Your HIIT Workout Plan or
10 Steps to Burn 48% More Belly Fat

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1. Get Your ASS Kicked

2. Go ALL OUT for 10-to-60 seconds

Go as fast as you can during the 10-to-60 second HARD/Working parts of your H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout.

Make sure the hard parts of your HIIT workout are Actually HARD!

100% of your focus should be on giving your maximum effort for 10-to-60 seconds.

3. Then Rest for 10-to-60 seconds

4. Repeat for At Least 10 Minutes

For example… In this HIT workout,

5. Do HIIT workouts 2-to-4 days a week

You'll lose weight faster doing more than 2-to-4 days but,

If you're only doing the shorter 10 minute HIIT workouts then more than 2-to-4 days a week is OK. Like Chris who did them everyday,

did HIIT Workouts everyday
I used to weigh 314 lbs. but I did your jumping jack HIT work out continuously for 7 months Chris Yuuki Naga

6. Do HIIT workouts 2 times a day for faster results (Optional)

7. Switch daily between Lower & Upper body HIIT workouts (Optional)

This gives you more time to rest & recover from any soreness between upper & lower body HIIT workouts. This means,

An Upper Body HIIT Workout
A Lower Body HIIT Workout

8A. Always try to Beat your last HIIT workout

If you gave 85% during your last HIIT workout,

8B. Once your HIT Workout Gets TOO EASY,

Here's 5 ways to beat your last HIIT workout (or make it tougher) so you're always losing weight as fast as possible.

  1. Make your easy parts (see Step 3) shorter or rest less after the hard parts (see Step 2) of your HIIT workout.
  2. Make your hard parts longer.
  3. Do your HIIT workout longer than 10-to-40 minutes if the full 40 minutes isn't already kicking your ass.
  4. Increase the intensity of your hard parts. (Run or walk faster, walk on an incline or wear a weight vest)
  5. Do a different HIIT workout. (Do Ski-Steps instead of Jumping Jacks)
Keep a journal of how fast you were going, how many calories you burned, number of reps, how many miles you did, etc. to have something to look forward to beating in your next HIIT workout.

9. Do HIIT workouts LAST

Do HIIT workouts AFTER your muscle building or toning workouts. HIIT workouts are so tough that you won't feel like doing anything else afterwards. (see Step 1)

10. Take Days Off

Unless you're only doing the shorter 10 minute HIIT workouts,

You're not going to be able to give the maximum effort required everyday to get results.

Do HIIT workouts 2-to-4 days per week and REST the other days or Do a lower intensity activity (like walking) if you still want to stay active enough keep losing weight.

Step 1 & 8 Are the Most Important

As long as your HIIT workouts Kick Your ASS in 10-to-40 minutes (Step 1) and if you're always trying to beat your last workout (Step 8A & Step 8B),

You'll have no problem losing weight even if you're not on a diet plan

HIIT Before & Afters
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5 Reasons HIIT Workouts Burn Fat Faster

1. You'll Triple Your Fat Loss

In this study … A group of women Lost 3 Times more fat doing ONLY 20 minutes of HIIT 3 days a week than a group of women doing 40-minute steady pace cardio workouts like walking at 3mph

They lost three times more weight as other women who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutesUNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher     see article

And 2 weeks after you've started tripling your fat loss with HIIT… You'll Boost your fat loss by another 36% per this study

2. HIIT Increases Fat Burning Hormones

3. HIIT Reduces Hunger

4. Lose Weight While You Sleep

5. You'll Definitely Lose More Belly Fat

hiit workout weight loss
Research on HIIT indicates its more effective at reducing abdominal body fat than other types of exercise UNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher
79 HIIT Workouts

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