How to Naturally Last Longer in Bed

last longer in bed

Do PC Exercises

Your PC or PuboCoccygeus muscles or your "last longer in bed muscles" are located between your anus (your asshole) and your scrotum (your ball sack)

To Find Your PC Muscles,

pc muscle location

3 PC Workouts to Last Longer in Bed

1. Beginner PC Workout

Flex your PC muscles at least 100 times everyday. Flex your PC muscles while watching TV, talking on the phone, at stop signs or red lights or whenever you want.

Tip: DON'T tighten up your abs or butt muscles too much while performing pc exercises. It's okay to flex these neighboring muscles somewhat but flexing them too much will take away from your PC  workout.

2. Intermediate PC Workout

  1. Flex your PC muscles 10 times in a row at a moderate pace, rest 10 seconds, repeat 9 more times and then,
  2. Flex and hold your PC muscles for 5 seconds, rest 5 seconds and repeat 9 more times.
  3. Do this workout 1-to-3x per day at least 4 days per week.

3. Advanced PC Workout

  1. Flex your PC muscles as many times as you can in 2 minutes, rest 30-to-60 seconds and then,
  2. Flex and hold your PC muscles for 2 minutes (120 seconds). You probably won't be able to hold it for 2 minutes but try to flex and hold your PC muscle for as long as you can.
  3. Rest 1 minute and repeat 1 & 2 FOUR more times.
  4. Do this workout 1-to-3x per day at least 4 days per week.

Are Your PC Muscles Getting Stronger?

pc kegel exercises

Can you make your erect or semi-erect penis move around a lot by flexing your PC muscles? The more you can make your penis jump around = the stronger your PC muscle is.

Some guys PC muscles are so strong they can place a towel over their erected penis and still move their erected penis up and down with a towel still on it!

Start lasting longer within 2-to-3 weeks

Convince your female partner to do PC exercises because it helps Women have stronger orgasms. She'll also orgasm quicker if she flexes her PC muscles during sex.

13 Tips to Last Longer & Stay Harder in Bed

maintain erection

1. Lose Belly Fat

See how to lose belly fat so you can thrust your penis deeper into your partner during sex. When you lose belly fat… Your penis will look bigger for every 10 pounds you lose.

2. Have More Erections

3. Increase Testosterone

The increase in testosterone will provide you with more confidence and less anxiety, which will allow you to maintain better mental ejaculation control → Increase Your Testosterone by 250%

4. Get a Stronger Upper Body & Stronger Abs

Get a stronger upper body and stronger abs so you can improve your thrusting and so your support muscles don't tire during sex.

Sex tip: While the stronger upper body and abs will better support yourself without physically tiring… Keep your mid-section and crotch / pelvic area loose during sex in order to keep from tensing up and ejaculating sooner.

5. Avoid Alcohol, Stop Smoking

While a drink or two may actually help take the edge off and numb you so you can last a bit longer than usual… Excessive alcohol famously reduces your sexual sensitivity and makes it difficult to maintain a long lasting erection.

Cigarettes encourages poor circulation and without good circulation you are likely to be unable to maintain (or even attain) an erection when you want to have sex.

6. Take it Easy

Do not use up all of your energy within your first few minutes during sex because once you're exhausted,

You're likely to lose your erection and be unable to continue having sex. Pace yourself, and don't forget how satisfying it can be to make love slowly and deeply.

Rushing + anxiety + overexcitement = lack of ejaculation control and no physical arousal.

7. MMO

Use an ancient Taoist sexual technique called the Male Multiple Orgasm (or MMO) to perform a strong and well-timed PC squeeze to block ejaculation during orgasm.

When you block ejaculation during orgasm, you can stay hard after orgasm for many more orgasms and continue on penetrating as long as you'd like with a rock hard erection. How to perform the male multiple orgasm technique

8. Sexual Positions to Improve Blood Flow

sex position to last longer bed

If you are the partner on top, it is easier for blood to flow to your penis. This provides you with stronger erections that last for a longer length of time.

For the same reason, sexual positions that involve your partner being on top of you can drain blood away from your penis and make it harder to maintain an erection.

If you are having problems with sexual stamina, focus on missionary or rear entry positions for a while and notice the difference this can make.

9. Calm Down

Sexual stamina can be easily influenced by nervousness or anxiety. Men often feel stage fright associated with new partners or their own body image issues.

Learn how to relax before sex or talk about your nerves with your partner. She probably has nerves of her own, and she might be able to relieve some of yours when you share them.

This will be like lifting a burden off of your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy sex without pressure and will lead to better and longer lasting sex!

10. Don't Masturbate Too Soon Before Sex

Masturbation uses up some of the energy and blood flow you need to have a good erection and enjoyable sex, so avoid it if you know you're about have sex soon.

Some men become so used to masturbation that their body doesn't respond well to sexual stimulation from their partner (thereby making it more difficult to maintain an erection) and if this is impacting your sexual stamina,

Try masturbating in new and varied ways to 'teach' your body how to respond to different levels and kinds of stimulation.

Sex tip: while masturbating the same day before sex is a bad idea, masturbating the night before IS good. Don't go into battle with a fully loaded weapon, ready to go off - LOL!

11. Try a Penis Ring

A penis ring is a small rubber ring worn at the base of the penis during sex. It traps the increased volume of blood in your genital area, so you can maintain a firmer erection for a longer time.

12. Examine Your Medications

Certain drug treatments like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs can limit your sexual stamina.

If you think your medication might be interfering with your sex life… Talk to your doctor about whether you might be able to try a new drug (but never stop taking your current drug without your doctor's approval).

13. Exercise

Do fat loss intervals or HIT because they increase blood flow to the penis naturally without Viagra and they'll also give you more endurance to last longer in bed during sex.

Men who exercised reported having 30% more sex and 26% more orgasms. They had more sexual satisfaction than men who didn't exercise.Dr. James White, author of The Best Sex of Your Life

More Tips to Last Longer in Bed

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