To Lose 5 Pounds of water weight In 2 Days…

1. Drink lots of water…

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but the more water you drink = The less water weight you'll carry around.

You need to drink lots of water because…
  • When you don't drink enough water (even when your body is a little dehydrated) your body will hold on to every single little drop of water it can to stay hydrated and…
  • If you drink plenty of water… Your body will have no problem getting rid of any excess water and as a bonus…
  • Drinking water will actually help you get a flatter stomach - See how to get a flatter stomach in a week for more details

2. Stop eating so much salt / sodium by eating no more than 1500mg a day

You have to stop eating so much salt because…
  • Eating too much salt forces your body to hold onto water to process the extra salt you eat and…
  • There's 2 ways you can flush out excess salt & water…
    • 1. You can Sweat out excess salt
      Do anything to make you sweat (the more the better).

      Wear sweatshirts or any other warm clothing to make you sweat more. Sitting in a steam room for 10 minutes will get rid of excess salt/sodium. And you could exercise!
    • 2. You can drink it out (the easy way)
      Just drink plenty of water to flush out excess sodium and water.

3. You have to limit the amount of carbs (carbohydrates) you eat.

You can lose 3-5 lbs. in 2 days by eating less carbs because…
  • Each pound of carbs stored in your body has about 3-5 pounds of water packed into it and…
  • If you don't eat too many carbs for the next two days and let the carbs stored in your body burn up for energy - the 3-5 lbs of water that was packed in it will vanish as well.

Follow This 3 Part Plan To Lose 5 Pounds Or More In 2 Days…

1. Drink lots of water…

You should Drink at least 1/2-to-1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. Use the water calculator below to figure out how much water you need to drink to flush out excess water weight from your body. CAUTION: DO NOT drink your water all at once & try to drink your water spread out during the day

Enter Your Weight, and press submit
You need to drink - ounces of Spring water each day for the next 2-to-3 days to Flush out 5 pounds of water

2. Eat food that's low in salt/sodium…

For the next 2 days you have to limit your salt to just 500-to-1500 mg a day and that's only two small teaspoons and If you find it impossible to keep your salt intake low…

You can use spices such as garlic, ginger & black pepper as salt substitutes and spices also help increase your fat-burning metabolism and another good salt substitute is a product called Nu-Salt and remember…

You should exercise or safely use steam rooms or saunas to help you also flush out excess sodium & water and you need to take a multivitamin daily to replace any essential minerals you lose while flushing out excess sodium & water weight.

3. Limit your carbs by eating foods high in protein and low in carbs…

The only carbs you should get for the next 2-to-3 days should only come from fruits and veggies and… Everything else you eat should be high in protein / low in carbs - See a list of high protein foods good for weight loss.

The amount of water weight you lose in 2 days depends on how much salt, carbs, and water you were putting in your body before you started this simple plan so… You could be carrying 0 (none at all) to 10 pounds (or more!) of excess water weight and…

You shouldn't gain too much water weight back unless…

  • You eat too much salt and then your body has to retain all that water to handle the excess salt. After you lost 5 pounds or more in 2-3 days… You can prevent water weight gain by eating no more than 2000-to-3000mg of salt or sodium a day and/or…
  • You don't drink any water at all - this will cause your body to retain water also and/or…
  • You eat way too many carbs - Every pound of carbs stored in your body holds 3-5 pounds of water. After you finish this 2-3 day plan… Just eat a balanced diet of carbs, proteins, and fats to prevent water weight gain and remember…
  • This plan will only help you lose water weight real fast only temporarily so you need to pick one of these weight loss plans if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever and…

Other stuff that'll help you lose 5 pounds a week…

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1-100 of 802 Comments

need to lose 1.5 lbs in water weight in 1 day, is it possible? thanks

August 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

of course it is

August 22, 2014

Shelly Creeden

We did the fast exercise, the 4 20 seconds ones twice, ran sprints. Drank a lot of water, football tackling drills. I am worried he will still not make it. Needs to be 1.3 lbs or more in the morning.

