12 Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin

1. Double Chin Crunches

double chin crunches

2. With Your Tongue

stick tongue for double chin

3. With a Ball

double chin exercise
neckline slimmer

You may find it easier to do this double chin exercise with a neckline slimmer

4. Double Chin Workout

The exercises you perform to get rid of the unsightly double chin are platysma/neck exercises.

5. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a way to keep your neck muscles active outside of doing double chin exercises. Make sure the gum is zero or very low calorie if you're on a weight loss diet.

jawzrsize double chin

You can take the 'chewing gum' exercise to another level using a Jawzrsize Facial Toner

6. Smile More

7. Posture

Correcting your posture (especially if you have bad forward head posture) will prevent, hide & strengthen weaker neck muscles causing a double chin.

8. Egg White Mask

The egg white mask helps eliminate a double chin by firming up the saggy skin around your neck.

9. Lose Weight

double chin face fat

As you can see in the picture above, if you're overweight, then losing weight is probably the ONLY thing you need to do to lose your double chin & face fat.

You can't target face or double chin fat. Your double chin will gradually fade away along with any belly, inner thigh, love handle, bat wing or any other unwanted fat as you lose weight all over your body.

Hide a Double Chin

10. Unbutton Your Shirt

The first thing you can do is to opt for low cut shirts, because they don't emphasize your issue. Try a shirt that features 2 or 3 buttons and leave them undone. This is an efficient tip for men.

If you intend to conceal your double chin with the help of a high collared shirt, you won't obtain the result you expect; you will get exactly the opposite. Eyes will be distracted from that specific area when you put on shirts with low neck lines.

11. Grow a Beard

beard hide double chin

12. Make-up: The Perfect Trick

You should know make-up will conceal a double chin if surgery isn't suitable for you. It is advisable to ask a cosmetologist for advice becasue they'll explain exactly how to apply the make-up in order to mask your problem.

Apply the foundation cream patiently if you want it to blend it perfectly. This will get rid of your double chin problem and it will eliminate all noticeable lines formed between your face and chin.

Surgery for Double Chin?

2 different ways to perform double chin surgery.

  1. Liposuction to eradicate fat stores from a specific part of your body at an average cost of $2,975.
  2. Chin tucks involves pulling your skin stretched and eliminating the flabby skin at an average cost of $5,500 → 10 Questions to Ask Before Plastic Surgery

Other Than a Double Chin,

More Tips


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