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You need to eat -to- calories per day to start losing weight &…

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  • You'll probably eat 3 BIGGER -to- calorie meals every 4-to-5 hours or…
  • You may eat 4 BIG -to- calorie meals every 3-to-4 hours or…
  • You may eat 5 smaller -to- calorie meals every 3 hours or…
  • You may eat 6 tiny -to- calorie meals every 2-to-3 hours &…
  • Drink at least ounces of cold water everyday and remember this important fact…

You can eat WHATEVER & WHENEVER you want & still lose weight (see why here) as long as you're only eating -to- calories per day &…

  • Every time you lose 5-to-10 pounds Start over & use this Permanent Weight Loss Calculator again and keep using it over & over until you reach your weight loss goal &…

Do these 2 things to lose weight even faster as you eat -to- calories per day

1. Keep a Food Journal Because…

Although -to- calories is a very good estimate of exactly how much you need to eat to lose weight… You still should track how much you eat everyday because in some rare cases…

You may find that you actually need to eat less than calories or that you can eat more than calories and still lose weight so Use any ONE of these food journals…

2. Sweat

Follow the 10 rules here to Lose 10-to-15 pounds every 3 weeks using the workouts below…

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1-35 of 1799 Comments

48 male, 5'11" 266. Recently dropped my weight from 296 in June by reducing calories to 2000 and working out 4x per week. Last two weeks I am at a plateau. Any ideas?

September 22, 2017


I am 5'6. I weigh 214 pounds. I have insulin resistance and pcos. I have always had a problem with my weight. I usually eat about 1600 calories a day but I'm always gaining weight. I usually exercise 3 times a week but without a prescription appetite suppressant I don't lose. What is wrong with me?

September 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking the 1600?

September 20, 2017


I am 40 I weigh 280 im 5'3. I had a serious talk with surgeon 2 weeks ago and I need major surgery. In order to have it I must lose 50lbs before January. I have begin exercising daily and reduced my calorie intake to about 1200 I have only lost 5 lbs what am I doing wrong? Everybody keeps telling me to way more but im diabetes and have to watch carbs. Please help

September 15, 2017

Adrian Bryant

do this

September 17, 2017


im wanting to loose weight i weigh 210lb 5'3" i cut out pop only drink sprite when im sick and i only drink water flavor water and Gatorade powder once in awhile milk, i do eat bigger meals sometimes im hungry all the time i have anxiety which does not help it seems to make things worse i work at walmart so im always on my feet always walking all the time im usually off two to three days a week, what will be the best way for me not feel hungry all the time and eat healthier?

September 09, 2017

Adrian Bryant

kill hunger here

September 09, 2017


Very interesting article and site but I'm not sure I fully understand things.
In this article you simply state less calories is less weight(gain) and more calories is the opposite.

But in other articles you list tips that boost metabolism. For example spicy mustard has calories but because it accelerates the metabolism the effective caloretic value is less than what you read on the jar. Possibly even negative.
Is that correct?

About protein I've read that you can eat unlimited amounts of it because all excess leaves your body. Not saying unlimited is a smart thing to do because it will damage kidneys and/or liver.
My question is this: Because of that reason should protein really be counted (100%) as calories?
Say my diet is extremely balanced and is perfect for my situation. But I just want to eat some extra protein for taste and/or suppress food cravings. Would that have a negative effect on fat loss? (it's not stored)

September 08, 2017

Adrian Bryant

negative calorie foods dont exist but yes... spices, high protein diets etc will increase your metavolism or burn more calories during digestion or processing of your food along with killing appetite for faster weight loss

for every 100 calories of protein you eat = 30 of calories those calories are used for digestion so NO... you cant eat an unlimted amount. eat too much of anythign and you will gain fat.

lastly. dont overcomplicate things. if you eat too much or too many calories then that will negatively affect weight loss

September 08, 2017


I am just getting started. I am a 50yr old woman 5'10 high 318lbs. I have lost 7lbs in 10 days. I gave up soda and started exercise but my treadmill broke so now I am walking around town. I am so out of shape I can't get on the floor. Can you recommend old people exercises?

August 26, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here

August 27, 2017


Hi Adrian,

I am 38 and I am 6' weigh-in at 210 I used to weight 220 about 2 years ago, however, I got down to 198 but I have put on some muscle now. However, I am still having issues losing this belly fat, I am at about 20% body fat and am setting a goal for 2 months to be at 15% body fat, I am sure it is possible, just need a little bit of help getting that goal, what do you recommend?

