5 Ultimate TRX Ab Workouts

1. Suspended Crunches

2. The Pike

3. The Pendulum

Beginners: Start off with this version ↓

4. Standing Body Crunch

5. Standing Oblique Twists

What Exactly is TRX?

TRX or Total Resistance eXercise is a unique means of performing bodyweight exercises based on the principles of suspension training.

Suspension training was first developed by the United States Navy SEALs to simultaneously enhance strength, balance, flexibility and core stability by utilizing the effects of gravity and using your own body weight as a resistance tool.

By placing the body in an unstable state, because you are suspended from straps and not sitting on a machine, the core is engaged as the body fights to re-stabilize itself. This instability makes your core work harder strengthening your abs quicker.

TRX Training Benefits

Where to Get TRX?

Buy TRX at a discount or watch the DIY Video above to make your own TRX straps.

More Ab Exercises

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