To lose your last 10 pounds in 6-to-10 weeks…

Select if you're male or female, Put in your height, weight, age & your activity level before starting this plan and then Click on the button that says "Tell me how to lose my last 10 pounds" and You must Do the workout below to lose your last 10 lbs.
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To get to pounds in less than 10 weeks you'll need to eat -to- calories a day &…

  • It doesn't matter WHEN you eat (see why here) but You'll lose your last 10 lbs. much faster eating your -to- calories on an intermittent fasting schedule because…
  • With intermittent fasting you're spending more time burning fat by fasting daily for 14-to-20 hours followed by you eating your -to- calories in the remaining 4-to-10 hours &…
  • It also doesn't matter WHAT you eat (also see why here) but you should make at least 80% of your -to- calorie diet these fat loss foods to prevent hunger, cravings and water weight gain but The most important thing you can do diet wise is…

Keep a food journal! because…

  • The -to- calories you're supposed to eat is only an estimate and with a food journal…
  • You may discover you have to eat less than calories or that you may be able to get away with eating more than calories to get rid of your last stubborn 10 pounds so…
  • Make sure you use the NowLoss food journal or an app like MyFitnesspal or Lose It to track your calories &…

You'll definitely need to do this workout plan…

If this workout is too hard for you…

  • Do this fat loss workout less than the required 3-to-5 days a week 1-to-2 times a day or…
  • Do this workout for beginners who've never exercised or haven't worked out in a long time but…
  • Taking the easier route means it may take you longer than 6-to-10 weeks to lose your last 10+ pounds because…

The more active you are + the more intense your workouts are = the faster you'll lose your last 10 pounds

4 Workout Tips

1. Workout before breakfast

Workout before breakfast or during your fasting period if intermittent fasting to burn more fat while working out.

2. Make your workouts more intense

Keep a Fat Loss Workout Log to make your workouts more intense by…

  • Doing your workouts longer (but no longer than 40 minutes) and/or…
  • Doing your workouts faster or harder (ex. Run faster) and/or…
  • Doing your workouts more often (but no more than 5 days per week) and/or…
  • Get creative (ex. Use heavier weights when doing the get ripped in 10 min workout or wear a weight vest while running) and/or…
  • Doing a different fat loss workout (ex. Do intervals on a bike instead of treadmill)

3. Use fat burners

Fat burners like Green Tea, Lipo-6 or Hydroxycut help you burn fat faster by giving you more energy to workout longer & harder.

4. On your rest days…

You can optionally do a lower-to-moderate weight loss activity for 15-to-90 minutes like walking or riding a bike to burn fat faster and Yes…

This Plan Actually Works…

This happened to Sarah after 5 weeks…

Alyson got a much slimmer waist

Marlene got back to 115 lbs.

You can see more before & after weight loss pics here of people who used but…

When you get down to pounds…

If you're having a tough time losing your last 10 pounds…

Here's more stuff that'll help you lose your last 10 pounds… Created by Adrian Bryant

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1-26 of 778 Comments

Can you please help me reach my goal at getting abs I'm 5'8 I weigh 148 and I'm around 14 percent body fat and I work my a$$ off everyday at the gym and been eating healthy but I can't seem to loose my lower stomach fat and it's irritating

August 07, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what is your diet like calorie wise

August 08, 2015


Can you suggest any fat burning exercises for people with joint/knee problems?

August 05, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here for many options

August 05, 2015


Hey Adrian :)

Please make a video on 'how to reduce breast size'

And, if possible, a video on jumping rope exercise to lose weight :)

July 17, 2015


I want to loose 5 kg , at any cost withing 15 days I do diet plans , vegetarian can eat or fast as u say and can exercise , whatever u say pls suggest I need to do urgently and also I want to reduce my lower buttocks and side thigs

July 11, 2015


Hey I just want to challenge myself to workout for 1 month using your F***k Being Fat #3 video and I promise I will send a before and after picture.
PS. I'm 13

June 29, 2015

Adrian Bryant

cant wait

June 29, 2015


I am 47, 5'3" and 141 lbs. Want to lose my last 10 - 15 lbs. Usually I am active (3 times running at moderate speed per week for 1 h each) but I have now an injury at my right ankle and need to stay 6 weeks in a soft cast. What exercises to you advise me, besides the diet? Thanks!

June 27, 2015


I am 5'3'' and 118 pounds. Everything is good except my pudgy stomach that sticks out. Will losing five pounds ensure I lose that belly?? I don't want to lose it in my face because my face is thin enough. Any tips/ or just stick on this planN??? And is weightlighting 5 times a week for 30 minutes, is that enough???

May 30, 2015

Adrian Bryant

losing 5 pounds may help but see #2 here

May 31, 2015


Hello! 35 y/o, no kids, work full-time pretty active but do not work out. (Joining a gym soon tho) 5'2-5'3, 140lbs. Looking at me I look fine. I have booty and hips, small chest. 34-29-39. I want to take 4 inches off my waist, I want my booty and hips to remain or get bigger. my BIGGEST concern is I noticed that my shoulders look and are WIDER. I've always had broad shoulders but it wasn't noticeable. Now that I've gained weight they are very noticeable and I DON'T like it!! I am afraid to life weights as I do not want to make them bulky. Will cardio help with this? Please give me any regimens that will help me with this. I can stand to lose 8-10 pounds.

April 14, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here and do #1,2 & 5

April 14, 2015


Thank you!!!!!

April 15, 2015


Hi adrian I am 13 years old i am tall 163 cm and i have 125 pounds i want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks please help me thank you


March 26, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you're on the right page

March 27, 2015


Also, eating mostly fat loss foods, sodium ave around 2000 mg, probably a gallon of water (1/2 of that ice water), and following all workout tips/rules, Doing everything as you have recommended. Just can't figure out why it was working then suddenly my weight has just ballooned back up to where I started. :(

March 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this and tell me if it seems like you gained 5 pounds b/c it could be muscle gain and what is your calorie intake

March 12, 2015


Help!!!, I've been on the program for two weeks. Doing your HIIT workouts as recommended during fasting (30 min, 4x per week), making sure to give it everything, 4-5 mile runs at 9/min miles mixed in, 20 hour fasting, tracking calories with lose it, 1400 or less/day every single one. At first everything worked great, I went from 143 to 138, but over the last 4 days I've ballooned back up to 143 again. It's not PMS weight gain/bloating either. I'm 42 and 5'4". Really depressed now.

March 12, 2015


Hi Adrian,
I had my baby 8 mos ago and started working out at the gym about 3 mos ago. right now I weigh 130lbs am 5 ft tall and would like to go down to 115lbs.. I've tried counting calories, intermittent fasting and even 3 day diet and still not able to lose anymore weight. I lift weights 3x a week and cardio 4-5 days a week. Is there anything else I can do to lose the last 15lbs? Thanks in advance

February 18, 2015

Adrian Bryant

have you tried following these workout rules

February 18, 2015


I'll try this thank you!

February 18, 2015


Hey Adrian,

I gained a bunch of excess weight while I was recovering from bulimia. I have been fully recovered for about 2 years and I'm about 15 lbs overweight. It seems impossible to lose this extra weight. I count calories, eat a low-carb, low-sodium diet, and exercise for 20 minutes every day. I also drink a ton of water like you suggest. Do you have any suggestions that might help?

February 11, 2015

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