To Get Rid of Flabby Arms Fast…

Do a workout that burns fat all over your body (including arm flab) while toning and shaping up your arms at the same time and you won't have to be scared of having flabby arms during or after you lose weight! so…

Do 1 of the 5 workouts below &…

Do them for 20-to-40 minutes 3-to-4 days per week 1-to-2 times per day along with this fat loss diet OR use this diet if you are unable to count calories.

1. Bedsheet Workout

2. Arm Bike Workout

3. Sledgehammer Workout

4. Battle Rope Workout

5. Home Fat Loss Workout

If you prefer a workout you can do with or without weights to tone your flabby arms as opposed to ONE of the 5 workouts above then…

To tone up flabby arms with or without weights…

  1. Do 2-to-6 sets of 8-to-15 reps of ONE of the exercises from Group A and then…
  2. Do 2-to-6 sets of 8-to-15 reps of ONE of the exercises from Group B

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Do this flabby arm workout 1-to-3 times a week &…

The truth about getting rid of flabby arms is…

The workout plan (with or without weights) on this page will indeed help your arms get firmer & look sexier but the bad news is it will do very little to help you actually get rid of the flab or fat on your arms &…

To Truly Get Rid of Flabby Arms…

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Hi Adrian,
I am working out everyday, but i stopped for about 4 days because i was busy. then when i came back to working out, my body became sag (stomach, legs, arm) and some of my muscles disappear. what should i do?

March 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

simply going back to whatever you was doing before will remedy your situation

March 12, 2015


Hey I did lots of arm excercices last year but my arms never ever seem to get any thinner and that's all I want! I'm kinda okay with the rest of my body also my parents don't allow me to lose any more weight (they even want me to gain) but my arms are so fat, like they are not even in proportion with the rest of my body. Is surgery the only solution ? I'm only 20 years old.
my height is 5'8 and my weight is 110lbs

October 31, 2014


I have been doing this workout. Before this workout my arms measured 10.8 inches and now my arms are 11.5 inches. I want to lose inches of my arms

September 17, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is your current weight and height and are you doing the fat loss workouts as well?

September 19, 2014


I m 135 pounds 5 feet 6 inches. Yes I m doin fat loss workouts

September 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant

okay, the arm exercises are for toning only. you can lay off the arm exercises and focus more on diet and exercise to truly get smaller arms

September 28, 2014


I want to get leaner and toned arms. However I hav e been doin biceps,triceps,chest flys, side lateral raise, shoulder press, chest press, front raise using 7 .5 LB dumbells. I feel a bit tight/toned but my arms are gettin wider. However I want lean tall skinny arms. Wat should I do? I hope any excersises r not makin me widers like front or lateral raise.
Don't I lower weights?

July 29, 2014

Adrian Bryant

what is yoru weight and height now?

July 30, 2014


My height is 5 feet 5 1/2 inches nd my weight is 130 pounds.

July 31, 2014


My height is 5"6 nd weight is 133 pounds

July 31, 2014

Adrian Bryant

stick with the workout on this page esp. the ones that both firm your arms and help to burn off arm flab at the same time

August 02, 2014


I want arms like Jessica alba . They are very lean skinny

August 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

then do the fat loss + arm workout on this page

August 05, 2014


Adrian getting rid of flabby arms is not an easy task unless you are eating right. So proper exercise you suggest and eating right will do it eventually, but in the meantime I suggest to my readers to use amazing arms apparel -

January 15, 2014



I don't want to loose weight..i am top heavy with skinny legs..I would love to get bigger legs and butt to match my top half of my body...not forget I have a tummy and flabby arms please help me on my way


November 09, 2013

Adrian Bryant

go here

November 09, 2013

may powis

I want bigger legs and butt,as I have none.. tummy is big and arms are flabby please help. I just want to ask you will 1 workout from each group reach me to me goal

November 09, 2013


Hi...what is your opinion about push ups for making arms less bulky? I have a lot of muscle plus fat so they are huge.

November 05, 2013

Adrian Bryant

push-ups wont make them less bulky. only losing fat in that area will do that

November 05, 2013

Alex Flabby Arms

Hey, I am 27 years old and have flabby fat under my arms. I was reading up on interval training and think Shawn T's insanity might do the trick. I found an example of their workout calendar here,

and it looks pretty intense. Do you think its worth a shot? thanks!

