To Lose 50 Pounds In 5 Months…

how to lose 50 pounds
Sophie & Luis both lost over 50 pounds with this plan

Select if you're male or female, Put in your height, weight, age & your activity level before starting this plan and then Click on the button that says "Tell me how to lose 50 lbs." and Do the workout below to lose 50 pounds in 5 months

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To go from -to- pounds eat -to- calories per day &…

It Does NOT Matter WHAT or WHEN you eat (see why) as long as you're eating -to- calories per day so…

  • You may eat 2 VERY LARGE -to- calorie meals every 6+ hours or…
  • You may eat 3 BIGGER -to- calorie meals every 4-to-5 hours or…
  • You may eat 4 BIG -to- calorie meals every 3-to-4 hours or…
  • You may eat 5 smaller -to- calorie meals every 3 hours or…
  • You may eat 6 tiny -to- calorie meals every 2-to-3 hours or to burn fat faster…
  • Eat your -to- calories in 2+ meals on an intermittent fasting schedule

If you're unable to count calories… Use this diet to lose weight 50 pounds without counting calories

Track your calories

The -to- calories you're supposed to eat is only an estimate that's usually right in most cases because when you track how many calories you eat daily…

  • You'll know exactly how much YOU need to eat to lose weight or you may discover you have to eat less than calories to lose weight or…
  • You may see you're able to get away with eating more than calories and still be able to lose weight but that usually only happens when you're working out more
  • Use any of these tools to track your calories and remember… You can eat anything you want, whenever you want & still lose weight as long as you eat -to- calories per day but…

To Lose 50 Pounds as Fast as Possible…

When you get down to pounds…

Workout Plan to Lose 50 Pounds

Show All 37 Fat Loss Workouts

Optional: On your rest days when you're not doing any high intensity fat loss workouts you can do lower-to-moderate weight loss activities for 15-to-90 minutes like walking or riding a bike because the more active you are + The more intense your workouts are = The faster you'll lose 50 pounds.

13 People Who Lost Over 50 lbs. Using This Plan

You've helped me lose 50 lbs!

lost 50 pounds

You've helped me lose 50 lbs! Can you believe it?! You are awesome! I started doing this program and AFTER!!! Wooohooo! 50 POUNDS!!! Thanks Adrian!

Tiffany Wait

Lost 60 lbs. in 5 months

Lost 60 lbs. in 5 months

I have lost 60 lbs total in 5.5 months following your plan

Update: Adrian I just want to shout you out on your 30 min elliptical excersise. Its amazing. Im already a success story of yours on nowloss and 30 more lbs lighter since i last reached out to you.

Thank You,
Luis Gaskin

Lost 77 lbs. in 5 months

Ebonie lost 77 lbs. in 5 months

Adrian, I found my pictures. I'm like crazy embarrassed, but happy to share them. I hope I can inspire other to begin their own journey to more healthy, fit and active lifestyles.

I'm now training for my very first fitness competition. Thank you for changing MY LIFE with Your site. Your amazing!!

Ebonie J

Lost 72 pounds

lost 72 pounds

The diet & workout from your How to lose 50 pounds in 5 months plan was so useful.

Erik Alpizar Reyes

From 225 lbs. to WOW

lost 84 pounds

Adrian, I LOVE YOU!!!

I stumbled upon your plan a few months ago and it has helped me shed so much weight. Over the last year I have went from 225 to 141. My measurements were 40-39-47, now they are 34-25-38.

Kimmie Brown

62 year old loses 50 lbs in 3 months

lost 50 pounds in 3 months

Yes go ahead and post my pictures if you like, I'm not much to look at, not sexy, not a muscle man or anything else. Just a regluar "62 yr. Old Fat Man" who decided to change my life style and take some good advice from and see where I could go with it.

I just wanted to make my girl proud of me and be able to go for a walk to somewhere other than the fridge without huffing and puffing and having to stop for a rest every 100 feet while she stood there waiting for me.

