See why All high protein foods help you build muscle fast

91 Muscle Building Foods

    Protein Supplements

  1. Protein Bars
  2. Protein Potato Chips
  3. Whey Protein
  4. Casein Protein
  5. Eggwhite Protein
  6. Soy Protein - vegetarian
  7. Hemp Protein - vegetarian
  8. Blended Protein - combination of protein sources
  9. Feramoringa
  10. Animal Sources

  11. Orangic Grass Fed Beef
  12. Cornish hen
  13. Lean Skinless Chicken
  14. Skinless Turkey
  15. Quail
  16. Goat
  17. Kangaroo
  18. Duck
  19. Goose
  20. Emu
  21. Leanest cuts of Beef (red round steaks & roasts, top loin, top sirloin, chuck shoulder and arm roasts)
  22. Leanest cuts of pork (pork loin, tenderloin, center loin & ham)
  23. Leg of lamb
  24. Bison
  25. Rabbitt
  26. Deer / Moose / Elk / Caribou
  27. Veal
  28. Egg whites / Egg beaters
  29. Eggs
  30. Beef Jerky
  31. Seafoods

  32. Tuna
  33. Sardines
  34. Whitefish
  35. Trout
  36. Salmon
  37. Abalone
  38. Bass
  39. Cod
  40. Roe
  41. Perch
  42. Pollack
  43. Halibut
  44. Anchovy
  45. Catfish
  46. Mackerel
  47. Flounder
  48. Herring
  49. Tilapia
  50. Swordfish
  51. Whiting
  52. Grouper
  53. Haddock
  54. Snapper
  55. Crab
  56. Crayfish
  57. Orange Roughy
  58. Mussels
  59. Shrimp
  60. Scallops
  61. Oysters
  62. Caviar
  63. Mahi mahi
  64. Tilefish
  65. Lobster
  66. Shad
  67. Frog legs
  68. Terrapin (turtle)
  69. Nuts & seeds (good source of protein for vegetarians)

  70. Cashews
  71. Peanuts
  72. Raw Almonds
  73. Hazelnuts
  74. Brazil Nuts
  75. Pecans
  76. Walnuts
  77. Pine Nuts
  78. Pistachio Nuts
  79. Macadamia Nuts
  80. Hazelnuts
  81. Butternuts
  82. Beechnuts
  83. Flaxseeds
  84. Hemp Seeds
  85. Pumpkin seeds
  86. Sunflower seeds
  87. Chia Seeds
  88. More high protein foods…

  89. Hummus
  90. Seitan
  91. Tempeh
  92. Natural peanut butter
  93. Natural cashew butter
  94. Natural almond butter
  95. Tofu & Soy products

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Adrian Bryant

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I am 61 years old, female, 5'8" and weigh 208. I have hip bursitis. Luckily, I am a swimmer, so I can swim and bike without pain, but I understand I need to eat less than 1600 calories per day to lose. What diet and exercise program do you recommend for me to lose 40 pounds?

July 28, 2018

Adrian Bryant

you'll lose ALONE off 1600 cals but any of these plans will work

July 28, 2018


I'm 5'3 and 161 pounds. Less than two months ago, I was at 177 pounds and very unhappy. I decided to do something about it and have been working out 6 days a week ever since. I am seeing lots of results that I am happy with but I am afraid I am going to lose my butt. I think this may be partly because I became vegetarian three weeks ago and my protein intake has changed, but I am not sure. Should I give up being vegetarian or what do I do? I want to get down to 135 or 140 but I don't want to sacrifice my curves. HELP

June 16, 2018

Adrian Bryant

do #1 & 2 here to keep or even enhance your butt as you lose weight.

You are not actually losing your butt as you lose weight, you arre only losing the fat around your hips making it look smaller.

the plan i gave you will build up your butt so you wont lose it s you lose weight

June 18, 2018

Kassie sirmans

What fruits can I eat for protein? And will sliced turkey/chicken and brown bread work for gains?

June 13, 2018

Adrian Bryant

I dont know of any high protein fruits. yes to your 2nd question but its getting the right amount of protein that is good for gains

June 13, 2018


I’m 5’ y’all, weigh 118. I’m 33 years old. I want to get down to 110. Please tell me how.

