Activate & Increase Your Brown Fat To Burn More Ugly White Fat

To Activate Your Brown Fat,

Expose your body to a temperature below 66.2℉ (19℃) while wearing the type of clothes you'd wear during warm weather to 'turn on' or activate your brown fat and at that point…

Your brown fat will automatically increase your metabolism by burning more calories or burning off the ugly white fat to generate enough heat to help your body maintain its normal temperature of 98.6℉ (37℃)

Activated Brown Fat = Weight Loss Without Diet and/or Exercise

To Increase Your Brown Fat,

Expose your body to colder temperatures below 59℉ (15℃) or a temperature cold enough to make you shiver because at that point…

Some white fat deposits become brown after several weeks in the cold, suggesting that you can train your fat cells to become brown fat cells that keep you lean and healthy.Dr Alexander Bartelt, a molecular biologist

The amount of brown fat you have has been shown to be much higher during winter vs. summer seasons while higher temperatures may be linked to higher obesity rates.

3 More Ways to Increase Brown Fat

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1. Naturally Boost Your Melatonin

Melatonin not only helps you sleep better but studies also show melatonin increases the amount of brown fat you have. To boost your Melatonin…


Exercise also increases Irisin and you already know Irisin transforms ugly white fat into fat burning brown fat.

About an hour of moderate exercise produces the same amount of irisin as 15 minutes of cold exposure below 59℉ (15℃) but doing HIIT workouts will produce larger amounts of Irisin in less time.

3. Curcumin & Garlic

This study & this study both show how Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) & using an aged garlic extract supplement can increase brown fat.

Activating Vs. Gaining Brown Fat

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