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As a personal trainer I used to think it would take me at least 2 years to get a bigger butt and Adrian totally changed my thinking on that. He put me on his butt workout where I was seeing sexier changes in my butt. I'm so excited about my new apple behind - LOL Pamela Hermosura, Model/Personal Trainer
Adrian, I have prescribed your easy to do exercises to my patients for weight loss. I have found them very effective not only for weight loss but also for improving bone density and treatment of various diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Thank you for sharing wonderful ways to keep healthy & fit. Dr. Ritu Gosain

6 Reasons Why I Can Make You More Attractive

Because You Have a Disease

Tonya didn't let Multiple Sclerosis (MS) stop her from losing 98 pounds on Adrian's Fat Loss Plan

Because You Like Ice Cream

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Adrian's Fat Loss Plan proves Burning fat has NOTHING to do with what & when you eat. You can literally have your cake, eat it and still lose weight like they did ↓

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Because You Have a Slow Metabolism

Lisa Lost 125 Pounds on Adrian's Plan even though she had PCOS (a metabolic disease which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight)

Because You're Too OLD

62-year old Jim Lost 50 Pounds in 3 months on Adrian's Plan

Because You Drank Water

Paul Lost 75 Pounds ONLY Using Adrian's ‘Water Trick' and NO… It's not where you're just drinking more water.

Because I Get Complaints Like This,

How to Use Adrian's Fat Loss Plan to
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