Men: To last longer in bed…

Start Doing PC exercises
Your PC or pubococcygeus muscles which you can basically call your "sex muscle" is located between your anus (your asshole) and your scrotum (your ball sack). See picture for exact location of PC muscle

Stronger PC muscles help you have more intense orgasms and…

3 Better Sex PC workouts to help you last longer in bed…

PC workout #1:
  1. Just try to flex your PC muscles at least 100 times or more everyday. You can flex your PC muscles during TV commercials, while you're talking on the phone, at stop signs or red lights, or while taking a shower and…
  2. It doesn't matter where & when you do your PC exercises and nobody will ever know you're doing them and to make sure you're getting a good PC muscle workout…
  3. DON'T tighten up your abs too much and it's okay to flex your abs some but flexing your abs too much will take away from your PC sex muscle workout.
PC workout #2:
  1. First thing in the morning and before you go to bed - Flex your PC muscles 10 times in a row at a moderate pace, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat 9 more times and then…
  2. Flex and hold your PC muscles for 5 seconds, rest for 5 seconds and repeat 9 more times and then…
  3. During the day just try to Flex your PC muscles as many times as you can.
Advanced PC muscle workout #3:
  1. First thing in the morning and before you go to bed - Flex your PC muscles as many times as you can in 2 minutes, rest for 20-30 seconds and then…
  2. Flex and hold your PC muscles for 2 minutes (120 seconds) and…
  3. You probably won't be able to hold it for 2 minutes but try to flex and hold your PC muscle for as long as you can and after you've finished holding PC muscles rest for 1 minute and then repeat 4 more times.

Any of these 3 PC sex muscle workouts should be done daily or at least 4 times a week and…

Try to convince your female sex partner to do PC exercises because Women can have better sex and more pleasurable orgasms from doing these exercises as well.

How to tell if your PC sex muscles are getting stronger:
Try to make your erect or semi-erect penis move by flexing your PC muscles and…

The more you can make your penis jump around = the stronger your PC muscle is and… Some guys PC muscles are so strong they can place a towel over their erected penis and still move their erected penis up and down with a towel still on it!

Sex tip: Flexing your PC muscles during sex can help your female partner have orgasms during sex and…

If you really spend a good amount of time doing PC exercises you can expect to start having better sex within 3-to-5 weeks.

Exercise can help you last longer in bed & Have better sex so…

Do 20-to-30 minutes of moderate-to-high intensity exercise 3 times a week to help increase blood flow to the penis naturally without Viagra and…

You should do moderate-to-high intensity activities like fat loss intervals or completive sports is because… These types of activities will give you more endurance to last longer in bed during sex.

Dr. James White, author of The Best Sex of Your Life, did a study that showed that… Men who exercised reported having 30 percent more sex and 26 percent more orgasms and… They had more sexual satisfaction than men who didn't exercise and…

12 More better sex tips for men to last longer in bed

1. Lose Belly Fat

See how to lose belly fat so you can thrust your penis deeper into your partner during sex and When you lose belly fat…

Your penis will look bigger giving you more sexual confidence so for every 10 pounds you lose your penis will look an inch bigger.

2. Have more erections

Keep having erections so you'll keep having more and to also keep your erections more harder each time you have one because if you don't…

You'll truly lose it if you don't use it because…

The less erections you have over time your erections will become much more softer leading to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or even impotence

3. Increase your testosterone

Go here to see 13 ways to increase your testosterone.

4. Get a stronger upper body & stronger abs

Get a stronger upper body and stronger abs so you can improve your thrusting and so your support muscles don't tire during sex.

5. Avoid Alcohol & stop smoking

Alcohol famously reduces your sexual sensitivity and makes it more difficult to maintain a long lasting erection &…

Cigarettes encourage poor circulation, and without good circulation you are likely to often be unable to maintain (or even attain) an erection when you want to have sex.

6. Take it easy:

As much as you may strongly desire your partner, it is a bad idea to use up all of your energy within your first few minutes in bed together and once you are feeling physically exhausted…

You are very likely to lose your erection and be unable to continue having sex. Pace yourself, and don't forget how satisfying it can be to make love slowly and deeply.

7. Reduce your sensitivity:

If you are more likely to finish sex undesirably quickly than you are to have a deflated erection, try to reduce the amount of genital stimulation during intercourse.

Some men find that wearing a condom helps to increase their sexual stamina, but sometimes simply moving your mind to something other than sex can help but…

Don't focus on thinking about other things for too long, or you will naturally start to lose your erection and sex will be finished regardless.

8. Focus on sexual positions that improve blood flow:

If you are the partner on top, it is easier for blood to flow to your penis. This provides you with stronger erections that last for a longer length of time.

For the same reason, sexual positions that involve your partner being on top of you can drain blood away from your penis and make it harder to maintain an erection. If you are having problems with sexual stamina, focus on missionary or rear entry positions for a while and notice the difference this can make.

9. Calm down:

Sexual stamina can be easily influenced by nervousness or anxiety, and men often feel stage fright associated with new partners or their own body image issues.

If you think this is a problem for you, try to learn how to relax before sex, or talk about your nerves with your partner because…

She probably has nerves of her own, and she might be able to relieve some of yours when you share them.

