13 Ways to speed up your metabolism

1. Go for the After Burn

The more intense you workout = The more calories you'll continue to burn "after" your workout is over keeping your fat-burning metabolism higher all throughout the day.

High Intensity Interval Workouts or HIIT is the best example of a workout that causes an after burn effect where You'll continue to burn calories for 12-to-48 hours after you've finished working out to help your body recover from your intense workout so to lose weight faster…

It's best to do a high intensity workout at least 3 times a week and you can do low intensity workouts the other days.

Please Note: all weight loss activities have some sort of after burn effect but only the after burn effect of high intensity activities keeps your fat-burning metabolism higher for much longer periods of time.

2. Exercise less but more frequently

Scientists are now saying you can actually lose more weight & keep your metabolism fired up longer by doing 4 smaller 10-minute workouts instead of 1 big 30-to-40-minute workout

Check this out: In a recent University of Pittsburgh study… Women who did 4 separate 10 minute workouts during the day lost 30% more weight than women who did one big 40 minute workout everyday so what this really means for you is this…

If you have time - you can boost your metabolism by doing 4 smaller 10 minute workouts at a moderate-to-high intensity (see how to lose weight at home) or if don't have time for 4 separate 10 minute workouts…

You can still keep your metabolism higher all day long by going for the after burn (see #1) with ONE longer interval workout.

3. Drink at least 1 liter of ice cold water daily

Not only does water help prevent you from getting bloated by flushing out excess water weight but as far as increasing your metabolism goes…

The fat burning process of metabolism needs water to work effectively and… Your body has to raise your metabolism to burn extra calories to warm up the Ice cold water you drink and…

Check this out: A Clinical Research Center in Berlin found that after you drink 17 ounces of water - Your fat-burning metabolism increases by 30% within 10 minutes of drinking water.

4. Eat More fiber & protein

Eating more fiber & protein increases your metabolism because your body burns the most calories digesting foods high in fiber & protein and…

You can easily get more fiber in your diet by eating more complex carbs and as for protein… You don't have to go on a high protein diet - You just need to make protein at least 30% of your diet to get the metabolism boosting effects.

5. Do something when you wake up

The best time to workout to lose weight is first thing in morning so you'll burn more fat but as far as revving up your metabolism goes…

Morning workouts give you a longer lasting After burner effect (see #1) that helps you burn more calories during the day while on the other hand…

You do get some after burn with evening workouts but your after burn won't last as long since you'll probably end up going to bed in the evening and when you sleep your metabolism slows back down.

6. Skip breakfast & Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting increases your metabolism because it causes your body to release more adrenaline (or norepinephrine) and when you get that energy boost from adrenaline…

Your body is forced to bun more fat in order for you to get all that extra energy.

7. Naturally Boost your HGH

HGH (or Human Growth Hormone) naturally increases your metabolism beacuse its a hormone that helps you burn more fat while helping you build & maintain the sexy muscles you have which also increases your metabolism.

8. Gain Muscle

9. Drink Green tea

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Green tea helps you burn 35-to-43% more calories a day and…

Another study showed that men who drank green tea for 3 months lost almost twice as much weight than those who didn't drink green tea.

10. Got MILK?

During a Purdue university study… Women who ate 3-to-4 servings of low-fat dairy everyday burned more fat & more calories after meals and…

This study said you may be able to lose an extra 10 pounds of fat just by eating 3-to-4 servings of low-fat dairy like yogurt, cheese, and skim milk.

11. Add Spices to boost your metabolism by 20%

Different studies have said that spices can increase your metabolism by 8-to-20% for at least 30 minutes after eating them - for example…

An Oxford University study proved that hot peppers can increase your fat-burning metabolism by adding just 3 grams of chili peppers to meals and In a British Study… Spicy mustard made people burn an extra 45-to-75 calories over 3 hours and…

All you need to do to get a metabolism boost from spices is to add a little bit of cayenne pepper or spicy mustard to your favorite recipes.

