How Tequila Helps You Lose Weight

can tequila help you lose weight


Recent research confirms agavina is a low-calorie sweetener that stabilizes blood sugar, prevents overeating and promote weight loss.

The fiber in tequila actually moves to make you feel fuller for longer, so a shot of tequila with a meal may actually cause you to eat less as well.

This is not saying to drink tequila with every meal. Rather, this information shows you can lose weight without giving up everything

Only Tequila

This new evidence is for tequila alone, not as a component of a mixed drink because,

Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are full of empty, sugar-loaded calories that leave you craving more junk food, as well as contributing to spikes in blood sugar → 8 Reasons Alcohol Makes You Fat

Article by Adonia Dennis of lifestyle news

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