August 23, 2014

Adrian Bryant

and make sure you are limiting carbs as well to flush out that extra but of water

August 23, 2014


Hi Adrian,

I'm female, 5ft 7 and 200lbs, my measurements are 43-29-43 so I have a very hourglass shape and even though I'm so overweight I always get. Implemented on my figure by men and can I lose weight but keep my curves? I wanna be the same shape but lose ten inches from bust waist and hips, thanks

August 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this

August 22, 2014



August 18, 2014

Adrian Bryant

start by use this workout and this diet and dont expect to get to 90 unless you're really tiny

August 19, 2014


Hi Mr. Adrian,
My name is Adnan. My age is 29. weight is 93Kg height is 6'.00. Waist is 39.5". I wanted to reduce it.
please suggest me the best possible solution to over come my fatness.
I shall be grateful to you for this.

August 16, 2014


I am 22 years old and my weight is 55 kg .I want to loss weight and specially fats from belly

August 07, 2014

Adrian Bryant

how tall are you?

August 09, 2014


Hello, I weight 118 pounds I'd like to loose 5 to 7 pounds in 2 days is that possible??

August 03, 2014

Adrian Bryant

probably not at your low weight

August 03, 2014


I was 237Ibs and in the last few weeks have gave myself a good talking to, Im 49 and do not want to be fat at 50! I am now 224Ibs and going away in 4 weeks,and would like to loose another 14Ibs before i go, then continue on my return , I do ten miles a night for 6 nights a week on my exercise bike, and 250 ab crunches 6 nights a week.

August 01, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here

August 02, 2014


I am 14 and weight 174 so I want to lose at least 20 pounds by august 15 but don't know what to do can you help

July 28, 2014


I don't fully understand the water Intake so I weigh 209 pounds and I have to drink at least 105-209 ounces of water ?? So does that mean I have to drink that much for 2 to 3 days

July 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant


July 27, 2014


i think he means only drink water in 3 days.

August 11, 2014


Great info; thanks for this article! I'm competing in a jiu jitsu tournament this weekend. I need to weigh in Friday night at 179.9 at a minimum. This morning I weighed 182, but that is sure to go up by end of day. So if I follow these diet tips starting tonight (Wed) and do a little sauna work Friday afternoon, 179.9 should be easily attainable by Friday night, yes?

July 23, 2014

Adrian Bryant


July 23, 2014


I walk 5 miles 3 times a week i dont drink soda and i cut off all sweets I plan on drinkn 8 glasses of water each day im tryn to lose 5 pounds n 7 days will this work?

July 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

depends on how much you weigh

July 21, 2014


Hello I weigh 326 now but I'd like to at least lose like 20-50 pounds by August 1st perhaps even more than that. I have a trip to New York and I don't want to be as big as I am now when I go. I was wondering is this possible? What foods should I eat and what shall I drink? And what exercises should I do to make this happen?

July 07, 2014

Adrian Bryant

20 pounds is defintely possible. just use this workout and this diet

July 07, 2014


Hi I'm a boxer and I currently weigh 146lbs. I need to be exactly 141 by this Wednesday July 9th for a tournament. If I follow this plan it will work for sure?

July 06, 2014

Adrian Bryant

nothing is 100% but if your diet was currently high in carbs then yes it will get you down in the 141 area

July 06, 2014


This will sound terrible but i need help, i lost my child because of my problem and am scared to get help, i was a size 8 now 16, i have starved myself turned to drugs to loose weight and cant i lost 5 stone dieting but now can't move anymore and my low self image has caused depression how can i loose weight properly

July 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

please use this workout and this diet and stay in touch if you need more help

July 03, 2014


Hi Adrian,
I would like to know if I can lose 17lbs by July 28 which is my Bday doing the 16 hours fasting , I am 117lbs today lost 26lbs since April and now it's a little slow , I use to be 100 lbs and really want to be back to 100 lbs or at least close to 100lbs
Please let me know what do you suggest me ,

Thank you so much, you are a great mentor


July 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

probably not if you're at 117 now. but how tall are you?

July 03, 2014


Hi Im a 16 year old and I weight 140 pounds im 5'3. Im gonna try this method because I am in need of losing weight, but i want to know what kind of diet I might use pls help i want to get to 125-130 5 weeks fr om now. Pls help!