I was 273 pounds of fat when I started Jan 1st 2011, and now weigh 221 I know its only 50+ pounds but I sure worked hard and followed your advice to lose it in a fairly short time.

If I can do it anyone can. I was an old TV couch potato with a beer in one hand and an 18 inch pizza in the other and would make 5 or 6 trips to the fridge even in the middle of the night to eat what ever I could find.

From the pictures you can see what your good advice did for me and I am not done yet. Thank you so very much for that "Good Advice" on

Jim Elliott

Lost 83 Pounds in 6 Months

lost 83 pounds

Update: 100 Pounds Lost

With your HELP! I kept going. From 248-to-147. Thanks for the motivation!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WE ARE WATCHING!!

Mrs Collins

Lost 50 Pounds!

lost 50 pounds

Hi Adrian, first of all, i want to compliment and thank you for all the work you put into . It's a great tool for people like me in their battle against weightissues.

I've been using your plan, and over the past year i lost 22kg, and I've been able to keep them off. I've been reborn and really love sports again, so much that i have applied for the firedepartement here in Antwerp (Belgium).

Sean Guinness

Lost 51 Pounds & 34 Inches!!

lost 51 pounds

Omg!! I can't believe it! Googled how to lose lots of weight and found you for the how to lose 50lbs & in 6months I've lost 51 pounds and 34" all over!

Thank you
Sophie Palmer

65 Pounds Lost in 4 months

lost 65 pounds

These are my results from doing your plan. A total of 65 pounds lost in 4 months. People that haven't seen me for a while are in shock of my transformation.

Garry Keller

Lost 80 Pounds

lost 50 pounds

50 Pounds lost so far thanks to your plan but I really lost more than 50 pounds but not exactly sure since I stopped using the scale after I would get discouraged because sometimes I'd lose weight and the scale didn't show it.

UPDATE:Last time I wrote you I lost about 50 now I'm down over 80 I'm looking to becoming a personal trainer soon thank you for your free help you've inspired me to help people and without I wouldn't have lost a pound

Brandy Cory

101 Pounds Gone & Still Going!

lost 101 pounds

Hey Adrian, I hope you remember me!!

Look at the success you've help create. I lost 66 pounds going from 274-to-208. You have been everything to me & I still go to the website for any questions I have. Everything you've taught me is a way of life to me & anything else feels foreign.

Update: I've now lost 101 pounds

lost 101 pounds

Millicent Jefferies

See more before & after pictures of people who used this plan to lose over 50 pounds

If you're having trouble losing 50 lbs.…

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This Website Created by Adrian Bryant

Fuck Being Fat → Get Adrian's Fat Loss DVDs Because…

"Adrian, I Went from 220-to-155 Pounds because of your DVDs. Thanks but will I be able to lose 15 more before my party next week"
Carlotta Guerra

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Hello Adrian i've been doing your jumping jacks workouts and ski steps , and i noticed that my leg fat doesn't reduce , i usually had a huge leg muscles and even when i lost weight i still have those huge leg muscles , is it true that the the jumping jacks workouts don't work to reduce it and is there any solution for it ?

April 25, 2018

Adrian Bryant

legs meaning around hip area? if so then the hip and belly areas are usually last to go

April 25, 2018



my name is Ammah and i am 25 years old. I currently weigh about 218 pounds and my height is around 5'3. I am an office worker so most of the day I am sitting down. I work long hours 7:30 - 5:30 pm and will be fasting in the next month for 15 - 18 hours. My goal is to lose 70 pounds, please let me know how i can achieve this by September as I am going on a trip then.

Thank you very much for help

April 17, 2018

Adrian Bryant

what is laid out on this page will get you there

April 17, 2018

Janet B. Matthews

Hello Sir,
I'm 56 years old, a college student,and a single Mom. I'm tired of being fat! My problem is not that I eat a lot, its being in pain. I'm in pain everyday and I try not to take any pain meds except for an aspirin or an occasional Motrin. I have a rebuilt spine and left knee. I walk on campus and often need help getting up if I sit to long. Its embarrassing.I'm able to do the walking as described in the video (Thanks, because I can not do all those squats), but I'm concerned about adding the extra weights. The bulk of my weight is mid-drift and nothing looks good on me. I have to buy bigger to go around all that belly fat and I look and feel terrible. The only thing that works with the stiffness and pain are prenatal vitamins.Should I be taking them because other multivitamins make me nauseated? I'm going to give this a try.

