13 Ways to Look Younger Without Makeup or Surgery

ernestine shephard looks younger at 75
75 year old Ernestine Shepherd looks younger than people ½ her age because of…

1. Exercise

9 reasons exercise helps you look younger

  1. Exercise helps circulate more nutrients & oxygen to your skin to make you look more radiant → 8 Ways to Make Dull Skin Glow
  2. Exercise basically kick-starts the collagen production process of building younger skin which slows down as you get older.
  3. Exercise improves your posture making you look & feel younger along with making you more confident.
  4. Exercise prevents free radical damage which is 1 of the main things causing you to look older.
  5. Exercise means less gray hairs as it helps to reduce stress
  6. 51 year old Adrian Bryant looking 30 in this workout video↑
  7. Exercise helps you sleep better which means less dark circles & puffy eyes
  8. Exercise naturally boost your HGH (or Human Growth Hormones) for free without you spending thousands on injections to look younger.
  9. Exercise maintains your muscle mass & gets rid of ugly body fat preventing your skin from sagging
  10. Exercise literally turns back the clock by maintaining the length of your telomeres which gets shorter as you age. According to this study older people who exercised had telomeres that were about the same length as 20 year olds! 95-Day Workout Plan for Beginners
At the molecular level exercise has an anti-aging effect. Dr. Christian Werner

2. Lose Weight

look younger weight loss
Paula Looks much younger after losing 70 Pounds with bed sheet workouts

Lose 10 lbs. & You'll look 10 years younger

Weight comes off from the top down. Since weight sheds in the face first, this means that losing even five pounds will make you look younger. Dr. Donna Casey

Use any of these weight loss plans but don't lose too much weight because women should maintain a body fat % of at least 14% and men of at least 6% so your face can maintain the fullness from fat to maintain a youthful look → How Weight Loss May Affect Your Face

3. Intermittent Fasting

4. Have More Sex

Having sex at least 3 times per week can make you look up to 10 years younger and according to Dr. David Weeks (the guy who did all the research on how sex can make you look younger…)

Having more sex is the next best thing you can do after exercise to look younger because it also helps you to naturally release more growth hormones and it's been proven more sex can help you live longer.

5. Kissing

kissing younger
Over 40 couple Salli & Dondre Whitfield kissing

Kissing makes you look younger by toning up more than 30 of your facial muscles.

6. Use Retinoid Creams

Retinoid creams help your body produce more collagen to make you look younger by getting rid of wrinkles, acne & age spots

7. Stay Young With Antioxidants

carol alt at 51 years younger
51 year old supermodel Carol Alt uses antioxidants like Tamanu Nut Oil

Antioxidants battle the free radicals that speed up the aging process so when you get more antioxidants in your diet you'll slow down the aging process and reverse the effects of aging (by eliminating wrinkles) and along with your diet…

Use antioxidant creams like VIVITA Facial Serum or Age Reversal Pomegranate Face Serum to speed things up.

8. Exfoliate 1-to-3 Times a Week

When you exfoliate your skin you are basically removing all the old ugly dead skin cells (along with all the nasty oil, dirt & germs) to instantly reveal your younger looking face.

9. Monthly Chemical Peels

chemical peel look younger
58 year old man after Chemical Peel & forehead lift

A Chemical peel or microdermabrasion is an advanced form of exfoliation done by your dermatologist where the upper layer of skin is removed to stimulate more collagen production.

You'll look younger instantly after a Chemical peel. If you can't afford the monthly doctor visit then use an over-the-counter chemical peel like DermaNew

"In some ways, my skin is better now than it's ever been. I used to get more pimples, and my pores could look big. But through skin care, microdermabrasion, and possibly aging, my skin has gotten less oily and evened out a bit. Supermodel Cindy Crawford

10. 6-to-8 Hours of Sleep

When you don't get enough sleep… You are more likely to become fatigued and stressed out causing your body to release a hormone called cortisol that damages your skin.

Not getting enough sleep leads to puffy eyes and you can easily look many years younger by getting 6-to-8 hours of sleep each night.

When you sleep 6-to-8 hours each night your body produces more growth hormones to keep your skin supple & elastic preventing your skin form wrinkling prematurely.

Sleep is free cosmetic medicine, pure and simple, nothing exacerbates stress and etches in lines like exhaustion. Dr. Amy Wechsler

11. Get More Moisture

You need to get more water or moisture into your skin to make your skin look more smooth and radiant by simply using a daily moisturizer like Dove Deep Moisture Facial Lotion and as a matter of fact…

Most anti-wrinkle products immediately make you look much younger simply by moisturizing your skin

I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup. 50 year old actress Demi Moore

You can also add more healthy fats & Phytoceramides to your diet along with drinking more water to help moisturize your skin from the inside out.

