By Adrian Bryant

Everybody's jealous since I Lost 65 lbs. using…

I've been using your website for 4 months now. I've lost 60 pounds.

thank you. 65 pounds to be exact. No one has said anything to me about it except for you! I think they're jealous. I moved from Detroit to Scotland and put on 100+ pounds in 2 years. can you imagine?

You explain things the best, your moves really hit the muscles you're working on, and you reallly feel it the next day. Loads of idiots post vids, but they do me NO GOOD!


DetroitLass a YouTube user

I lost 44 pounds in 1 month!

hi Adrian i just cant believe it, i losed 44 lbs in just one month! making home workouts that are in your dvd and having low calorie diet

noisemaker submitted this comment on June 07, 2011 - 07:41

50 year old lady loses 57 pounds with…

Your site is great.I have been overweight most of my life and after breaking my leg I gained 91 pounds.I didn't think I could lose weight because I am over 50 but I got protein powder and tried your plan.So far I loss 57 pounds!!

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dee | 03.08.09 - 2:07 pm

Lost 50 pounds since January

Thank you!! Thank you sooo much Adrian!! For your videos…Ive lost a total of 50 lbs since January and havent looked better….NAKED!!


You completely changed my life after losing 70 lbs.

I'd like to tell you that you completely changed my life. I'm 15 years old and I weigh 130 pounds. I lost 70 pounds with your help. You got me motivated and I got up every morning at 4:30 before school and exercised with your videos. It was hard, but it was really worth it. I used to wear a size 14 but now I wear a size 6. Thank you so much!


I went from 141 lbs to 110 lbs!

hey! thank you for your site, thanks to your weight loss tips I passed from 141 lbs to 110 lbs! I'm, very happy with my looks now, I look healthy and way more confident! Well I'm pear shaped, my measures are 31-23-36 but my butt is just wide but not curvy at all! if you look at the side of my body my butt looks flat! The problem is that I can't go to a gym and I have no weights at home.. what can I do? my physical activities include treadmill and ballet classes 3 times a week 1 hour and a half e/o ... what can I do to make my flat but wide but curvier?

Maria helped her lose her first 49.4 pounds…

Hi everyone,
I have been following this plan (and variations of it) since the beginning of May. It helped me get started and lose my first 30 lbs. The exercising 2x a day part really works well! I don't have time to do it now because of school but I am still working out once a day and following the other tips. As of today I have lost 49.4 lbs in less than 8 months! And I am sure it will be 50 soon! So I just wanted to let you all know that this plan works and that you don't need pills, fad diets, or surgery to lose weight. You can do this!!!

Thank you.

Kristen | 12.15.09 - 9:10 am

You're a Godsend! - I lost 45 pounds so far…

Whoever created this site, you're a godsend. Thank you so much for these tips! I've lost 45 pounds so far on smart eating alone and now I'm using exercise to get the other 40 pounds off. Thanks so much for helping me!

KMG | 10.20.09 - 8:47 pm

From 174 to 148 pounds in 5 weeks!

FUCK MAN, i used to weight 174lbs. 5 weeks ago, now i weight 148lbs!!!!!!!!!!!

carbon310 a YouTube user

Lost 48 pounds with just ONE Video!

thank you. i lost 48 pounds with this

floobles11 a YouTube user

Lost 40 pounds doing "Quick Weight Loss Workouts"…

hey about a year ago i did this work out for three months every day and lost over 40 pounds an i only did it twice every night it is and AMZING WOKROUT ITS FANTASTIC ! but…

it may be too hard for some of you but doesn't mean you shouldn't try this workout The KEY THING is that you at least try

drunkenrobot89 a YouTube user

Loses 30 pounds in a few short weeks…

This man is a great coach, his videos and website helped me lose over 30 pounds in only a few weeks and now I'm focusing on getting ripped.

Saminizer16 a YouTube user

Lost 11 pounds in ONE Week!

thnks man! ur workout haved make me lost 11 pounds in a week :) i try to lose more. thnks again.

zakuyatakashi a YouTube user

Body started looking better naked in only 1 week…

Adrian am writing you from Venezuela you are God, I've become addicted to your website in a week and I have already seen changes in my body. Thank you for being there

(Amaru's comment was translated from his spanish comment below)

Adrian te escribo desde Venezuela TU ERES DIOS, me he vuelto adicta a tu pagina y en una semana ya he visto cambios en mi cuerpo. Gracias por estar alli

Amaru | 06.20.09 - 9:08 pm gave her a Bigger & Sexier Butt!

Dear mr. bryant

I used to have a little flat butt, and now it's much bigger and rounder, after about six weeks of doing some of the butt-building exercises on this site. I even got a bigger butt than my boyfriend, who is african american and used to have a much bigger and nicer butt than me. Great site, the only page I found that shows you how to get a hot body without charging anything, and without making you buy pills or lotions. This works!

UsedToBeFlatNowImNot | 06.04.09 - 1:45 pm

She's afraid she may be losing weight too fast…

Hi Adrian,

I am soo glad for this site. I just started the weight loss plan to loose more than 50lbs a week back.Am soo excited coz this really works, have already lost 8 lbs in my first week - I have gone from 188 lbs to 180 lbs in a i loosing weight too fast?

erenata | 06.02.09 - 1:08 pm

Another Sexy Butt developed by

Hi Adian, I just want to leave a comment. I just really want to thank you for your time and effort you put into this website. I always wanted a bigger butt and thought having a flat butt was just in my genetics. Im not saying I have a ghetto booty, but it has gotten bigger through the workouts. I was also always self conscience about my flat butt. Now I have a better self esteem. Thanks So Much!! The world need more selfless people like you!!

sylver | 04.16.09 - 3:44 pm

Lost 62 pounds in 4 months

hi, first off id like to say i used to be 240lbs 4 months ago but then i found your cite and i am 178lbs,


watergoddess1988 | 04.14.09 - 11:15 pm made her look good in her wedding dress…

Hello Adrian, thank you for all your help with helping me look good in my dress for the wedding that I was in. Now that that it has passed I still wanna continue my workouts .

Renee | 03.31.09 - 8:59 am

Best looking girl at the Naval Academy…

Thank you!

Before I read this I was struggling with my weight, but when I started reading all these articles! I soon realized all the mistakes that I have been making!

You changed my life, and made me feel more confident and made me pass my physical test to get in the Naval Academy!

You not only made me feel better and look great, but made me get into an excellent college.
Thank You so Much !!!

Lauren 12.31.08 - 7:21 pm

"Everyday now someone tells me how much better I look"

I see I've already lost 7 lbs. just by using ONE of the tips I learned from you. (2/3/2005)

*Update* Since the last time I wrote you I am proud to say I have lost 9 more pounds using that one tip.

(3/11/2005) *Latest update* I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…Almost everyday now someone tells me how much better I look."

Nancy Palmer

"I got the butt I wanted"

Hi Adrian.your site is amazing.I get the butt that i wanted by doing the Jlo work plan.

Ifigeneia | 03.15.09 - 1:09 pm

I have lost 4 inches in one week's time.

Hi Adrian,

I'm having a devil of a time losing weight. BUT, I started doing your Fast Weight Loss Workout #1 last week and doing some of your specific muscle targeting exercises and I have lost 4 inches in one week's time.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been dieting and exercising for a month and a half, and prior to that I lost only 3 lbs and 0 inches. Your plans work!

Thank you again!

V | 01.14.09 - 11:42 am

I'm now 30 pounds lighter…

Thank You! Hi! Just wanted to tell you "Thank You'.

I started doing the jumping jacks and ski jumps @ home because it was easy and not boring. I'm now 30 pounds lighter.

jakesmomlisa a YouTube user

My butt is a lot bigger!

I've been doing this exercise for a few months now….and my butt is a lot bigger! Thank you! ^_^

GratuitousSacrifice a YouTube user

Lost 11 pounds First week (35 so far) with ONE Video…

thanks man i have lost 35 lbs just by watching this video in my first week i lost 11lbs man thanks alot

jpercy2009 a YouTube user

Lost 15 pounds in 1 week…

So far I've had lost 15 pounds in one week! on your diet and exercise routine. I want to thank you so much for changing my life.