October 12, 2013

Adrian Bryant

anything that is intense like that will help get rid of fat all over leading to a loss of flabby arms

October 12, 2013


Hi i wanted to lean out my upper arms and loose inches of my arms. My arms are presently at 11 inches but i wana get them to 9 inches. I m 5'6.5 nd weigh 125 pounds. In order to get the arms i desire do i need to lose weight ?or pls suggest how can i loose inches of my arms nd lean them as i do hav arm flab under my triceps

September 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

if your arms are flabby then a combination of doing the plan on this page along with Using any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here
will do the trick

September 06, 2013


Hi Adrian

Im on a healthy eating diet, walking the treadmill for 30-40 minutes daily. I have heavy fat arms which i wish to tone (i do not want to get bulky).

I used to carry 5 pounds dumbbells earlier and with a diet i did tend to lose the flab slightly (lack of consistency).

Could you please advice a way of converting the fatty arms to toned arms? I work out at home than at the gym. How much weight dumbbells should I be working out with and what exercises will help me?

Many thanks

Best wishes

August 27, 2013

Adrian Bryant

what is your current weight and height?

August 28, 2013

Hello Adrian, i am 52 yrs old and i have degenerative disk disease at L3-L4 down to L5-S1. I need to lose 30lbs to achieve my ideal weight. I have flubby arms, fats at the bra line, and flubby belly. Can you help me which exercise routine can best address my situation, appreciate your help. thank you

July 03, 2013


is it effective? have you tried it?

March 06, 2013


hey Adrian,
im a 16 yr old girl and have totally stick-like arms with no dimension.i m 5'3" and weigh around 45 kgs.suggest a workout for michelle-obamasque arms!!

March 06, 2013

Adrian Bryant

the workout on this page will give you michelle obama arms!

March 06, 2013


Hi Adrian,
Thank you for all your hard work in providing such a wonderfully informative site.
Isn't for your DVD but it arrived broken in half. I wanted to find the Angela Bassett arm work out but can't seem to locate it now. All I remember are super sets and those tricep dips(painful but helpful) could you please email the arm workout...4 weeks to see results I believe.
Thank you so much.
Uze Brown

October 15, 2012

Adrian Bryant

the workout on this page is basically the same thing as the old angela bassett workout

October 16, 2012


Sorry, I don't mean any harm but I don't believe it's genetically possible for Coco or Kim Kardashian to have the derrieres they have without the benefit of butt injections or plastic surgery. I just don't buy it. However, I think your workouts are designed very well and are helping me get in excellent shape. I do think some women can enhance the roundness of their butts and even add inches but they are Never going to have an "out there" butt like me or Pam Grier-70s style, or Beyonce. Genetics. European women are not typically born with thick hips, butts or thighs. Coco is fake and airbrushed and photo shopped. Ethnic women have had big butts since the beginning of time, long before these other women thought it was fashionable to want a big butt. It's just genetics, not attacking anyone or putting any person down. Again, I do think some women can enhance their butts but only to a degree. There was one woman on here who mentioned she wants a butt "like Coco". Perhaps she should do what Coco did and just get butt implants or injections. These small-boned, flat-derriere'd women need to understand that doing all the squats and lunges in the WORLD will NOT give them the curves of a black woman that they obviously deeply desire. Wow! Didn't realize how much we are envied.

October 05, 2012


Wrong, wrong, wrong, and to try to inject race into it seems a bit..well..racist. Kim Kardashian is Greek...southern european women ARE known for their curves and if you look at pictures of kim kardashian as a teenager, well before any cosmetic surgery, you'll see she had the general shape as today....big hips, butt and huge boobs. Sorry, but you're flattering yourself to think that a person's shape is always going to be the same within any given race....we are all different and all come out differently.

July 29, 2013


Kim k is armenian

October 28, 2013


I need some help with my arms. Okay so before i started working out i was in 120 pounds. So now im on 130 pretty sure i build up a muscle all around my body. Now i dont like how my arms feels and looks tons bigger. I could feel i have a lot of muscles on it but i think the fats making it look ugly. How can i get rid of this? Thank u!

September 23, 2012

Adrian Bryant

if you think you have gained fat then go here to get back to 120

September 24, 2012

Whats up?

