4 Ways to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

make nose seem smaller

1. Contouring & Highlighting

This way of reshaping your nose takes a lot of exercise and a proper set of tools. You need good makeup and high quality brushes to make this work.

For shortening of your nose,

For narrowing down your nose,

2. Nose Exercises

A really great exercise for shortening your nose is done by placing your index finger on the tip of your nose.

This exercise will build the muscles of your nose and they will make your nose look straight.

3. Face Yoga

The last, but not to least is to simply, really make your nose smaller by including face yoga into your daily routine. It will require patience and regular exercise.

4. Non-Surgical Nose Shaping

If these do not help you, it is time to do some more serious and permanent nose reshaping. However, it does not have to mean that you are about to have a surgery.

There are non-surgical options nowadays that give amazing results. A non surgical nose job can be used to straighten a crooked nose. The procedure is done by injecting the fillers made of hyaluronic acid or polyacrylamide gel.

Those fillers make the nose even and well-shaped. After the procedure, the swelling and bruising last for no more than 24 hours. This means that the procedure is both fast and effective.

Other Than Your Nose,

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