12. Improve your thyroid function

Your thyroid basically regulates your metabolism and you may be able to increase your metabolism simply by eating more seafood, nuts & seeds because All of these foods are high in Selenium, Vitamin E, Iodine, Zinc & Copper and…

All of those nutrients are essential for better thyroid function to help boost your metabolism and not having enough of those nutrients will cause your metabolism to slow down and/or you may develop hypothyroidism and as a matter of fact…

People who have hypothyroidism or slow metabolisms add more Selenium, Vitamin E,Iodine, Zinc & Copper to their diets to naturally treat hypothyroidism to help speed up their metabolism to help them lose weight again.

13. Caffeine

Make sure you also see…

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Hi I am priyadharshini.I am doing buisness and also married. After marriage, i got gain weight 20 kilos.Now, i want to reduce my weight. can you please give suggestion for me?

March 28, 2015


I need some specific advice for a specific set of circumstances...
I am 38 years old- 5 feet tall. And prior to 2014, was in great shape, an athletic triathlete. Over the past 11 months, I have had 5 surgeries, including having my ovaries and tubes removed (which sent me into surgical menopause at age 38). I am on HRT, and have gained about 10 pounds since. Before all my surgeries, I was eating about 2000 calories and having a hard time maintaining that. After my surgeries, due to being so inactive, I eat about 1400 and have gained fat (mostly on my thighs) and lost my muscles. I don't eat breakfast, and tend to do HIIT fasted, when I can. I just had surgery two days ago, though, and will be restricted from exercise for 4 months.
What is your advice in terms of eating while I am recovering (not being able to be active), and then also for when I get back to exercise? Should I eat breakfast to stoke my metabolism even if I'm not hungry? How many calories should I be eating?

November 12, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this about breakfast

see this for exercise after you are cleared by a doctor

November 12, 2014


I once lost 10kgs in a month via intermittent fasting, but, as u said, i regained all of that afterwards. What if I loose 10 kgs in a month going by your "Loose 50lbs in 5-8 months" plan? Will i still regain that? Please help, i m confused.

March 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

then IF was probably something that was tough for you to stick to so did you find it tough to stick to?

March 21, 2014


Whats max weight shall i loose to not to regain it? I m 19yrs, 200lbs. Shall I do muscle building exercise?

March 17, 2014

Adrian Bryant

there is no max but to avoid regain just dont become lazy and/or overeat

March 18, 2014


I'm Samanta and I'm 18. I really need help losing weight. I haven't been big all my life it started at the end of 5th grade going to 6th. I weigh about 273-300 pounds. I need help losing weight super fast in a month and a half (11/2) and I need to speed up my metabolism and thyroid gland. Please help me Adrian!

March 10, 2014

James Fralic

Samanta you would be best to check out and join www.myfitnesspal.com
Its a site that will allow you to weigh and track the food you eat everyday. Weight loss is not safe or smart to lose in a hurry. The only way you can lose weight is reducing your daily calorie intake.

March 13, 2014


Oh, drinking water soon after you wake up, and eating a healthy breakfast (like, a smoothie or oatmeal with apples, ect.) is GREAT for burning off extra calories. Your metabolism is high, which is superb.
What also works is eating 5 or 6 frquent (every 2 or 3 hrs) SMALL meals, but not TOO small.
Dont skip meals! Your metabolism will slow down, and next time you eat, you will probably overeat (due to hunger) and you will gain some weight. Make sure these small--and healthy--meals are frequent. I did research, and it says this is more helpful for losing weight (and maintaining) than eating 3 large meals.
GREAT fat-burning exercise for home: stationary bike :) TRUST me
Eating lots of fruit and veggies is important for weight loss.
More sleep!!! (7-10 hours is good)
Water cold burns calories, warm water fills you up. Water is also great for clear skin! :)
If you eat less, but don't work out, you WILL lose weight! But not as FAST if you workout.
DO NOT eat before you sleep!!
Those are just some tips, im not taking your spotlight :)
Works for me, and lots of other people, too :D

October 27, 2013


Skip breakfast? NO! Breakfast helps jump-start your metabolism, so you can burn more calories. That is, if it's healthy. 10min workouts, frequent? YES! :D works GOOD
Thank you for tips, writer :)

October 27, 2013


I simply drop a teaspoon or two into a small glass of water with fresh lemon and chug it. Your throat might burn for a second but not if you take a gulp of clean water right after in the same breath. Also, water is good for weight loss. journeytogoraw.com has a blog post about the benefits of water with this cayenne trick. So far, I've lost a few pounds with no added exercise. Cayenne is also speculated to cut down on sugar cravings. I think it does a bit. I chug a glass first thing in the morning to get my day started.