Lost 17 pounds in 2 weeks

I tried this diet 3 years ago and lost 17 pounds and 2 weeks. I didn't gain an oz of it back until 6 months ago. (It was my faul for eating stuff I shouldn't have been.) I can't WAIT to do this one again

Ashley -

Thank you for putting all of this information up for free

I wanted to thank you for putting all of this information on the web for free.

I have to admit, I almost skipped over your site as I'm more interested in being healthy than naked and i've seen so many sites that are just ploys to get money. I did check out one of the workout videos and I'm really glad I did.

It led me to the dieting section as well as the other exercise videos. Some of the tips you give, such as drinking water and eating fruit before my meal rather than after so as to feel full and satisfied quicker, are so simple I'm surprised I've never heard them before.

The information here is easy to follow and really useful. Honestly I keep expecting a banner to appear asking me to pay! In short your site has been informative and useful. Thank you for your hard work!


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Hey Adrian,
I used your advice a couple of months ago and I came down from 141 to 120! or even 118 at one point (1'm 5"7") I went down from a size 7 to size 3.

Sofie | 12.14.09 - 11:44 pm
IN JUST 2 DAYS i can see my stomach get flatter, this is sick. ima do this everyday, i usually just do it once a day but its helping me lose weight

Chekirows a YouTube user

Hi Adrian,
Thankx to your awesomely informative website and advice I have been able to loose 20 pounds in the last 3 months. Keep up the good work
Thank you

Anshul Jain | 11.23.09 - 8:06 am
HI Adrian,
i just want to say thank you so much for this site, i had been following this plan for just over a month and managed to lose 15 lbs, i stuck to 1500 cal, but burning them off with walking everyday.

once i had proven i could lose the pounds my doctors give me the fertilitry treatment i have been after for 2 years so thank you so much as thanks to you me and my huband are now expecting our 1st baby, we could never thank you enough.

x x x x x5dotty5x | 10.27.09 - 5:54 am
Dear Adrian, I have been following this for three weeks and have already lost 10 pounds! Thank you so much.

Jacob | 10.17.09 - 12:26 pm
you are just too good !! it has been 2 weeks since i started ur plan n i already lost 7lbs ....its awesome thanx a million for ur site !

sarah | 10.15.09 - 3:28 pm
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell that I received your free dvd. You have completely changed the way I work out. Before I would spend 50 to 60 min on my treadmill,seeing very little results. I identified my probelms after going on your website. I was working out at the wrong time, in the evenings, instead of the morning, before breakfast. I wasn't challenging myself, jogging the same pace for 60 min.

I started your 10-20 min interval treadmill workout. I love it and the results are starting to show. I do a 20 min interval workout in the morning and another 10 min interval in evening. I only do this 3 times a week. I am going to start adding your jumping jack workout to my routine on the weekends to give me a break from the treadmill.

Your Angela Bassett arm workout is awesome! I have a Total Gym and my arms do not feel the burn half as much as they do after this arm workout. I hope you can come out with some different kinds of ab workouts. I do not have the room to do your 4 min two towel ab workout. My kitchen is way to small and cluttered to do it and my garage floor is not slick enough.

I hope more people find your website, so they can see weight loss and fitness does not come in a pill. The thing about your website is that you give invaluable information to people with no cost to them. I have lost 5 pounds just be changing my workout time.Can't wait to lose more! I just want to thank you and I am a nowloss member for life!

Tonya Taylor | 10.12.09 - 10:15 am
i got my dvd bout 2-3 weeks ago and i have lost 10 ponds....wooohooooo, ive been trying to eat better and all i have been doing is the dvd 4 times a week and i have been weightlifting once a week. So you dont have to kill yourself to lose weight, this dvd is for real, i am not a spammer, go look at my profile those r my videos, hope you get the dvd and i hope it works for you also :)

gothfreakgurl a YouTube user

It really helps you guys!! I was on my way to losing more weight pretty quickly by incorporating his dvd to my workout. I started at 158 this monday and today (saturday) im down to 153!!! I think it really helped me get over my workout plateau...thanks Inshape4u!!

busyb08 a YouTube user

I got ur dvd.....many many thanks.......i didn't believed ur claim and never thought u will send me dvd all the way to pakistan...

thanks to i have lost a lot of weight i.e 5 kg in two weeks.I am more active and energetic and feeling great again thanks a lot.

Zeeshan Ghias Khan | 11.15.09 - 12:46 pm
I lost weight just doing the jumping jacks and ski-jumps from your previous videos and got lots of compliments (you should see my calves)

So when I heard you offer the FREE DVD I had to have it. Got it today in the mail and just got done doing the first 10 minutes and had to come here and say thanks and that I love it and that I'm going to stick to it. I like your style of motivation (plus ur sexy!) Had to throw that in there :)

jakesmomlisa a YouTube user

i lost 20lbs thanks ...

toytopz a YouTube user

oh my god it really works!!!!
its brelliant i am so exited this is the best site i ever saw,and i wanna thank you so mauch adrian so so much ,i got your fat burning program dvd free even without paying the shipping!!!! iam so happy and i pray for you,you really help people!!!
thanks so so much,god bless you!!

parvez ansary

I just wanted to take the time to share my results with you all, because there are a lot of questions on this website, but few people talk about their results!

I came here a couple of weeks ago and I didn't know which weightloss program to choose! I wanted to lose weight very fast and I was upset at the idea of not having good and fast results!

I finally made up my mind and started the 50+ permanent weightloss program, because I estimated that I had 35 pounds to lose!

After 6 weeks, I can tell you that I lost a lot of weight by following Adrian's program... I can't tell how many pounds I lost, because I didn't weigh myself, but I realise, when I look in the mirror, that I am satisfied with what I see and have achieved until now!

I feel better in my own skin and I know for sure that it's all that matters now! All my new clothes are too big and I fit again in the clothes I couldn't wear anymore! I also have comments from the people around me! It's very rewarding!

I will continue the weightloss program, because it helped me to develop a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits!

I am so much happier now and it wasn't about loosing 35 pounds... I still have a lot to do to achieve that goal, but I feel safe to achieve it with time and a balanced lifestyle and no pressure in the process!

I ALREADY EARNED WHAT I WAS REALLY LOOKING FOR: WELL BEING! Everything next will be a reward and a bonus to me!

Thank you a lot Adrian for your generosity and your devotion in helping people to achieve this important process!

Philippe, 23 years old, 5'7 (started at 180lbs)...

Philippe | 09.20.09 - 12:18 pm
Thanks so much for sharing your information and workout rountines. Thanks to you I lost 10 lbs. so far and plan to lose? more. Your time and efforts are so appreciated!!!!

chamirose a YouTube user

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I did this on my stepper and my clothes are loose now...I am not sure how much I lost but I did this for about two weeks and I lost at least one pant size for sure....

Maliah091 a YouTube user

Adrian you should come out with your own workout DVD im just gonna throw that out there all the advice ive gotten from your site is what got me to where i am today 146 pounds with a 30 inch waist and good looking abs with a skinny physique. So I just want to say thanks and keep spreading the word!

Derek | 09.28.09 - 11:15 pm

Hi Adrian,
I'm 5'3", 31 yrs old. I follow your lose 10 pounds in 40 days plan and successfully lost 12 pounds in 2 months. I lost 2-3 inches at my waist and hip. I'm currently 111 pounds and am happy with it.

Anita | 08.20.09 - 9:49 pm

I'm down 10 lbs in 2 weeks by using this diet. While I still have 17 to go to hit my goal, i'm feeling 100 times better about myself. I have more energy, and i'm seeing real results. Thank you so much!

Nikki | 08.25.09 - 10:37 am

yo im doing this workout. along with drinking green tea and the deit plan this guy has. 2 servings of a fruit or vegi. and drink water only... i already lost ten 10lbs. It really works you just need detication

kyoshih a YouTube user

Adrian, I love your site. I am 38yr old male. I started your program about 3 month ago and have lost 20lbs. I went from size 34/36 jeans and am in 32 now. I weigh 178. with a body fat % of 12.

Guy | 08.11.09 - 7:41 pm
im 13 and my abs hav already become visible after 5 days! i will post a vid once i hav full abs:)

sissylyra20 a YouTube user

Hi Adrian i lost 28 lbs in 4 months by following your program. (THANK YOU!!)I am now down to 147 and 5'6".

