3 Steps to Get Rid of a Double Chin

double chin face fat
  2. Double Chin Exercises
  3. Optional → Hiding a Double Chin

Lose Weight ALL OVER

Your double chin is excess fat and,

Like all the other excess fat you have (your belly, inner thigh, love handle, flabby arms or any other unwanted fat) → You need to lose weight ALL OVER to gradually reduce your face fat as you get slimmer.

The good news is Your double chin may be the first to go as you lose weight. Your belly fat is usually the last to completely go away.

Use 1 of these fat loss plans To lose WEIGHT ALL OVER get rid of your double chin ↓

Notice how her face fat went away losing fat ALL OVER
lose weight all over
I Shed 61 pounds using your fat loss information. My family thanks you too for a healthier mommy and wife!!Lisa Lemery-Mohanlal

Double Chin Exercises

If you have a double chin because of premature aging, genetics and/or poor posture,

Double chin exercises will work for you because they'll firm up & strengthen the weaker neck muscles causing your skin to sag → Do I have loose skin or face fat?

7 Double Chin Exercises

1. Double Chin Crunches
double chin crunches
2. With Your Tongue
stick tongue for double chin
3. With a Ball
double chin exercise neckline slimmer
You may find it easier to do this double chin exercise with a neckline slimmer
4. Double Chin Workout
5. Posture

Correcting your posture (especially if you have bad forward head posture) will prevent, hide & strengthen weaker neck muscles causing a double chin.

6. Jawzrsize
jawzrsize double chin

Use the Jawzrsize Facial Toner or chewing gum is a way to keep your neck muscles active outside of doing double chin exercises.

7. Smile More

Fact → Double chin exercises WILL NOT BURN OFF FACE FAT.

If you're overweight → Losing weight is the BEST and ONLY thing you can do to lose a double chin.

Hide a Double Chin

10. Unbutton Your Shirt

The first thing you can do is to opt for low cut shirts, because they don't emphasize your issue. Try a shirt that features 2 or 3 buttons and leave them undone. This is an efficient tip for men.

If you intend to conceal your double chin with the help of a high collared shirt, you won't obtain the result you expect; you will get exactly the opposite. Eyes will be distracted from that specific area when you put on shirts with low neck lines.

11. Grow a Beard

beard hide double chin

12. Make-up: The Perfect Trick

Ask a cosmetologist for advice because they'll explain exactly how to apply the make-up in order to mask a double chin → 7 Makeup Tips to Look Younger

Other Than a Double Chin,

More Tips

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