September 15, 2013


A teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper powder that is:)

September 15, 2013


Hi,I want ask about herbs for lose weight and I like sport and I have many machine for it but the problem I don't have time to do it can you tell me how many times to do it and calories should be burn it and can give me diet to do with it. thank you

April 29, 2013


Hi, I want ask you where I can find CLA,because I am from Libya and does I can found it in pharmacy ?

April 23, 2013

Adrian Bryant

a pharmacy would not need to carry it as it can be found in regular stores but I'm not sure what they sell in stores in libya

April 23, 2013


Hey, I want best way to lose belly fat fast, please?

April 21, 2013


Hi Adrian ,i have read about you and the way you are helping people ,being here is like i have come to the right place to get rid of my weight , I am 5 ft 9 inches and 20 years old with 232 lbs of depressing weight ..i have tried a lot of things to get rid of it but this time i am completely motivated to just go with it and i will not give up on me this time so i REALLY- REALLY need your advice .I am not in a hurry so PLEASE -PLEASE tell me the right and the best way to loose fat and the diet plans which HELP me with my slow metabolism too. ADRIAN you are the last hope i have ...i am willing to do anything just need the right advice from you. I will be waiting for your reply .

April 21, 2013


Hi, my name is Luisa. I'm 21 years old &about 345 lbs. I need major help. Due to my weight my knees hurt &can hardly do any exercises. I need tips on increasing my metabolism or gaining muscle in order to help me loose weight. Diabetes runs in my family &I sure don't want to inherit it.

March 25, 2013

Adrian Bryant

do you have elliticals and bikes available to use?

use this diet

March 25, 2013


whats help me alot is cutting bread out your diet and more protein less carbs . whey protein shakes for breakfast help my back and knees.

April 09, 2013


I am a 45 yo female 210 lbs. 5'9". I need to loose quite a bit of weight. I work long hours and I am a single parents. My main downfall in sweats at work between 2-6 pm.
Any advice appreciated.

February 15, 2013

Adrian Bryant

use this to lose weight being a busy parent

February 17, 2013

Dave F.

I'm in a slightly more awkward position. Spent quite a few years military, got out, medical, now disabled. I went from being in the best shape of my life at 235lbs, to now disgusted with myself at 297lbs. I can still walk, but my spine and legs are trashed from Iraq. I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror, is there any advice you could give a veteran? ( 5 foot 8 inches tall btw. BMI of 43.3 )

February 11, 2013

Adrian Bryant

Are you limited in any way as far as exercise?

February 11, 2013


I don't have any advise to lose weight bc I'm struggling also, but it Sade s me to here that u are upset with yourself! You should look in the mirror and be proud, you may be out of shape now but its not because you are lazy, you are a hero!! Thank you for fighting for our country, thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place so when my little ones grow up they can still experience what it's like to be free and have the same American lives we all got to live!!!

March 26, 2013


Skip breakfast?... Yeah great advice... NOT. Pack on the cal's during breakfast so you have energy to burn during the day, consume a natural organic breakfast to get all those vit and min's that put you in a better mood, give you nice skin etc. eat smaller meals through out the day, ending your meals around 1800 if you go to bed at 2200-2300...


January 07, 2013


I'm not a personal trainer or dietician in any way, BUT I will say based on MY experience and my coworkers skipping breakfast has been the best thing I have ever done. Trust me we, several of us in my doctors office, hashed this out. They decided to do their thing and eat their healthy little breakfast and me and another gal followed Adrian's advice. My coworker lost 31 pounds and I lost 20!!!! My brother is a personal trainer and thought it was ludicrous! He still thinks I'm crazy, but I don't care. Not only have I lost the weight, but I've kept it off and feel a million times better!

