2 Ways to Burn More Fat Quickly In the Morning

morning workout burn fat

1. Wake up & Workout!

You'll burn 20% more fat working out BEFORE Breakfast or before your 1st meal of the day and here's why…

A Kansas State University Study (Wilcox, Harford & Wedel Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, 17:2, 1985) says a kilogram of fat or 2.2 pounds of fat will be burned quicker when exercising before breakfast or before your 1st meal than when doing the same exercise after having a meal but what's even more amazing than that…

You can eat a lot more calories (about 30% more according to this study) while eating crappy foods & Still not gain any weight when you exercise before breakfast so you can literally have your cake, eat it and not worry about weight gain when you exercise before breakfast but…

This is only good news if you're trying to maintain your weight and to lose weight it's best to combine morning workouts with a weight loss diet where you're eating less to truly lose weight fast.

2. Skip or Eat Breakfast

Do what works best for you so…

If you're able to skip breakfast…

Then the good news for you is that you're doing intermittent fasting which will definitely help you lose fat faster especially if you're working out during your fasting period (see #1 again) or…

If you can't skip breakfast…

Then the good news for you is that eating breakfast can prevent you from binging or overeating later on in the day which is probably better for you if you have a hard time controlling your cravings but…

Eating or skipping breakfast (and whether you workout before breakfast or not) basically depends on what is the best strategy for you That YOU can consistently stick with to help you lose weight & keep it off for good.

Morning Checklist:

Make sure you also see…

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1-35 of 198 Comments

My Wife is disabled and walks with a cane - cannot really workout. Do you have any advice as to how she can lose weight?

February 03, 2016

Adrian Bryant

show her this

February 03, 2016


Hi adrian i am 5"4 weighing 207 pounds 21 years old im having trouble losing my thigh muscle and fat and also belly fat

February 01, 2016


I am 5 '4" and 180 lbs.and 20 yrs old,i started gym earlier to loose weight but accidentally I have gained weight due to some misunderstandings of my trainer
I want to loose 20 lbs of my weight in a week
Is it possible??

January 24, 2016

Adrian Bryant

yes but not probable. most of it would be water weight.
use this emergency weight loss plan here

January 24, 2016


I'm 18 years old and my height is 5.3" and I weight 213 pounds and ive tried everything to lose weight what else can I do???

December 14, 2015

Chloe S

Hi Adrian,
I am 23 years old, 1.72cm and 68 pounds. I want to lose 6 kg in 20 days and maintain the results. I also run for years and i want to try intermittent fasting . But i m wondering, how can i have energy for a morning run, if i haven't eaten for 10-15 hours?
thank you.

October 30, 2015

Chloe S

*Sorry i meant 68kg

October 30, 2015


I'm a 210 lb., 5' 2" 60 year old woman. I need to lose weight to live better and be around longer for my family. I take a high blood pressure pill (Diovan) everyday and a thyroid pill (Levothyroxin) only 6 days a week.

Will your plan help me lose weight safely?

October 25, 2015

Adrian Bryant

yes it will

use this workout and this diet

October 25, 2015


Hi , I'm 43 and going through menopause. I'm slim but would like to lose weight in bottom half and tone. How do I lose fat in butt, hips, legs.
I don't think I'm eating enough. Do you have a meal and workout plan that I can use?

August 17, 2015


Type your comments or questions here

August 17, 2015


Hi Adrian

My name is FĂ©licia, I'm 21 Years old ( going to my 22 in September ).
I've been following your videos since January. I really like those exercises. I need your advices because I've decided to lose 50 lbs. My weight is 89kg and my height is 1,65m. Actually I should go down 54kg but my goal is not to get thinest the most possible. Just to feel good inside my body and mind. I've read your tips about natural weightloss. What I need is a program: I've tried some of your exercises but I need to know which one would be the best to lose from the whole body ? My fat is principally concentrated inside my arms, my inner legs and my belly.

My bones is really fine so you can see by a simple look at my neck and wristle that I could be thiner.

Could you help me with this ?

Thanks a lot

August 05, 2015

Adrian Bryant

use this plan here to lose your 50

August 06, 2015


Hi Adrian, Love your youtube exercise videos and glad I found your page on intermittent fasting. I've been doing IF once a week for a couple of weeks and now have decided to do it most days - fast about 23 hours and then eat one meal. So, 2 questions:
For the one meal, is it better to eat protein and fat with little or no carbs or should there be carbs?
On the day(s) that I do more than one meal, should I make it a carb day?
My immediate goal is to lose a 100 pounds but ultimately I'm looking at this as the way I'll be eating for the rest of my life.

July 02, 2015

Adrian Bryant

if trying t lose weight then focus more on how many calores instead of what you eat

July 02, 2015


i stop eating at 7pm then workout around 10am is it ok if i drink C4 bfor working out?

July 01, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what is c4

July 02, 2015


Hi Adrian,

I'm a 20yrs old female. My height and weight is 1.65m and 58kg respectively. I have a double tummy, like a line which divides my tummy into 2. I have tried all kinda exercises and I just can't get rid of it. I am also trying to lose weight. Can u kindly suggest any workout & diet routine? It would be of great help. I am a vegetarian but I eat eggs though... Thanks you.

June 23, 2015


Adrian, or to anyone who knows...

doesn't our body have to burn the fat calories first before burning the actual fat (love handles) anyway?

So what difference does it make?

Say, I eat 700 calories of fat and protein calories (a normal dinner) and no carbs the night before.

I would still wake up with calories in my blood that I would have to burn before burning the actual fat.

Thank you in advance.

So what difference does it make if

June 11, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you are somewhat on the right track and that is why I recommend intermittent fasting

June 11, 2015


With fasting you do it for at least 12 hours (the body will start to eat fat then), and you'll be burning more than you're putting in. That's the difference~
And also if you work out first thing in the morning you'll burn most of those calories in your blood :)

October 28, 2015


Hello, overall its best to workout do the mornings? Lately, I've been working out in the evenings doing the 40mins bike. Thank you.

March 26, 2015

ankur khandelwal

I am 25 years old. About 2 months ago i got my weight from 96kg to 83 by hard workout or dieting.but from one month i stop my workout.nowdays i got my weight again 94kg.i again start workout for 35 minutes,three times a day from 5-6 days but not loosing weight any more. Please advise what to do.

February 16, 2015

Claudia M

Dear Adrian:

I'm a 22 years old woman 1.62m and I weight 163 lb. I has always been difficult for me to lose weight although I know I can do it and right now I'm highly motivated to do it. What can I do? Please help me, I think It's time to change my life my goal is 138 lb.

January 22, 2015


I am 41 years old, 184 and 5.5'. I have recently quit smoking and gained a lot of weight around the middle. I don't eat a breakfast and a very little lunch but have a good dinner. I currently workout at home for 20mins about 5 days a week. I would like to drop 30 pounds....any suggestions?

November 12, 2014


try to reverse it eat more in the day and eat less at dinner time..

February 06, 2015

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