Even if you've tried everything,
4 Simple Rules to Lose Weight Non-Stop

Beginner Weight Loss Plan
  1. Before Each Meal,
  2. Eat 70% of This
  3. Eat This Many Times
  4. 5K or Adrian

1. Before Each Meal,

Hey man, just wanted you to know your tips and your motivation helped me achieve this.

The biggest rule I followed was to drink as much ice cold water as possible before every meal. Still do that to this dayPaul Adams
Lost 75 Pounds

2. Eat More Weight Loss Foods

When you eat more weight loss foods,

*You eat a lot less &
Lose a lot more weight

Avoid these foods as much as possible &,
Eat weight loss foods 70% of the time.

YES, you can lose weight eating anything you want but… Bad Foods pack a lot of calories in smaller amounts of food + they cause uncontrollable cravings. This makes it more difficult to lose weight and much easier to gain weight.

3. Eat Whenever You're Hungry

Make Eating MORE Boring

Eating the same meals over & over will make eating less enjoyable which will also make you eat less & lose more weight.

4. 5K or Adrian

Exercise isn't required but It's necessary for faster results (like losing 5 pounds per week)

To Get Fast Results,

Beginner Low Impact Workout

Lose 15 Lbs. in 15 Days Challenge

To Lose Weight Non-Stop,

  1. Eat 1 Raw Veggie or Fruit + 8oz. of Water before each meal.
  2. Eat More Weight Loss Foods than Bad Foods in every meal (after step 1)
  3. Eat whenever you get hungry.
  4. Optional: Do Adrian Bryant's Workouts for faster results.

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