Long story short...don't knock it till you try it!

February 14, 2013


am a mother 22 years i weight 180lbs please i need agent help to lose 60lbs please help

December 30, 2012

kathy lee

Hi, I am 39 years old and weigh 212. I don't work. I'm on a 1200 to 1500 cal diets burn at least 300 cal 6 days a week and I still can't lose weight is there any hope. I've been trying for yr. No help I have tried everything. No health problems.

December 26, 2012

Adrian Bryant

#1 - are you sure you eat 1200-1500 calories per day and are you keeping a log to track and

#2 - describe your workout more

December 28, 2012


Check out the Wheat Belly Blog for help

December 30, 2012


Hi Adrian, a good list of tips, thanks! I've been doing a lot of reading about the afterburn effect lately. This website has a lot of information about it - theafterburneffect.net . At the moment I'm 5,7 and 145lbs - I'm a pretty decent weight but want to cut a bit more fat to get ripped! The best thing I have done for this is join a kickboxing club because they push us all super hard and it's fun at the same time. I've seen some good progress over the last 3 months and I haven't even been watching what I eat. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to shed some fat.

September 06, 2012


hey my name michael im 22 years old 6,1 i use to weigh 150 now i weigh 190 what are ways for me to speed up my metabolism and my weight back to the why it was.people say i say i tress alot how can i reduce that to.

thanx mike.

August 27, 2012

Adrian bryant

Use any 1 of the permanent weight loss plans here to get back to 150 but use the tips on this page for metabolism

August 28, 2012


Hi Adrian
I find your website very informative. I am 6 foot tall weight 165 pounds. I am looking to undergo surgery tummy tuck to have that flat abs. I have 3 children.
Is there anyway I can regain my abs have a flat abs without surgery? I was told the muscles are seperated due to child birth.

Looking forward to your repsonse



August 23, 2012


hey adrian im currently 5,6 or 5,7 14 and i weight 125 .i eat under 1000 calories to lose weight . mondays and wendsdays ihave taekwon do for 2 hours and after that I have soccer practice for 2 hours.i dont know whats wrong i cant lose weigh i use to be 108 than went to 115 then to 125 i want to go back down to 112

August 22, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you can't lose weight because you are already skinny

August 22, 2012


Hi John you are young and you are not getting enough calories so your metabolism is slowing down. For your age and being that you are an active male you should be getting 1600 to 1800 calories a day. When you burn all your calorie intake off your body starts to store what calories you do have as fat. May sound crazy but if you eat less than 1200 calories a day which is not healthy for anyone you may lose weight at first but eventually you will gain because your metabolism slows down and stores your food to keep you going throughout the day.

October 12, 2012


hey adrian im currently 5,6 or 5,7 weiht about 125 male 14 years old i use to weight 107 to 112 but gained over the summer to 125 i really want to loose 15 pounds i play soccer center mid wich i run alot and im also i taekwon do monday and wendays i have soccer practice and taekwondo .taekwon do 1 hour of exercise and 2 hours of soccer .my metabolism is really Slow i eat about 1000 calories and i cant loose the pounds it always seems to be the same any help

August 20, 2012

Adrian Bryant

you cant lose weight because you dont have any to lose being on 125 and 5-7 tall

August 21, 2012


Hey, I'm 14, 5'5 and weigh 111 pounds. I'm recovering from anorexia and I wanted to know how to eat right and exercise without losing the weight just maintaining it. I workout every day and eat really healthy but Im not sure if that's enough. Thanks(:

August 11, 2012

Adrian Bryant

this tells you how much to eat to maintain your weight

August 12, 2012


Hi im a 12yearold female and im looking to lose weight I have been counting calories and i have been exercising so so much i weigh 131 pounds and im 5ft my family has very bad health gentics and i was wondering how to lose weight the quickest before school starts i also play lots of sports and i still am in the same weight range i was wondering if anyone had ideas and what i should do. Thanks.