June 25, 2014


I have done this every summer the last 2 years to lose the last few lbs in my diet by my goal date. I lose 6 lbs in 3 days. I just started today so I hope it still works for me. I cut out carbs and drink a lot of water and try to exercise a little more too. You only have to suffer a few days to a week and then you can go back to a healthier diet.

June 24, 2014


This site is really motivating! I was wondering if you could help me? I am a 13 year old girl and I weigh 125 pounds. I am 5'4 and I really want to get to 110-115? What diet and workout should I do?

June 22, 2014


Hi Im 15, and 5´9 I weigh 192 lbs, doctors say its mostly muscle but I still want to loose all the fat that I have in my body which is quite a lot still, I wanna loose 50 lbs as soon as possible (5-7 weeks), whats the fastest way to get there and is it possible?

May 31, 2014


I am 57, work out 6days a week. An hour to hour and a half. 20-30min treadmill and 1hour lifting. I caught a really bad cold and sinus infection and family emergency. I have not been able to workout for 3 1/2 weeks. I just started again but I am upset that I put on 5lbs. and now weigh 140. I was holding 133-135lbs. At my age its harder to loose. I need to go on a 10yr anniversary vacation and all my clothes are very tight. What can I do to get this weight off quickly. I also mix your dvd in my routine 2 times a week. Help.

May 29, 2014


Hi, I weigh 107 and need to loose 5 pounds in 5 days to wear a dress to a cermemony, I have a really slow metabolism though because I dont eat much... can u give me any tips?

May 15, 2014


Run outside for 30 minutes a day. (you can do jogging, speedwalking, and walking intervals.) then do 100 jumping jacks and high knees for 3 min. And try to eat alot of celery and cinnamon. And if you get hungry chew on a carrot or eat ice.

June 08, 2014


I'm 5'6" and weigh 165. I need to lose 5 pounds in less than a week. After that I want to become fit. I have osteoporosis, I'm 35, and want be a healthier weight of 135-140. I have a very busy schedule as I work 13 hour shifts per day 5 days per week and a full time student. Please help.

May 07, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet if you have a busy schedule

May 07, 2014



May 11, 2014


Hi I weight 360 and I want o get down to 250 should. Do this diet and work out. or hat should I do

May 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

you should use this workout and this diet

May 05, 2014


I am 14 years old and for the past month I've been working out very hard, improved on my mile time(7 minutes and 13 seconds) and have become very thin but when I weighed myself, I am 121 pounds at 5'4! just a few months ago I was 116 pounds and was not working out. Is this muscle weight?
Thank you,

April 29, 2014

Tom Tom

Most likely depending on what exercises and food you eat

April 30, 2014

adrian bryant

probably. see this

May 01, 2014


Excuse me. My name is Anita.
I'm going to be a college freshman in less than 3 months and I really really need to lose at least 20 pounds in two months (and hopefully a smaller waist) before I start college because I want to boost up my self esteem since my friends and family keep on teasing me nonstop about my fat. PLEASE REPLY

April 23, 2014


Hi there!

I came across this 2 day diet and I will definitely be trying this out first thing tomorrow!
But I am currently 5'7" (girl of course) and weigh 149lbs. My goal is to get down to 130lbs in about a month, what can I do?

thank you so much!

April 18, 2014

adrian bryant

you'd be better off doing this long term plan where you use this workout and this diet

April 19, 2014


i am male age 16 yrs... sir i wanted to ask you a question i have belly fat like my height is 5'6 ( i also want to gain height ) umm the thing is when i get into ab cruch position i can really feel my abs inside 6 of them but i am finding really hard to lose weight can u tell me how to lose weight fast like in a month and i also wanted to increase my height and also i am a big fan of yours. if anyone needs to loose weight i tell them to go to your site

April 18, 2014

adrian bryant

see this

April 19, 2014

Charmayne Tempel

Hello Adrian

I have come accross your website and I must say, it is so motivating.