Hey there so i have arms exactly like that woman on this page. Which isn't really what I want. Is there anything you can offer for workouts that require no machines and little equipment? I love those sleek toned arms that all my friends have. I am 5'0 110 pounds and I am pretty healthy and rarely drink soda etc etc. Any advice? I am a twenty one year old female just wanting to tone down arms:)

September 20, 2012


Hi I'm 18 years old, 5'5 in height and 157 lbs. When you see me generally, my body is proportionate to my height, but my thighs are so big as well as my arms. I tried not eating lunch and eating less at dinner, but it was unconsistent and I stopped doing it eventually. I really REALLY want to lose those pounds and i want to tone my arms and legs, as well as my abdomen. I just want to like shed those like 20 to 25 pounds. What should I do Adrian?

September 16, 2012

Adrian Bryant

tone your arms with the plan on this page and Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to lose 20 pounds

September 16, 2012


hi i have a question i want to lose weight in my arms but the thing is my left arm is more slim and less flabby and my right arm carries way more fat in the tricep area and is more flabbier should i just focous on working my right arm only to tone it down to the size of my left arm?

September 14, 2012

Adrian Bryant

not exactly. the plan on this page will only firm up your arms. Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to lose flab on both of your arms and everywhere else

September 15, 2012


hey Adrian,
i need to loose last 10 kgs .
i am 5'3 ,143 pounds.
my fat is basically in thighs and calves.i will anything to reduce it.PLEASE suggest some calf and thigh toning excercises to reduce them..
thanks a lot for the wonderful site !!

September 02, 2012


if we lift light weight tricep will grow ??

August 18, 2012

Adrian Bryant

will your arms get huge like a man's? no, they will not

August 18, 2012


Hi Adrian, I'm 157lbs and 5'7. I've lost a couple of pounds recently and trying to gain it back with muscles. I want to start going to the gym with a routine. Doing 20 minutes on the tread mill and 45 minutes doing butt workout and 45 doing abs workout. The next day would be 20 minutes warmup, then doing 45 legs, the 45 arms. The day after that would be 20 warmup, then 45 back then 45 chest. If I work out an hour per day would I achieved the same results instead of 2 hours? Is this a good work out system?

August 13, 2012

Adrian Bryant

what are you doing for those 45 minutes with the abs, butt etc?

August 13, 2012


im 14 yrs old. and im very small. and i dont want to be fat. but here i am now. i have big legs and arms. how to get them slimmer. i want it because im small and if i turn into a fat girl, i look like a ball already. thank you ..

August 11, 2012

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight?

August 12, 2012


im medical students...have no time to exercise...gain 10kg weight ...wanna reduce d same im 63kg.height is 5'2" im kind of chubby Indian girl.....wanna look thin...plz help me by diet only..hv no time to 24 yrs old

August 09, 2012

Adrian bryant

use this plan to get thinner on a busy schedule

August 09, 2012

what city are you in? do you work out of a location?

July 27, 2012


Hello Adrian,

I do the the hip thrust to get my butt bigger except it looks like my butt is getting smaller. Is there something I am doing wrong?

July 26, 2012

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height

July 27, 2012


I am 45yrs old, my weight is 180lbs and I am 5'1" tall. My husband is telling me to stop doing the excercise becaue I am not filling up the back of my pants anymore, I can see buckles of fabric when I look in the mirror myself. Thank you for replying so quickly.

July 28, 2012

Thelma Hunter

I didn't have that much butt to start with. Will it take a year or more for my butt to loose the fat, gain mussle to start getting bigger?

July 31, 2012

Adrian Bryant

are you currently doing any kin of diet or exercises (not including hip thrust) to lose weight?

when you do you butt exercises are you using weights?

July 31, 2012


I walk 8-10 miles at least 4 days a week. No I am not on a specific diet as such, I just watch what I eat, I try to make healthy choices and don't eat more than 2,000 calories a day.

July 31, 2012


Yes, I use weights; 20lbs plus the bar is 35lbs.

July 31, 2012

Adrian Bryant

Let me ask you this...

when you say your butt has gotten smaller - would you say its a dramatic difference or very slight?

From what you told me I would assume it's slight an if so I really feel that if you stick with the butt exercises you will make it much bigger BUT...

