5 Steps To Get a Belly Like This…

men and women lose belly fat

1. Lose Belly Fat

To lose belly fat you need to lose weight all over your body at the same time with these 2 Steps to Lose Weight Fast

The only time you can target belly fat is where you'd use an advanced weight loss plan like this with intermittent fasting to lose your last 10-to-20 pounds which is usually just stubborn belly, hip & thigh fat.

2. Get Rid of Fake Belly Fat

3. Get Abs By…

Doing ONE of the 3 Ab workouts below 1-to-6 times a day, 1-to-3 days per week, taking at least one day off between workouts…

Click on photos to do an Ab workout

You Already Have Abs but…

To Make Your Abs Visible…

More Ab Exercises

4. Flat Stomach Exercises

Weak TVA or TransVerseAbdomiuns muscles make your belly protrude outward making your belly look fatter than it really is even if you're already skinny with not much belly fat so to strengthen your TVA muscles to instantly get a flatter stomach…

Do These Flat Stomach Exercises…

Do any combination of those TVA or Flat stomach exercises as often as you like to get a flatter stomach rather quickly but you still have to lose belly fat to TRULY get a flat stomach.

5. Focus Mostly On Step 1

99% of the reason why your belly will look like this is because…

man and woman get rid belly fat

You've Lost Belly Fat Using Step 1 to lose weight all over your body and as you're losing belly fat…

When Will My Belly Look Like This…?

man woman no belly fat

The more overweight you are + the more belly fat you have + how high your body fat % is = the longer it's going to take you to lose belly fat, see your abs & get a flat stomach.

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Rose H.

I am super glad I found you Adrian because this website seems VERY legit. So, my concern is from my stomach and down... My belly has the most fat after giving birth and bad dieting. My butt and legs are not that big so I would like to lose my belly fat without decreasing too much of my legs and thigh.
Right now I am doing the intermittent fasting and it is going quite well. However, I tend to workout after work which is around 7-8pm and I would like to drink my protein shake (I bought a protein shake specifically for my buttock and thighs to grow) right after I work out but will that effect my intermittent fasting? I mean, I plan to drink it only 2x a week because you mentioned only do butt workout 2x a week.
I do not want super muscular butt or thighs but I would like to grow them. In general, lifting heavy weight will it burn all the fat on my butt or just create bigger muscles and I can still have my semi-soft buttock? :)
I really appreciate you putting all this work together to share with the world! Thank you Adrian!!

July 10, 2018

Rose H.

Also, my goal is to lift my butt to look more round. What would be the best exercise for this? I want to separate my butt from my thighs, will daily of donkey kicks and side leg lifts (fire hydrant) without any weights be OK or should I not do them daily? :)

July 10, 2018

Adrian Bryant

1. you can only mess up I.F. if you break-your-fast too early

2. but regardless of I.F if you keep your caloreis right you'll still lose weight

3. as for protein you need to get a certain amount daily (BW x .7 = grams needed of protein daliy)

4. there is nothing magical about portein shakes. you protein can come from any source

July 10, 2018


Thank you so much Adrian! Now for the butt portion should I ask these questions in the “butt” section? :)

July 11, 2018

Adrian Bryant

LOL! - you can ask anywhere. no need to post on butt pages

July 12, 2018


Hi , i am about 74kg and approximatetly 175cm and i am a child i want to lose weight but im not sure how to lose my cankles?

July 06, 2018

Josephine Tan

Hi, I am 101lbs and 158cm female with very slim body all over, my hips and thighs are slim and small too but my lower belly fat protrudes. When I sit down, my belly fat is very soft and becomes a very big foldable and pinchable layer that is very easy to grab. I do weight lifting (upper/lower) 6 days a week and only do sone light cardio about 20mins once a week during one of the weight lifting days. I am eating at 1400-1500calories.I cut sugar and have shared dessert once or twice a week. The belly fat is really stubborn and hard to lose. Please advise me. Thank you very much!