June 03, 2018


Hi Adrian

I am in my late 20’s and kind of stuck on my weight. I’m trying hard from last two weeks to loose those extra 10 pounds vacation weight and a lil more toobof possible. I’m taking in not more than 800 calories and I’m doing it right. I have started doing your 30 days 30 pounds workout. I don’t know what more can I do to loose this fat. I’ll appreciate your help.

May 27, 2018

Adrian Bryant

what is your weight and height now

May 28, 2018


I weigh 135 lbs. I haven't worked out in a year but my butt is still there. Just not as defined. I was told I need to narrow by down my waist. Is that possible? If so how?

April 18, 2018


I'm a 46 yr. old woman who wants to build a rounder lifted butt. I'm 5'4" and weigh around 113, any suggestions?

February 04, 2018


Hi,am a mother of 2,5ft3.5inches weighs 156lbs and want to weigh 136lbs..

February 01, 2018


Hey Adrian,

I'm getting married towards the end of May and I'm at around 155 pounds. I also mainly have stomach fat but I was wondering if it's possible to get down to 130 pounds with a small waist and bigger butt and thigh within that time ? Any recommendations thanks!

December 29, 2017

Adrian Bryant

yes with this plan

December 29, 2017


19yr old male i weigh 53kg looking to gain more muscle and i am to small for my liking and age

November 23, 2017

Adrian Bryant

start here

November 23, 2017


l am a 25 year old 5'5", 124lbs mother of two. Skinny but have a belly. I want to loose the belly but still be able to gain curves and a booty. Have started your 2-4 week booty program. But what should I do to loose the belly while continuing weights and extra protien

July 30, 2017

Fred Garza

I'm 24 years old, 135 pounds.
Want to gain muscle and just keep an active workout routine going for me. I also have a high metabolism. Any suggestions on how to keep a steady plan going for me?

July 24, 2017

Adrian Bryant

this plan

July 25, 2017

erin servaes

I am writing about my daughter she is an athlete but really skinny very high metabolism she plays three sports and is 5 foot 4.5 and only weighs 96 pounds! The problem is she has ADD and has to take medication which makes her not very hungry I have been trying to get her to gain weight but its really difficult. She is going into high school and has tryouts in 6 weeks she is very fit but very skinny any suggestions for getting stron and more weight fast?

July 19, 2017


I've done your workouts before and personally for me the one legged leg press really built my butt but I switched gyms and now the new leg press is not the same I can't even put weight on it because it's so heavy I can barely with one leg so I'm trying out the butt bridge and kneeling squats :) but my question is eating chicken thighs ok?

April 04, 2017

Adrian Bryant

for protein, yes

April 04, 2017


I'm 285 6'0 (fat), have been lifting consistently for about 4 months now. My goal is to get big and strong, with a 'Bearmode' type body. What type of diet/exercise do you recommend for me?

March 30, 2017


BTW, i'm also on an interminent fasting diet as well, not sure if this is good or bad for my goal

March 30, 2017

Adrian Bryant

when you say bearmode you mean gaining muscle without losing any bodyfat?

March 30, 2017


Hey :)
My name is Nikki. I'm 18 years old and I'm 163 cm and 43 kg. I'm skinny and i want to have curves and feel good in my body :/ Can you help me? Please


February 26, 2017


Hello Mr Adrian,

I am 26 and 144 cm height and 36 kg weight. I want to increase my weight and build curves and shape my body better. Could you suggest me a diet plan and exercise?

February 21, 2017

hafsa shaikh

I am a vegetarian 5'2" ..weight 67 kgs..I hv 3 babies ..i want to develop a curvy figure ...hv seen butt workout a..b..c..d..will go in for it...only thing that troubles me is how do I get the 200 or 250gm protein to build my ready to take supplements but which one should I go in for and how much at a time or per day

December 03, 2016

Adrian Bryant

for your weight you only need about 150 grams of protein per day and you can get it from shakes or food

December 05, 2016


Mr. Bryant,

Hi, I was curious could you tell me if it's OK to eat white bread? I know it's not ideal, but is it possible to get/maintain visible abs while eating not too much but some white bread along the way? I remember reading from you about how it doesn't matter what you eat, just that you maintain a caloric deficit. That's just very different from many other people claiming "I haven't eaten carbs in 6 years and look at me now!" I prefer white bread lol. Thanks.