12. Your Posture

Improving your posture will make you look more confident, look much thinner & many years younger → How to fix your posture

13. Get Whiter Teeth

How to make your teeth whiter to look younger.

How to Stay Young Forever → 7 Anti-aging Tips

Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek tips to look younger
When I compare myself with women my age who haven't used sunscreen… It does seem like their skin took more of a beating 46 year old model Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek pictured above

1. Wear Sunscreen

Overexposing yourself to the sun without any protection will give you age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and Dark Circles

What the sun does is fast-forward your aging clock Dr. Doris Day, M.D., clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University

See How to use sunscreen & make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

2. Stop Smoking

Sun exposure & smoking are the biggest age accelerators.

3. Don't use Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are just as bad as the sun for making you look older. If you really need a tan it's better to use a Self Tanner

4. Don't eat TOO Much Sugar

Too much sugar in your diet will lead to an age accelerating process in your body known as glycation and to make a long story short…

Glycation does damage to the collagen in your skin making you lose skin elasticity causing wrinkles to appear.

5. Eat Right

Eat more healthy foods and avoid bad processed foods full of phosphates that accelerate aging by replacing the calcium in your body. You need calcium to control the thickness and color of your skin.

According to Dr. Steven Dayan who is a facial plastic surgeon out of Chicago… There's evidence people who eat diets high in refined sugars get a dull, yellow cast to their skin.

6. Manage Stress

lincoln older younger
How stress made President Lincoln look older

It's not a myth too much stress can lead to gray hairs but stressing out all the time can lead to hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin and make acne worse. Cortisol released due to bad stress breaks down the skin cells leading to wrinkles.

7. Limit Alcohol

Too much Alcohol will dehydrate your skin making it dry and less elastic.

When I drink too much alcohol, go on a few hours of sleep, don't eat well, and don't sweat, I look five to ten years older Supermodel Brooke Shields

More Ways to Look Younger

More Tips

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Nice post! google.com

January 26, 2019


Thank you for the article, very interesting. But I want to add a little bit to your article and say that another way to stay young is to maintain a high level of sex hormones.Today, more than a hundred hormones are known. However, only five of them help us to fight with age. As for me, the best way to stay beautiful for a long time is to make HRT, is a more expensive way than many on this list, but also more effective. Read about it in the Wiki, there are well described its advantages. Stay smart and beautiful!

October 13, 2018

Harry Lewis

There's still no way to totally stop a skin from aging. The nefarious combination of time and gravity will eventually cause everyone's skin to sag and wrinkle at a genetically pre-determined point, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). We aging because we are very nervous. Especially when something does not work out. When I can not write my essay, I always go to coolessay.net. I'm less nervous and my skin is less tired. Fear about aging is sometimes a catalyst, a divine message from the wisdom of your body about approaching the aging process in a new way.

May 23, 2018

Nelson Peterson

Yeah, l've also seen the post in many health care blogs and I think it is true, smoking makes you inhale carbon monoxide and this in your system will definitely cause harm.

May 08, 2018

Tressie Dawson

Nice post! To look young you need to take care of your skin and for that you need to follow a skincare routine. Healthy balanced died also plays an important role in it. For better and quick results you can use anti aging cream. I use an anti aging cream by lifecell and it really worked for me. You should give it a try.

December 27, 2017

Alishia Mason

This article is well put together! I especially like the emphasis on exercise. Another tip is to try a holistic doctor for deep body detoxification. There's so many therapies that are available for more oxygen to your blood, brain and organs. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments are very costly, so I've started looking into PEMF and Hydrogen water. The hydrogen water may help get rid of carbon dioxide in the body (which we are exposed to every time we are around motor vehicles!). The hydrogen water is a newer concept and actually very easy to do! Just order the cans and drink them. I highly recommend these treatments~ they are my favorite :)

November 04, 2017


Just turned 32 and starting to see a few lines coming through (mostly in my forehead) and would like to start to use an anti wrinkle cream. I guess all my early years of sun worshipping and not moisturizing is coming to smack me in the ass :(
I have a fair complexion with plenty of freckles.
Any advice at all would be great as there is so much out there not sure which way to go

February 02, 2017


Google Caroline Hirons -she's what Adrian is for your body, just for your face. Loads of great advice - hope that helps. :) She's also very good at replying to questions.

April 04, 2017


Yes it helps, i have tried it like 3 years ago and i’m still using it. remember that you can no expect any miracles when you are ageing, especially don’t trust any creams, serums etc. You need solve the problem from inside, not outside. This is one of a few things that helps and trust me I've tried millions of them because i need to look good/young for my job. And the brand you are talking about is great i’m using the same. It is expensive, but quality products are not cheap and this is your beauty and health we are talking about so don’t be cheap.