June 23, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you may need to just follow step #3 at your low weight to simply tightren up that area

June 23, 2018


hi Adrian

i have a flat stomach but once in a while my lower abdomen protrudes. I used to think i was getting fat but i could still see my abs line on upper abdomen. What should i do?

June 15, 2018

Adrian Bryant

I need to know your current weight and height to help you better but it sounds like all you have left is stubborn belly fat to lose so use this plan here

June 18, 2018


Hi Adrian,
I want to lose my stomach fat and get a flat stomach by the end of May this year, but be able to keep it that way long-term. I also would like to get my thighs to slim down so I have more of a thigh gap so I do not get these irritating red bumps from wearing shorts. I'm not positive if I would like abs, but either way, which is a good exercise for a flat stomach and thinner legs? I am currently 146 lbs, 5'1'', and I am a size 10-12 in jeans. If you could help me reach my goal by then that would be great!!

March 29, 2018

Adrian Bryant

go here to do that

March 31, 2018


Hi Adrian,
I am 28, 5’6’’ and 125 lb.
I have huge belly , flat butt. Recently I worked my butt made it curvier with hip thrust. Now I want to loose belly fat but don’t want to loose my butt mucles and don’t want to loose weight.please suggest me the workout plan that is suitable for me. Thank you in advance!

March 19, 2018


Hi. I am 235 ibs. And have lost a little over 20 ibs since Jan 1 but with my busy schedule i have no time to exercise and am only dependent on my low carb high fat diet. I need to lose 100 lbs before August, what should I do?

February 25, 2018


Hi Adrian first I'd like to say thank you so much for this wonderful website ,which has helped me loose weight several different times. I'm back on my weight-loss Journey again and I had a question. when ever I go on on my weight-loss journey I always like to start taking metabolism pills as a kind of extra boost for me ,it helps me lose weight a lot faster I wanted to know would it be okay to take these metabolism pills if I'm trying to do the exercises that will help me gain a bigger butt do you recommend metabolism pills during this journey

February 21, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you cna take the pills but i can assure you 99% of your success is due to diet and exercise

February 22, 2018


I'm 5ft 4 weigh 115 pound and body % around 19.3 but still have a fat tummy and no visible abs!! Any ideas what I should do?? I exercise with weight 3 times a week eat a high protein diet

January 08, 2018

Scott Manuel

I want to lose my belly fats, but I don't know how. Hope thus stomach exercise will help me.

January 05, 2018

Adrian Bryant

then focus on STEP 1

January 07, 2018


Hi Adrian I started exercising last summer at my heaviest weight 220lbs.I'm 5'3 and am now floating between 185-190.
I think that you are innovative with your workouts and full of knowledge.What should i do to kick my weightloss back into gear again?
Thank you!!!!

June 22, 2017


Thank you Adrian! It's day one of me taking your advice and I already feel a difference.Im determined to get results you are my motivation.
How many calories should i be eating a day? Is 1200 too low? Thank you a thousand times!!

June 23, 2017

Adrian Bryant

low enough where you can realistically maintain it

June 24, 2017


so if i do hip thrusts( 4 sets of 12 reps ) on monday is it ok to do weighted butt bridges on tuesday?

June 26, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yes but its better to do hip thrust OR bridges ONLY and if you had to choose ONE then do hip thrust since butt bridges are just hip thrust done in a shorter range of motion

June 27, 2017


i appreciate all the advice Adrian.Now, when it comes to rest days for glutes is it only necessary when using heavy weights?
I do hip thrusts (4X15) using only 10lbs.will i get negative results if i do them every other day?i dont want them to get weaker if im overworking them.but with 10lbs i dnt think that is damaging enough.im trying to figure out a way to get my glutes on the most ideal workout for maximum muscle benefits!
Thank you Adrian !

July 10, 2017

Adrian Bryant

why only 10 pounds? look at this

July 11, 2017


You dont know any kickboxing/karate esq type workout vidz? That would be so awesome!i am doing the I.F MON-FRI along with your body workouts and have felt a difference in my clothes.thank u always!

