302 Weight Loss Foods

136 Carbs

  1. Oatmeal (How oatmeal reduces belly fat)
  2. Amaranth
  3. Brown Rice
  4. Buckwheat
  5. Buckwheat Pastas
  6. Cassava Corn
  7. Dark Chocolate
  8. Granary Bread
  9. Grits
  10. High fiber breakfast cereals like Fiber One
  11. Muesli
  12. Oatcakes
  13. Pitta Bread
  14. Plain Popcorn
  15. Porridge
  16. Potatoes
  17. Quinoa
  18. Shredded Wheat
  19. Sprouted Bread (Ezekiel bread)
  20. Steel-Cut Oats
  21. Wheat Bagel
  22. Wheat Breads
  23. Wheat Germ
  24. Whole Barley
  25. Whole Wheat Pretzels
  26. Wholegrain Cereals
  27. Wild Rice
  28. Any vegetables

  29. Artichokes
  30. Asparagus
  31. Arugula
  32. Green beans
  33. String beans
  34. Beets
  35. Broccoli
  36. Brussels sprouts
  37. Cabbage
  38. Carrots
  39. Cauliflower
  40. Celeriac
  41. Celery
  42. Chervil
  43. Chicory
  44. Chives
  45. Collard Greens
  46. Cucumbers
  47. Squash
  48. Tomato
  49. Cucumbers
  50. Dandelion greens
  51. Dill pickles
  52. Eggplant
  53. Endive
  54. Garlic
  55. Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
  56. Grapefruit
  57. Kale
  58. Kidney Beans
  59. Kohlrabi
  60. Leeks
  61. Lettuce
  62. Mushrooms
  63. Mustard greens
  64. Okra
  65. Onions
  66. Parsley leaves
  67. Pinto Beans
  68. Turnips
  69. Watercress
  70. Parsnips (raw/boiled)
  71. Peas
  72. Peppers (green/red)
  73. Pickles (sour/sweet)
  74. Pumpkin
  75. Radishes
  76. Rappini
  77. Rhubarb
  78. Rutabagas
  79. Sauerkraut
  80. Salsify
  81. Scallions
  82. Shallots
  83. Sorrel
  84. Soybeans
  85. Spinach
  86. Tomatoes
  87. Spirulina
  88. Swiss Chard
  89. Yams
  90. Sweet Potatoes
  91. Zucchini
  92. Water Cress
  93. Any Fruits

  94. Apples (How apples help you lose 33% more weight)
  95. Apricots
  96. Asian Pears
  97. Bananas
  98. Blackberries
  99. Blackcurrants
  100. Blueberries
  101. Cantaloupe
  102. Cherry
  103. Cranberries
  104. Currants
  105. Damson plum
  106. Figs
  107. Goji Berries
  108. Grapes
  109. Guavas (How Guavas prevent you from gaining belly fat)
  110. Honeydew melon
  111. Huckleberries
  112. Kiwi
  113. Kumquats
  114. Lemon
  115. Limes
  116. Loganberries
  117. Mangoes
  118. Melon
  119. Muskmelons
  120. Navy beans
  121. Nectarines
  122. Papaya
  123. Pineapple
  124. Plantains (How Plantains burn 30% more fat)
  125. Plums
  126. Pomegranates
  127. Prunes
  128. Oranges
  129. Peach
  130. Pear
  131. Plum
  132. Avocado
  133. Raspberries
  134. Spaghetti Squash
  135. Strawberries
  136. Quince
  137. Tangerines
  138. Watermelon

YES! You can actually eat anything you want (like the sugary, salty, processed carbs you love) and still lose weight (see why) but You'll lose weight much faster & easier eating mostly the weight loss carbs above because they'll kill your hunger & cravings while keeping you full on less calories and The less you eat = the faster you'll lose weight.