February 17, 2016


Some people are just born with good genetics and some aren't. No one likes to age fast! All you can do is try and be healthy and see what happens but don't try and be healthy JUST to fix your skin as if you don't get results you'll lose interest in exercise so do it because you want to live longer and function healthier and have a better immune system perhaps six pack etc. You'll surely see some improvement no matter what with the glow of your skin and feel healthier over all but you won't look ten years younger unless your body was born that way! I would say preservation is the key so maintain yourself whilst you're in a happy place and use moisturiser even if you have no wrinkles- don't wait for them to appear then slap it on! Slow / stop them coming to begin with :)

November 30, 2015


Why does every single person, be they a man or a woman, always, always state that they are "40 but look 25", "35 but look 21", "50 but look 30"??? Seriously, it's pitiful. No, you all look your age and whomever acts surprised and tells you they thought you were 10, 15, 20 (the delusions never end with this lot) younger are lying to you or got a sense of your desperation to appear to others as decades younger than you are. You look your age, especially after 30, just deal with it. And no, not a one of you look even 5 years younger. And that shouldn't be a bad thing.

May 26, 2015


I guess you haven't been to Japan. People here can pass for decades younger. You western people have such bad diets- only soda, sugar, fat, cheese, alcohol, cigarette- no doubt u look 50 at 25. Plus, u people sunbathe ! Everyone knows white people age the worst.

February 23, 2017


That was a pretty harsh and very racist comment. Let me educate you; “white” people are not only AMERICANS. White people can be German, Irish, South African, Russian, etc. Americans aka “you western people” are not ALL WHITE! Get your shit straight before you talk crap on people who are looking for skin care help, not your racist bullshit! I’m assuming you’re Japanese, if so, good for you and your well-aging skin... not everyone is blessed with it. Bitch.

October 15, 2017


you sound angry you are incorrect as fortunately some people have very good genes making aging very different for everyone compare someone like Sophia Loren who is in her seventies and of Italian decent to someone maybe not so fortunate in gene pool dept That just isn't accurate my friend I hope you will do your best to look young and vibrant and wish well those people who are just very lucky Not everyone has equal intellect either I am sure you can agree

January 17, 2018


Better to be beautiful when young than to look young and ugly.

January 19, 2018


make you face smaller and sharp easily just try to use face thin tool everyday which is help you make your face smaller.

November 18, 2014

Elisabeth Paz

You can use face thin tool for your face to make it look smaller for permanently, and you can also change your hairstyle to do it as well.

November 07, 2014


I am 43, male. Often people think I am 28-30. I regularly do face yoga, take multi-vitamin, drink olive oil, scrub/moisturise skin, sleep 7 hours a day, exercise 10 minutes a day, gave up smoking, have anti-ageing foods like green vegetables, dark chocolate and nuts. When I was 30 I used to look 40. After making changes to my lifestyle and habits I practically turned back 20 years of my look in last 10 years.

August 29, 2014


Hello sir, I would like to please get more information about how you were able to reverse your aging process and look younger. Appreciate your response.

Thanks and kind regards

May 08, 2016


@km, yeah but 24 is pretty old :-)

April 07, 2014


I'm a 27 year old Australian body builder.
People are constantly asking me for I.D. to prove I am over 18.

Just be healthy. Don't be scared of fats, be educated which ones are good.
Drink PLENTY of water, AND supplement in tissue salts.

For me looking young is just a bi-product of my healthy lifestyle. A lot of people seem to head into it the other way around

December 20, 2013


I'm in Asia. Here we know collagen supplement can make you look younger. The quite famous brand here is Meiji Amino Collagen, you can google it. But in the US, I believe that Neocell is a famous brand either.

October 21, 2013

Supreme being


September 23, 2013


Prescription retina is the key. Lasts 6 months. Worth it. Get it at your family doctor or dermatologist.

April 12, 2012


Thanks for the tips.

What about this cream "Retinol Cream" ?


I'm 21 but don't want to get old, my friends(same age) look like 24 or 25.

I just want to keep my skin young and very healthy. Any other products that you can advice because the ones you put are a little expensive.

Thanks again.

November 15, 2011


umm whats wrong with being 24 or 25? Thats still young. And theres not much difference between a 21 and 24 to 25 year old. If you said 30 that would make more since. I know I'm taking this a little too seriously but I'm on the verge of 24 and you make it seem like I'm going to change drastically or something. I'm still young Darn it!

September 16, 2013


Thank you very much for your images, they are really cool. I believe that this practice during the training of children is very useful, because it creates a certain interactivity in this lesson.

October 09, 2018

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