To Lose Your Last 10 Pounds in 6-to-10 Weeks…

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To get to pounds in less than 10 weeks you'll need to eat -to- calories a day &…

  • It doesn't matter WHEN you eat (see why) but You'll lose your last 10 lbs. much faster eating your -to- calories on an intermittent fasting schedule because…
  • With intermittent fasting you're spending more time burning fat by fasting daily for 14-to-20 hours followed by you eating your -to- calories in the remaining 4-to-10 hours &…
  • It also doesn't matter WHAT you eat (see why) but you should make at least 80% of your -to- calorie diet these fat loss foods to prevent hunger, cravings and water weight gain &…
  • You should eat at least -to- grams of protein each day to burn fat faster (see why) but The most important thing you can do diet wise is…

Keep a food journal because…

  • The -to- calories you're supposed to eat is only an estimate and with a food journal…
  • You may discover you have to eat less than calories or that you may be able to get away with eating more than calories to get rid of your last stubborn 10 pounds so…
  • Make sure you use the NowLoss food journal or an app like MyFitnesspal or Lose It to track your calories & more importantly you'll need to…

Do This Workout to Quickly Lose Your Last 10 Lbs…

If this workout is too hard for you…

  • Do this fat loss workout less than the required 3-to-5 days a week 1-to-2 times a day or…
  • Do this workout for beginners who've never exercised or haven't worked out in a long time but…
  • Taking the easier route means it may take you longer than 6-to-10 weeks to lose your last 10+ pounds because…

The more active you are + the more intense your workouts are = the faster you'll lose your last 10 pounds

4 Workout Tips

1. Workout before breakfast

Workout before breakfast or during your fasting period if intermittent fasting to burn more fat while working out.

2. Make your workouts more intense

Keep a Fat Loss Workout Log to make your workouts more intense by…

  • Doing your workouts longer (but no longer than 40 minutes) and/or…
  • Doing your workouts faster or harder (ex. Run faster) and/or…
  • Doing your workouts more often (but no more than 5 days per week) and/or…
  • Get creative (ex. Use heavier weights when doing the get ripped in 10 min workout or wear a weight vest while running) and/or…
  • Doing a different fat loss workout (ex. Do intervals on a bike instead of treadmill)

3. Use fat burners

  • Fat burners like Green Tea, Lipo-6 or Hydroxycut help you burn fat faster by giving you more energy to workout longer & harder but if you're having a real tough time getting rid of your last 5, 10 or 15 pounds…
  • Use Yohimbine which is a fat burner that specifically targets stubborn fat when you take it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before your workouts.(See more about how Yohimbine works & the proper way to use it)

4. On your rest days…

You can optionally do a lower-to-moderate weight loss activity for 15-to-90 minutes like walking or riding a bike to burn fat faster and Yes…

This Plan Actually Works…

I'm 115 lbs down now!

Your advice was simple to follow and got me out of my rut! I'm 115 lbs down now! To my goal! Losing weight is hard! The last 20 lbs for me were the hardest till I took your advice!!

It went from being the hardest part of weight loss to being one of the easiest after spelled out step by step what I needed to do to change up my routine. It personalized the information just for me in a matter of seconds! How much easier does it get?!

Sarah T.

This happened to Sarah after 5 weeks…
Sarah weight loss after 5 weeks
Alyson got a much slimmer waist
Alyson got a much slimmer waist
Marlene got back to 115 lbs.
Marlene got back to 115 lbs.

See more before & after weight loss pics of people who used &…

When you get down to pounds…

More stuff to help you lose your last 10 pounds…

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1-35 of 815 Comments

Hey Adrian,
Jacob here. I've been using your programs for years now. I'm 193 and I want to make it to 178 by the end of June. I was curious though, because I don't want to lose my muscle by only doing HIIT exercises, what muscle exercises I should be doing while I do this as well?