ANGEL | 07.29.09 - 10:28 am


I would like to THANK YOU for the great advice you have provided me in your website. I started the nowloss/20 lbs plan on May 18, 2009 weighing at 205 lbs and last week I weighed myself at 179 lbs. I have never had this weight since my high school years and just breaking 180 was already tough for me while I was wrestling in my junior year. I seriously can't thank you enough and at my age (26), I am glad I started this weight program before I start deteriorating at an older age.

Again, THANK YOU. I have a goal to reach 170lbs by July 18, 2009 but I know I won't stop there. I want to keep a constant weight at 160lbs and start building up muscle. Please let me know what would be the best advice to continue reaching my goals.

Best regards,

JC Vallido
I don't know where to start, you truly changed my life. Amazing I need to lose 30lbs this year to join the US Air Force and I'm thanking God for bringing me to this site. By the way, your hott! lol

Jennifer Amaya
Hi Adrian,

I've written to you before. I'm a 26 year old female, 5 foot 3 and a half. I started out at 148 lbs in November and I'm now 119 lbs (thanks!).

Julia | 06.15.09 - 1:31 pm

I did this a few months ago and lost thirty pounds this really does work people, and now i'm going for another thirty. IF you do this right you'll be closer to your goal weight soon. good luck to all!

Jess | 05.30.09 - 11:52 pm

I just started using your methods. I lost 2 1/2 pounds in 3 days. I am VERY excited. You have helped me so much!!!

Shannon 05.07.09 - 9:03 am
Hi Adrian, I like your website. I just went from 155 to now 129 since december.


I love your site so much - I have lost 25 pounds so far using your techniques!

Becky 04.11.09 - 12:37 pm


MiGUEl. 04.05.09 - 2:06 pm

I followed your advice and exactly after a month , I lost 15 Pounds!Thnx for your motivation .This is what I did.
1.Totally Cut down on FFood ,Chocs , Ice cream , in short Junk food.
2.Increase intake of fruits and vegatables.
3.Eating as usual 3 times a day.
4.Last but not the least working out 3 hrs in a day !! to be precies buring around 1000 - 1200 calories in a single day by vigorous workout Now I see the results , Lost 15 Pounds in 1 month :) ...

sapbwguru a YouTube user

believe me people this is the new jesuss lool u can't find anyone who give u this info for free

so don't waste ur time in searchin another one

ketel1vodka a YouTube user

hi Adrian,

I am 5'3 and 163pounds.

i was 184 and thanks to you i lost 21 pounds in 4 months

Ubah. | 03.22.09 - 2:40 am

I apreciate very much your website
I have loss 6 pounds in one week.

Eustasie 03.22.09 - 11:01 am
Hello Adrian Bryant,
My name is Amir and i am 16 and that past few years i was very over weight (160 lbs), i always was the last kid to be pick on any sport and was made fun of. My family dose not have so much money so i was never was a member in a gym. Instead i found some weights hidden in some closet he have in the house. I had no clue what to do with them. I was on the web for so long to learn how to use them and good workouts but i found your website.

It was so use full. I lose about 22 pounds of fat and gained mussel ever since and i fell grate. I still have a long way to go but i know i can make it with your help. You gave me the confidence that i can do it and i will complete my goal . You also have videos that help me step by step and i was so grate full. i just want to thank you so much for your help and every thing you do. i totally would love to have you as a trainer. You are one of my heros.

Once again thank you so much for you help, one exercise and life lessons.

Your friend, Amir Tsarfati (i come from Israeli, tricky name)
hi adrian, with your help through this website, i have managed to lose 46 pounds. thank u very much! i currently weigh 128

sandra 03.12.09 - 6:46 am
PS: I'm on one of your diets ,And it really works I lost 50 lbs.

Lola Love | 08.11.08 - 3:11 pm
Yes yes People it Will work, Stop asking and get into it, Try it and you will see that it will work

damn. Stop asking and start doing that's what i'm doing and i'm getting freaking good shape, Thanks to



DR. Segueta a YouTube user

"I can get a nice dress now because I did this. As a big girl I faced fat jokes. Now I'm on the gymnastics, volleyball, dance, and step teams and I'm part of the drama class in my school instead of pulling the curtains. I feel good about my self. Thank you for everything."

Cindy Knowles

I'm 27 yrs old and 5'6 in height. Two months ago i was 190lbs. I read your article so i followed it. Now, im 169lbs!!I lost 2 inches also from my waist and my wife is so happy.

Simon from the Philippines

Just got on your site and really like how you show how to do the arm exercise on video that really helps! I have went from 265 to 224 and my arms are looking very saggy after losing the weight. I will be using your exercise methods on my arms.

Thanks Marilyn

When I last came to you a few months ago- I was at my still-current height of 4'10 (even though I'm almost 17) and I weighed 122 pounds. I'd like you to know that I've gotten down to my original goal weight of 110!!!

alicia:D | 03.13.09 - 11:37 pm
"I Lost 10 lbs. my first 2 weeks. It really helped me out a lot since I have trouble sticking with any kind of diet." "I was able to eat the foods I like and not have to worry about putting on any extra weight."

Melissa Feltman

Thanks for the tip with transverse abdominus. This stuff work like a charm. I lost about 3 inches from my belly. Two thumbs up. Keep the good work up.


I wanted to say thank you for all the work you did. I cannot tell you how many websites I went to, they all wanted membership, log-on, buy something...but you just gave us exactly what we were looking for. I THANK YOU!

Sincerely, Debra

hey andrian I am crazy about you and love your site, it helps me alot to improve my appearence that's y am always there. Take care, bye.

crazy girl

A couple days ago I ran into a video you made on how to lose 5lbs in 2 days--drinking a whole lot of water. I have to say I saw it and thought it was the dumbest thing I ever read. I tried it and.......I lost 6 lbs in 2 days.

I do want to thank you because it has given me the motivation to lose my baby fat. When I got married I was 130lbs. 4 years and 3 kids later--I was 175. In the last 2 days--I am now 169.

All I have been doing is drinking about 100 oz water a day and eating veggies, fruits and salads with a splash of dressing. No salt or seasonings. And have been doing strengthening exercises at home. My 3 year old kept on mimic-ing me and telling me "more mommy more" This was a great stepping stone.

I am also feeling so much better when I do eat. Cutting out fried foods has made me feel so much better and not lathargic. i have so much more energy than ever. Just make sure you remind everyone to take vitamins. And thanks a million.

Chrissy Yanni 12.21.08 - 12:54 pm

Hello Adrian, this is my fourth day on this diet and i look great. I am really happy. When taking veggies, fruits and whey protein, i am so full. i have been drinking alot of water and constantly visiting the bathroom. i hope this is a good thing. thank you for you diet! i hope to lose 15 Ibs at the end of my 3 week.


I love your diet suggestions and plans, I plan on starting them today, thanks a lot!


First of all I would like to say, that this website "rocks". I have visited many websites and this one is really useful and helpful.


i tried this for like about 3 moths already and its really worked out for me i do it every day my inner thigh and my outer thighs are thinner and now alot of my friends tell me i have nice legs all of you should try it,it really works...thank you very much!!!




Adrian! I have been through most of your videos and will be starting your TVA exercises today while watching TV! This is so AWSOME OF YOU to show people all your tips without charging anything!

Hi Adrian! It's Tammy again. Here's the problem I'm having! I'm now back to 126lbs. This is what I've been most of my life! The diets are easy for me because I love fruits and veggies and I'm not big on over eating!

Thank You So Much! Tammy

My stomach, thigh, and upper body areas all got toned up. People were complimenting me on my new look and I think more guys started to pay more attention to my body"

Megan Wilborne

This video is amazing i tried it for 3 days and i can really see the difference in my legs thankyou for helping me ......


so far everything I've tried from reading your site has helped me lose 18lbs off of the 40lbs I want to lose. I really trust you and am grateful for your site?


"Three years ago, at the age of 40, I weighed over 200 pounds, was 5’3” and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. I though I was going to die – I had to go home and go to sleep all night after work!"

"My life started to change after I got to and all I can say is that..." "I firmed up, got muscles I never knew I had and best of all – I felt better than I had in my whole life."

