16 Ways to Sleep Better Every Night

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1. Use a Sleep Machine

A Sleep Machine produces 'White Noise' to block out any sounds that may wake you up out of your deep sleep. White noise is easier for your brain to focus on making you fall asleep faster.

2. Relaxing Scent

Burn an incense or a pot of essential oil to induce your senses to relax. Jasmine and lavender can be used to cleanse off excess oil from your oily skin, and these set a sleepy ambiance with their scents.

3. Cooling Mask

Use a cooling mask to trick your body into producing more Melatonin (a sleep hormone) to sleep better.

4. Turn Off Gadgets

no gadgets to sleep better

Tinkering with your phone or tablet while in bed is often what causes you to forget the time and stay up late. Your gadgets are making your mind busy and active. Let your callers wait until you are on-call once again the day after.

TV is another culprit that robs you of sleep. Ban it from all bedrooms in your home.

5. Take a Warm Bath

Help your body to relax with a warm bath. Ease those tensed nerves with a quick dip in lukewarm water.

6. Listen to Spa Music

The repeated sounds of nature like running water, chirping birds and rainfall relax your senses.

7. Better Sleep Foods

Foods high in Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Melatonin & Tryptophan will all help you produce more Melatonin which is basically your sleep better hormone.

Eating more Dairy products, turkey, chicken, seafood, nuts, apples, avocado, broccoli, beans, bananas, dark leafy greens, tart cherry juice and/or milk 2-to-3 hours before your bedtime will definitely help you sleep better → the 7 Best Natural Muscle Relaxers

8. No Diuretics

Diuretics are foods that cause you to go to the bathroom (or flush out excess water weight) so… Don't drink a lot of water and/or eatdiuretic foods like carrots, celery & grapes right before bedtime.

9. Alcohol

Although alcohol makes you sleepy… Alcohol interrupts your sleep so much it'll prevent you from having a truly deep relaxing sleep → 8 Reasons Alcohol Makes You Fat

10. Stop Keto

A high fat diet blocks orexin which is a neurotransmitter working with the sleep hormone melatonin to help you sleep better → Try the NowLoss Diet instead

Common Sense Sleeping Tips

sleeping tips

11. Limit Caffeine

It's well known how caffeine from soda, coffee, tea, energy drinks & even chocolate can keep you awake so don't take a cup 1-to-3 hours before you hit the bed.

12. Better Mattress

A better mattress can improve your sleep especially if you have physical issues, such as a bad back or rheumatoid arthritis.

Visit a Sleep Center to find the best mattress for you because a study done on 128 people sleeping on 7 different kinds of mattresses for 4 weeks each, showed how much a good mattress can really improve the sleep of the user.

13. Go to bed the same time every night

Getting sufficient sleep requires you to train your mind and your body. Work backwards, that is, if you need to get up by 6 am then, you should get yourself to bed between 10 and 11 in the evening.

14. Wind down 30-to-60 minutes before your bedtime

Don't start exercising just when you are about to go to bed. Give yourself a few minutes to find a relaxing thing to do before you hit the sheets including performing the full list of your skincare routine slowly but surely.

15. Turn Off the Lights

Light wakes up your mind. Don't wake up before it's time for you to go.

16. Keep the lights dim when getting out of bed

Sometimes you can't help but get up to pee or wet your lips with water. Try to do these tasks before going to bed and keep the lights low when you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Sleep Better = Look Better

sleep better look good
Woman looks much better with 8 hrs. vs. only 6 hrs. of sleep

Studies where a group of people had pictures taken of them after a good night and a bad night's sleep proves it makes a difference in how good you look.

In another study done by the British Association of Dermatologists:

Sleep deprivation, other than prolonged sun exposure and natural senescence, can affect how your face looks by giving you dark circles, wrinkles, & puffy eyes and generally a more weary and sad look than someone who has good sleep regularly.

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