CONTINUE to get stronger each time you workout by using more weight, more reps (no more than 12 per set) and/or more sets (no more than 6) = a bigger butt

August 01, 2012


The difference is dramatic, I use to sit on cushion now all I feel is bone when I sit.

August 01, 2012

Adrian Bryant

with your 2000 calorie diet. do you know how much of that is protein?

try making protein at least 30% or 600 calories or 150 grams per day and also...

make sure you keep a training log for your butt workouts. go here to figure protein, etc.

Hang in there - we'll get you the butt you want!

August 01, 2012


Thank you, I will try that.

August 02, 2012

hi, i'm a 54 years old female . i have a bad back. how can i get a good exercise routine for my arms , tummy & butt that wont hurt my back?

July 20, 2012

Adrian Bryant

the routine on this page will not harm your back but as for your butt and tummy...

you need to go here to see what exercises you can do safely

July 22, 2012


Hi Adrian,

I'm 5'1 currently 216 and I started at 225 one month ago ,I see the weight loss difference everywhere except my arms,which has always been a larger part of my body. What workouts or diet should I do?


July 16, 2012

Adrian Bryant

just keep doing what you are doing to lose weight because as you lose weight you will lose weight all over in different places at different times

July 16, 2012


Hi. I am a 56 year old female. I'm 5'2" and 125 lbs. I have very loose flabby underarms. No matter how much cardio and target exercises I do, I cannot get my underarms to tighten up. I'm I past the age that I can change this area? Is this problem genetic (my mom also had saggy underarms)? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

July 02, 2012

Adrian Bryant

are you sure it's loose skin or fat? read this

July 03, 2012


hi!i'm 17 years old. I weight 115 and i'm 5'5, but i want to get a flat stomach and shape my arms because i feel they are a little big for my body, what should i do?

July 01, 2012


m 20years old..n ma weight is arms,shoulders,abs n back r d worst portions of ma body..m nt fully satisfied with ma legs either bt compartively dey r btr..plz help me out 2 luk lyk a 20 year old wid confidence so devine.. :(

June 21, 2012


Hi, my names caroline, im 16 and weight 192. Although i dont look like it at all since im a medium size. But im not sure whats causing my to weight more than i should even though im not fat at all ? Also im trying out some weightloss product called herbalife but i want to know if its a good starting program amd while i exercise would i be able to lose the flappy fat in my body ?

June 15, 2012


I am 70, in good health and have a free gym I can attend. I have entered several programs and done well. I want something I can do at home to lose about 15 lbs and get rid of flabby arms. Working on a new way of eating and it is working. What would be the weight of hand weights for me to use, 5'3", 160 lbs.? Thank you

June 07, 2012


Hi i am a 54 year old female with arthritis, and back problems but i want to lose weight i want to be able to play with my grandkids which i ended up adopting because the biological losers they came from gave up on them, i weight 240 lbs and i am 5'5 it is extremely hard for me to play with this kids i have bad knees and bad feet for which i have had several surgeries i have been walking on a treadmill but the weight is not easy to come off can you please help me?? I know that i will probably be a challenge for you because i am not 20 0r 30 and i have all this issues but i need someone that can help me. Thank you

June 04, 2012


Hello. Female 22, 5''4 I weigh 240. I was 270 I dropped 30 lbs with diet alone. My doctor recommends I weigh 160 to 170. Which is about 80 lbs. A personal trainer told me to just run to lose the weight faster. Do you agree, do you have a exercise plan that can go along with that? I appreciate any help.

June 04, 2012

Adrian bryant

yes i agree with your trainer but any of the diet & workout plans here

June 04, 2012


Hey Adrian! I read some of your articles on losing weight and they are very interesting. So many beneficial information is provided.

Well I'm 17 years old and I weight 203lbs, I use to weight 221 back in April, but I really want to weight at least 170. I have a problem that every time I eat I feel huge & let's say I eat a small cookie I already start panicking. I dont eat a lot because I'm paranoid that I do not want to gain pounds i just want to lose them. I workout every day, but I think i need more help with my diet. What should I do? What weight loss plan can I use to lose weight & how can I fight my cravings? Please help.