August 24, 2017

Adrian Bryant

losing belly fat simply = losing more weight so start here

August 24, 2017


I am 26 years old 5ft 1 and weigh 128lbs only five months ago I weighed around 108lbs. I have been trying loose weight but nothing seems to stick. I do not have the money to pay out for different programs but I would just like something that works to help me loose 18 - 20lbs, to make good habits, to get back in shape and to help me keep on track for a better healthier lifestyle. What can I do?

August 22, 2017


Hi my name is leila and I weight 161. I try about everything to lose it I got walk around the park I watch what I eat but no results at all. I honestly don't know what to do and I need to lose it in order to keep my sugar in place

August 18, 2017

Manish Gupta

my weight is 161 lbs, hight 171 cm and i am 27 year old man. my target to reduce belly fat and reduce my weight till 150 lbs. Currently i am doing 5 days gim workout and 12 km running every weak, so give his valuable advise

August 04, 2017


I weigh 155pounds and work out 3-5days a week plus running at least 25-45km per week excluding 1week while I'm on my period. I eat 1800 calories a day all heathly excluding 2hot chocolates and finding it hard to lose weight. I don't know why I'm not loosing weight

August 03, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking the 1800

August 05, 2017


My name is Lauren. I am a 16 year old girl and I weigh 143 pounds. I only eat between 700-800 calories daily and I burn at least 400 calories on the elliptical 5-6 times a week. My goal is to lose my belly fat, but I am having a hard time. Advice?

July 31, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how are you tracking the cals

August 01, 2017


I use the app MyNetCalories

August 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

1. you should be losing on 700cal alone AND I DO NOT recommend you go that low for health reasons but...

2. if you were truly eating only 700 cals you would lose weight without exercise but again...

3. at least take a multivitamin if going that low or make sure you eat high qulaity foods to avoid the hunger and cravings that come with a low cal diet

August 01, 2017


If I ate more calories, would I lose belly fat and keep my legs thicker?

August 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

More calories meaning less than 2000? if so then maybe. you need to use trial and error to see the max number of cals you can eat and still lose weight

August 02, 2017


Im a 13 year old girl so I know how desperately you can want a flay tummy buhhh from my experience eating that little makes you gain weight bc you body gets scared it woke eat again and starts holding onto fat. Try to get that number to atleast 1500. Trust me youll be happier. Then just excersize for 30 minutes which really isnt a lot and then do little things like jog in place or while sitting watching Netflix do bicycle kicks. And for that flat tummy theres this really cool utuber who does abs exercises. I forgot her name buh she asian and has lots of really cool different exercises that low intensity but leave you sore and really pay off when you do them everydsy. Also school coming us so maybe try a sport.i know its hard sometimes bc teenage girls are butches BUT and its hard when you arent that good. I sucked asshole but those coaches ran our butts off and by the end of the season i was faster and stronger than i thought i could be. Ik this is really long buh i hope you actually read it and relate to it especially since we re so close in age. Good luck chica

August 20, 2017


You are not eating enough. You should be eating at least 1200 calories.
Eat whole foods like veggies, meats, fruits, eggs, grains.
No sodas, sugar.

September 19, 2017


I'm 13 and I weigh 180 pounds and I really would like to lose 65 pounds but I'm not sure what the best way to do it is, I know for sure that I have been eating healthy but I need more ways to help me lose the weight

July 28, 2017


I just posts 2 years had Breast cancer I have put on a lot of weight that's very detrimental to my health I lose it go to exercise classes ride a stationary bike watch my calorie intake
Lose A few lbs then I eat one good meal and put it right back on
I'm 69 weight 209 height 5.6
Do u have any advice?

July 25, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here

July 26, 2017


I am 180pds, 44 yrs old, trying to get to 150pds. I workout at least 3 to 5 times a week/modetate activity and weight training. I started myfitness pal to log my food. It gave me 1200 calories a day to eat. Is this correct? Just need a second opinion. Any particular exercise I need to do?

Thank you.

July 24, 2017

Adrian Bryant

1200 is good but not nescc. especially if you cant seriously stick to it. 2nd opinion

July 25, 2017

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