91 High Protein Weight Loss Foods

    Protein Supplements

  1. Whey Protein
  2. Casein Protein
  3. Eggwhite Protein
  4. Soy Protein - vegetarian
  5. Hemp Protein - vegetarian
  6. Blended Protein - combination of protein sources
  7. Feramoringa
  8. Protein Bars
  9. Protein Potato Chips
  10. Animal Sources

  11. Beef Jerky
  12. Bison
  13. Cornish Hen
  14. Deer / Moose / Elk / Caribou
  15. Duck
  16. Egg Whites / Egg Beaters
  17. Eggs
  18. Emu
  19. Goat
  20. Goose
  21. Kangaroo
  22. Lean cuts of Beef
  23. Lean cuts of Pork
  24. Lean Skinless Chicken
  25. Leg of Lamb
  26. Orangic Grass Fed Beef
  27. Quail
  28. Rabbitt
  29. Skinless Turkey
  30. Veal
  31. Seafood

  32. Abalone
  33. Anchovy
  34. Bass
  35. Catfish
  36. Caviar
  37. Cod
  38. Crab
  39. Crayfish
  40. Flounder
  41. Frog Legs
  42. Grouper
  43. Haddock
  44. Halibut
  45. Herring
  46. Lobster
  47. Mackerel
  48. Mahi Mahi
  49. Mussels
  50. Orange Roughy
  51. Oysters
  52. Perch
  53. Pollack
  54. Roe
  55. Salmon
  56. Sardines
  57. Scallops
  58. Shad
  59. Shrimp
  60. Snapper
  61. Swordfish
  62. Terrapin (turtle)
  63. Tilapia
  64. Tilefish
  65. Trout
  66. Tuna
  67. Whitefish
  68. Whiting
  69. Nuts & seeds (good source of protein for vegetarians)

  70. Almonds
  71. Beechnuts
  72. Brazil Nuts
  73. Butternuts
  74. Cashews
  75. Chia Seeds
  76. Flaxseeds
  77. Hazelnuts
  78. Hazelnuts
  79. Hemp Seeds
  80. Macadamia Nuts
  81. Peanuts
  82. Pecans
  83. Pine Nuts
  84. Pistachio Nuts
  85. Pumpkin Seeds
  86. Sunflower seeds
  87. Walnuts
  88. More high protein foods

  89. Hummus
  90. Natural Almond Butter
  91. Natural Cashew Butter
  92. Natural Peanut Butter
  93. Seitan
  94. Tempeh
  95. Tofu & Soy products

Tip: Make at least 30% of your diet protein because You'll lose twice as much weight according to this study & see more ways protein helps you lose weight faster or…

Type in how many calories you eat per day in the box below and then click the Enter button to See me how much protein you need to lose weight faster…

Type in how many calories you eat per day here →

You need to get at least grams of protein each day to lose weight faster

11 Weight Loss Dairy Foods

How Dairy Burns 5x MORE Belly Fat
  1. American Cheese
  2. Cheddar
  3. Cottage Cheese
  4. Cream Cheese
  5. Feta Cheese
  6. Greek Yogurt
  7. Mozzarella
  8. Parmesan Cheese
  9. Ricotta
  10. Sour Cream
  11. Yogurt

13 Fats that Burn Fat

    How Omega-3's Help You Burn Fat

  1. Flaxseed Oil
  2. Cod liver Oil
  3. Soybean Oil
  4. Walnut Oil
  5. Fish Oil
  6. Olive Oil
  7. How CLA Helps You Lose Belly Fat

  8. Safflower Oil
  9. Linseed Oil
  10. Canola Oil
  11. Sunflower Oil
  12. How MCTs Help You Lose Up to 36 lbs

  13. Coconut Oil
  14. Palm Oil
  15. MCT Oil

You can take Omega-3, CLA & MCT supplements to get more Good fats in your diet but if you eat more complex carbs and lean proteins… You'll be getting enough Good Fats in your diet to lose weight.

30 Spicy Weight Loss Foods

How Spices Increase Your Metabolism
  1. Africa Birdseye
  2. Anaheim
  3. Bell Peppers
  4. Bird's Eye Chili
  5. Cayenne Peppers
  6. Chili Peppers
  7. Chili Powder
  8. Chiltepin
  9. Cinnamon
  10. Cloves
  11. Cumin
  12. Curry Powder
  13. Datil
  14. Fatalii
  15. Garlic
  16. Ginger
  17. Habanero Peppers
  18. Hot Mustard
  19. Hot Peppers
  20. Jalapeno Peppers
  21. Jamaica Pepper
  22. Jolokia
  23. Naga
  24. Piquante
  25. Rocoto
  26. Scotch Bonnet
  27. Super Chili
  28. Tabasco
  29. Thai Peppers
  30. Turmeric
20 Weight Loss Condiments

These are all lower calorie, low salt & sugar condiment options you can add to any of the weight loss foods on this page for more flavor.

