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How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels by 250%

Increase Testosterone for Adrian Bryant
Adrian used tip #2 for 250% more testosterone

The 6 Most Important Ways To Increase Testosterone

1. Lose Fat

Adrian with more testosterone

The fatter you are = The less testosterone you'll have because your body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase that turns your manly testosterone into womanly estrogen making your testosterone levels drop so as you lose weight You'll naturally increase your testosterone by 57% like these guys because…

The less fat you have = the more testosterone you'll have because you won't have as much aromatase going around turning your testosterone into estrogen.

Losing fat is so important for higher testosterone that even testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) where a doctor gives you more testosterone would not work for you while you're fat because you're just making more testosterone available to be converted into estrogen by aromatase.

Use these 2 steps to lose fat & these natural aromatase inhibitors to increase your testosterone.

2. Get 8 Hours of Sleep

This study shows how You'll have 250% more testosterone when you sleep 8 hours vs. only 4 hours because your body produces the most testosterone when you sleep plus…

3. Zinc

Zinc is so important for maintaining high testosterone levels that the guys in this study lost over 70% of their testosterone without enough zinc but…

Get 20-to-40mg of Zinc per day or more depending on how much you lose sweating from a Zinc Supplement and/or eat foods high in Zinc like oysters (a natural aphrodisiac), liver, seafood, poultry, nuts & seeds.

4. Be More Active

Exercise or being more active is shown to give you 54% more testosterone than a lazy person but to gain as much testosterone as you possibly can from exercising…

5. Vitamin D

Without enough Vitamin D your testosterone decreases and as seen here your testosterone increases by 26% when you get 3000-5000IU of Vitamin D from foods high in Vitamin D, more sun exposure and/or a Vitamin D3 supplement

Warning: Don't get your vitamin D from inorganic dairy products (especially milk) full of xenoestrogens which lowers your testosterone.

6. Stress Less

When you get stressed out your body releases a "stress" hormone called cortisol that shuts down testosterone production.

The High Testosterone Diet

high testosterone diet
Type your weight in the box & then click enter to See how many calories you need for more testosterone…

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  • Eat -to- calories per day for more testosterone.
  • Type -to- calories into this fat, carb & protein tool to see the exact amounts of fats, carbs & protein you need to increase your testosterone.

8 Tricks to Instantly Boost Your Testosterone

sex boost testosterone

1. Have More Sex

2. Cum Once Every 7 Days

In this experiment abstinence, not ejaculating or Not Cumming for 7 days increases your testosterone by 46% but your testosterone gradually goes back down to its normal level 9 days after that and as you can see here ejaculation does not decrease or increase your testosterone.

3. Porn

Warning: Don't watch too much porn because this video explains how too much porn can lead to erectile dysfunction

4. Sunlight

This old study claims you can increase your testosterone by 120% by spending more time in the sun and current research backs this up by increasing the hormones that produce testosterone by 69% when you're exposed to bright lights for an hour which all fits in with the evidence your testosterone levels are 20%  higher in the summer or during the months you're most exposed to the sun.

5. Power Posing

Increase your testosterone by 20% in 2 minutes like the people in this experiment doing any 2 of the power poses pictured below for 1 minute each…

power poses testosterone

Watch Amy Cuddy talk more about the benefits of power posing…

6. Win More!

Whenever you win, someone you like wins or even when you imagine yourself winning all temporarily increases your testosterone as proven here, here, here & here. In this report a guy had his testosterone levels go up 74% during a six day winning streak.

7. Pomegranate Juice

The 22 guys in this study drinking pomegranate juice increased their testosterone by 24% probably because this other study says pomegranate juice is possibly an aromatase inhibitor

8. Guns

You can increase your testosterone just by touching a gun like the guys in this study who had about 60 times more testosterone after handling a gun.

The Best Testosterone Supplements

best testosterone supplements

Fat Burners

Fat burners or anything that contains Caffeine and/or Green Tea like Lipo-6 or Hydroxycut will be Your Best Testosterone Booster depending on how overweight you are because less fat means more testosterone (see why)

Zinc & Vitamin D

Zinc & Vitamin D are 2 of the 6 most important things you need for higher testosterone and without enough of either of them your testosterone levels will fall.

Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

Below is a list of Natural Aromatase Inhibitor supplements that prevent the aromatase enzyme from turning your testosterone into estrogen leaving you with higher amounts of testosterone…

Tip: Instead of buying supplements to inhibit aromatase you can simply lose fat because that's where most of the 'testosterone lowering' aromatase enzymes are made so as you lose more fat you'll have less aromatase and more testosterone.

Supplements to Reduce Estrogen

More estrogen in your body means less testosterone, man boobs, weight gain, erectile dysfunction & etc. but the supplements listed below flush out excess estrogen to increase your testosterone…

Sleep Aids

The supplements below help you get the 8 hours of sleep you need for 250% more testosterone…

Stress Reducers

Less stress also means more testosterone because of less cortisol and the list of supplements below help manage stress…

Testosterone supplements that might work

Testosterone supplements that do not work

The supplements listed below may increase your libido tricking you into believing they increased your testosterone but in reality none of the supplements listed below have any proof to back them up as a true testosterone booster…

4 Things that Lower Testosterone
dairy lowers testosterone

1. Milk

This study confirms 70% of the estrogens you probably eat come rom dairy products (see avoiding xenoestrogens for more testosterone)

Men is this study saw their testosterone levels decrease after drinking just 2½ cups of milk. According to this story how Mongolian kids (who truly consume organically raised dairy products) saw their estrogen levels go up quickly after only 1 month of consuming genetically modified American milk.

2. Losing Too Much Fat

Losing so much fat to where your bodyfat percentage is lower than 5-to-8% can dramatically reduce your testosterone levels by almost 75% like these natural bodybuilders (who were already at a healthy 15% bodyfat) when they went down to 4.5% bodyfat.

3. Licorice

These men lost 34% of their testosterone taking 7g of licorice tablets daily and it took them 4 days of not taking licorice to regain their original testosterone level.

4. Certain Drugs

TL;DR Summary to Increase Testosterone

6 Important Ways to Increase Testosterone

  1. Lose Fat but not so much that you go below 5-to-8% bodyfat. (see why)
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep each night. (see why)
  3. Get 20-to-40mg of Zinc &…
  4. 3000-to-5000IU of Vitamin D daily. (see why)
  5. You get the biggest increases in testosterone from exercising when lifting weights. (see why)
  6. Try to stress less. (see why)

High Testosterone Diet Tips

Testosterone Boosting Tricks

Best Testosterone Supplements

Things That Lower Testosterone

More Tips to Increase Your Testosterone

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