How to Make Your Teeth Whiter

lady getting whiter teeth

Brushing for Whiter Teeth

You need to brush your teeth the right way meaning,

How to Make Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

4 Ways to Get Perfect White Teeth

1. Dentist

Go to your local dentist to have your teeth super-whitened in less than an hour. With proper care you'll maintain your perfect white teeth for at least 1 year but having this done by a dentist is expensive.

2. At-home Teeth Whitening Gel Kit

teeth whitening kit
Whitening kits basically help you get the same super-white teeth results you can get in a dentist office without spending tons of money but,

3. Use Crest Whitestrips

4. Tooth Whitening Pens

Tooth Whitening Pen

Your teeth will only get a few shades lighter with tooth whitening pens because the solution does not stay in contact with your teeth long enough before it breaks down to have any real major tooth whitening effects.

Tooth whitening pens should be used to help maintain your super white teeth after you've whitened them by brushing your teeth, seeing a dentist, using gel kits and/or crest white strips.

6 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

1. Avoid These Foods & Drinks

Don't drink anything that can stain the teeth like dark sodas, cola, red wine, coffee, teas, cranberry juices. Remember: anything that can stain a white T-shirt will also stain your teeth.

Avoid any acidic foods or drinks like sodas, sugar filled snacks & candies, flavored waters and sports drinks. They'll make your teeth yellower by eroding away the white enamel on your teeth.

When you do have these acidic foods and/or teeth staining drinks,

2. Calcium

Add more calcium (dairy products) to your diet to help keep your teeth white

3. Natural Scrub

carrots white teeth

Drink more water and eat more raw veggies like broccoli, celery, cucumbers, jicama, raw sweet potatoes and carrots to naturally scrub and clean your teeth whiter

4. Floss

Make sure you Floss at least ONCE a day to keep your teeth white.

5. No Smoking

Don't smoke or chew tobacco unless you want to quickly make your teeth uglier → 18 Ways to STOP Smoking for GOOD

6. Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth correctlyDon't BRUSH your teeth too hard so you can keep the white enamel on your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Myths
teeth whitening myths
8 Reasons You Can't Get White Teeth
  1. Medication. If your teeth are badly stained or yellowed because you've been taking some type of medication like tetracycline… Then Only a dentist will be able to restore your teeth's natural white color.
  2. If you're under 16 you should not use these teeth whitening methods because you can possibly damage your teeth because your teeth are still developing.

    If you're under 16 brushing your teeth correctly is the best thing you can do for whiter teeth.
  3. If you're allergic to hydrogen peroxide you can't use these teeth whitening methods and you'll have to brush your teeth correctly for whiter teeth or see your dentist for alternatives like veneers, caps or crowns for white teeth.
  4. If you have braces or a retainer you can't use Baking soda to make your teeth white because the baking soda will dissolve the orthodontic glue.
  5. If you are pregnant dentist recommend you avoid all these teeth whitening methods because the whitening bleach could be harmful to your unborn baby.
  6. If you have Gum Disease, Cavities, or Worn Tooth Enamel because you didn't follow these steps to keep your teeth white then these teeth whitening methods or even Trying to get white teeth at home may not work for you.
  7. If you have Composite Fillings, Crowns, and Veneers… Teeth whitening will not work for you or it will not make them any whiter.
  8. If you have Dark gray dental stains or Congenital discoloration (from birth) then Teeth whitening will not work for you.

More Ways to Get White Teeth Created by Adrian Bryant

Adrian Bryant

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Can I use 3D crest whitening strips on the backside of my front teeth ??

March 31, 2017


Hey Adrian I'd like to know can patients with PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome drink 100% protein to lose weight and build muscle?

September 09, 2013


What if I do use a whitening kit even though I'm under 13 is anything really serious

September 08, 2013


Hi Adrian.
First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing and informative site.
I would also like to thank you for taking the time to create this site and to respond to people's questions.
I have learnt something about teeth whitening which I would like to share. I managed to whiten my teeth and get rid of tooth sensitivity by doing two things. The first thing was I started taking cod liver oil regularly. The vit D helps to remineralise teeth. I also started eating xylitol. It is a tooth friendly sugar which gets rid of the bacterial in your mouth. It also helps to remineralise teeth. Basically you put a teaspoon of it in your mouth and hold it for as long as possible then you swallow it. You can also sweeten drinks and food with it. After about 2 weeks I noticed my yellow teeth were becoming whiter. My tooth sensitivity disappeared completely. :) PS I only brush my teeth using baking soda now. It gets rid of surface stains from coffee (etc) better than toothpaste.
Once again thank you Adrian for your amazing site. :)