August 06, 2012

Adrian bryant

go here to lose the most before school starts

August 07, 2012


Hi, im 14 and im 180 pounds with 5 ft 5. I've tried a lot of prograns like insanity and p90x but they dont work... And I dont know what to do anymore. I just keep gaining more and more weight. I just want to be heathy, because since I come from obese family I want them to realize that miracals can happen! Please give me some tips because I dont want to be this way the rest of my life. Thank you!

July 30, 2012


hey, Im 16 yrs old, 5'11 160lbs with 7 percent body fat. I was not always like this. Basically what you need to do is high intensity weight training and interval training. oh and calorie count, I know its annoying but it will help you keep track of what you eat. Eat 300 calories under your maintenance level. Try to get 40% of your calories from protein 40% from good slow burning carbs and 20% from good fats. (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated). If you follow these steps you wont just get thinner you will be ripped.

good luck,

July 31, 2012


Hey Angel, I was ALWAYS really chubby too as a kid! At age 14 I was 215lbs at a height of 5'2. My mom, sister, dad, and all my sister's kids were in the obese or morbidly obese category. I didn't lose the weight until I moved out of my mom's place at age 17, I went from 215 to 124lbs QUICKLY. Why? I was in a city, so I was walking frequently, plus I ate VERY healthy. I was on the volleyball team in HS but even that wasn't helping me lose the weight because eating fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy for supper afterwards which undos any weight loss that could have occurred. My tip is to make sure you count EVERY calorie you digest, even from liquids like smoothies and the like. You'll be surprised how many calories are in foods even if it IS something you think is healthy!! I bought a salad one time and saw it had as many calories as a CHEESEBURGER from McDonalds because they added the creamiest dressing as possible. It's ridiculous sometimes!! You CAN lose the weight, anyone can, even if it is a genetic issue (I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and girls with my problem usually are 600lbs because it causes extreme weight gain), just stay positive, check the calorie count, work hard, and go for it! I wish I would have done it in high school, but I unfortunately thought I was doomed to be fat forever. Do it now while you are in the best years of your life and shine :)

August 01, 2012


When I was 14 I weighted around 200 pounds and I was 5'7. So I know how you feel. When I was that age I started to rollerskate and do more outdoor fun stuff. I started to drink tea instead of sodas and with all that I lost all that weight.

August 05, 2012


I'm 5'1" and I weigh 204 lbs and I want to lose 45 lbs. I tried other method.s but it didn't work. What should I do?

July 28, 2012


Try harder. Those who quit don't succeed. Stick to a plan and see it through.

July 29, 2012


hi! i am 32yrs of age about 6 feet and 205lbs. how too burn this fat off?

July 27, 2012


how can i measure my motablism?

July 20, 2012


I will be 30 this year. I have have 3 kids within the last 7 years. I'm 5'10" and weigh in at 175. Fat nowhere except lower belly(crunches out of the question since I broke my tailbone 3 years ago) I was 150 before kids, I would like to get back to at least 160. I have tried everything, diets, no carbs, giving up pop...I have no energy what so ever. I work 330 to midnight monday thru friday and have a very hard time getting up and motivated. Ideas? Please help!

July 18, 2012


Hey, Im 5'5 and weigh 185lbs I have PCOS and I struggle to lose weight, I want to get down 20-30lbs. Also Im 19 and Im the biggest of my friends and it bothers me. I know im not huge so please i dont need the lectures I've goteen from others that im beautiful the way i am. I know what I want and I want to be healthy about it. Thanks! :)

July 16, 2012

Adrian bryant

any of these plans here will take off 30 pounds

July 17, 2012


Hi, my name is brook, I'm 17, 5' 8" I weigh around 145-150 and I want to get down to 135. I play a ton of sports and I just can't get rid of the lower belly fat. I mean it's not unbearable but I'd rather not have it. I want to lose weight fast. Thanks(:

July 10, 2012



I'm 36 and weigh 155-160. I was at 175 about 6 months ago. I started going to a gym and was running 2miles mwf and running 4miles on tues and thurs. M w f before my run i did total body workout. The gym was new and after few months it was so crowded i was having to wait 30min just to use thevweight rack. I cancelled membership and got a weight bench and started running in the neighborhood. My problem is i dont have access to squat rack or cable machines. Can yoy help me out with a workout. I really need to work my upper chest arms calves and abs. Thanks you

July 08, 2012

Adrian Bryant

go here

July 09, 2012


Im a 16 year old 5'3'' girl who weighs between 115-120 lbs... thats the problem my weight constantly changes and i would absoultey looove to weigh 110lbs. I want to lose weight in my stomach and thighs. The problem is i love to eat and after i excercise i eat... i dont eat breakfast and i understand thats a problem so it would be great if you could give me some workouts and what to eat for breakfast!