I want to thank you for giving me guidance and the confidence it can be done no matter what my age or how horrible I looked!

Lisa Grant

"I was shocked to say the least at all the simple things I could've been doing all along to lose weight." I didn't know doing little things in the morning could speed up my weight loss or eating more during the day helped me lose weight."

"The part I liked best was it showed me how to lose weight during my busy day. I have 2 jobs, a husband, and a teenage daughter and son, so finding out how to lose weight with all this chaos in my daily life really helped me out a lot."

"I will advise anyone who is trying to lose weight to visit"

Rosalyn Walton

Amazing, your site is absoutely amazing. Thanks for all the great advice!!!

Kori | 03.02.08 - 9:23 am

trust him, do as him. it works great! i've done those rags for maybe four months and the resoullt is just brilliant. thx dude! ( i did see a resoullt in 2 weeks already)

tracksed a YouTube user

Hey man, i just want to say thanks. I am a wrestler, and weighed in over the summer at 115, with my goal being 103 for my weight class that i dominate in.

I did your workout to the max levels possible, (3x, then the hardest interval) and lost all that weight in 1 month! 1 MONTH!

thanks alot man, i use this workout monday, wednesday, and friday, and it keeps me at peak performance. i highly recommend anyone to do this, but you HAVE TO DEDICATE YOURSELF TO IT. thanks again!

G-man 01.01.09 - 5:27 pm

This weight loss program does sound pretty solid. I have a friend who's been doing a program very similar to this for a yr now and he's lost 72lbs and has kept it off. Im going to start Dr Adrian's program on tomorrow

ladyklinke user from

Hi Adrian I am still loving your web site. I have been doing the broom exercise to help get rid of my love handles

dkey36 | 01.09.09 - 5:03 pm

Wow Adrian, I dont think people can thank you enough for what you're doing with this site. It is very nice of you to offer your knowledge to us for free and for our benefit. Now we have the info, all we need is the motivation (no excuses). I'm 20 years old, 145 hopefully this site will help me reach my goal. Thank You.

liz | 03.21.08 - 1:39 am

Mr. Bryant, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering the questions concerning my mother's weight loss. I have passed the information onto her and she is eternally grateful.

I love the concept of your site and I will continue to be a regular visitor. May God reward you greatly for your generosity.

Gina | 03.16.08 - 1:14 pm

I am just writing to thank you so much for making a difference in our lives...Whatever you are doing for us is great and I really have no words to thank you enough

Priya | 03.15.08 - 11:25 am

Hello Adrian, I been following your fat loss plan and it has been working GREAT for me. I love the Calorie Calculator feature, now I'm all into not exceeding my calories and eating the right kind of foods


Hi first off i want to say that you are great and i love this program. lots of people charge so much money, but you you can tell that you care enough to help people out rather then just trying to get their money.

thankyou for your time and again you are great and i love getting tips from you


I don't have a question but I read your website faithfully and use your advice as much as possible and I just want to say THANK YOU. I think it's really cool how you answer every single inquiry.

Jacqueline | 12.18.08 - 3:56 am

so far the walking and your videos have helped me loose 6 pounds!

Teresa | 01.13.09 - 7:40 pm

Hi I just wanted to give u a BIG THANk U!!! ur workout plans and advice is amazing!!! Youve helped so many ppl by posting those videos.

Im in school and cant always hit the gym so i love doing the exercise with no machines. Anyway once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Sidney.09 | 01.02.09 - 3:48 am

Hey, I want to thank you for putting up this website you been such a gr8 help.

I started ur excersice routine just 4 days ago and following ur diet plan and have lost 5 lbs already. it really works.

harleen | 01.05.09 - 1:33 pm

Jeeez. Just done this for the first time. I wouldn't have ever thought bending over holding a broom could be so knackering I'm used to doing an hour cycling 3 times a week, but this was intense. Can't wait to see the results. Cheers Adrian!

Chris T Johns Liverpool, England.

As always, you are awesome. Thanks for the quick response. I will keep up what I am doing then. I have told a lot of people about your site; it is great.

Becky | 01.06.09 - 11:20 am

Hi Adrian, I just wanted to say I really appreciate you sacrificing your time to answer my questions.

You are a great person and I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone for your support and advice. Thanks, again!

Jewel | 01.07.09 - 8:22 pm

Hi there, Ive struggled with my weight for many years and have just read through your site and think your tips sound wonderful!

Melissa 1.08.09 - 5:04 pm

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all the information and help you give us. Refering to this sight is like having my own free personal trainer

thankyou for your help I've be seeing toned results in my body and am happy! I love you! THANKYOU!!!

Cianna | 09.04.08 - 4:35 am

You are out of this world awesome!

RAC8416 a YouTube user

Im so excited to have found your videos, I am going to practice them and lose 30 pounds! THANK YOU!

lizbeth8802 a YouTube user

Man thanks so much i lost like 10 pounds in my stomach of just doing this for 1 week

thanks so much man can i donate to you because I was all ways try to loose weight thanks so much really appriate it

UxGcorseo a YouTube user

wow, i am so glad i stumbled across your videos!!! i have saved them in my favorites and i will start doing them along with eating differently, i can not wait to see the results in my thighs ans legs!!! thank you so much!!

msbeautifulthang a YouTube user

love your videos

weightloss00 a YouTube user

omg this guy is great. . .i am a fulltimecollege student/mommie taking about 20 credits per semester, and with work added into the mix. . .

having time to workout is so HARD for me. I never have time for myself; he makes working out so practical when you "dont" have dumb bells or time to get to a gym.

Thanks Dude :)

stripesandpolkadots3 a YouTube user

THX heyy thx 4real the vidz work alot...thx again

Robertredman1122 a YouTube user

Dear Adrian, I hope i spelt your name right and im sorry if i spelt it wrong. Anyways i have been very much into your videos and i am a subscriber,

i used to never be able to do not even 1 push up, but with your video about useing the board games and doing pushups ontop of them really helped me.

Sparks217 a YouTube user

it works. lost about 1 1/2 inches in a month doing just this and nothing else

enigmaticfille a YouTube user

i saw this video on your website a while back and i had been doing it for quite some time. It REALLY works. I recommend it for anyone trying to lose their love handles :]

MIkee1989 a YouTube user

Thank you! I've reached a plateau in my workouts and this is really gonna help me! Looks brutal but I'll add it to my regime!

cannelle1512 a YouTube user

omg! thank you man! you are amazing! Its really helpful. ty so much!

momitch a YouTube user

 ive done this at home and it really does work you can also do this excersise lying down just do the same and it works so you can do that while lying in bed :)

Ive tried both and everyone can see the difference.

mamy14x a YouTube user

Thanks for this video u should make more video or give more advice for the ladys with the big boos and small butt lol!!! peace & haters stop hatin!!

darkcocoOTA a YouTube user

i just went to your website and was very impressed with the food calculators and the tips and everything...most fitness websites want subscriptions but i see yours has the good info for free...i appreciate that

TheRunner217 a YouTube user

i had to tell you that i am completely impressed by your instructional video. i've been in and out of gyms for several years, with some success, but not the desired results... and not enough time in my week to dedicate in a gym.

you've shown me quick and easy workouts to do during my day and i can't wait to start doing them daily.

thanks a lot. you've been a real help.

uffdagregory a YouTube user

this was awesome. I love this. You can really feel a difference people, please make more vidoes on love handles!

PrettyBrownEyes718 a YouTube user

omg this really works!!! i swear i do it everyday wen i go to skool n one day i noticed that i lost 3 inches doing this exercise.

i was 35 round my waist but then i was 32/33!! not much but this after a week. lol since the christmas holidays though i moved back up to 35 so i gotta do this exercise again to get my wuvly tummy back!!

PandaBoo92 a VideoJug user

huh this works i did a 1 minutes and i feel it omfg this guy is a genius u have my subscribe

gabbertje919 a YouTube user

"I still cannot believe I lost a full inch off my waist after watching your tummy video just one time... I know I will have a 24 inch waist soon if I keep losing inches this fast."

Sara Williams

I wanted to say i just ran across your page while i was surfing google. I found it amazing! You are very inspiring! I lost 46 pounds in 07' I weighed 171. At 5'5 i thought i looked pretty good. But Only to gain 77 pounds back this past year. I'm out of shape and weigh more than i ever have in my entire life.