  1. Chimichurri
  2. Guys BBQ Sauce
  3. Honey
  4. I Cant Believe Its Not Butter
  5. Joseph's Peanut Butter
  6. Lakanto Maple Syrup
  7. Low Carb Ketchup
  8. Mrs. Dash
  9. Mt. Olive Relish
  10. Nutella Light
  11. Primal Honey Mustard
  12. Rao's Pasta Sauce
  13. Seal Sam Teriyaki Sauce
  14. Simple Girl Hot Sauce
  15. Skinnygirl Salad Dressing
  16. Smucker's Sugar Free Jam
  17. Stevia
  18. Steve's PaleoGoods Mustard
  19. Sugar Free Mayo
  20. Trinity Cocktail Sauce
More Weight Loss Foods

Weight Loss Drinks

best weight loss foods

Super Foods

More Tips

Adrian Bryant NowLoss.com
1-60 of 1389 Comments

Hi Adrian!
I’ve toured around all yourwebsite, i wonder if you could help me!
I’ve always been very slim, come from a lean family, I turned 30 a few months ago, and I noticed a couple months ago that my belly had cellulite when pressed. I obviously freaked out, since I weight 90lbs and I’m 1,70m. I recall a few years ago when I wanted to tone up my belly I will just have to do a few abs exercises and I will have my abs showing.

I go mountain hiking and trekking, also I quadskate, and fast walking. I must admit due to weather conditions the last six months I haven’t been able to go outdoors. So when I saw the cellulite in my belly I panicked. The last month I’ve been terribly ill so i haven’t had a very active life (just swimming once per week).
A year ago I used to have two jobs and one was very stressing. Since then I’ve been working from home, so it has changed my lifestyle too. Could this be a factor too?
Would you recommend me anything? As I said, I’m already extremely slim thanks to my genes, I’m basically flat -imagine Keira knightly body structure; I really enjoy food and eating a lot, but I’m freaking out at the sight of the cellulite on my belly, I don’t think losing generalized fat would help me, so I’m very confused. Please please help me!

June 25, 2018

Adrian Bryant

if you're already slim then firming up your abs like this may be the best answer for you

June 25, 2018


Hey, I have been going over your diet plans and exercise plans and I love them all, but my main question is about the emergency weightless diet plan. If I use that plan to kickstart my weight loss and change to a sustainable diet, will it hinder my progress? Will I gain all the weight back?

March 15, 2018

Adrian Bryant

no need for a kickstart. start here instead

March 16, 2018


Hi Adrian,
I am 22 years old, 5'4" and I weigh 103kg. I need to lose at least 10kg in two weeks time. Do you think it is possible? If you don't what do you think is okay for me to lose in two weeks?

March 05, 2018


Hello Adrian.

What do you think about the Keto Way of Eating? I have PCOS and take hormones so losing weight is a bit more difficult for me than others. I need to lose 50+ lbs so any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

February 24, 2018

Adrian Bryant

nothing special about mine or any other diets. ALL diets WORK by making you eating less. the key is finding one you can stick to

February 24, 2018


Hi Adrien l have exercised eat the same foods and stayed at 168 and a bit below for a year. Then at Xmas l had put 5 lb on tryed to lose it again came off went on then l got weighed a couple of days ago and l was up to 174 l am going crazy. I took your advise yesterday did my exercise in bursts of 10/@nd 20 mins through out the day please HELP

February 23, 2018

Adrian Bryant

what exactly did you need help with? are you saying you are stuck at the same weigh no matter what you do?

February 23, 2018


Hi Adrian

Does drinking collagen drink counts as protein?

January 02, 2018

Adrian Bryant

i'd have to see the drink

January 02, 2018


Hey Adrian,

Angela is my name and I go hill climbing 3 -4 times a week. I have lost fat but I have a problem with my stomach so what exercises can I do to lose the belly fat.