July 05, 2012


I'm 20 year old guy, im 5'5 tall and weigh about 147, i used to be at 117 a year and 1/2 ago, my metabolism has gotten and really i mean really slow, i used to have a slim nice looking body and now it looks like i have a beer belly and i dont even drink, i'm not that much of a healthy eater but i have always eaten the same stuff and never had a problem with my weight or metabolism, i would like to loose some weight and build up muscle in its place, thanks for the help in advanced.

July 05, 2012


Hi I'm 17 and 5'9 and I weigh 118. I used to weigh 108 and my goal for now is 112-115 pounds. I've gained 10 pounds since I was diagnoised with Fibromyalgia a few months ago and I hate it. I'm not super sure why either maybe because I'm in too much pain and to fatigued to exercise much and I lack the motivation to eat healthy but I've been trying harder lately cuz it's supposed to help my Fibro and also help me feel and look better and hopefully lose some weight but it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be, I'm such a sugar and junkfood addict. So anyway any advice would be very much appreciated thanks!

July 02, 2012


I'm a 14 yr. old 135 lbs. and a female, for the past year or so my weight has been up and down at times I would slim and other times, well .... weight lifting, treadmills, daily workout and sit up only work for a short period in time. I have a very muscular body (not too muscular) due to the fact that I am a track and field athlete and both of my parents have heavy bones.

June 25, 2012

Adrian bryant

how tall are you?

June 27, 2012


Hey, I'm 16 yrs, 6' 1'', weigh 245 to 250 lbs (I'm a lineman in football) I need to lose fat, gain muscle, and i want to look thinner and healthier. I still want to be heavy though, i need that weight for the line. Thanks Adrian

June 22, 2012


Hi. I'm a 5' 7", 180 lb., 14yr old guy looking to lose some fat and build muscle for football season this August. I also haven't much time as I work nine to five in an office w/ a half-hour lunch. What should I do at what time?

June 21, 2012


hello adrien how r u . i am manjot from india .fitness expert . before building up ur muscles u must burn fat . go for min of 40 mins contnuous cardio which will help u out to burn fat . in this one should not go for muscle building

June 27, 2012

shenille hinds

Hi am 19 yrs mother of 1 and i weight 165 lbs. i need to lose at least 30 lbs what is your best solution ?

June 20, 2012


drink more water , ea more protein , drink semi skimmed milk , 10 minutes exercise. eat breakfast , drink at least 1 litre of iced cold water daily, add spice to your food , drink 29 ounches of water .

June 22, 2012


Hey Adrian, I am 13, 5' 4" and weigh 155 I don't do much at home and am gaining weight in the belly butt and thighs :( pleeeeease help

June 17, 2012

Leslie Moore

Great list! I remember learning that cinnamon may be beneficial in controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients (I am in pharmacy school). Is this how it also helps boost metabolism? I think there is a lack of scientific evidence on this topic though, because naturalstandard.com only gives it and evidence grade of C. Well, it tastes good, anyways! Thanks.

June 15, 2012


Hello I would like to know any exercise or workouts I can do to lose weight. My current weight is 150 and Im hoping to reach my goal also burning all the fats that would make me feel much better:-D