At 248 pounds i'm depressed and uninspired. I hate to even try and lose the weight all over again. But, i have to say after seeing your site. I'm ready to get off my ass and do it again but, this time for life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Starlet  01.14.09 - 7:03 pm
i really thought this was a joke but it makes sense. if this is your own original idea, you're a genius. simple but effective!

ZADL11 a YouTube user

Thank You
You Just made Me Really Happy I Been Doing This Excersices And Already Lots 5 Pounds And Verly Started 1 Week Ago I Cant Even Believe It...

tellme14for15 a YouTube user

Hi Adrian, It's a little later than expected but I have my report...5 lbs!!!! I know it might not seem as much to some but it is great news for me!! The great part is I am eating much more than I normally do, I really don't get hungry and I am still losing weight! Another update coming soon.

Camille | 01.20.09 - 2:08 pm
i love this guy!

DivaOnADiet a YouTube user

I love ur videos...i ish u were my personal trainer!

MzSoulJa a YouTube user

Thanks for showing everyone you don't need fancy equipment to get toned :) Well done :) Very inspirational. I'm going to go use this exercise right now.

matsumotosgirl a YouTube user

i recommend people that you guy's should watch this videos it's more safe and effective and less injuries.

lilgirlsj a YouTube user

I lost 8 pounds so far doing these kinds of intervals. Thanks fo rthe channel. You are a great inspiration to us all

ramona7609 a YouTube user

honestly i think that this is the best workout program on youtube.good job dude.this actually helps:)

demilovatofficial a YouTube user

thank you for the website it is so infomative...that was what i need.

LRen1013 a YouTube user

Hi Adrian,

Thank you so much for sending the free workout and diet plan dvd. Since I've been doing your workouts I've been losing 1 pound per week, a goal I haven't been able to achieve for years. Your teaching style is highly motivational and easy to follow which makes the exercise regimen easier to stick with over time. I also like that you have included modifications of the exercize routines for those who are just starting out. This keeps people those who aren't good shape to begin with from getting discouraged and quitting the program.

You are an amazing trainer and your exercize plan works!
You should be on TV!!

Best Regards,

Lucas Albany, NY
Hi. I recently came across your videos at I am so impressed! Your explanation and

demonstration of the exercises is awesome.Thanks for providing a valuable tool for women out here

trying to get that hourglass shape!

shae | 01.12.08 - 5:00 pm
I have been doing an awesome combination of these exercises 4 days a week plus 5-6 days cardio, for

almost two weeks and have already noticed lots of change i hope to send another comment in 4 more weeks

thanks this sight is like having a personal trainer and i don't have to go to the gym.

Bobbie | 04.17.08 - 10:42 am
I just wanted to comment on how helpful this website is! Thank you so much!!!!

schauna | 05.20.08 - 6:23 am
SWEETTTT thx man i went to the website and its helping a lot

AlbinoNinjaPoptarts a YouTube user

Great videos! Im currently doing this workout 3x a week and loving the energy and strength im gaining. Thank You

junior04 a YouTube user

Your vids and website are great, thank you so much for making it available to everyone!

151or5150 a YouTube user

You are awesome, everything you do works for me.

enigmaticfille a YouTube user

I just went to your website and I am amazed at all of the information you give away for free. I can't wait for my sister to see your site. God bless you, it's? like having a personal trainer at home. Thank you again :0)

queenofweaves916 a YouTube user

all visit his website (( in the description )) this man is really a life saver ...... just go to the website and read ........ you will be AMAZED how helpful his diet method is !!!!! especially the motivation OMG .... PLEASE VISIT !!!!

hamzehbfmv a YouTube user

whats with this guy and looking good Naked...LOL HE IS A PERV BUT HIS VIDEOS HELP ME LOSE 10IBS THOUGH.

atlkinkyboi a YouTube user

hey i was using ur diet plan for a while till i went back to school i was 210 pounds at the age of 14 but lost 30 pounds on ur weight loss program

XxS14y3RxXI a YouTube user

Gosh! I LOVE U


u rock!!

Thx 4 helping us and stuff

cutepoisonbreak a YouTube user

Hi Adrian,

I dont have a question this time... I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time that you dedicate to this site. I found your site a couple of months ago. I only wish i would have found it sooner. My start weight was 246 lbs! Height 5'6, female. My current weight is 213 lbs-33 lbs weight loss! Yay! My next goal is another 30 lbs weight loss with an ultimate goal of 123-140 lbs. I am now more sure than ever that i can finally acheive a healthy weight & body with the help of your site of course. God bless.

Eternally grateful,

Im the 5''6 180 Pound Kid. "Azen92" was my name.

this is my new one and i bin doing great on my diet. i am now

5''6 170 pounds, lost 10. Thanks dude. im losing more, :)

Mahnnellah12 a YouTube user

Hi Adrian, You've given me advice before, and using your tips I have lost 15 lbs since October 27. Thank you! (Went from 145 to 130lbs. I'm a 5'3 female, 26 yrs old)

Julia 02.02.09 - 9:09 am
i remember the first time i watched this video lol it encouraged me SOOO much to do these exercises because they were something totally different than the normal exercises that i usualy do. this video (suprisingly) helped me loose about 15 pounds after about a month!! Im really not even joking!!!! :D and all i did was this stuff about once a day!! and before i knew it i was like WTF?! how did i loose 15 pounds!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

catboy3462 a YouTube user

thank you so much for this. you are amazing and have helped me alot. i've lost 9kg or 19.8pounds in one month doing this. thank you so much i don't think i could of acheived this weight loss with you

Lolamooth a YouTube user

Yours ideas are so ingenious! These have been really helping me, thank you! :]

xxdreamunicorn a YouTube user

( You have like the best tips out there. Just by reading them I lost one pound. LOL.... But seriously, I will try this rules I see how it goes. Thank you Sir.

rosairenemedina a YouTube user

i tryed it....and it worked! i had a good stomach was gettin kinda flabby though from not exercising as much in winter. thanks, dude!

chinesewoowoo a YouTube user

Yes,Your weight loss method works 100% I did it in the summer or 2008 and got great results from your plain instantly...and I'm in the process of doing it again,but couldn't find your page or website.

I tracked you down on YouTube and now I feel relieved,cause no other site couldn't do anything for me but yours.I didn't like the other pains at all. This time I wrote all the info down,cause i know for a fact that it works,,Thanks, keep up the good work.

Weight Loser 12.01.09 - 8:22 am
nowloss . com is seriously a pretty good website for losing weight

NoTaTtHiScHoOl a YouTube user

hey inshape4u, i've been doing this workout everyday for the past 2 weeks and I find I'm getting so much more resistant to the strain and I tire less! And I can take shorter breaks now! Thank you so much for making me feel this much better about myself!

elixiress a YouTube user

Man I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you so much for what you do!! It is truly amazing. I have been using your tips and workouts for a week and I've lost 11 lbs.


So far I've had lost 15 pounds in one week! on your diet and exercise routine. I want to thank you so much for changing my life.


I happened to stumble across your site through a link from another website, and I am so glad I did! Though I have yet to try your workout recommendations, it is refreshing to find someone that is truly willing to help (be it your videos, responses to all of the posts, and honest reviews about all of the supplements mentioned on your site and the healthy alternatives to taking them). Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!!!

J.D. | 02.18.09 - 7:02 am

hi there! i've been doing your butt workouts and they're doing wonders for my derriere.

princessp | 02.19.09 - 6:03 pm

I am a 53 yr old woman and having a hard time getting back in the swing of exercising. I have been watching your videos as well as exercising along with you. They are very motivational and I think you are doing a good deed for people like me who are not ready to go the gym yet. I just would like to say thank you.