10. Masturbate less often:

Masturbation uses up some of the energy and blood flow that you need to have good sexual stamina, so avoid it if you know that you are going to be having sex sometime within the next few hours &…

Some people become so used to the way it feels to stimulate themselves that their body doesn't respond as well to sexual stimulation from their partner (thereby making it more difficult to maintain an erection) but…

If you think this latter issue is impacting your sexual stamina, try masturbating in new and varied ways to 'teach' your body how to respond to different levels and kinds of stimulation.

11. Try a penis ring:

For very little money, you can purchase a small rubber ring that can be worn at the base of the penis during sex. It helps to trap the increased volume of blood in your genital area, helping you to maintain a firmer erection for a longer time.

12. Examine your medications:

Unfortunately, many drug treatments can influence sexual stamina in undesirable ways. Certain anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are particularly bad for this.

If you think your medication might be interfering with your sex life, talk to your doctor about whether you might be able to try a new drug (but never stop taking your current drug without your doctor's approval).

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There are 27 comments

if any one have more experience, please contact me through this email address, i will be very thankful to you.

June 10, 2015


i want to large my pennis size wihout any side effect atleast 9.5 inches pls help me out. and i am not understand properly pc muscle workout can you send me the images of pc muscle workout

December 31, 2014


I don't know how to flex it exactly,do yu have the images please,i think am nt getting it,am for nigeria.thanks

June 02, 2014


my penis too shot too small please help me what can i do it

February 17, 2014


I tried these exercises before seemed like it made my penis get smaller. Isn't that what you're basically doing by squeezing that muscle? Also when I'm erect I have no trouble moving my penis up and down with a towel on it, but I still have problems with PE. Will doing the exercises help if I have PE but can already move the towel?
It feels like something inside my penis is weak as even delay creams don't work. Only thing that has worked well so far was after bringing the problem to a doctor he gave me antidepressants.

March 04, 2014


hello john,
My name is Taranpreet Singh. I am 20 years old. I lived in punjab.(Indian). My penis are very short. I am very so sad. You can give me any one,two reason.
Give me any video to penis is bigger. PLEASE JOHN.

December 16, 2014


There are lots of good tips and products out there on the subject of increasing penis size but they only work to a certain extent. penis size is genetic, therefore you are stuck with the penis that you have. losing weight will make a difference in the percieved size, and taking supplements such as l-arginine can improve blood flow which will result in a fuller erection. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you must understand that you are as God made you and that's okay. Penis size is not as important as some people think and although some girls find place great emphasis on it is not usually very important. Because it is such a source for male insecurity there are many websites books and products dedicated to increasing penis size but they only work a little bit, however these products sell in large volume because male consumers seek them out because they feel insecure or ashamed.

September 17, 2015


how to do kegel exercise?

February 12, 2014


How do I get in touch with you, I do have premature ejaculation, and I think I really need to understand the exercises you teach coz I wish I could start it as soon as possible. A DVD can be of help and getting in touch directly with you will be my joy

November 13, 2013


I have many girls but I've not bin able to satisfy any of them...pls I need help.

September 25, 2013


i have a problem serious of the premature ejaculation! i could not stand for 5min. could you help me?

January 22, 2013


how long do i have to do the first PC exercise to make sure im 100% not gonna have premature ejaculation??

January 03, 2013


I've been doing this for about 2 months and haven't ejaculated prematurely for about a month.

January 23, 2013


please send me imges

September 10, 2012


How can i increase hardness (100%) of penis while have sex?

August 13, 2012

I wish I could last less time

When I was a virgin, not on here to brag I see it as a curse but I went for 3 hours with no ejaculation. Than it continued, even going without protection doesn't ever get me more than in 45 minutes. I had an awful accident and was in a comatose state for 3 months and directly after managed a ten minute go, it was fantastic. My partner wouldn't mind she complains bout the length cuz she gets too sore. I satisfy her 10 to 12 times and I gotta say this will suck when I'm old. So avoiding relieving myself helps obviously but 3 times a week doesn't seem too much.

July 31, 2012


i have a problem serious of the premature ejaculation! i could not stand for 5min. could you help me?

July 09, 2012


hey man i last 1 minute or less to ejaculate

April 27, 2013


Do I do all 3 workouts everyday?

July 05, 2012

Adrian bryant

no, you just pick 1 workout to do

July 05, 2012

johns anebi

sir, iam interested on your resources for men to have better sex & last longer in bed but i may have the difficulty in getting access to your DVD or other materials . i am a Nigerian and i live in Nigeria. please help me how i can get in touch with you.

July 07, 2012


How do I actually flex my PC muscles properly? I'm not sure I'm doing them properly. Do I just tighten them? Or press my butt cheeks together?


July 03, 2012


It's not as much pressing your butt cheeks together as it is focusing on the taint area. You want to squeeze as if you were trying to hold in diarrhea but focus more on the muscles above there. Once you find it you'll know. I like to work some kegels in while I'm at it. If you are un familiar that's a little more simple. You basically want to try and pull your balls in as close to you can to your body and hold them there. I hope I helped.

July 04, 2012

asraful ali

how to do kegel exercise?

June 18, 2012


is phenobarbitone and tegretal harmful to sex drive?

June 06, 2012


Thanx for the info!

December 19, 2011

Incorrect please try again

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