December 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

just keep dong what you are doing b/c belly fat is usually last to go. see how to lose belly fat

December 20, 2017


I have the list off all the right foods to eats but how do i count the calories and the portion sizes? So how many carbs or protein or fats or just how much of each item?

November 16, 2017

Adrian Bryant

use these tools

November 18, 2017


Hi, I hope all is well. Would I be able to have natural coconut water, from the actual coconut itself, not the bottled coconut water that is sold in the grocery store?

August 27, 2017


Is it ok to take protein supplements such as whey protein? I am having a hard time getting 30% protein in my diet.

June 01, 2017

Adrian Bryant

of course! that is exactly why some of us need protein supps

June 01, 2017


I'll agree with all food except the low fat/fat free dairy. When you look at the ingredients in low fat/fat free vs regular fat, there is a laundry list of extra chemical ingredients added to make it palatable. I noticed that when I had dinner at my ma in law the other night. She uses low fat sour cream, I brought my regular sour cream. Mine had sour cream listed as it's ingredient, hers had 12.

April 27, 2017


I'd like to also add the other low fat/fat free foods that are listed. When it comes to condiments it's always best to make your own :) It's also super easy!

April 27, 2017


Hi adrian
I eat build egg and green tea in breakfast and I don't do lunch and than I do dinner .I every evening walking for one hour .does it lose my weight ?

April 27, 2017

Adrian Bryant

it will if your calories are low

April 27, 2017


Any kind of sweetness should be avoided as much as possible, even grains and low diary diet. Gained 10 pounds when i ate fruits and grains into my diet for a month, avoiding it now. What do you say? Its just my body type maybe

April 19, 2017

Adrian Bryant

no. just too many calories and maybe excess water weight gain. see this

April 19, 2017


I work 12 hour shifts.. I want to start the intermittent fasting... I get up at 4 am and I have to be at work at 5:45 am...I get off at 6pm. We are not allowed to workout at our job.. I have 72 pounds to lose.

March 21, 2017

Adrian Bryant

this plan may work better with your schedule

March 22, 2017


Hey I was hoping you could clarify something for me! You say it doesn't matter WHAT we eat when losing weight longs as we are in deficit basically....so when you are mentioning fruits you say "the fructose or sugar contained in fruits will not cause a quick rise in blood sugar that WILL NOT make you store fat as easily if you ate other simple carbs like these bad weight loss foods here etc".....so you are saying if we DO eat simple carbs that would make us store fat easier? So that means it DOES matter what we eat when we are trying to lose weight right or did I misunderstand?

March 15, 2017

Adrian Bryant

No. that statement is wrong and will be changed ASAP BUT... TOO much simple carbs/sugar WILL lead to weight gain thru making you eat too much by increase your hunger and craving levels

March 15, 2017


Need to drop 20# by May ..can I use nutisystem entrees as my 0-300 cal meal..

March 05, 2017

Adrian Bryant

of course

March 06, 2017


Thank you for providing so much amazing information on this site your links are so helpful. Wanted to ask if peanuts and raisins are included in your list of things I can eat to lose weight? Thanks!

February 20, 2017

Adrian Bryant

see this here but yes... peanuts and raisins are good

February 20, 2017


So I'm 5'4 and weigh 167 pounds. I have gained a lot in the last one year. My goal is to loose up to 30 lbs. I have a trainer 3 days a week. I am vegetarian where I do not eat ANY meat or seafood. How to loose weight faster. I am toning cause of my workout. I intake 2 ProteinZ sysnthesis shakes a day. But my weight is not going down. I was size 6 before. Now I'm size 10. I am 39 years old with hypo thyroid issues. It's hard to keep weight off. Any suggestions.

January 04, 2017


Hi Adrian,

I love your videos!! Thanks for taking the time to put them together!

Are baked potatoes helpful when trying to maintain a slim figure?

I know loading them with fattening toppings is not healthy...

Thanks again!

January 02, 2017

Adrian Bryant

see this because all that matter is HOW MUCH and not WHAT you eat when it comes to if you gain or lose weight.

But the foods on this page will help you lose weight faster due to the fact they make you eat less due to less hunger and cravings

January 03, 2017


I have been reviewing your workouts and you eating plans. the only problem I have is I'm a picky eater, I don't really eat a lot of these foods, ive always told myself that theres no point in only exercising cus I don't like certain veggies or foods, what can I do as I am a picky eater? ive quit losing weight 3 times now and I'm serious now I need to lose weight my body is telling me I gotta start and not stop till I finish, what can I do ?

