4 Recipes for Younger, Beautiful Skin

younger beautiful skin

1. Wake-Up or Wind-Down Face Wash

Create one for morning use and one at night by adding different essential oils to each.

You'll need:


Add ingredients to an 8-oz foaming pump dispenser and shake well to combine.

2. Lavender Cedarwood Toner

Using a toner after washing your face prepares it for moisturizers and anti-aging serums by shrinking pores and balancing the skin's natural oil production. In this recipe, witch hazel, lavender and cedarwood essential oils provide the astringent properties, but they also do a lot more.

Witch hazel is a mild and moisturizing astringent that helps tone and tighten your skin. Lavender and cedarwood essential oils also tone and revitalize skin, & improve the clarity of your complexion by treating blemishes, reducing inflammation and promoting an even skin tone.

You'll need:


Fill a 4 oz bottle with witch hazel almost to the top. Then add the other ingredients and shake well to mix.

3. Frankincense Moisturizer

Frankincense oil is perfect for daily skin care because it promotes hydration and balanced oil production while shrinking pores. It's able to treat practically any skin ailment you could have by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. It also has anti-aging effects on your skin that work by boosting elasticity, toning, tightening and strengthening its structure.

Over time with regular use, it will treat acne, diminish blemishes and scars and even your skin tone. Frankincense has a subtle and subdued scent, making it perfect for a daily moisturizer you won't get tired of.

You'll need:


Place shea butter in a heat-safe bowl and place the bowl in a pot of hot water. Allow the shea butter to melt completely, then remove it from the hot water and mix in the frankincense oil. Once well-blended, place it in a glass jar.

4. Essential Oil Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-aging serum is designed to pack the largest concentration of compounds that fight aging and promote the rejuvenation of new skin. Carrot seed oil and myrrh are perfect for these purposes.

Carrot seed oil is rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A), known for its use in pharmaceutical-grade anti-aging creams to boost skin cell turnover. By naturally increasing skin cell turnover, carrot seed oil increases the creation of new skin cells and shedding of old ones--a process that slows down with age and causes wrinkling.

The carotenoids in carrot seed oil also protect your skin against free radicals, which damage cells and speed up aging.

Myrrh essential oil is also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. Myrrh oil boosts skin circulation, lowers inflammation and reduces wrinkles. It boosts your skin's production of collagen and elastin, which promote elasticity and firmness. Myrrh oil also increases skin cell turnover and promotes an even skin tone.

In this recipe, rosehip seed oil is used as a carrier oil due to its anti-aging properties. This oil is shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reverse the effects of sun exposure and aging with essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

You'll need:


Combine ingredients in a small dropper bottle or roller bottle and shake before use.

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