And before you redirect me to the "get ripped" exercise page, that is what I have been using and I'd been eating 1800-2100 calories a day like it said, and I have plateud, so I figured I'd just do this workout plan for a few weeks until I get to 178, then start back up trying to gain even more muscle.

May 06, 2016

Adrian Bryant

HIIT will not cause you to lose muscle. you'll only burn fat doing HIIT. your muscles are not burned for energy.

Im guessing you've plateud fat loss wise so use these tips

May 06, 2016


Hi, I've not got much weight to go I'm looking to lose a further 10 lb to get down to 115 lbs. It's proven to be difficult to get rid of the last few pounds.Ive used the calculator and its told me the amount I should eat in order to lose weight. I was just wondering if I eat the minimum amount of calories and exercise on top of that would my body not go into starvation mode? I'm also planning to start intermittent fasting.

April 23, 2016

Adrian Bryant

read this and eat the minimum

April 23, 2016


Hi Adrian,

I'm 5"1 and 126lbs / 56-57kg. I want to drop at least 20lbs / 10kg in around a month. Is this possible with this plan since my goal exceeds 10lbs? I realize a lot of it is water weight but hoping for fat loss as well.

Many thanks.

March 23, 2016

Adrian Bryant

it is possible with this plan

March 24, 2016


Hi Adrian, just i am trying to follow this loosing with with intermittent fasting plan. i just wanted to find out if i can drink water with the intermittent fasting or its totallly dry fasting. Thanks jubilyn

And also, any additional advise/ I weigh 160lb, i use to weigh 128lb, and i am only 5.2". its so frustrating how i got so big. please help. thanks . jubilyn

April 08, 2016

Adrian Bryant

yes, you can drink water

April 09, 2016


Hello Adrian,
I am 5'2" and my starting weight was 152. My goal weight is 125 (also my old weight) and I am 38 years old.
3 weeks ago I started doing two of your work out plans, plus eating right. I do 20 mins of (Fu*k being fat) in the morning and 20 mins of jumping jacks at night. Both of these workouts kick my ass. I was doing them everyday and noticed I gained a pound, so I spoke to a friend that goes to the gym and he told me to keep it up, then after reading that you say only 3-5 days a week I started doing these workouts every other day.
I am sitting at 151lbs and am wondering how long it will take to see better results. As I said I'm only 3 weeks in and I do plan to keep doing these, plus the diet. Just wondering when I will start achieving my weight goal. Also one of my ankles has been swelled for a few days! Is that normal?

March 19, 2016

Adrian Bryant

are you tracking your calorie intake?

March 19, 2016


Probably not as well as I should be, I'm suppose to be eating 1300 to 1700 calories a day, I thought I was doing pretty good with eating. I don't usually over do it anyway, but maybe I should be counting everything.

March 19, 2016


I have figured out the proper way to count calories, yesterday for example I figured out the calories for every item I put into my body and the calorie counter said I still had 912 available. So my food intake is pretty good. What I don't know, is how many calories I burn doing the two 20 minute workouts? How do I figure that out?

March 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you're burning a lot when you're doing my workouts or any other HIIT workouts like insanity, tae-bo etc so dont focus too much on how much you burn and just count that and any other activity as bonus calories burnt but eating 1300 cals per day should cause a weight decrease by itself

March 21, 2016


Thank you

March 21, 2016


Hi Adrian,

Hope this finds you well.

I am a 23 year old female and I have been suffering from PCOS. My weight gradually keeps increasing and now I am at 95. It has been hard for me to lose weight. I had even joined the gym but it was in vain. I recently started doing one of your fat burning videos. But it has been 2 months or so that I initially started working out. And I haven't seen any changes in me. My lower abdomen is one problem area. I really want to get in shape. I work out for almost 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes I push myself for 50 minutes. If you could help me out that would be just great. I am eager to lose weight and I am more motivated now than I ever was. I started working out a lot of times but would give up because I wouldn't see any change. But at present I am pushing myself to keep going and its working.
Your guidance may help me faster.