August 21, 2017


Hi I've been working out on/off for several years. I enjoy health and wellness. My dilemma is flattening the abdominal area left from a c-section some 21yrs ago please give me a solution. My eatingtypically is typically a smoothie daily along with with chicken/fish/red meat. My weight is approx.133lbs standing at 5'5. I need a solution.

June 18, 2017


HI, what is the fastest way to lose 20 pounds. I am 5'10 female, 165 pounds, I can not stand it...

May 16, 2017


Hey Adrian, my goal is to lose 150 pounds. I had a baby and am more motivated than ever to lose weight now. I have been going strong working out 5 to 6 days a week for the past month. I am currently 244 pounds and only about 5'6". Please help recommend which of your workouts to follow. In the past month I have definitely mastered the diet and junk food makes me nauseous now. I just need to find the appropriate workout plan to help me reach my goals as soon as my body will allow. Please help!!

May 01, 2017


Corrections from previous comment***
Hello Adrian!

I'm 38 and 4'9". I weigh 168 pounds and I'm super short! I want to get rid of my belly fat and tone up the rest of my body, just a little bit. What meal plans and workouts are there for me?

Thank you!

April 17, 2017

Adrian Bryant

this is good to start with

April 17, 2017


Hi :) Im 21yrs old and I'm 5'5. I never had an issue with my body before since i always had a constant weight of 119lbs and had a toned figure without doing anything but over the summer i gained weight and went to 128lbs.....and my stomach looks so unattractive now....and i gained love handles too....i don't know what to do....i don't know how to count calories nor what things i should do to sculpt my body not just stomach but my waist and butt as well........i want my figure back but i don't know the first thing to gain it back.....and i want fast results....im willing to do whatever it takes because its starting to give my self esteem issues and lowering my self confidence....:( and given I'm a student....all i do is sit and study so i can't really go to the gym either...

March 17, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here

March 17, 2017


Hi Adrian, I am 166 pounds and 5'8 with slim build. But I need to loose belly fat and tone all over. What diet and exercise you recommend I do to rid this? Thank you.

February 09, 2017

Adrian Bryant

use this plan

February 09, 2017


Thank you.

February 09, 2017


Hi Adrian I recently had a baby.(4 months ago) I went back to my pre pregnancy weight as soon as I delivered. My height is 5'4 and weight is 112lbs. I wanna get a flat stomach as soon as possible without loosing weight (if possible) beacuse I am already too skinny other than my stomach. Please advise

December 18, 2016



December 18, 2016

Adrian Bryant

use this plan here to lose bodyfat. you will lose some weight (fat) but you'll also build some muscle or tone up enough to lose much overall weight while getting a flatte stomach

December 19, 2016


Can i do your 90 seconds killer abs workout everyday because i need to get flat stomach in 1 months also if i cut down on wheat carbs will i grt faster results?

December 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

no. flat stomach means losing belly fat. the 90 second workout does not burn much belly fat

December 20, 2016


Hi Adrian,
Thank you so much for providing such an amazing web page. I wanted to ask your opinion on whether I should either eat foods to gain weight or lose weight overall to lose belly fat. I am a 5'2, 23 year old woman and I weigh 100lbs. I'm very skinny so I want to gain muscle to get a curvier looking figure. However, though I am slim I have a slightly pudgy belly and side handles so I want to lose those as well. Is there a way for me to gain the weight I need to build muscle and loose belly fat as well? Thanks in advance. :)

November 13, 2016

Adrian Bryant

do this plan here but start limit your fat loss workouts to 1-to-2 times per week (or maybe none at all)

November 14, 2016


Thank you for the quick reply :). I'll get on it right away

November 14, 2016

keshav rana

I want to make six pack via loosing belly I am also joined the Jim but I am confused which supplement is effective for me please help me

October 29, 2016


Hello! After having my son, I began counting calories and working out about 4 times a week. I did lose 20 lbs, but my stomach never got flat. I don't want to lose too much more weight, but I would like to really get my stomach back flat. What can I do?

October 14, 2016

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height now? you may need to keep losing weight/fat to truly get aflat bely

October 14, 2016


I'm 160 lbs, 5'6.

October 17, 2016

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