Use This Tool or the Visual MEN & WOMEN Body Charts To Check Body Fat Percentage



Yes, you can be 'Skinny Fat'

Look at the pictures below ↓ You can have a low body fat percentage with a low amount of muscle.

To Use the Body Fat Calculator,

  1. Select Man or Woman
  2. Enter your height in inches (measure without shoes)
  3. Enter your waist size in inches (measure at the navel/smallest point)
  4. Women only, enter your hips size in inches (measure at your hips' largest point)
  5. Enter your neck size in inches (measure at your neck's largest point)

Man Woman

  • Height (inches)
  • Waist (inches)
  • Hips (inches)
  • Neck (inches)

Your Estimated Body Fat % is &,

For Men A Body Fat Percentage of

For Women A Body Fat Percentage of

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