Today I sit here feeling like a total failure. I am the heaviest I have ever been. Born a chubby baby, having being called chubby names when I was small, for ever having a battle with my weight.

At stages in my life it went well and I did get somewhere by really working hard at it, but I have never achieved my ultimate dream, reaching my goal weight.

I currently weigh a seriously dangerous 106 kg's (233 lb's), the heaviest I have ever been.

In 6 months time I will be turning 50 and I promised myself that I will weigh my goal weight of 70 kg's (154 lb's).

My biggest problem is I give up very easily and the older I get, the more I tend to be relaxed and lazy not to exercise.

I have read your motivational part and it realy kick started me, but out of former experience, I do not keep to my long term goals. So many times I have worked out a plan to reach the unreachable goal weight, just to find myself a few weeks later totally off the plan.

Can you perhaps help me? I have seen the photo's of people following your advise and I was hoping that maybe you can give me some super natural advise to stay focussed until I have reached that goal and to maintain it forever. I am so tired of this up and down game I had since I was born.

Thank you for your site. I will try to get your video's on YouTube. But for now, I want to get my head right and I will follow your advise.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Kind regards

April 07, 2014



I am 5'8, 147 and 30% body fat, although I appear slim without clothes I have dimple fat in my back, stomach and arm. I am built up and down, long legs and short torso. What can I do to quickly and safely lose the excess fat, yet not look too frail and skinny. I like my weight but want to be more fit with about 18-20 % body fat. Is there away to lose the fat and gain muscle but not look sickly the process. When I am leas than 140 I look skinny because my body naturally lacks curves with thin bonr frame. Thanks

April 02, 2014


hi there. i'm danskie and i'm a girl. i'm currently weighing 162 pounds and i am 5 feet tall. my goal weight within 3 months is 110 pounds. i have started to control my eating habits yesterday and i am really determined to lose more than 50 pounds in three months. what should i do to achieve it? thanks!

March 27, 2014

Adrian Bryant

go here to truly achieve it

March 28, 2014


I am 5ft and my weight is 52 but i have a belly fat and i want to reduse it in 1 month what should i do...???

March 25, 2014


Hello. I am new to your website. I have found a lot of great information. I quite smoking and packed on the pounds in the process. I am 5"3 and 175 lbs and desperate to lose a great deal of weight (35 lbs) by May 25th. Is this possible? It is now March 25th.

March 25, 2014

adrian bryant

use this workout and this diet to get there by may 25th

March 25, 2014


Hi I'm Ashley I'm 18,I use to be 125 lbs but last year I was put on steroids for a medical issue and now I'm 145 lbs, my friends and I were planning on going to the lake in 3 weeks and I want to lose about 15 lbs and flatten my stomach. I'm a part time students and also have a 11 month old niece I'm raising.

March 25, 2014


Hello Adrian! I have made the mistake of drinking a whole bottle of water every time! How am I supposed to keep track of the recommended ounces of water I need to drink a day if I should not drink it all at once?

March 16, 2014

Adrian Bryant

do the bottes you have list the amount of water in it?

March 18, 2014


Yes. Each bottle is about 16 oz.

March 19, 2014

Adrian Bryant

then just keep up with your ounces that way. I think 8 bottles = 1 gallon

March 21, 2014


I'm 5'6" and weigh 73 kg. I want my weight to be at 64 kg. Can u help me with a proper water and walking plan. I can walk instead of using transportation. I want to lose weight in a months time.

March 02, 2014


Also I want to reduce my belly fat. My waist is 44 and I want to bring it to 36. I have a busy schedule and desk work. But I can walk my way to work. I plan on stay in 64 kg range forever.

March 02, 2014

Adrian Bryant

are you saying walking is the only exercise you can or want to do?

March 03, 2014


Can do. My work schedule including traveling is 14 hrs approx. Then I have to study. So I can walk some distance before I catch a train.

March 03, 2014

adrian bryant

would this workout for busy people be doable for you?

March 05, 2014


Hi So I'm in college and I'm 5"1 and 112lbs. I really wanna lose water weight fast. Do Epson salt baths work?

