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You need to eat -to- calories per day to start losing weight &…

  • It does NOT matter WHAT you eat or WHEN you eat as long as you're eating -to- calories per day but…
  • You'll probably eat 3 BIGGER -to- calorie meals every 4-to-5 hours or…
  • You may eat 4 BIG -to- calorie meals every 3-to-4 hours or…
  • You may eat 5 smaller -to- calorie meals every 3 hours or…
  • You may eat 6 tiny -to- calorie meals every 2-to-3 hours &…
  • Drink at least ounces of cold water everyday and remember this important fact…

You can eat WHATEVER & WHENEVER you want & still lose weight (see why here) as long as you're only eating -to- calories per day &…

  • Every time you lose 5-to-10 pounds Start over & use this Permanent Weight Loss Calculator again and keep using it over & over until you reach your weight loss goal &…

Do these 2 things to lose weight even faster as you eat -to- calories per day

1. Keep a Food Journal Because…

Although -to- calories is a very good estimate of exactly how much you need to eat to lose weight… You still should track how much you eat everyday because in some rare cases…

You may find that you actually need to eat less than calories or that you can eat more than calories and still lose weight so Use any ONE of these food journals…

2. Sweat

Follow the 10 rules here to Lose 10-to-15 pounds every 3 weeks using the workouts below…

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Thanks for the article. My spouse and i have generally noticed that many people are needing to lose weight simply because they wish to look slim in addition to looking attractive. Nevertheless, they do not constantly realize that there are more benefits for you to losing weight also. Doctors say that fat people are afflicted with a variety of disorders that can be instantly attributed to their own excess weight. Fortunately that people who definitely are overweight along with suffering from numerous diseases are able to reduce the severity of their illnesses through losing weight. It is easy to see a continuous but marked improvement with health if even a small amount of fat reduction is achieved.

I tried many diets, lost a few pounds but it was hard to follow and was very strict with the food i'm allowed to eat so changed it. I’m now trying a red tea diet which is far more easier to follow and I’ve lost 10 pounds last month. I also don’t feel bloated anymore and it suppresses my hunger for longer time too. I don't feel tired, plus it tastes delicious! here’s a review on the red tea diet that I’m using if anyone’s interested:

May 18, 2018


I'm 21 years old female, 142 lbs and 5 ft, I want to lose weight in a month, and I'm wondering what kind of daily exercice I can do to lose some belly fat and tone up my tights and lose weight in general...
P.S: I'm currently fasting for Ramadan (a month).

May 17, 2018


Same here I'm a guy I'm 25 5.ft.5 and fasting for Ramadan. I need to lose 30 pounds. I'm a small man and gained weight in school from my job and depression from not having Muslim friends.. but I'm just gonna cut my calories to 1200 a day like I did before and watch the fat melt away. Good luck sis.

May 24, 2018


I’m 5’6 280 pounds I need a good diet and work out routine.

May 17, 2018


Im 280 5,8"want to lose weight belly fat fast what do i do ? I want to be at 220 or less

May 16, 2018


Hi, I am 4'11 and weigh 170 pounds. I want to loose 50 pounds asap! Is there any way for me?

May 15, 2018


I have no time for working out, I try to walk as much as I can or try to hit 10,000 steps per day.
I want to loose excess weight that I have gained. My goal is to loose 25-30 pounds. What should I eat? I am vegetarian I do have my fitness pal app already. please offer any suggestions. I just feel so pitiful and awful about how none my clothes fit me anymore!

May 14, 2018


Thank you for the reply!

Just lil more information I am 35 years old and weigh 163 pounds I have normally always been at 130-140

My goal is to loose 15 pounds and then aim for another 15 to reach my pre fat weight as I call it.
I am trying to maintain about 1200 calories
I don't like v8 so I am going to just stink with veggies...
I also do the Premier Protein shakes is that ok? they have about 30 gs protein...
I am just very focused on wanting to get back in shape at be at 135 at least... my clothes will start to fit me again! ah

May 16, 2018

Adrian Bryant

yes, premier protian is fine

May 17, 2018

Hibah Hayaat

Hi, i want to go on a diet as i am 125 lb but i look heavy. People keep telling me i look fat even though i have a normal weight. I just want to look thin and get a toned body. I want to go on a diet but i dont know how to without my parents (who control what i eat) knowing. Please do you have any suggestions? Thank you

May 12, 2018


Hi my name is quneshia roberson i weigh 320.6 pounds
Everytime i see food i eat then when i eat it i ask someone did i go over my calories and they tell me yes and I just be so angry with my self but later on i do the same thing
I want to get to 140 pounds can you tell me what do i need to think and do and eat so i can lose weight fast.

May 08, 2018


Keep your own food journal. List everything, including drinks, water, coffee. List condiments also. Be accurate as possible. Go online and type in your weight and height. You will be guided on how many calories you can consume and still lose weight. Stay within those limits, no matter what. you will soon see effort paying off and will develope good eating habits. If you go over, drink more water. Today we have the good fortune of having the internet to help determine calories in the food we eat. They are all listed . Good luck and don't quit, be patient

May 21, 2018


Hi I am 5'4 and I'm 21 years old weighing 320 lbs. I need to lose 120 within 4 months any suggestions? Im doing the dvp yoga monday through Friday for 30 minutes. I stopped eating for 3 days and than after that I eat a salad with boild eggs. Any suggestions what to do

May 06, 2018

Adrian Bryant

your "not eating" diet will do that for you but the question is how long can you keep that up?

May 07, 2018


Hey I'm 40 yrs old 6 ft weigh about 240pounds trying to get to 180-190 don't really work out that much any ideas.