April 05, 2018

Adrian Bryant

idk about the vitamins but as for your current state. try these options also

as for eating a lot check this out

April 05, 2018


Hi Adrian

I’m 27, female and I weigh 260lbs. I recently gained another 25 pounds as I was 235 lbs before. My 28th birthday is in August. I want to get under 200 lbs by then. I use to walk 90 minutes to 120 minutes per day but I’d get very hungry. I’ve tried HITT workouts but I prefer to simply walk for one hour a day. Do you think I can lose the 60 lbs in 5 months with walking 45 min - 1 hours 5 days a week and eating 1700 calories a day? Is 1700 too high or too low? Please help. Any advice you give me I will use. I am determined to lose this once and for all. The weight makes me depressed.

March 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

at first you can do that but as your weight loss rate slows down you'll need to go here

March 31, 2018


But for my current weight, is 1700 calories too high? I’m 5’9 and I burn around 250 calories by walking for an hour. Would you recommend a lower calorie intake?

March 31, 2018

Adrian Bryant

1700 is an intake anybody can lose weight off OR at least NOT gain any. you can go lower to lose weight faster but I would start with 1700 and adjust from there

April 01, 2018


Hi Adrian, I started working out and dieting on March 5 2018. I lost 10.4 pounds in two weeks. My start weight was 222.8 lbs. I now weigh 212.4 lbs. I’m 5’6 and 22 years old. Now for a week the scale hasnt nudged. I feel like I was doing so good and now I’m stuck. I was eating around 1200 calories. Should I increase my calories? Is it normal to hit a plateau at only 10 lbs lost?

March 26, 2018

Adrian Bryant

go here to srtart losing weight again but how do you track calories

March 26, 2018


I track my calories with MyFitnessPal. I track literally anything I put into my mouth.

March 26, 2018

Adrian Bryant

double check that b/c at your weight you should be able to lose off of 1200 ALONE

March 27, 2018


hi! I've been looking through your website thoroughly. This seems exactly what I need to loose the weight I have. I'm a physician, with my schedule, I have stretches of 7 days in a row where exercise is impossible due to 16-18 hr work days in the hospital. However, I then get 7 days off. I start working out during my 7 days off, but when I start work and don't get to work out, my body reverses and then I feel like I'm starting from ground zero again. What do you recommend for the days I have work. I'm 34, 5'0" and now weigh 165. I used to be 117lbs just a few years ago. I'm also vegetarian and need guidance on what foods I should eat.

March 08, 2018

Adrian Bryant

do you have 10min to do something on your work days? see this

March 08, 2018


Hello Adrian
Thank you for making such a wonderful website!!
so many helpful tips.
I'm currently eating at least 1500 calories daily and I hit the gym 4x a week. I do weights and cardio so I lose about 600 calories each time. Should I be consuming more calories since technically I'm at a 900 calorie deficit, I currently weight 230.

February 24, 2018

Adrian Bryant

no. do not eat back calories. see why

February 24, 2018


I burn 230 calories using the 20 minute HIIT weight loss workout video. I do it twice a day 4 days a week. And I do yoga twice a day 2 days a week and that burns 500 calories. I did the math and it said I will only lose 5 pounds in 2 months. Is that correct or am I doing anything wrong? Thanks!

February 17, 2018

Adrian Bryant

what is your overall weight and height plus calorie intake

February 17, 2018


I weigh 180lbs, Im 5"6 and the max calories i eat is 2027, so no more than 1,700 calories.

February 17, 2018

Adrian Bryant

2027 is the max so anything less than that should cause weight loss for you

February 18, 2018


How many calories are being burned in this workout?