June 14, 2012


Hey! So i couldnt but reply to your comment! I am a dancer and i have been for some time now! i am a teenager!i wish i could tell you more about me but i cant think past simple things such as my favorite color(purple)! Anyway, us dancers have to take time and exersize so we can be able to do what we are expected to! You will be amazed in how easy weight loss truley is! First you need to drink water. Water is your best friend. The recomended amout of water is half your body weight in ounces each day. So, for you, it would be 75 ounces a day. Also, room temperature water is the absolute best for your body, you could drink ice water to help burn more calories. Your body tries to heat up the cold water, causing it to burn more calories. Next, STRETCH! Although stretching does'nt do much benefit to weight loss, it does allow your body to get used to excercise quicker and it also helps blood circulation and that could benefit your tan! Next, Pay attention to what you eat! You need to eat about 5 times a day. No, im not saying to eat 5 meals a day. Here is what i do:
Brekfast:Fruit, Lean Protien, grains
Snack: some friut or veggi
Lunch: some type of meat, fruit or veggi, dairy
snack: mixed nuts or fruit or veggi
Dinner: Lean meat, veggi, dairy

The point to eating 5 times a day is this causes your metabolism to sky rocket and keeps you from getting hungary. You NEVER want to be hungary because that causes you to over eat. Some of the best foods you could have for a snack are
-Mixed Nuts: they have ALOT of protien and very little calories
-Fruits and Veggis: they help boost your metabolism
-low fat yogurts: they are a great source of dairy and very yummy and good for your body.
-parfay!- its like yogurt with grain(:
Here are some suggested foods for your main meals
-Any fruit or veggi
-Canadian Bacon- no american
-turkey sausage
- whole grain toast and peanutbutter
- veggi soup
- Grilled cheese
- fruits/veggi
- beans
- whole grain toast
-Chicken: NOT FRIED
-smoked sausage
- Lean Red meat-cheese,

You can combine foods together but, do not over eat!
Next Thing you need to do is excercise!
now, i personaly HATE running so im not really going to suggest it. Also, these exercises do not need any equiptment! all you need is open space!
in order for you to lose weight you need cardio and strengthening.
as you probably read on the website that i saw your comment on, cardio is better if you do it 3-4 times a day for 10 minutes! so here are somethings that allow maximum weight loss
-SWIMMING-one of the best!
-DANCE- you would be amazed!
- RUNNING:/- yuckP
-Sit ups and crunches(AT LEAST 20 each)- Do them on your side too! Thats what we do on dance team!
-Pushups!(20) take it slow if you need to!- My brother in the army told me that this is one of the best things you could do for your body!
-lunges! (20)- these are amazing for the legs and bum! you will feel the burn!
-Weight lifting(optional)- if you choose to do this, its AMAZING for your uper body and helps lift through your shoulders, chest, and arms! also, alternate between light weights and heavy weights! lighter weights actually shape the muscule while the heavier ones strengthen and build up the muscule!
-LEG LIFTS/LOWERS: lay flat on your back and lift your legs strait up so your in a 90 degree angle and then lower them SLOWLY! this should burn but, it does wonders on your thighs and stomach!

So, i hope this works for you! it does for me! i lost 10+ pounds a month! Please E-mail me back if you have any questions because these only a fraction of the weight loss stuff i know!

June 18, 2012


how to lose man boobs?

June 13, 2012


Hi Adrian
Thankyou for sending me your free CD I am really enjoying it thoroughly. My daughter also enjoys working out to some of the sessions. I need to lose 1 stone by the end of July and with all the hard work and info it is possible in the name of Jesus.

June 12, 2012


I'm a 47 female. I was a smoker for many years and then caught Pneumonia 3 years ago and now I have permanent lung issues. I've quit smoking now. I'm eating a healthier 4 small meals a day and 2 small veg snacks. Getting 7-8 hours sleep a night.

But I've done nothing but gain weight. I'm 4'9" tall and now weigh 165lbs. I still can't exercise much. I am active. I do take walks, etc. but my day job is a Receptionist so I sit all day.

I've tried different diets but they aren't going to help with out exercise. So I'm stuck here in the middle. Any suggestions?

June 12, 2012


Hi Adrian,

17 Female 5'8 246 lbs.
I just recently had knee surgery so I have packed on the pounds since I am unable to do anything physical (only slow paced limped walk) how could I shed the lbs.in 2 months. I really want to look great in my wedding dress for my sisters wedding. What can I do? Thanks!

June 09, 2012

Adrian Bryant

are you physically limited due to your surgery?

June 10, 2012

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