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You need to eat -to- calories per day to start losing weight &…

  • It does NOT matter WHAT you eat or WHEN you eat as long as you're eating -to- calories per day but…
  • You'll probably eat 3 BIGGER -to- calorie meals every 4-to-5 hours or…
  • You may eat 4 BIG -to- calorie meals every 3-to-4 hours or…
  • You may eat 5 smaller -to- calorie meals every 3 hours or…
  • You may eat 6 tiny -to- calorie meals every 2-to-3 hours &…
  • Drink at least ounces of cold water everyday and remember this important fact…

You can eat WHATEVER & WHENEVER you want & still lose weight (see why here) as long as you're only eating -to- calories per day &…

  • Every time you lose 5-to-10 pounds Start over & use this Permanent Weight Loss Calculator again and keep using it over & over until you reach your weight loss goal &…

Do these 2 things to lose weight even faster as you eat -to- calories per day

1. Keep a Food Journal Because…

Although -to- calories is a very good estimate of exactly how much you need to eat to lose weight… You still should track how much you eat everyday because in some rare cases…

You may find that you actually need to eat less than calories or that you can eat more than calories and still lose weight so Use any ONE of these food journals…

2. Sweat

Follow the 10 rules here to Lose 10-to-15 pounds every 3 weeks using the workouts below…

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1-35 of 1782 Comments

Hi my name is leila and I weight 161. I try about everything to lose it I got walk around the park I watch what I eat but no results at all. I honestly don't know what to do and I need to lose it in order to keep my sugar in place

August 18, 2017

Manish Gupta

my weight is 161 lbs, hight 171 cm and i am 27 year old man. my target to reduce belly fat and reduce my weight till 150 lbs. Currently i am doing 5 days gim workout and 12 km running every weak, so give his valuable advise

August 04, 2017


I weigh 155pounds and work out 3-5days a week plus running at least 25-45km per week excluding 1week while I'm on my period. I eat 1800 calories a day all heathly excluding 2hot chocolates and finding it hard to lose weight. I don't know why I'm not loosing weight

August 03, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking the 1800

August 05, 2017


My name is Lauren. I am a 16 year old girl and I weigh 143 pounds. I only eat between 700-800 calories daily and I burn at least 400 calories on the elliptical 5-6 times a week. My goal is to lose my belly fat, but I am having a hard time. Advice?

July 31, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking the cals

August 01, 2017


I use the app MyNetCalories

August 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

1. you should be losing on 700cal alone AND I DO NOT recommend you go that low for health reasons but...

2. if you were truly eating only 700 cals you would lose weight without exercise but again...

3. at least take a multivitamin if going that low or make sure you eat high qulaity foods to avoid the hunger and cravings that come with a low cal diet

August 01, 2017


If I ate more calories, would I lose belly fat and keep my legs thicker?

August 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

More calories meaning less than 2000? if so then maybe. you need to use trial and error to see the max number of cals you can eat and still lose weight

August 02, 2017


I'm 13 and I weigh 180 pounds and I really would like to lose 65 pounds but I'm not sure what the best way to do it is, I know for sure that I have been eating healthy but I need more ways to help me lose the weight

July 28, 2017


I just posts 2 years had Breast cancer I have put on a lot of weight that's very detrimental to my health I lose it go to exercise classes ride a stationary bike watch my calorie intake
Lose A few lbs then I eat one good meal and put it right back on
I'm 69 weight 209 height 5.6
Do u have any advice?

July 25, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here

July 26, 2017


I am 180pds, 44 yrs old, trying to get to 150pds. I workout at least 3 to 5 times a week/modetate activity and weight training. I started myfitness pal to log my food. It gave me 1200 calories a day to eat. Is this correct? Just need a second opinion. Any particular exercise I need to do?

Thank you.

