8 Low Impact Workouts

  1. Low-Jack Workout
  2. Bed Sheet Workout
  3. Indoor Walking Workout
  4. Look Betters
  5. Beginner FUK Being Fat Workout

3 Seated / No-Impact Workouts

  1. No Jumping Workout
  2. Seated Bed Sheet Workout
  3. Seated Bike Workout

1. Low-Jumping Jack Workout

Your low impact workouts are great. I started a few weeks ago and I love them. I have lost 7 pounds so far. Thank you so muchLinda Wade

2. Bed Sheet Workout

Thank you brother, god bless you, I've lost around 50 pounds doing your workout videos, thank you dude, I'm in tears, I always doubt myself, and you helped me to destroy the doubts in my brain, thank you once againDavid Squire

3. Indoor Walking Workout

Best workout ever!!!!! I lost 14 pounds in 2 weeksPoppy Heri

Low Impact Treadmill Workout

4. Look Betters Workout

This worked for me. Lost about 30 pounds doing this + wieght-lifting.Jerry Vasquez

5. Beginner FUK Being Fat Workout

3 No-Impact Workouts

1. No Jumping Workout

Yeah I just wanna thank you for helping me lose 78 pounds in five momthsEdna Lambert

2. Seated Bed Sheet Workout

Adrian, I love this and I love you. I have fibromyalgia and spent some time on your Nowloss website honestly crying because I've finally found someone motivating, inspirational, who genuinely cares about people getting healthy and UNDERSTANDS what it's like being fat and having the fibromyalgia on top.

I can DO so many of your workouts, this is my new fave. I'm sweating for my wedding in September, trying to fit into a dream wedding dress that's too small... when I make it, it will be because of you. Mishka English

3. Arm Bike Workout

Perfect for me as i have rheumatoid arthritis, with joint damage in my anklesEP Evans

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