burns fat faster than dieting alone

1. Intermittent fasting forces your body to burn more fat

After you eat a meal your blood sugar rises and your blood sugar (along with the stored carbs/glycogen in your body) is the energy or calories your body uses or burns to keep you alive, functioning properly and to do all your daily activities but,

Your body fat is the accumulation of all the excess calories you eat. Every time you eat too much,

The less blood sugar you have in your body = The more fat you will burnJohn Rowley, Wellness Director for the International Sports Science Association

Imagine how fast you'll lose fat adding Intermittent Fasting to any weight loss plan

2. Intermittent Fasting increases your metabolism

3. Intermittent Fasting targets belly fat

intermittent fasting belly fat
Update: after doing intermittent fasting for a week, my lower tummy is finally disappearing. Yadira Garcia Sanchez

Stubborn belly fat is hard to lose because your abdominal region contains a lot more alpha-2 receptors that slow down fat burning than beta-2 receptors that speed up fat burning and because Intermittent Fasting reduces insulin,

Remember: Belly fat is usually the last to COMPLETELY all go away → Why do I still have belly fat after losing weight?

The only time you're losing ONLY belly fat is when you're losing your last 10-to-20 pounds.

4. Intermittent Fasting naturally increases HGH

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a miracle hormone that burns fat, builds & maintains muscle and makes you look younger

Hugh Jackman uses intermittent fasting to burn fat & build muscle

5. Intermittent Fasting makes you eat less

The MAIN Magical reason Intermittent Fasting works is because it limits the amount of time you spend eating. This makes you eat less calories. The less you eat = the faster you'll lose weight.

4 Intermittent Fasting Tips

1. Start Slowly

Please note: Your lifestyle, schedule, stress or a wide variety of reasons may not be a good fit for Intermittent fasting. If so, Use another fat loss plan

2. Best way to schedule your daily fast

See sample intermittent fasting schedules

3. YES, you can drink water

4. Workout while fasting

Because your blood sugar is lower while you're fasting… You'll burn more fat for energy working out during your fasting period.

Intermittent Fasting Works!

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