Jai Angie | 02.20.09 - 3:59 pm

hi adrian, just want to say great stuff you've got here, practical and clever (esp the kicking the box around for inner thighs work out) and love the options you give for weaker knees. thanks very much for these!

gwen | 02.18.09 - 12:15 pm

Not only you show people a nice workout, but u tell them how to mix it with things such as watching TV so they don't even feel like they are working out. This is tight man! And when I tried doing that not only I felt it in my abs, but also in my lower back.

olvanish a YouTube user

thank you so much Adrian! these work wonders! I use 5 lb dumbbells instead of the broom though :)

AllEyezOnKam a YouTube user

i just want to say thank you so much for this video. so simple and easy. with the addition of a decreased caloric diet and exercise this [DE] helps make a difference. i see and feel change. thanks so much.

misz504 a YouTube user

Whats up my name is john. I'm 17 and weigh 220 at 5'9, and i've planning to lose weight inorder to join the boxing team at my school. . I saw this video on my friends account about 3 weeks ago and i have to say it DOES WORK, as long as you do exactly what he says.

This guy KNOWS what he is talking about, I already lost 8 1/2 Ibs. after doing this workout 7 times in two weeks... really works for me, it gets tough but for those who are not physically active like me, just keep up with it
Hello, I saw your videos posted on you tube last year. I thought they looked like pretty good workouts to lose weight. I didn't try them at the time because I was breastfeeding and was concerned about what rapid weight loss would do to my milk supply.

Any way I stumbled upon your website through google search for quick weight loss. I thought what a coincidence. Your tips are wonderful. I knew you were right about doing 3-4 ten minute workouts a day to lose weight, Because I did that before to build up my stamina.

I just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing. You have great advice with results. People pay various trainers, websites, etc that don't give half the info and results that you give. I just wanted to say thanks. I am at the point now where I have enough info and I just need to do it and stick with it. Thanks.

i just wanted to thank you im down to 190 from 205 i have been boxing and on my race bike every other week and taking in about 19 to 2200 carbs a day and im sliming down to were i want to get to so thanks again

ant | 03.05.09 - 9:48 am

I'm tellin' u guys his methods does work, Yes the exercised to work, i'm a physical therapist, who has been in the military, who has lost a lot of weight doing these exercises,

You! MUST! eat right though! if u don't eat right then u might as well not even do it cuz it's not gonna work! great job inshape4u! u rock man!!All of his methods really work, i'm a witness i saved all of the videos and plus,went to the website and printed the information, i've loss 25 lbs, but do this everyday ya'll and NO!! fast food,NO! soda,and No! junk,

it works,for best results do work out in da morning a real intense one though! da on some real shit!


Thankx for da info and it has helped alot

this guy again | 03.09.09 - 8:52 pm
THANK YOU you helped me lose the first 10.i went from 194 to 180

prettyhands a YouTube user

It worked for me. I lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks (im serious). Do this 4x a week and youll lose weight. Watch what you eat, you'll get faster results. Dont eat less, just trade the soda for water or juice, etc.

bigsamforshizzle a YouTube user

thank you sooo much for your squat video to getting a bigger butt! my butt is lifting already!! thank u adrian!

AllEyezOnKam a YouTube user

(Success Story)

I did all this, the eating 4 meals with 300 or less calories, but sometimes I ate ice cream. I also exercised.
I lost weight quickly. But I would say make sure to exercise. Also, wait like 4 weeks maybe instead of 3.
Oh, and drinking t least 8 glasses of water is important too.

pianistnyc a YouTube user



JASMINE | 03.21.09 - 8:48 pm
what a great channel? you have. you make it so simple, you give people options, and you make it as efficient as possible. very user friendly. definately incorporating your routines into mine.

itsmeapeyg a YouTube user

yeah man It really works I gave it try and it really made them look bigger normally I do push-ups to work my chest but they grew my muscle but didn't firm so this exercise really is the rescue.

be9easy3 a YouTube user

ty dude i trying to get 6 pack and big muscles on my arm most other vids i watch are bullcrap lol but urs worked 4 me ty :D

bullit012 a YouTube user

Thank you for this video this is very useful for me., I thought that this was too easy to actually work lol, but I was wrong I now do this on a daily basis and it really tighten and tones my love handles also it gives me the ability to proportion my self in an up right position when I am sitting down :)

silvernni a YouTube user

Hey man, i did slide pushups twice a day for 14 days in a row and i'm already looking like daniel craig, haha wow thanks man!

Johnny | 04.05.09 - 2:33 am
Thanks for your is great!

Mark | 04.05.09 - 8:45 am
This works, I now have a 6pack doin this since December. This stuff would work as long as you don't eat loads of junks everyday....You gotta eat healthy....

EvolutionIXRR a YouTube user

I wanted to say how much I appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our exercise videos. You are direct, easy to understand and any regular person can follow your directions without complicated and expensive equipment. I do not YouTube much do to country dial up.. but when I am my sisters, I enjoy seeing what you put out there. I belong to the Y and enjoy quick effective exercises and yours tops the list of those I do.

Thank you In Shape 4 U man.

Kim F.

Columbus, Ohio

wonderfull videos, i was looking for some new exciting workouts and i have found them. i checked out nowloss and it also is brillant. i will be doing alot of these exercises as my body responds well to exercise. thanks alot i wll be using alot of the lower body ones and arms too, take care.

teedra a YouTube user

Thank you Adrian on behalf of everyone who has achieved their goals from your website! You are an absolute legend!

Chad | 04.11.09 - 10:24 pm

Man thank you i lose 10 Pounds in 1,5 week :)
Thank you so much! I got a sixpack and the girls like it =)

Fist145 a YouTube user

LADIES GO TO WWW.NOWLOSS.COM . Its free and talks about how to get a bigger butt, losing weight, tight abs, and slim waist. It is so informative and the best part is thats its free. just sit down and take your time going through the site.

If you really want something, you must be willing to work hard for it. Just give it a chance, If you are willing to pay $20-$50 on a product, why not try something for free.

And lets be honest the stuff that we are paying for(which I'm guilty of) is really common sence stuff. I bought all three- trust me: check out Adrian Bryants site (I have no affiliation or representation with anyone, I'm just like you).

Posted by at Just_Like_You

Thanks! Just have to say, you're brilliant! Thank you sooo much. You have no idea how much you've helped. Keep up the good work. Your a credit to society :) Look after yourself! Thank youuu

dtsparrowforever a YouTube user

Dancing, doing your workouts and eating healthy "everyday" I have lost 46 pounds. Sooo glad I came across your site it has really helped me:) Thanks,

Kimberly a YouTube user

hi,adrian I've been on my plan for about a week now.I weighed in at 357lbs now I'm 349lbs I've been eating protein, simple & complex carbs,and drinking only and plenty of cold water and it works better for me than trying to do all low carb.

Thank you for this web site I was about to give up untill I came across it and decided to give it one more try I'm grateful and I've learned a lot.

angela | 04.23.09 - 12:46 pm
Hey Adrian, I am 17yrs old and weigh about 158-159 and I have been using ur plans used to weight 180 and I lost about 20 Pounds!!!

WannALookGood | 04.22.09 - 6:01 pm
A general thanks
I'd just like to thank you for your videos. All of the help from your website + videos on youtube make it really easy to be motivated in order to get a better body. So once again thanks for the vids bro and keep up the good work.

kineticsoul22 a YouTube user

i already lost 5 pounds in 1 week , you ppl gotta do it right, most of the time people are doing the workout wrong. if that isn't their case than their eating wrong. because this is working for me, (im only 14 :)

christ13c a YouTube user

i lost a lot of weight by doing this it works grate but i do 15 then rest and then do another 15 and then rest and then another 15 and i do 150 jumping jacks and i lost probably 10 pounds in a week cuz i did more then you are post to do

chris1ni a YouTube user

I have just recenetly discovered your website. I have looked all over the internet and books trying to find an well informed and simple place to find diet and exercise suggestions. Your website is by far my favorite. You keep things simple and easy to understand. I seem to learn something entirely new each and everytime I come to it. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for going through the trouble of doing it. Searching your website has really made a difference in my life as well as my wifes. So, THANK YOU.

Best regards,

Rick Harris
sorry for my english... i start this exercise since 3 weeks. i do 4 times by week. i take a 5 minute break between each shot.

i went from 195 to 190 in this 3 week, but its not just the weight you will lose its the shape. iam much more ferm. my legs, my arm and my chest are more iam pretty happy whit my only 5 pound in 3 weeks

pinchomany a YouTube user

yo man i just wanna thank you i successfully lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks and have 10 more to go and im done.

RawbertDestruct a YouTube user

hey man thank you so much for your videos ive been doing you weight loss excersises and i already lost 2 pounds!


