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Doing the butt workout here on this page 1-to-2 days per week.

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Doing the bigger breast workout here on this page 1-to-3 days per week.

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Doing the Arm & Ab workouts on this page 1-to-3 days per week but remember…

5. Keep track of everything by…

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You can look at your fat loss workout log to see…

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Fat Loss Workout Back To Top ▲

Do one of fat loss workouts below for 20-to-40 minutes 3-to-4 days a week 1-to-2 times per day…

Fat Loss Workout Guidelines

Butt WorkoutBack To Top ▲

Part 1

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Part 2

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Butt Workout Guidelines

Bigger breast workoutBack To Top ▲

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Bigger Breast Workout Guidelines

Arm WorkoutBack To Top ▲

Part 1

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Part 2

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Arm Workout Guidelines

Ab WorkoutBack To Top ▲

Do ONLY ONE of ab exercises below for 2-to-6 sets of 8-to-20 reps 1-to-3 days per week taking at least 1 day off between workouts.

Click on photos to see how to do exercise

Ab Workout Guidelines

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9 Sample Weekly Workout Schedules

  1. Daily schedule:
  2. Three times a week schedule:
  3. 2 times per day schedule:
  4. Weights twice a week schedule:
  5. Weights twice a week & twice a Day schedule:
  6. Basic Schedule #1
  7. Basic Schedule #2
  8. Basic Schedule #3
  9. Make Your Own Schedule But Remember…

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1-20 of 938 Comments

Hi Adrian,

I've been following you for quite some time and have lost a total of 85 lbs. I am 5'9 and 165lbs... However, I am having a hard time trying to shed these last 5-10 lbs off for a flat stomach. I am a pear shaped woman and would like to shed this weight before I return back to school at the end of August. My current cardio is jumping rope and boxing I do not do much strength/core training... is this the reason for my plateau or is this normal? Will incorporating more strength/core do the trick?

Thank you.

July 21, 2015

Adrian Bryant

more strenght and cardio wont do the trick. you need more HIIT and/or less calorie intake. see this plan here along with these tips

July 22, 2015


Hi Adrian,
I'm 40 years old (63kg - 155cm), is there any way to get rid of the bad, ugly loose skin in my back especially under bra line??!! Please help 😰
Thanks a lot,

July 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what would you say your bodyfat % is

July 20, 2015


Hey Adrian,

Any workouts you could recommend for women in order to lose breast fat I have extremely large breast that can be hard to handle at times? Please help me!

July 06, 2015


Hi Adryan thank you so much for this website! I'm 22 yrs old5'3 118 pounds I really want a bigger butt, hips and thighs. I already have a flat stomach but I want a smaller waist line and to get it tighter. How many calories should I be getting to achieve this? I feel that if I do 1500 calories daily I my legs and butt won't be able to grow but I feel that if eat more I won't be able to get that "girl six pack" I really want. I really don't gain weight that easily. Please help I would really appreciate it

June 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

start off with 1500 but make protein 25-50% of your diet

June 27, 2015


Thank you , how many grams of protein would that be a day if I'm trying to do 40% protein on a 1500 calorie diet?

July 07, 2015


Hi Adrian,

I am 26 yrs old, 5' tall and weigh 60 kgs. My measurements are 36-29-40. My entire lower body is huge, a big tummy, big butts and thick thighs. Also, they lack shape and form. My upper arms and chest are no better. I am getting married this December and have around 5 months from this July. I want to start now and urgently need your help to look better at and after my wedding.

Please help!!

Thanks a ton!

June 26, 2015

Adrian Bryant

you'd be better off just focusing on fat loss and use this workout and this diet

June 26, 2015


Hi Adrian,

I am 5'4" 173lbs I am bottom heavy I would like to lose 40lbs or more. Today is the first day i started the program I did the elliptical work out but on the stationary bike 40min I also did the "F" being fat work out today! Wonderful work out thank you so much! I am so glad I found you!
Question: I don't want a bigger butt or thighs but I would like to get rid of the dimpled skin on my butt. Will the butt bridges with no weight work for me? Or should I just focus on lower toning and HIIT?

Thanks in advance

June 25, 2015

Adrian Bryant

as for the dimples the bridges will help but mostly the overall fat loss will help with that

June 26, 2015


Hi adrian am 5`1 I weight 135 n my doctors say am over weight what can I do to lose alil weight without losing any of my butt. If so how can I make my butt bigger while still losing weight

June 20, 2015

Adrian Bryant

your answer is to do 1,2 & 5 on this page

June 20, 2015


Hey andrian ^^ i am 5ft2 around 170lbs i want to lose weight but i am curious i already have naturally big butt will it get bigger and better if i do the butt exercises with weights or whatever there is? I am a newbie and i will go to the gym for the first time ... by the way i really love and admire your workout videos

June 15, 2015

Adrian Bryant

it'l get better with or without weights

June 17, 2015


if i decide to rest on sundays do i eat the same calories as if i would to workout daily? or i should eat less that day? for example 1600 cal always right?

June 23, 2015

Adrian Bryant

I would keep calories consistent if fat loss is your main goal

June 24, 2015

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