July 28, 2013

brandon lilley

I've heard that they got lasers that may be able to get your enamel back

October 14, 2015


The most helpful steps I found to whiter teeth were not magic toothpastes or kits. I simply started to get my teeth fixed, then used a straw for anything even remotely acidic like Cola and stimulation drinks. I then started eating at regular times. I did not brush after every meal as this does more harm than good. I just swished with water. I brush twice a day and after brushing use an inter-dental brush to (carefully rub against the sides of the teeth). I use alcohol-free mouthwash every 2 days. Teeth are now white and stronger than ever. It's a myth to suggest healthy teeth should be as white as silk.. it's more important they're strong and that you don't fidget with them. Make yourself see a good dentist every 3 - 6 months even if your teeth look fine.

April 28, 2013


Good morning. Sunshine.
I recently got my teeth whitened ,with a dentist, and of course s
Ent good $$ . i was unaware until I went that a lot of the things I enjoy will slowing take this fantabulous white away. I am a smoker, which I have now swith to the vapor cigs, but the tea and coffee is going to be tough ones to break. If I brush 3 times a day everyday a d rinse with water after each sip will that help. I was also told about MI paste, helps to maintain the enamel on your teeth and does wonders but not sure what it will do to the whiter. Any feeback will greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much

March 21, 2013

Sam A

Hi Adrian,
I would really like to lose some weight really fast, because I got a big flab on my belly, thighs and arms. Im quite young, I am 11 years old, I think Im 1.4m cos i got to go on x no way out in thorpe park, and i dont know what weight I am cos I dont have a scale. I really wish I was skinny, cos my sister always calls me fatty. And I dont have that much time on me, and also, I hardly got fruit at home but I can ask my mum. Pleaseeeee reply ;( Im relly sad, also, can you tell me which fruits good for me, and its hard for me to do exercise cos im fat. I want to lose weight fast, PLEASEE help :( :( And I aint got no weights, can you also tell me what i should avoid? Also, everyday after school I always eat curry and rice.. and my mum doesnt like it when i dont eat. So... I eat curry and rice, and sometimes Chips and fish. Im keeping this on saved pages on my phone

December 10, 2012


YOUR ONLY 11! SO STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR FATNESS! First of all you need to boost your self-asteem. Try just ignoring your sister, or talking to your mom about it. BE proud of who you are! Also treat yourself to a good shopping trip! I know if at times Im feeling self concious, if I go put on a cute outfit it all ways helps me feel better! I'll admit it I'm skinny. And I'm 13. BUT even I feel self concious sometimes. EVERYBODY DOES! So don't feel alone. And another tip... Find friends who like you for who you are!! Not ones that will tease you about it. AND NEVER CALL YOURSELF FAT! SO like i said BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! also exercise is always the best option. Start slow and build up. I do pageants and model. So i know how exercising is.. not fun... but it IS THE BEST OPTION! So thats what i have to say about it... please listen to me! i promise it will help!

January 03, 2013


u need self esteem.thats it. stop eating lunch for two weeks.think about tying your waist.

March 31, 2013


ok , i've read . there are many method , which can help you weight down and built muscle and burn the fats, and i just saw some word about RICE CURRY and FISH and CHIP , u need to stop eating that for a large portion of amount , try to reduce a bit .and if u want to exercise , u just can do it at home, no need to go to gym , or park to jog etc . just i want u to watch , SIMPLE 7 minutes beginner workout at YOU TUBE . :) just don't give up .

April 02, 2013


Don't worry your only eleven so just ignore what your sister says. I'm not what you would call fat but my mum doesn't like me to miss meals swell so we try to work things out why I found works if you ask your mum to maybe have salad or mor vegetable in your curries or with your fish and chips some peas. Try to cut down your portions just a bit and don't stop eating because your body will just make extra fat. In your diet have a reasonable amour of carbohydrates because they speed up your metabolism and water. Cut down on sugar and play some sports as a way of exercise have a little faith and determination and you can do it
But remember you at who you are so stay strong and don't change for anyone oh and I'm 13

May 21, 2013


hi Andrian,
I am trying hard to whiten my teeth using toothpastes like colgate advanced whitening. They claim to make a person's teeth visibly whiter in 14 days. How good are such products?