December 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

are you tracking your calories?

December 10, 2015


I'm 5'6, 14 years old, and i weigh 145 pounds. The only thing bothering is my belly is there any diet i should follow while doing your F*** Being Fat #3 Video?

November 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

the diet on this page or the nowloss diet

November 19, 2015


Hi I'm 18 and 5'0 and weight about 225 since I got to college I gained 12 pounds I came in weighing 213 but tht is also weight gained from me bein 200 earlier this year I used to workout for 6 months only losing 20 pounds I'm wondering what can I do to lose these 25 pounds as soon as possible within 1-2months

October 21, 2015


Hi there Adrian, I'm a 5 flat 16 year old girl who is at 111 lbs/50 kilograms. So I've been working out for weeks now and I've seen progress because I've built some muscle BUT my main issue is that I only built muscle, not burned excess fat. How do lose the fat while maintaining the muscle? I've read all sorts of things, but I still don't know why I'm not lean. I have to go to school everyday, I workout early morning at 5 am. I also cannot cook my own meals which is my problem but I try to bring packed food to school. Is carb-cycling also more effective for me? Or is not carb-cycling just as or more effective? Thank you for the site, please recommend to me the fastest way to do so thank you.

October 17, 2015

Adrian Bryant

following the plan on this page will mainly burn fat but fat loss is all about a lower caloire intake and/or Higher intenisty workout plan

October 18, 2015


My name is lakshmi , my height 5'4 and weight 154lbs i am a stay at home mom and still breast feeding. I had a c-section 7mnths bck . I have to reduce my 20lbs which i had put on while pregnent. I have to reduce my weight in 3months please suggest me diet plan and exercise which i can do at home please. Thank you

October 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

instead of the more advanced plan on this page start off and use this workout and this diet

October 15, 2015


hey I was curious to know should I switch up workout videos to lose weight quicker or just stick to a particular one for awhile then change when I lose weight? I am 206.8 and I am on my second week of your plan. I am aiming to lose 50 pounds by my birthday which is in February and I want to be fit and tone the quickest way. Please help! Thank you so much for your free info!!!

September 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see 1-thru-6 here once your workout stops giving you fast results

September 27, 2015


hey i been on your plan for 3 weeks and i wanted to know do i still do the workout we discuess? or do i need to switch it up? also do i need to to up my calorie intake

September 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

that depends... what results are you getting?

September 22, 2015


Hello Adrian
I m a 27 years old female. Im 158 cm tall n i weigh 66 kgs. I follow a sedentary life style n i have PCOS. I need to lose weight ,atleast 6 kgs by the end of this month. However for the last week i was doing Jillian michaels 30 day shred level 2 and a 20 min cardiac kick boxing work out plus i tried to keep my daily calorie intake below 1600 calories on most days still i dont find any change in my weight. I am so disappointed. Please guide me on this .I really want to lose weight .At least 6 kgs by the end of this month n be at my ideal weight of 52 kg by december. Please help me .Thank you.

September 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

have you read this

September 09, 2015


Thanks for the reply Adrian. Is my current weight loss plan sufficient or do i need to make any changes ? I really need to shed some pounds this month. Can i follow intermittent fasting if i have pcos ? Can u suggest me some work out programmes to shed these extra pounds fast ? Please help me .

September 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

is the 30 day shred mostly toning or is it a HIIT workout?

September 09, 2015


I guess its a HIIT .It involves some cardio,squats,lunges n some abdominal exercises like push up crunches etc. Its of 20 minutes. Its hard. I really appreciate your dedication. Thank you so much for responding.

September 09, 2015


Hey Adrian. Could u pls suggest some work outs to lose fat from upper back ? Thank you .

September 11, 2015

Adrian Bryant

any fat loss workout will do that for you to lose fat all over

there is no ONE special exericse to lose just back fat

September 11, 2015

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