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You need to eat -to- calories per day to start losing weight &…

  • It does NOT matter WHAT you eat or WHEN you eat as long as you're eating -to- calories per day but…
  • You may eat 3 BIGGER -to- calorie meals every 4-to-5 hours or…
  • You may eat 4 BIG -to- calorie meals every 3-to-4 hours or…
  • You may eat 5 smaller -to- calorie meals every 3 hours or…
  • You may eat 6 tiny -to- calorie meals every 2-to-3 hours &…
  • Drink at least ounces of cold water everyday and remember this important fact…

You can eat WHATEVER you want & still lose weight (see why) as long as you're eating -to- calories per day.

  • Eat less than calories per day to Lose Weight Extremely Fast. The less calories you eat = the faster you lose weight but its harder to lose weight permanently on a very low calorie diet (why VLCD don't work)
  • A cheat day only happens when you eat more than calories. Cheat days are defined by NOT WHAT but HOW MUCH you eat.
  • Use 1 of these tools to track your calories.
  • Look at the YES/NO diagram below if you can't lose weight⇓
how many calories to eat to lose weight

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