June 01, 2012


Hi Adrian,

I'm 19, 5'3" and 121lbs. I'm considering losing 5-10lbs, but I want to know if my arms seem too big for my frame. My measurements are 32DD-24.5-38 and my arms are about 10"-11" around the biggest part. They seem alright from some positions, but when I lift them to the side, I see them as flabby and I get that unsightly "bat wings" look. Do you think I would need to lose a lot of weight in order to get rid of that or would lifting weights help? I was only considering losing a small amount of weight, like mentioned, because I just want to look a little more toned and maintain my curvy figure, but I'm not sure what my best option is. What do you think/recommend?

Thank you.

May 30, 2012

Adrian bryant

losing a little weight along with using the plan on this page will firm up your arms

May 31, 2012


is any easier way to help me lose my flabby arm fat... than those exercise??

May 18, 2012

Adrian Bryant

if you do not have free time then do this home fat loss plan here to get rid of flab from all over your body

May 20, 2012


Im 20 and 220lbs ....I desperately want to loose weight get a lean toned physique...i dont want to get bulky. just want to look normal and lean . please advise a weekly workout and diet plan.

May 17, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go here

May 18, 2012

I weight 155pds and Im 5'4. I have noticed through weight loss my hips and breast have decreased in size.I went from a D to a C cup.I do alot of squats so it seems like my butt is actually growing.I have an hourglass shape how do I work out and keep my natural shape?? I also would like to know how to tone my whole body?? I have 15-20 more pds to go...

May 13, 2012


I've been doing for my upper body, 2 exercises to my triceps twice a week, 1 exercise for shoulders once a week, 1 exercise for the top of my back (posture) once a week and push ups twice a week, this last two i started doing because it's two of the exercise you say it's to make the breast look bigger. However, after more than two months doing, specially these 2 exercises i think, i nottest that i'm wider..but only my rib cage. And i maybe wrong but i think it's because of these 2 exercises right?
Maybe for many women it's a good thing, but not for me, because i'm already wider for a female, i just wanted my breasts to appear bigger, but that didn't happened, they actually look smaller, which makes sense.
So now i'm going stop doing push up's or any kind of exercises for my breasts and back, because i don't think they will improve my figure..right?
But doing 2 exercises for triceps you think it's too much? And 1 shoulder exercise once a week, just to maintain good posture, since it can you make you wider too,do you think it's ok?
I'm also doing for triceps and shoulders 20rep, but i saw that you only recommend a max of 15 rep, do you think 20 it's too much? I only do that much because i want to slim them, they are very thick, i know that i have to loose a little bit of fat to achieve that, but my arms are always like these, skinny or obese lol. What do you think about that?

I just have another question, for example when we want to increase muscle mass (like legs and butt) we try to increase weights, rep or sets in every workout, and when we want just to firm up (like the arms) and even try to slim them a little bit, do we also have to increase weights, rep or sets in every workout? Or we just maintain the same weight, rep or sets? Because i don't bulky arms, not at all..and in that case we would reach a point where we had lift lots of weights, which for a girl that doesn't want bulky arms doesn't makes sense at all!

Thank you

May 12, 2012

Adrian Bryant

2 exercises for triceps is okay. 20 reps is too much and weights will not slim your arms or anything down. weights will firm you up and cardio + diet will slim you down..

to gain mass = you getting stronger by using heavier weights and/or more reps but to maintain size then you'll genrally use lighter weights and higher reps (no more than 12) to not get stronger.

The back exercises and shoulder exercises only make you appear wider by making your waist seem smaller but if you do not want that then you need to stop doing those exercises

May 13, 2012

Dzoi Chi

Hi! I'm 17 and I weigh 130lbs. I want to loss 10lbs. in 3 weeks. What should I do? Please help me. Thanks! xx

May 10, 2012


Hi I'm 47 years old 5'3 and 188 lbs. How can I lose around40 lbs and not have sagging skin. I would like to look better than i do now in about 6-7 weeks. I have a reunion to meet lost sibblings ( 10 bros and sis's) i've never met and want to feel confiident and look good. What is your advice? I know I can't lose that much weight in that amount of time, but would like to shoot for the most I can lose. thanks .. D

May 08, 2012


my problem is, that i am not over waight but still i have chubby arms and i have always been unhappy with them but no matter what i do i just cant seem to loose the fat on my arms.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

May 07, 2012 en Espanol
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