I just found your website, and want to thank you for putting together information that is clear, concise and do-able!

Who wouldn't want a personal trainer and gym? But we all can't have that. So nice to see, getting healthy and in shape is not exclusive to a set group. I can do it too!

Things I used to know but forgot - time, responsibilities.

Just simply, thank you!

Elia | 06.02.09 - 1:51 pm

You are the best body sculpting trainer I've seen on the net.

I usually feel that men should not train women beacuse they do too much core work and women loose their hip to waist ratios
but you are one of the few who REALLY get it.

Thanks so much for how much information you've shared. it is appreciated.



o honestly this rely does work if u are committed to it jus tried sumthing like this and i dropped 9lbs in 2weeks. i eat 2-3meals a day, veges first before the meal. i do drink green tea it rely does help. and i hit the gym 4-5x a week and alwaz drink cold water...

Proj3ctChick a YouTube user

Thank you so much for posting these videos! I love how you use everyday items around the house to help lose weight!!! Also, I have been doing this exercise and it works!! I can really feel the burn when I am stretching from side to side. Also, you are right about the hula hoop! It is a good cardio workout.

krimsonangel a YouTube user

This is brilliant thanks so much. Never had any other trainer explain this in such an informative way. Now I can really tell whether I am doing it right! You are fantastic- keep up the brilliant work! :-)

shrimpbucket123 a YouTube user

I don't have a question, but I wanted to write to thank you for uploading all this advice.
I joined the Jillian Michaels website to get an 'online' personal trainer, and I dropped the service after 2 weeks. Her site has written instructions on what exercises to do, and how to do them. But it's nothing like seeing a video and hearing the explanation as to how and what to do during each exercise.

Thank you all the way from Scotland!!! heidi
Hey there Mr. Adrian! :) I visited nowloss oh so many times and I loss my 10lbs thanks to your site.

fattopat a YouTube user

thanks man this really helped with my fighting skills (boxing) anyway 5 stars on all videos!!!

ghost76020 a YouTube user

You know it is really great that you to be helping others feel better about themselves. Thank you.

PeacefulSoraya a YouTube user

I am so impressed with? your website and your workouts! They are very flexible and you don't have to go through a sign-up process to do it. It is NOT confusing or fast-paced. Plus you answer everyone's questions! I am so glad I found this channel over YouTube! Thanks Adrian Bryant!

smellie94 a YouTube user

I love your website! It's working for me. I've been walking everyday for about a month, and I've lost 8 pounds so far. I'm going to try intervals soon.

I started at 167 and now I weigh 153.5...this walking program is really works

Thanks so much!

Teri | 06.25.09 - 9:37 pm
Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to say that your website is really good and helpful. You’ve done a great job and have great content.


Adrian, Just wanted to Thank You for the interval advice I have jump started my Metabolism by walking at 3 for

2 minutes then running at 7 for one minute in the beginning I could only do this for 20 minutes I have

in 2 weeks time worked up to 45 minutes! I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, I'm so excited Thank You! Also your inner thigh, shoulder, arms, love handles and butt exercises are awesome I can see and feel a difference in just 2 weeks!

Do you have complete workouts on dvd available for purchase?

Thanks Adrian You Rock!

thank you for all the advice and suggestions....i have lost weight in a healthy way and have reached my ideal weight i.e 53kg....

thank u again...

yours truely


Kaushalia 07.01.09 - 2:41 pm
I just wanted to let you know that i just started working out harder and harder and now more has come off. So far i have lost 40 lbs. and i would like to say that this website is amazing. thank you

Anonymous | 07.05.09 - 2:34 am
I never leave comments but this guy rocks. He is so smart to used around the house items. Again he is smart and very sharp. Who gives a crap about expensive work out a quipment. Im only 44 and I will never spend a dime on anthing that I all eady have right in front of me. I was doing these same exercizes when I was 8 years old.

ginabadami2008 a YouTube user

i've been searching the internet forever to find something so great and explanatory like this! and you can tell it's not just one of those scams for views. this stuff really works. you should put up a bio i'm sure people are curious how you got to be such a good trainer!

Carrie | 07.10.09 - 5:28 am

i am so happy i stumbled across this web site. you make it so simple to follow these exercises properly. i am 49 yrs old. i suffer from degernertive disk desease and extreme siatica. a recent m.r.i. indicated i have glutious tendonitis as well as bursitis in my hip. i have had surgery for bursitis in my left elbow.

4 monthes ago i decided i was tired of being overwieght (199lbs and 5'7"). i elimenated all enriched wheat from my diet and added lean protien, fruit, veggies and fiber from whole wheats and oates. i started walking.

i am now up to walking 2 miles daily. swimming 3x's weekly and i am tring to include some exersizes to tone my body. i have lost 13 lbs. and i am discuraged the wieght is coming off so slowly.

i was ready to throw in the towel but i now have new hope thanks to you. trudy | 07.09.09 - 11:09 am

How do you measure the circumfrence of your shoulders? Your handstand push-ups exercises is the one of the best exercises i've done.(Great results!)

Luis | 07.31.09 - 3:08 pm
I just wrote this to thank you! I've been using your broom exercise to harden my "love handles" and it works really really really awesome combined with my thai boxing. I can take? alot more against the sides now. That exercise feels the same the day after like 5 hits on the side under the ribs. Thanks a lot!

simpesimpe a YouTube user

Hi, just stumbled across your website and absolutely love it! Thank you!!!

B H | 08.10.09 - 5:02 am

Hey, I don't have any questions right now, but I just wanna say thank you for taking the time you do to give advice. And thanks for this helpful website. Your articles are very detailed, your videos are easy to follow and your custom diet plans are super helpful.

So yeah, thanks

Bee | 08.08.09 - 3:12 am

Hey, I don't have any questions right now, but I just wanna say thank you for taking the time you do to give advice. And thanks for this helpful website. Your articles are very detailed, your videos are easy to follow and your custom diet plans are super helpful. So yeah, thanks

Bee | 08.08.09 - 3:12 am
DUDEE your awesomee! thanks fro the awesome viedos and keep makeing themmm!

avaXvictoria a YouTube user

This is one of - if not - the best web sites I have ever been to. I am so sick of looking for information and having to pay for it or I read through a whole bunch of junk before I am asked for money. Thank you! This is how the internet should work!!

Pepita ridgeway 08.21.09 - 10:06 pm
Hi Adrian, Thank you for always being there to help me out with my fitness goals. When I started off using the info on this site and applying itto my workout I was at 141lbs, now just about in 2 months or just a lil over that I'm at 125lbs!!
not to sound cliche' but YES this does work! it kind of caught me off guard at first when my jeans stopped fitting in that area but HEY its what i wanted and i'll continue lol!! THANX

CamilVenae a YouTube user

with the help of your weight loss plan that only involves meal frequency and water i was able to lose 10 pounds within 2 weeks...

Thank you very much…your videos are easy and on point….they motivate me to go to the gym…because they are not too hard…but very effective, and don’t take too long…do you have one consolidated DVD with everything?

If not, you should make one…but keep it very simple like your youtube clips…

N. Kamau Crawford VP Finance
Heya, Just wanted to say I love your website. It is so useful. I found it through YouTube and have now added it to my favourites.

What I really like about your exercise videos is that they are different, unusual, some of them, like 'use two towels to get 6 pack abs' I have never seen before, or would have even thought would help with abs!

I also just wanted to say, even though you probably get tons of mail saying the same, thankyou for putting this information out there for free, you must be a very generous and giving person to give up all this time at your own expence. I hope you are repaid with living a charmed life, you deserve it!

With Love From Leanne xxx : )
i don't know if you remember me or not but your videos helped me lose 10pounds already, and i feel a lot better. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! i will keep watching!

BlackisHot123 a YouTube user

Adrian you should definately be a coach to the stars! Your workouts have been amazing I have lost 2 lbs in less than a week, and considering I only have 10lbs to lose and have not been starving myself that is really impressive. Also those stretches you sent me had me back on the treadmill with in a few hours. Just wanted to say thank you.

