To Get Rid of Cankles,

get rid of cankles

First, You need to know why you have cankles in order to get rid of them. 1 of these 3 things makes you have cankles.

1. You're Overweight

Use a free weight loss plan to lose weight all over your body including your stubborn cankle fat because… There IS NOT a special exercise you can do to only target cankles but,

Fat Loss workouts like Walking, Ski-Steps & Jumping Jacks involving your feet firms up the muscles around the ankle & calf areas reducing the appearance of your cankles while eliminating them all together on a weight loss plan

Jumping Jack workouts are perfect for cankles

2. You're Retaining Water

Water retention, edema or swelling in the ankle area can make you have cankles no matter if you're skinny or fat. Do this quick test to see if its fat or swelling causing your cankles…

3 ways to get rid of cankles fast caused by water retention

  1. Drink at least 1 liter of water per day because your body holds onto water if you don't drink enough.
  2. Use natural diuretics that'll flush out your excess water weight. Cranberry Juice → Lose 5 Lbs. in 7 Days
  3. Use these flat stomach tips which deal with getting rid of excess water weight.

3. Genetics

If you've done everything from 1 & 2 above meaning… You've gone on a weight loss plan, you 've made sure you're not retaining water weight and you still have cankles even though you're at a normal weight,

Then the bad news is you may be genetically predisposed to having cankles. The not so good news is you can have surgery to remove your cankles for up to $8,000 but before you have surgery,

Cankles From Lipoderma?

Lipoderma unfortunately is an incurable disease causing women to accumulate fat on their lower body.

To Get Rid of Cankles,

Other Than Cankles,

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Adrian Bryant

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Hi Adrian, I'm getting married on 13th march and will be going for honeymoon to Maldives. I'm very conscious about my chubby ankles. It's definitely not water retention. I'm 33yrs,160cm weighing 62kg. I don't wear shorter dresses as I hate my legs. I don't want to look stupid wearing full cloths on the beach. I also have heavy thighs n cellulite on front and back of the thigh. Pls help, save me..

March 04, 2019


Hi there, I have muscular Calves. How do I get rid of them. Been to the gym and it seems they are growing more muscular

November 21, 2018

Adrian Bryant

If you truly have mainly all-muscular calves then the best you can do is try not use those that much (outside of walking) to allow them to atrophy or shrink

November 21, 2018


Hello! FYI - the condition is lipedema or spelled lipoedema in Europe. There's no "r" in the word. Anyway, studies show that up to 11% of women have lipedema, and cankles are one of the hallmark signs of it. I encourage anyone who can't seem to lose fat (anywhere on the body, not just ankles) to check into this condition. It's true there is no cure, but there are treatments shown to help slow the progression and possibly improve dependent on a number of factors.

August 04, 2018


I hate my legs too. I'm 5'3 and 73 kg. How to get rid of fats in my legs?

July 19, 2018

Adrian Bryant

by losing weight all over so start here

July 19, 2018


Hey I’m 52 kg and 163 cm
I hate my legs and my calves
I think that the problem is genetic
I tried many workout types but wthoybt reason
I’m so skinny, but I hate my legs
Just if u can tell me what type of surgery can I do? And the v8 c1 machine is helpful ?

June 30, 2018

Adrian Bryant

don't rush to have surgery over what you might think. is there a pic of your legs you can send me to nowlossATgmail to see what you are talking about

July 01, 2018


Hi, hope you are having a good day. I am 37 years old, 170cm and 57kg. Always had nice legs untill 27 when suddenly i started having canckles, now i never wear shorts or skirts, i really wish i can find a solution, that would be a dream coming true. I exercise. My mom and sister have beautiful thin legs so i am not sure it's genetics. I hope it's not i can't afford a surgery. Any idea please? Thank you in advance ❤️

June 06, 2018

Adrian Bryant

since your weight is already low (in my opinion) do you think you may have a condition which is causing you to retain water?

June 06, 2018


Thank you for your reply, i had to take pregnancy pills for 10 years, i don't know if that matters, but it's been 7 years that I've stopped it , 3 years after i started having canckles.

June 07, 2018

Adrian Bryant

hopefully that side effect still isnt there. have you asked your doctor about this

June 08, 2018


Hi I’m 4”10 and weigh 110lbs. I carry all my weight in my lower body. Flat tummy, but big bootie and hips just fat all the way to my ankles! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Everytime I loose weight I get too skinny up top and still heavy on bottom. How can I loose fat just in my lower extremities? I want muscle and less fat! Thank you

May 17, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you can't. you lose all over as you lose weight. the belly, hip and thigh areas are usually last to go

May 18, 2018


I use a weight machine where I do leg press exercises less weight more reps helps to lose weight and can try it. Msg me if you want

January 29, 2019


Please helpppppp! I'm 14 and my 8th grade dance is coming up in a couple months. My ankles are really fat, I do fencing so my legs are thick but not muscular, i can still squish them even though i work out alot. Either im fat or something is wrong with literally everyone at my school.

