4 Walking / Running Workouts

Hi guys, I lost 50 pounds in 2 months and 3 weeks doing Adrian's walking workoutsAkashi Seijuro
  1. Indoor Walking Workout
  2. Walking Treadmill Workout
  3. Indoor Running Working
  4. Running Treadmill Workout

1. Walking Workout For Beginners

Too Easy? Do the Running Workout

I lost 100 lbs with this walking workoutLala Smith
I lost 150lbs doing this exercise. It's really effective and very easy. You can do it everywhere. The downside is that it makes people in the same room feel uneasy lolJeb Voorhees

2. Walking Treadmill Workout

Too Easy? Do the Running Treadmill Workout

Thank you so much I lost 23 pounds with your diet and walking workoutMegan Rogers
Ok ok… I did try this workout last night and lost 3 lbs by the next day and about to hit it again tonight! Thank you for sharing!Kim Yates-England

3. Indoor Running Workout

4. Running Treadmill Workout

To Walk off 20 Pounds This Month,

Walk FAST!

Make yourself heavier

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Walk or Run to Lose Weight Faster?

Short Answer → It depends on how long you're working out?

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