Cambria | 09.11.09 - 12:57 pm
Mostly I wanted to say thank you for creating this site. I can't believe how easy this is to do! I've already lost 5 lbs in just 5 days and my brand new jeans are feeling a little loose. My determination is now coupled with extra motivation after seeing these initial results. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Nicole | 09.10.09 - 9:34 pm
thank you so much!!i've been looking for this kind of site for ages!!

ino1990 | 09.17.09 - 11:13 pm

that is extremely nice of you to send a free DVD with free shipping. I have never met anybody who offers that. Everyone tries to sell something, and you can easily charge money for your DVD, even $5. You're an extremely nice guy and that doing what you're doing proves how much class you have. More people need to be like you, including myself. Thanks for the motivation and someone everybody can look up to.

Andrew | 09.25.09 - 5:05 am
Hi Adrian,
Reporting back in with results. I decided to lose 5lbs and because of that I lost a little in the back region. However, I have gained more muscle in the gluteal region after doing the program for 4 weeks. I have been doing 4 sets of squats(8 reps) with 2 sets of traditional deadlifts. My legs have gotten really toned also and they look great. Next week, I will not work legs - rest week. Thanks again for your help.

Sheila | 09.17.09 - 7:51 pm
I just want to say that you are the best motivation I have ever had. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us FOR FREE! I don't know what I would have done without this site. You're the best, Adrian.

May | 09.29.09 - 4:29 pm
Your video about 9 minutes to flat abs is great,? especially for pregnant women. It really helps strengthen the TA muscle to prevent a diastasis recti, which is responsible for that stubborn belly "pooch" that you get after the baby. By strengthening the TA muscle during pregnancy, it helps make for quicker recovery postpartum. Thanks!!

PhDiva06 a YouTube user

Hi Adrian!

First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU! I just found your site and fell in love! I am a complete weight loss / fitness IDIOT!! I really have very very little knowledge about what to do, how to do, when to do, etc. to lose weight and get healthier.

Most weight loss sites, books, groups, etc. tend to be very overwhelming.

I'm a 24 yr old female weighing approx. 255lbs. I know I need to do something to fix this (I am horribly unhealthy right now) and before I found your site, I really didn't know WHAT to do or HOW to start.

Although I haven't started on any of our plans yet, I want to personally thank you for being a breath of fresh air. You explain things very well on your site, have a great personality in your videos and aren't overwhelming with it.

You've given me a ray of hope and I truly thank you for that.

Tiffany | 09.24.09 - 6:05 am
This planet needs more people like you.Your kinda like Oprah but for men.Keep uploading more stuff and god bless you.

Savio-Love a YouTube user

lol yes people this works, my tummy is flatter and prettier :)?

lolakaulitz215 a YouTube user

Dear Adrian,

I have followed your videos and it's great! I have bought Paula Abdul and others but those women's workouts are real bored and not as effective and encouraging. Well, you could sell your DVD to Malaysia. I think many people in Malaysia are not obese. I am too but will not be soon.

I would like to thank you.


Priscilla Tan
Adrian, that is extremely nice of you to send a free DVD with free shipping. I have never met anybody who offers that. Everyone tries to sell something, and you can easily charge money for your DVD, even $5. You're an extremely nice guy and that doing what you're doing proves how much class you have. More people need to be like you, including myself. Thanks for the motivation and someone everybody can look up to.

Andrew | 09.25.09 - 5:05 am
Adrian. I can't thank you enough. I'm serious. Your diet tips and DVD have helped me through some very hard times. I can't thank you enough for sending your DVD, i really can't. The only thing i regret is not being able to donate to your site. But otherwise, thank you.

I've lost five pounds so far (i'm aiming for twenty) the HEALTHY way with your tips. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Deirdre | 10.03.09 - 11:02 pm
you ve made my wieght loss so much easier!i m truly grateful to you! i love this site (those incredible infos)and the way you make it so easy and painless! God bless!

catherine | 10.04.09 - 8:49 pm
I requested his free dvd And it works. I have lost weight adding this advice to my workout.

WaterLilly811 a YouTube user

hey i got ur free dvd last week, ive ben a bit busy so i wasnt able to watch it but il have u no iv ben watching almost all of ur videos and studying ur website like the bible.

im very pleased to say that ur routines are kikin my ass and i saw results in 3 frikin days. i can say truthfully that i do feel like i look better naked haha

shuturbitchmouth a YouTube user

I just found your website through you tube. You are great!! I don't know how you record your videos without laughing! I know you are seriously helping people but there is something about the way you say things, plus you are really nice to look at. I will definately be back to start working out with you.

And the advice on the website is genuine and free, you are the best...I'm so glad I found you. You make me want to just donate to your cause....

Cora Guerrier | 10.16.09 - 9:33 pm
Hi Arian,
I love your website. You are a very good personal trainer. I have been using your jumping jacks intervals workout. And I have been getting up at 6:30 to do interval running. Thank you for inspiring me and for providing all this helpful information for free !!!

I am 30 years old, 10 pounds to lose, mother of two kids under 3 years old. I just want to feel sexy again. My goal is to lose it by Christmas and tone my abdominals.
I am gonna do it !

Camille | 10.17.09 - 10:15 am
Hi Adrian,
you ROCK!!!!
I just got the 2 DVDs they are amazing.

You are a very motivational trainer! I am gonig out to grocery shop the list of weight loss food and will start eating better tonight and excercise tomorow.

Thank you

rawan | 10.16.09 - 8:55 pm
hello, this workout is working. last 3 weeks i do that exercises and i have lost very much fat and 4 kg to. so this is good after every 10 till 20 min on track

seadzeka a YouTube user

Thank you!!
Thank you sooo much Adrian!! For your videos...Ive lost a total of 50 lbs since January and havent looked better....NAKED!!


I did it Adriaaaan! Well, I did the workout anyway. I just wanted to tell you that I found your website yesterday in a fit of despair over my lack of progress and I am very encouraged now, thanks to your refreshing, back to basics approach.

I really like that the exercises are not exotic, yet they are creative, different, and challenging and I can already feel that they will deliver quick positive results. Thanks

A. Lindsay | 10.26.09 - 10:51 pm
I have been doing your power up workout for about two weeks and I received your free dvd about a week ago. Thank you I love you, I have been overweight since middle school, now in my early 30's never seen my body take on such great shape.

Thank you again. My sons also exercise with me and my seven year old keeps asking why do I want to look good naked. They love your dvd as well

Ms3403 a YouTube user

This site is brilliant. I had my doubts at first that this diet would work but im on day 4 and felt a little down hearted that it wasn't working so i got weighed. Ive lost 4lb already :D its made me more motivated now cos i know it works!! Thankyou for all your help

sophie | 11.02.09 - 8:00 am
Ive used your website for the past year and so far i lost 30 pounds...

KeriAnne | 11.07.09 - 6:32 pm
You're an absolute genius. Your website is a Godsend. God bless you and thank you for your honest care and concern for others and their wellbeing. You're great!!

Friend | 11.07.09 - 7:37 pm
Re: Thanks for the info!
I have been using your diet program for one week and I have lost 4.5 pounds so far.

001diamonddiva a YouTube user

Wow! My waist is really sore! I normally never "feel" oblique exercises. This really works my muscles!

CelineCarey a YouTube user

i dont have the BEST abs but i can do sit ups and knee tucks forever without getting tired at all, i dont know maby im doing them wrong.
but THIS actuly makes me feel my abs contract and i can feel them burn it is amazing that everything els fails for me but this works lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hawkermana a YouTube user

Es la pagina MAS COMPLETA que he encontrado en internet, estoy fascinada la imprimire completa, para aprenderlo te felicito, me eres de una gran pero gran ayuda!!!

Alejandra | 11.30.09 - 10:50 pm
i just want to say you're just like a workout angel thank u so much adrian | 12.01.09 - 11:36 am
Thanks so much for all the advice! You are awesome and I am seeing great results! God bless you

Candi | 12.04.09 - 3:12 pm
to be honest when i first saw this i thought it would be a load of crap, but when i went onto the websit there are loads of really good and creative ways to beat tummy fat! YOU RULE DUDE TY x

emys834 a YouTube user

Adrian - You are great. I've done just about everything - health clubs, marathon running, classes of all kinds and I love you videos. So practical! Told my friends and I'm planning for you to be my trainer this winter!

Suzanne | 12.11.09 - 1:45 pm

PREM | 12.12.09 - 1:58 am

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