October 13, 2016

Adrian Bryant

1. it is all about calories

2. usually when you avoid carbs you automactically eat less calories so white bread is fine as long as caloroies are in check

October 14, 2016


I am 21 yrs old and i am obese with 274 pounds and my height is 5 4 can you recomend any diet plan as i have no time to workout

August 29, 2016

Adrian Bryant

use this diet

August 30, 2016

Zach Boyer


Any idea as to where one can find deer meat (besides, like, the forest)? Sounds like a tasty way to round out my daily diet. Ty!

—Zach Boyer

June 14, 2016

Adrian Bryant

i have no idea

June 14, 2016


Hi Adrian, I'm breastfeeding at the moment, but at 238 lbs and only 5'7", I need to start losing weight fast! Can I stick to 1600 calories, assuming 1100 for me and 500 extra for breastfeeding (as advised is needed).

Thanks for this awesome site!

May 27, 2016

Adrian Bryant

1600 ALONE should be enough to cause weight loss

May 29, 2016


Hi Adrian,
What do you think about gelatin for muscle building? I like to consume it because it's low calories and full of protein.

April 16, 2016

Adrian Bryant

i think protein is good in general

April 17, 2016


Hey there! I'm 22yr old and 5'4". My weight is 42 kg. I really need to gain weight. What should I do for curvy figure? My upper back is straight .i really need to put on some weight there. And need big bust and thighs. Please help!

January 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

go here to get curves

January 20, 2016


Mr. Bryant I absolutely love what you're doing with this site and am so thankful for the help that you provide. I've been lurking on you site for about two years and just know that when I need to accomplish a work out goal, I can come here. Thanks so much!

January 06, 2016


Hi there, I've been working out for a long time, I love it, it's my lifestyle. However, despite feeling fit or feeling healthy, I haven't been able to reach my goal of building my lower body, specifically my butt. It's just not where I gain fat or where I have natural muscle. I've been reading your website and want to incorporate the hip thrust and butt bridge into my workout routine but want to hear your advice on how to do it. As of now I do 2 days of athletic conditioning, basically a group class which combines tabata training, strength, resistance, and cardio. This means we do tons of squats, mountain climbers, burpies, donkey kicks, jump squats including arms and weight excercises. I love it. In search of a change, I plan to exchange my 1yoga day to walk, eventually sprint hills to build my butt. My question: how can I incorporate your excercises, hill running, and my 2 classes in a three day work out week. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for reading this.

August 29, 2015

Adrian Bryant

As far as being able to incorporate more or less workouts along with any targeted butt training depends on your current fitness level.

For example at first you may not be able to do hill running to your max ability due to how much your lower body is stressed from butt workouts or you may be able to do hills with no problem at all but whatever happens...

over time you will see it wont be a problem and lastly if I were you...

I would cut back a little back on any extra workouts and gradually add them along with the current butt wokrouts to see how it goes esp. if building a bigger butt is your main focus

August 29, 2015


Ok, so if I understood correctly...If building butt mass is my goal, I should focus on butt excercises in gym and try to include hill running after a rest day, minus my 2current athletic cond. classes? My concern is losing the tone definition in upper body I do have if I neglect my 2 classes because this is where I get in my push ups, back, etc its a " full body" workout.

Another question, if I'm in the gym doing the butt routine. What does that look like. Is it a quick warm up, 15-20 mins of one excercise and done? What could a beginning work out week look like?

Having said all that, I've worked hard for a long time, yet still have not achieved that strong and built lower body which is what I've always worked for. I'm open to change, just don't want to throw away, for a lack of better words, what I've worked for.
Thanks again for your help!


August 29, 2015

Adrian Bryant

I would just gradually add more as you progress with your butt workout and dont be scared of losing "tone" or muscle as you are active enough to maintain what you have.

for your butt workout just warmup with a weight you can do 15+ times

Make sure you are getting enough protein (25-50% of your diet) as well

September 01, 2015


Hi Adrian, I'm finding it very hard to fit up to 150 of protein into my diet, what would you recommend?

August 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

that is where protein supplements come in to make it easier for you

August 09, 2015


Hi, can you please tell me how I can build a bigger butt? I was 172 and now weighing at 137 mostly from doing cardio. I started body toning exercises and doing squats and lunges about 3 months ago and it looks like my bottom is getting smaller. Help please and thank you!

March 25, 2015


Hi I am 50 years old and weigh 50 kg.
I recently lost 25 kg in a short period
of time . Do you think I would be able to
tone my body at this age? I also have severe

August 07, 2014

Adrian Bryant

yes, it does not matter how young you are

August 09, 2014

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