April 24, 2018

Adrian Bryant

what is yoru weight and height

April 25, 2018


I am 5'4 and 120 lbs and i live in NYC where i am up and down several flights of stairs all day because i use Thebes's subway. I also wait tables so I'm walking all day. My ankles are so thick I can't wear most boots. What should i do?

March 15, 2018

Adrian Bryant

could they be swollen due to the type of daily activity you do?

March 16, 2018


I'm 25 y/o 5'2" and 48 kgs. Im skinny ever since but i do have a fatty calves and cankles. How i can slim it?

October 26, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yours may be genetic or some excess swelling you may need to see a doctor about

October 27, 2017


5'7" 210lbs, down from 250,topped at 285 pre-eclampsia pregnancy going on eight years ago. The pre-eclampsia wasn't caught until 5 days before my due date (I think since I normally had a bp on the lower side) but I had been having symptoms from the 4th month when my leg swelling started... I've tried to get them back to my pre pregnancy size (I was 20lbs heaver pee pregnancy) and haven't been able to.

July 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

have you seen a doctor to rule out anykind of unwanted fluid build up around the ankles

July 23, 2017


I am 5"0, 22 years old and weigh approximately 221 lbs. I have been over weight all my life. The most I have ever weighed was about 275 I have went to the gym a few times in the past and lost some a good amount of weight. Although I am not we're I would like to be. I have been struggling with my cankles all my life. Even going to the gym doesn't slim them down enough to were I would feel comfortable with them. I am very insecure about them. I hate wearing skirts, dresses, shorts, and capris It will literally make me cry to even look in the mirror.

June 03, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at your current weight i believe right now the best way to lose your cankles is to lose weight all over and not with one special exercise

June 04, 2017


Learn how to spell.

June 20, 2017


Learn to be empathetic Elaine.

July 23, 2017

Sela Little

Loser Troll....

November 07, 2017


Hi, I'm 4'8 feet and 42 kg.i have a big cankle might from genetic but can I get rid of it? By th way I'm 13 .😭😭😩.

April 10, 2017

Adrian Bryant

by weight loss and losing excess fluid if not genes

April 10, 2017

Laura Ntabo

Hi, i'm Laura. I am 56 kgs and really stressed about my Cankels. I look so weird i dont even fold my pants at the bottom neither do i wear dresses. I'm so insecure,
My mom has huge ankles too so i guess it might be genetic. But would love to know the cause i press my ankles but they dont go so deep in and i need a solution. I cant afford a surgery now. Please help me.

March 11, 2017

Adrian Bryant

how tall are you

March 12, 2017

Laura Ntabo

I am approximately 5'5

May 09, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at your weight and height it could be genetic esp. if you are genraly lean al over

May 10, 2017


I am 25 5ft 6 and weigh 120lbs. I'm a size 6/8(uk) dress size. Tiny frame, flat stomach, got a bit of a bum and thighs but my calves/ankles don't match the top half of my body! Help! I work out and eat a relatively healthy diet - I think it's fat but if I diet and slim down I look even skinnier on top and lose a bit in my thighs but nothing budges on my calves.

March 08, 2017

Adrian Bryant

so are you saying you dont have cankles but muscular calves?

March 08, 2017

Jinnie Song

Hi! I'm standing at 160cm and weigh 50kg but I have fat ankle. Is there any possible way to get rid of it? Does running help? None of my family members have fat ankles. All of theirs are skinny except for mine.
I don't usually go for excercise. Is there any exercise that would help with slimming down fat ankles?

Thank you!! With much love<3

February 26, 2017

Adrian Bryant

at your weight it may be more from #2 & 3?

February 27, 2017


Hi I'm 22 years old, I'm 5'6 and I weight around 143 pounds, I used to be 121 pounds. I was really skinny and had skinny legs in 2014. All of a sudden I gained weight, this gain has happened over in 2015 and 2016. I gained weight everywhere my love handles were very noticeable and my legs obviously got bigger. I am now running pretty much every day and I have already lost most of my love handles. I look at my calves and ankles and I wonder if it is genetic or if it was because of my weight gain and it is a constant worry for me. My calves seem defined on the inner part but on the outer part there isn't any definition.
Please could someone help me figure out if my Cankles are genetic or it is because of the weight I gained.

January 30, 2017

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