How to Make Your Butt Bigger

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workouts to get a bigger butt

To Get a Bigger Butt Every 2-to-4 Weeks,

Make your butt stronger Everytime you workout

A Stronger Butt = A Bigger Butt

To make your butt stronger everytime you workout,

You won't always be able to use heavier weight, do more reps &/or sets. As you get stronger… It becomes tougher to get stronger everytime you workout. If you hit a plateau → Use these fast muscle building tricks to keep getting stronger.

Equipment Needed
Gym Workout

1. Weighted Hip Thrust
2. Weighted Butt Bridge

Push thru your heels and squeeze your butt at the end of each rep for hip thrust or butt bridges.

3. Kneeling Squat

Squats or leg presses should only be done if you want thicker thighs and a bigger butt.

5. Bulgarian Squats
6. Leg Press

Advanced Tip → Pre-exhaust your butt muscles with lighter weight / high-rep isolation exercises like donkey kicks, cable kickbacks or reverse hyperextensions before doing this Gym Workout

No Equipment Needed
Home Workout

Reverse Hyperextensions

Butt Workout A

Butt Workout B

Bigger Butt Diet

To Eat for a Bigger Butt,

Get enough protein in your diet everyday. This helps your butt muscles rest, recover, grow and get stronger between your butt workouts

To See how much protein you need for a bigger butt,

Type in how much you weigh here →

Eat at least -to- grams of protein per day for a bigger butt.

There is NO 'BEST' type of protein. Eat high protein foods and/or protein supplements to get enough protein.

To Lose Weight & Get a Bigger Butt at the same time,

You also need to Do 1 of these fat loss plans ↓

You still need to get enough protein (regardless of what any weight loss diet tells you) and do your workouts to get a bigger butt at the same time.

It Works!
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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my butt to get bigger?

Expect your butt to get bigger every 2-to-4 weeks or every 2-to-8 workouts.

You may be more than satisfied with your new butt after 4-to-8 weeks but after 4-to-12 weeks,

  • It becomes tougher to continually make your butt bigger because as your butt gets stronger with your workouts,
  • Its tougher to continually break down your already stronger butt muscles so at that point,
  • It's going to take more workouts of you gradually using heavier weights, more reps and/or more sets before you even see a slight difference.
This video shows how your (butt) muscles get bigger
See how fast you can build muscle
Why isn't my butt getting bigger?

Because you're not getting stronger

How much weight should I use / start with?

It doesn't matter what weight you start with. What matters more is you try to use heavier weights every set.

For the Gym Workout… Use weights heavy enough to keep you in the 6-to-20 rep range.

Why can't I do butt workouts everyday?
rest butt muscles

Because the protein you eat daily needs enough time to repair & rebuild your butt muscles into bigger and stronger ones. Working your butt muscles everyday leads to slower or NO results at all → Why you need to rest at least 72 hours

How do I shape or round out my butt?

If your butt isn't looking curvier or rounder as its getting bigger… See how to lose weight or lose the fat around your butt to make your curves more visible.

Can I do more than ONE butt exercise for the Gym Workout?


Getting a bigger butt IS NOT about how many exercises you do. A bigger butt is a stronger butt. You only need ONE EXERCISE to get stronger → How to get stronger

If you feel you need to do more than 1 exercise… You're probably not using enough intensity (enough weight, reps and/or sets) for a high-quality workout with ONE exercise.

Can I do cardio or HIIT workouts while on this plan

Yes, but don't overdo it. Your butt muscles need time to rest, recover and grow between workouts.

What foods make your butt bigger?
  • There are no magical foods or shakes that'll make your butt bigger.
  • The bigger butt magic comes from getting enough protein in your diet.
Does maca work?
Not for getting a bigger butt or much of anything else according to WebMD

The only thing you can take or eat is more protein in your diet AFTER you've broken down your butt muscles by working out. Protein supplies the materials to make your butt bigger and stronger.

After I get a bigger butt how do I maintain it?
Workout ONCE every 2-to-8 weeks with the same amount of weight, reps and sets to maintain your butt.
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