February 17, 2018

Adrian Bryant

at least 400 cals during

February 17, 2018


Hello, I am currently 180lbs and I want to get down to 145lbs. I eat under 2027 calories a day and I do one of your HIIT 2 times a days, 4 days a week and I do yoga 2 days a week. How fast would I lose 35lbs? Thank you for your time.

February 16, 2018

Adrian Bryant

at least 2 months

February 16, 2018


What about who says tha if we didnt eat enough protein then we will lose muscle not only fat and losing muscle is really bad

February 14, 2018


hi would like to place an order but no delivery option for UAE mentioned on your site please help

February 09, 2018

Adrian Bryant

when you go to paypal select UAE from country

February 09, 2018

Rebecca Simpson

Hi Adrian! Im so excited i found you! I discovered intermittent fasting and keto a few weeks ago ive been faithfully following it for 2 weeks down 8 lbs 14 total... (I know you say does not matter what you eat, but cutting calories alone wasnt giving me much success) however ive been trying to find exercises to fit my lifestyle. When work is over its straight to get the kids i have no time for gym or gym equipment. I found your bed sheet work out last night and a few more today. I was wondering if you had these on dvd so that i can see it better on the tv while doing it vs the phone??

January 27, 2018


hello Adrian,
I have tried all the diets and low fat, low carb food and also various exercises also. I was 86 kg and have reduced to 82.5 kg. Now i have stopped reducing after that. Nothing works. Please help me.

January 21, 2018


Hi Adrian, big fan of you and all you do! I am going to follow your 50 pound plan. I work out 3-5 times a week and burn between 350-500 calories each time. Should I increase my intake calories to account for the calories I burn each time? Also, what do you think of preworkouts like Cellucor?

January 18, 2018

Adrian Bryant

no and read this as to why

never tried cellucor but unless it has caffiene in it then its no good

January 18, 2018

Benjamin G

Love the site Adrian,

I’m a male, 67” 190lb. 41yo. Want to lose 40lbs. What’s your thought on Low carb, Low fat, High protein 1500 calorie 16-8IF diet? Read that I should have more fat, but want my body to be burning all the stored fat it can. is awesome, you’re providing incredible information for those willing to read it.

Thank you,
Benjamin G

January 14, 2018


Hi Adrian

I am 42 and about 250 I really would like to be 198. My problem is excerising. I am a wife, mother of 3, and work full time with about a 2 1/2 - 3 hour commute round trip. Therefore time and energy are not my friends. I had lost weight and was doing well but within the 2 1/2 years I lost both my mother and brother which sent me into deep depression and I gained weight. The weight gain has stopped but now I need to get it off and get my life back in order. I have some problems my ankles. I need to lose the 50 for sure. What is the best way for me to make it happen?

January 01, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you need the at-home plan here that is suited better to your lifestyle

January 01, 2018


What type of chicken do I eat to lose weight? Skinless chicken breast?

December 05, 2017

Adrian Bryant

see this because its not what you eat but how much

December 06, 2017


i already eat around 1500 calories a day and i cant lose weight. i gain weight super easily. im 165. and i want to get to 120 for my dance career.

November 21, 2017

Adrian Bryant

are you exercising as well

November 23, 2017


hey adrian i am 5'8 age 18 i weigh 204 i have fat tighs and rolls on my stomach and i have what they call "man tits" but its not that big just a little how can i decrease all of that? can you email me because i have a hard time understanding your ways of losing weight. Make it easier to understand

November 16, 2017

Adrian Bryant

tell me what you need help with or what you dont understand

November 18, 2017


what daily things do i have to do, considering im still young and can still lose it, to burn fat. Running twice a week or push ups or sit ups? just a daily physical i can do to burn fat away on my stomach, chest, hips and thighs. not just by eating calories but physically doing something. can you email me?

November 20, 2017

Francesca Gonzales

What do you recommend? Ive had gatric bypass but am at a plateau. Im looking to lose 80lbs. Im 217. My goal is 125 eventually.