July 24, 2017

Adrian Bryant

1200 is good but not nescc. especially if you cant seriously stick to it. 2nd opinion

July 25, 2017


Hi Shayla. I'm not a weightloss expert but i know that's not enough calories is you want to lose weight. That low calorie goal will have your body holding on to the weight because it will be in starvation mode because you are working out. Put in your info on, it will give you a better calorie goal according to your fitness goals. If you have facebook, there is also a support group.

August 01, 2017


Sorry for the typos.

August 01, 2017


And i really want to loose enough so you can see a difference.

July 09, 2017


so i'm 13 and i'm 5'7 and weigh 130 pounds I really want to loose weight but I don't know how many pounds I should loose.

July 09, 2017


Okay listen,

If you are 130lbs and think you NEED to loose weight... you are mistaken.
It's important at this time for you to start creating good habits like walking with friends and distracting yourself from overeating, because after you gain too much weight, it only escalates ! I was 160 and I felt out so fat. Then I got pregnant and gained 40 pounds. Then after having my daughter I developed bad eating habits and didn't drink enough water.. I am now 260 pounds. 2 weeks ago I weighed myself at 245, and just within 2 weeks I've gained 15 pounds. If you want to loose weight, just start running and build up a little bit everyday. Good runners don't just start out like that, they have to work their way up. So start off with maybe 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking and so forth for maybe 30 minutes a day on and off. Also drink more water, force yourself, it's a good habit. Just don't overeat and distract yourself from so much food, start to appreciate good food, not fast food!!!!!

July 10, 2017

Adrian Bryant

you're not overweight but as far as how much to lose to make you feel better that is up to you but as for health reasons your weight is OKAY

July 11, 2017


Hi Adrian,

I'm a 5'0 female, 27 years old. In the words of my family, I'm a girl who never knew what it meant like to be skinny. I'm currently trying to lose a 110 pounds fast. I did your HIT workouts yesterday and today, and I'd like to say how very grateful I am for your site. I'm sweating buckets as I type this comment, and I feel so alive!!!!

My only question to you is this: yesterday, I did approximately 45 min. of your workouts (whole bedsheet shuffle and the lose 30 pounds/30 days workout). I'm no stranger to being sore after the workout and today, but this morning I felt a great need to overeat..... how do I stave this off tomorrow? Is it my body feeling the intermittent fasting/workout burn?

Thanks a ton!!!!

July 05, 2017


Hi Adrian:
My question is im 5'3 206lbs I started walking like 6 miles a day to lose weight and im feeling good but everyone is saying im not eating enough...but im not a big eater most days so what can i do..

June 30, 2017


I've been eating way less calories a day than what this calculator is telling me to eat, and I'm still not losing weight. Is it possible that I'm not eating enough and that that is what is preventing me from being at my goal weight I do crossfit 4x a week mixed with running.

June 26, 2017

Adrian Bryant

see this and how are you tracking calories?

June 26, 2017


Dear Adrian,

I would really love to go back to my old self, ive gained the pounds and would love to lose 70 pounds. I'm currently 154 pounds and 5'0.

June 25, 2017


I justseen your site. Cool. I'm 60 and 340lbs. Stress eater. I got that in check now. Still stressed. I cut out sweets. I drink 3 to 4 , 32 ounce Hospital cups of water daily. I do an hour of low-impact exercises every morning and do for sets of 50 on a aerobic stepper. I'm still not getting to my goal. I've read so much that is making my head hurt. My doctor said eat 1500 calories day but I seem to be gaining more weight. I seen that your workouts are outside the box I like that I'm going to try starting tomorrow.

June 19, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking the calories? please see this

June 20, 2017


I weighed 307lbs when I last weighed. I suspect that I'm around 320lbs now. My goal is to get to 170 lbs and stay there. I'm 175cm, 30 yrs old female. I WANT MY LIFE BACK. I get frustrated when the weight does NOT come off fast enough. I want to play hard and not get winded. I have three beautiful children whose life I'm sleeping away. Please help me.

June 18, 2017

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