8 Ways to Make Your Dull Skin Glow

dull to glowing skin

1. Hydrate

A well hydrated skin is the most beautiful skin. A skin devoid of water looks tired and completely dull. Prevent such a situation by drinking lots of water.

Gulp down a 2-3 glasses first thing in the morning. And continue this practice all day long. This will nourish the skin cells, making the outer surface soft, smooth and plump. And it will glow with a radiance.

Ask any makeup expert or a celebrity who is bound to live with make up all day long. He will tell you how important it is to have a hydrated skin for the makeup to last longer.

2. Ice Treatment

dull skin ice

Water will take time to show its effect. An instant fix for your dull skin is an ice treatment. It improves the skin texture and alleviates skin dullness.

Take an ice cube. Hold it in your hand if you can or wrap it in a clean cloth and then move it all over your face till it feels a little numb. You can also use ice cold water for splashing your face.

This treatment is great for improving blood circulation and henceforth brightens your face, which was looking dull hitherto.

3. Cold Makeup Products

For the same reason you should apply makeup products that are cold. First, they are cold and second, they are makeup products meant to enhance your looks. This process will revive a dull skin and make it glow like a baby.

You are required to refrigerate (not freeze) the products. Do this the previous night, especially moisturizer and eye makeup.

4. Exfoliation

Often times, a dull and tired skin is a result of accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt. Though the problem looks grave but can be resolved by exfoliating aka scrubbing

Pick a natural scrub or if at all you have to use a product, apply the one especially formulated for your skin. Make sure it is gentle. It will turn your skin fresh and beautiful.

4 Home Remedies for Dull Skin

Well, quite admittedly, these kitchen pantry ingredients can make a big difference in the revival of your dull skin.

5. Sugar & Honey

sugar honey glowing skin

Mix the two to get a smooth consistency. Apply on the face. Rub gently and rinse away. Once a week is sufficient.

6. Yogurt Face Mask

Add nutmeg powder to yogurt. Add small amount of turmeric to it. You can also add lemon juice to it. Mix and apply. Wash away after 10 minutes.

7. Cucumber Mask

Cucumbers are good for tired skin and they are also good for a dull skin. Apply the juice over your face or rub slices over your skin. Allow it to dry and rinse.

8. Milk Cream

Add flour to milk cream followed by some turmeric powder to it. Mix and apply. Let it dry. Wash this face pack with lukewarm water.

Skin Brighteners

This has been written purposely at the bottom because when you think you don’t have the time or inclination towards the above, you should pick a Revitol skin brightening cream with natural ingredients in it. It will definitely bring in the desired results.

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