November 08, 2017

Adrian Bryant

has your doctor limited you in anyway workout wise

November 09, 2017


Dear Adrian, I am very encouraged by your straightforward advice and workout plans that are genious in their simplicity. I am a 52 year old woman who is 11 years postmenopause. I gained 67 pounds after menopausethe that I have been unable to lose in that time. I regularly fast from two weeks to 40 days for about four months out of the year. During a fast I abstain from meat, dairy, eggs oil, alcohol and sweets. During a fast I never lose weight but as soon as I return to my regular diet, which has been vegetarian for the past 30 years, I gain a few pounds. I plan to begin the lose 30 pounds in 30 days regimen but am hesitant to believe my metabolism can burn calories at that rate. Despite the claim that weight comes down to total calorie intake, I know this to not be true. Do you know of any other women fitting my description who have had success with the 30 pounds in 30 days regimen? Is there something additional I will need to do? Thank you for your time and feedback!

October 22, 2017



I have been looking for a plan that will actually work for me for a while. I'm currently doing circuits 5 days a week (about half an hour every day) and I am only eating 1200 cals a day but it seems like nothing is happening/no results after 2 weeks of this. Yours seems like a good system I'd like to try but I was wondering if it would work for me, seeing as I have a job where I sit for 12 hours a day, 2-3 days a week. I still get up early in the morning to exercise before work now so I'll definitely continue that. I am a 5'8 female and weigh 225. Thank You!!!!!

October 12, 2017

Adrian Bryant

first of all how are you tracking the 1200 b/c you should have lost off of that alone

October 13, 2017


I weight 236 I'm only 5'3 I need to lose 50+ pounds...I always lose weight then gain it back.. I'm 33 years old and its definitely harder to lose weight now compared to me being in my 20's. This is my last chance losing weight the natural way.... Its becoming frustrating and depressing... What do you recommend for back fat? I really need help with that.

October 02, 2017

Adrian Bryant

the plan on this page will do that. for back or any fat you smply need to lose weight all over with belly and hip fat last to go

October 03, 2017


Hi Adrian,

Jacob Marko here.. I've been using your site for almost a decade now and every time I use it, I get the same results.. GREAT weight loss and muscle gain, and then a few months later I gain it all back.

This time, I'M DONE GAINING IT BACK. I'm also making a movie (not fully about my weightloss) that will be tracking my progress, and I will be sure to provide you with video and pictures.

Two questions though, Is intermittent fasting necessary? Also, The site tells me to eat 1450-1850 calories a day.. I was thinking for aiming to the 1450-1630 range each day, and then having 1 or 2 500 calorie cheat meals a week. Would this work?


October 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

1. that will work

2. no, you dont have to do IF but it will speed things up

October 01, 2017

Jacob Marko

Also! While I primarily want to lose weight, I'd like to tone up my muscles and even gain muscle if possible. What exercises should I do?

October 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

Compound Exercises. see these 7 things

October 03, 2017


i'm a 26 years female, 165 cm, 75 kg.. I want to be 65 kg.. but:
1. i can't stick to healthy food, i want to eat whatever i want
2. i can count calories using myfitnesspal
3. i can't do hiit but i can do an hour and a half on the treadmill using the highest incline with a good speed to burn 700 cals/hour
4. i want to lose weight in 5 weeks, it's ok to lose 7 kgs if it's difficult to lose 10kgs in that period of time

my questions are: is 1400 cals good for my aim? is it possible to lose that weight in that period of time?

September 27, 2017

Adrian Bryant

the 1400 is good and you should lose a lot the first couple of weeks but those last few kg may take lnger

September 27, 2017

Jacqueline Calvert

Hi, Adrian. I'm not on social media, but would like to receive the free DVD you offered on YouTube. Please tell me the process to receive it. I am a 5'4", 50 year old female, and have passed the 200 pound mark. I want to turn it around and just discovered your site. Please let me know the process to receive the DVD without getting involved with social media. Thanks!

September 24, 2017 en Espanol
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