Your Complete Guide to Doing
Pull-ups (Even if you can't do One) To Get Bigger Back & Biceps

pull ups

To Get Strong Enough to Do 1,

1. Machine Assisted Pull-ups

This is the best way because it's easier to track your progress by gradually decreasing the assistance by 5-to-10 pounds. The other ways are harder to verify how close you're getting to doing pull-ups on your own.

2. Band Assisted Pull-ups

Depending on the type & how many bands you have available… It may be a difference of 50 pounds worth of assistance between bands and if that's the case… You may have to do sets of 10-to-20 reps before you progress to the next level.

3. Beginner Pull-ups

4. Partner Assisted Pull-ups

5. Negative Pull-ups

Quick Tip → Do negative pull-ups AFTER Doing assisted pull-ups to quickly build up enough strength to do 1 pull-up.

Pull-up Workout for Bigger Back & Biceps

Do 6-to-12 sets of 6-to-20 reps of ONE of the 6 kinds of Pull-ups or Chin-ups below 1-to-2 days per week depending on your goal (see pull-ups vs. chin-ups)

Tip → Do Supersets of Pull-ups or Chin-ups with Dips to make every muscle in your upper body bigger.

Pull-ups vs. Chin-ups → Which is Better?

Don't use an ultra wide grip wider than shoulder width because it can actually injure your joints and it decreases your range of motion giving you a worse workout.

6 Kinds of Pull-ups & Chin-ups

1. Sternum Chin-ups

Sternum Chin-ups not only work your biceps & back but also your chest because it's like doing a bodyweight pullover but… They're also the hardest to do because you have to touch your chest to the bar.

2. Parallel Pull-ups

3. Chin-ups

4. Close Grip Chin-ups

Close grip chin-ups is the best compound exercise you can do to quickly get bigger biceps.

5. Close Grip Pull-ups

Close Grip Pull-ups is the best exercise for your biceps peak or the brachialis muscles centered between your biceps & triceps. A bigger brachialis makes your biceps look bigger.

6. Pull-ups

Do regular pull-ups to focus mostly on your back.

More Tips

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