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There are 10 comments

Will this workout help me to build muscle, like alot of it? I want to be a bit on a bulky side along with being ripped, will this help me to do that? If not, how can I be a bit bulky + ripped? What more workout I have to add along with sledgehammer to build muscle.

Looking for reply,
Thanks alot.

November 24, 2013

Adrian Bryant

no, not a lot of muscle but enough to get ripped. get mass here

November 24, 2013


But this workout will help me build lean muscle all over my body right?

What if i pair it along with your One excercise to build muscle all over and couple of sets of push-ups and dibs?

"This" is the kind of physique i want at the end. I'm working towards it and now with your help, I'm sure of achiveing it.

Thanks alot for your reply adrian!

November 24, 2013

Adrian Bryant

yes and you can pair with other exercises as well but simply follow this to get the body you want

November 25, 2013


Thanks alot man!

Really appreciate you helping us guys out here.

November 26, 2013

ManHammer Co

Lift with your SledgeHammer. Stretch with your sledgehammer. Change the weight..

May 27, 2013


Approx. how many calories are burned doing a 10 minute sledge hammer workout in the morning? By the way love this workout hubby and I have been doing it now for two day and it really works!

January 16, 2013

Adrian Bryant

I wish I knew but ll I can tell you is that it's a lot (NO DUH!!) but the thing is...

the harder a workout is = the less you need to worry about how many calories you are burning

January 16, 2013


Adrian! I have found that moving from the 8lb to 12lb sledgehammer makes a HUGE difference! Awesome workout!

March 24, 2012


Did this one and the 5 min workout twice this morning! GREAT workouts! Thanks!

January 25, 2012 en Espanol
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