March 01, 2014

adrian bryant

see these tips or follow the plan on this page to lose water weight

March 02, 2014


Hi im 17 about 5'8 and im about 220. Ireally wanna lose 70pounds but I dont have time with school and my siblings to work out. What can i do? I really would like to be 70 pounds lighter by april. Help me please!

February 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet on a busy schedule

February 27, 2014


I'm 140 lbs, and I've been overweight nearly all my life. I've tried everything, but my weight has never budged. What do you suggest?

February 14, 2014


I am 5'2 and recently gained 40lbs in 3 months, making me currently 150lbs. I would like to get back down to 110 in about 4 months. I used to run until I injured my knee, and I am still recovering, making hardcore workouts difficult. I am still unable to run or jog. Any suggestions?

February 12, 2014


Hi, I'm Jenn. I am 5'5" and weigh 178. I am a 3 year college student and have a very packed schedule and find it hard to find time to exercise, also dieting on university food is not an easy task. I would like to lose 30 lbs. I am not in any particular rush and do not have a time frame to lose it by, there are just a lot of weight and diet related health problems that run in my family and I want to take better care of myself to help avoid some of those. One thing is I have curves and a well endowed chest and I do not want to lose this as i lose weight. What diet plan of yours should I follow? Thanks!

February 08, 2014


Also I am a beginner when it comes to working out and the majority of exercise I currently get is just walking the campus to and from class or events.

February 08, 2014

Adrian Bryant

use this workout and this diet to lose weight on a busy sched

February 09, 2014


HI Adryan,

I am 28years old, 6feet tall and weigh 127kgs. Due to very tight schedule it is very difficult to exercise regularly although i am currently walking 2-3 kilometers a day do some squats and abs exercise for like 15 minutes daily (i know, very less).
I have been eating less meats and more veggies cooked in very less oil.
Can you please advise for a diet and a exercise plan which could help me as much weight as possible in 3 days?
And also a long term plan which can help me reduce my weight to around 90kilos in may be 3 months time.


February 08, 2014

Adrian Bryant

long and short term you need to use this workout and this diet to lose weight on a busy sched.

February 08, 2014


Hi Adrian,
I am 15 years old, 5'4, and I weigh 155 lbs; my goal is 130 lbs. I exercise five days a week for about two hours (I break the exercises up into resonable times so I don't pass out). I drink 8 glasses of water a day and eat as healthy as possible. I'm very ashamed of my weight even though I know others have worse, but my family and friends are always criticising me so I want to show them all how much I can lose. I REALLY want to lose 25lbs in a month, two at most. (I know it sounds unrealistic but I'm willing to do whatever it takes!) I want to lose weight fast and KEEP IT OFF, can you help me? Please?

February 05, 2014


Autumn my daughter is 16 and lost 30lbs with my support and doing Jillian Michaels body revolution program and following the recipes in her master your metabolism cookbook the food is really healthy, especially for your age, and the workouts are only about 30 mins. you can accomplish more in thirty min than two hours. also, make this a priority. your social sometimes takes over to organize your social around your workouts and food. you come first

February 21, 2014


Hey.. i'm 246 pounds 5ft 4.. how much weight can i lose by next week sat. i have a wedding also i bought lipozene... and recommendations on calories to eat and workouts?

February 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

based on your weight you could possibly lose up to 10 pounds by then with this diet here

February 05, 2014


Hey Adrian, I'm 15 years old and I'm 5'10 and weigh 156lbs. I want to lose 20 pounds in about 5-6 weeks. Do you think this is possible? If so, what do I have to do in order to achieve this?

January 25, 2014

Adrian Bryant

maybe not at your height and weight b/c the more overweight you are = the faster you will lose weight but you can try this

January 26, 2014


I have gained more than 65lb is the past five years. I currently weigh 211Lbs and I am 5'4" I have been diag as Hypothyroid. I am currently on 88mg of Synthroid. I try to diet and excersize but I see little or no progress and one mistake and it seems I can gain it all back in 1-2 days. I never had issues controling my weight until after my 3rd child who is no 5.5yrs old. there is very little out there on the lines of Diets for Thyroid Patients. Any suggestions?

January 21, 2014 en Espanol
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