May 01, 2018


Hello! I’m 5’1” and 195 lbs. I have a desk job as well as a part time job so not a whole lot of free time to be active. I want to get back to when I felt comfortable at 130-140. How can I do this?

April 29, 2018


I am 16 years old ...i weigh 231 and I’m 5’6 .... i want to to be 140 before school starts back in August ... can you help ?

April 29, 2018


I am 64 yr old female and weigh 226 lbs. I have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. I had a minor heart attack about a month ago and have A-Fib. My stomach is extremely large and out of proportion to the rest of my body. I would like to get down to 160. What kind of diet should I be on? I am hoping to start a walking program when my back pain subsides. Please help! TIA

April 27, 2018

Adrian Bryant

this diet

April 27, 2018

Need to get ripped

I am 6ft tall and 27 years old man that weighs 205 I want to drop down to 165-170 lean muscle please help

April 25, 2018

Adrian Bryant

then go here

April 25, 2018


I'm a 270 pound 5'2 female and I have thyroid and high blood pressure........I'm trying to lose 70 pounds quickly I'm desperate what do I do I've tried everything

April 23, 2018


Im 53y/o, 5'8" and currently weigh 295lbs. I am a type 2 Diabetic. I work in healthcare so I walk and sit. I also work nights. My goal weight right now is 200lbs. Can you help me achieve this goal? My figure is hour glass. Recently though I have started to gain weight in the belly area.

April 22, 2018


Hi Adrian,

I am a 66 year old female with fibromyalgia and arthritis. I currently weigh 155, but I am only 4'11". In addition to my MD telling me that exercise is the best "treatment" for fibro, I would really like to lose 20 pounds by the end of July for a family reunion. I love your plans, but I'm not sure which one is realistic for me. It's so hard being short *and* older. Any advice would be helpful. Your website is awesome. Thank you in advance, and God bless.

April 22, 2018

Adrian Bryant

start here

April 24, 2018

Calorie counter

You could also use the nutrifix app ( - I've found it really useful to plan my meals, even when eating out. The calorie counter is pretty useful too.

April 17, 2018


47y/o female, pear shape figure, East Sunday, weighed 205,with swollen feet and legs. This scared me, I changed My diet no sugar, no carbs, limited meat. Mainly eating salads, salmon, eggs for breakfast, hardboiled. Lost 4 lbs it's been 2 weeks exercise 3X wk. How many calories should I eat? What exercises reduce saddle bag hips, and thunder thighs. I carry my weight in butt, hips and thighs. BTW, swelling went down.

April 15, 2018

Adrian Bryant

losing weight overall will reduce saddle bag hips, and thunder thighs. nothing specail you can do about that but as for calories...

start off with less than 1800 and check every 3-to-7 days and adjust according to the results you get

April 15, 2018


I am 38 with 3 children, all c-sections. I had a hip replacement last year and I am still struggling with how to be as active as I use to be. I am 4’11 and weight 155. I have a slow metabolism and currently eat about 1250 calories a day, work out 3 days a week (cycling class) but have not been able to loose any weight at all, what should I do? People keep saying eat less but I don’t think I should dip below 11-1200 calories. Thank you

April 13, 2018

Adrian Bryant

1200 is an amount anyone can lose off of. how do you track calories. do you eat about the same thing daily

April 14, 2018

Nathan Carnahan

I weigh 265lbs.s, my goal is to turn fat tissue into muscle, I’m in search of a diet plan and work out plan to do so. Also i’m Wondering if i’d Have to do cardio and if so how much?

Thank you,

April 08, 2018


I am 5'11 and 307 lbs and I am so tired of trying diet plans and joining gyms and getting no where. I use to be 168lbs 10 yrs ago and it seems which each baby my weight skyrocketed. Now my last born is 5 and I still cant get it together. I lack motivation, get burned out easily, feel tired and nauseous and I am fed up with having to fail at keeping my weight under control. I need help! I am scared that if I dont do something, Ill get a heart attack. I have a whole life ahead of me and I want to find change and be healthier.

April 07, 2018


I m 5ft 7in weighing 160lbs. I would love to get back to my normal weight of 135lbs by summer, hopefully. I hardly have time to exercise as I work and go to school both full time and I'm also recovering from surgery on both feet, so working out is not an option right now, maybe in a month or so I can get back in the gym.
I currently eat under 1200 calories daily which only helps me to maintain my weight as I'm not losing or gaining weight.
Please help

April 06, 2018


I’m a 18 year old female 5’0. I’m 126 lbs. I recently gained that weight very fast b/c of birth control(I was 82 and severely underweight). But now I’m looking to get control of it as obesity does run in my family and itd like to slim my stomach! Please help before it’s too late!

April 03, 2018


Hi my name is Cheyenne, I am 5’0 and I weight 178 I would like to get down to at least 140! Please help!

April 03, 2018


Hi Adrian,
I am 50 year old female, 199 lbs and 5'3". No idea where to start. Was always active until I had half my thyroid removed in my mid thirties since then the lbs have been relentless. Help!

April 01, 2018

Adrian Bryant

start here

April 02, 2018


I am 5’6 and weigh 235. I think a healthy weight would be between 160-170 and I am 19. I also want to tone up and have strength but no big muscles. What do I do ???

March 28, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you go here

March 29, 2018

Darla Childers

I am extremely over weight (6' and 500lbs.) Please help me!

March 28, 2018


I am 63, 154 lbs, 5ft 5 1/2 in. I want to weigh 145. I am not active, I want to tone up as well

March 26, 2018 en Espanol
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