September 16, 2012


all whitning tooth pastes are gimmicks, theres no difference in tooth paste from 20 years ago, they all say whitening but yet we all still have yellowed teeth, so why is that?

December 09, 2012


Hey Debee, Whitening Tooth Paste such as; Crest 3D White Toothpaste actually does start working after the first use. However you have to brush your teeth 3x a day every day to get your teeth white and to have them stay like that. I am a Teeth Whitening Fanatic so i can help you anytime. However, i know all of these methods work but i am in the process of having braces so i am unable to use these products at the moment or else i would have stains i my teeth. I can tell you that my sister has been using the Crest 3D White Toothpaste and her teeth have become a lot whiter than they were before. (: Hope this helped.!

March 04, 2013

James Cannon

Hello Adrian. I just wanted to say if I whiten my teeth and I brush it two times a day would it still stay white after a year :)


August 01, 2012


is it true that spinning around in circles burns many calories?

July 14, 2012

Adrian Bryant

anything you do burns calories

July 15, 2012

skyra-lauren hann

(* i am 17 and have a modeling competition nd an interview with yale next week) thanks adrian for showing me how to get my teeth whiter! i feel awsome so i will have to dress to impress to make myself perfect! i wish you could have a page on how to become better at dressing and not splurging like a pig! still thanks! you are la creme de la creme!

July 14, 2012


hey do duplicate teeth become yellow easily

July 14, 2012


Yes your teeth become yellow if you have temporary duplicate teeth i have one soo i know......

September 17, 2012


Hi Adrian,
I am trying hard to whiten my teeth using toothpastes like colgate advanced whitening. They claim to make a person's teeth visibly whiter in 14 days. How good are such products?
I am just 14 years old, so I am a little frightened to used chemicals like hydrogen peroxide etc. Is there any mild, shortcut method to whiten my teeth? - I hate going to the dentist and I'm sure I can't use those 'dental-kit' like stuff- Is there any other way out? I wish that the method is quick yet the whiteness sustains for a long time.

July 05, 2012


Look at my reply to Debee. Hope it helps. (:

March 04, 2013


My opinion is that, unless your teeth are in a bad way I wouldn't worry too much about them not being ultra white. You have to be very careful with the way you brush them (only use soft brush), when you brush them and what type of paste you use (baking soda is highly abrasive). Being overly protective of your teeth risks doing more harm than good. You can have a scale and polish at the dentist if you want, it's the most potent form of cleaning. After that just focus on your diet and cleaning regime.. and stop worrying my friend :)))

April 28, 2013


how to grow height after 13? plz rply

July 04, 2012


wear heels.

July 13, 2012

fashion expertise

usually you stop growing at your own age. but you can wear things to make your legs look longer like those skirts/dresses that are long in the back and short in the front.

July 14, 2012



March 02, 2013


Hey Adrian!
I'm 19 years old, 5'9 and 180 pounds. I'd like to lose some weight but my problem is that I can't exert myself with exercise. I have a genetic disorder that causes heart problems. I also have really bad joints, so it's really painful to move around a lot. What kinds of things can I do to help my weight loss journey?

July 02, 2012



U know what, I do have white teeth but what I think my problem is coming because of my setting. Two of the teeth beside the first two teeth are sooo tiny and the front two are excessively small and the front two are just sooo big! Do you have any suggestions for that?


May 02, 2012


ewwwwww..... that sounds gross

February 14, 2013


There's numerous procedures on offer, all with advantages and disadvantages. One of the cheapest options is dental bonding; this would help even out your smile and support your existing teeth. Bonding usually needs replacing after at least 5 years. The main advantage of bonding is that it's one of the least invasive restorative methods.. the teeth underneath usually only need roughening up on the surface, so the bonding material can set properly. You'd be amazed at the results. This is just one of a range of options. A good dentist will be able to advise you on the correct procedure and most convenient payment plan unless you can get the treatment via insurance or other means.

April 28, 2013


How can we reduce fat in our body?

April 24, 2012


Exercise and Eat Heathly

July 08, 2012

Robin key

My upper arms are really flabby its worse on the inside of my arms, I'm 52 years old, is there any hope in firming them up so I can wear sleeveless shirts by this summer? same for my upper legs they are really dimply and saggy I almost feel like surgery is my only hope!!

March 23, 2012

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