November 14, 2016

Elizabeth Ward

I am going on holiday soon and could I do the fasting for a day, a week or just a few days

October 16, 2016


Hi Adrian,
Great site and great info! I can't drink my coffee without powder sugar and Splenda. Will Splenda hinder my efforts? I've tried other sweeteners like agave trivia stevia and they all taste disgusting.

August 28, 2016

Adrian Bryant

I think splenda is a no-no b/c it acutally increases cravings

August 28, 2016


hi adrian ... i am a 15 year old ....in high school....
im 5'8"..n weigh 182 pounds ....i need to lose like almost 18 pounds ..in the next 2 weeks ....its very important for me as i hav a vacation...n tryouts for my basketball school team.... i just saw ur emergency diet n i think im gonna giv it a try ....i want to know if this diet helps me lose weight fast for sure ...or are there any other points that can b added to this plan to lose weight fast??? .....pls help me out .....

thanks ....

July 26, 2016

Adrian Bryant

yes, it will help you lose weight fast for sure

July 26, 2016


Hi there I am 38 and very active. I run and ride heaps, don't eat white bread, white rice or pasta. I went through breast cancer last year and am now on tamoxifen drugs and feel like I am putting on weight that will not shift, any ideas please?

July 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

1. are you tracking your calories?

2. do thsoe drugs cause water weight gain?

July 10, 2016


Hi I'm a massive yo-yo dieter my weight is so up & down. This time last year I was 11st 11 today I'm 13st 3

Was following slimming world but I have a holiday booked yesterday in 19 days & need to lose as much as I can. Am going to do the emergency diet for these next 19 days

Am confused though as to eating 2 x fruit/veg etc before if it's cucumber how much would you eat same if it's grapes or melon how much before your meal?

I'm going to struggle with water but il do my best but what about no added sugar juice? I drink 3litres of diet coke a day & so want to get off it

Going to do the 30 day shred DVD too. How often should I fast how many times a week??


June 20, 2016

Adrian Bryant

you'll know once you eat enoguh fruit/veggie when it feels like you are almost full.

Avoid juice drinks and diet drinks b/c they actually make you want to eat more

you can fast as many times as you like

June 21, 2016

Hi Adrian,

I recently had a ligament tear and fracture in my ankle and I put on a lot of weight. I now weight 170 pounds but want to get back to my original weight of 115 in the next couple of months. If you could help me come with a diet plan and exercise plan to loose all this weight in the next 5 months, that would be great! Thank You!

June 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

see these exercise options for people with injuries

June 08, 2016


Hi just what to know if Its ok to drink ego plant tea or even fat burning pills?

May 16, 2016

Adrian Bryant

see this before taking any weight loss supplement

May 16, 2016


Hi Adrian

So glad I found your page I have been lost in the weight loss minefield, I have 10lb to lose and have tried upping and lowering my calories I am currently on 1500 and doing low impact aerobics 5-6 times a week and getting my 10000 steps a day. Your calculator says to have between 1300 and 1800 calories I am 47 and 5ft 4 and weight 143lbs. Can you advise the best calorie goal I should be aiming for to get the lbs dropping, I am going to try the intermittent fasting and up my protein. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks x

April 18, 2016

Adrian Bryant

it will take some trial and error on your part to find the perfect amount of calories you need but 1300-1800 is a good start

April 18, 2016


hey try doing 10000 steps a day

June 03, 2016


hi adrian, i love your home work out videos. this is so convenient for me, since i have children and so i can work out at home.
i wanted to ask you when is the best time to do workouts (early morning, afternoon or just before going to bed? and how many hours do i need to wait after my meal to a workout?

March 31, 2016

Adrian Bryant

anytime is good but it is best to do before breakfast or before your first meal - see why

March 31, 2016


Hi Adrian
Im 23 years old and I weigh 180 pounds. I'd like to lose about 50 pounds in 5 months. What should I do to achieve this? I have just signed up for the gym and will go at least 3 times a week.

February 28, 2016

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