How to Use Honey for Better Looking Skin

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We are accustomed to honey being sweet on our tongues. However, have you ever paused and thought of the other benefits that we can derive from honey? Honey that is raw has advantages for the skin.

Honey for Acne

Honey can be applied on acne. Its bacterial properties facilitate in reducing the formation of acne. In cases where you can have an acne breakout, it can be helpful. The use of honey is advised over a pimple cream. The honey should be applied gently. You can choose to sleep with your face layered by honey. It will help in reducing the stress on the skin.

Honey will also help in reducing the dark circles under the eyes. You can use a cotton wool to help in the swabbing of the honey to the areas affected. Honey can be mixed with Tea Tree or Lavender Oil. It will enhance the skin. It is achieved through the cleansing properties they have.

Honey In Masks

Honey can be used in the facial masks. It can be layered onto the masks. The raw honey helps in the unclogging of the pores. The moisturizing effect helps in the parching of the skin. It is recommended to employ a thick layer of honey when you want to damp the skin. The circular motions are useful during application as they help the honey to penetrate the skin.

After application, you can wait for more than forty minutes before you rinse it off. You should use warm water for rinsing. Most cases, it will be washed off the skin in a natural manner. It will leave the exposed skin glowing and soft.

Honey As a Cleanser

Honey can be used as a cleanser. It can help in reducing the dark circles under the eyes. However, care should be taken during application as its purpose does not include removing eye makeup as it is delicate.

At other times, it can be mixed with oils from the natural plants. Spices can also be used. The effect of these is they can dissolve the various makeups. You can mix honey with oils from the coconut plant.

You can also try jojoba. These forms a texture that is balmy. It is slippery and can slide on the face.

In cases where you want to have a treat that is scented, you can add cinnamon. Turmeric and nutmeg can also be used. The mixture can then be applied over the face. It helps in moisturizing the skin. The makeup can also be loosened up.

Honey Can Exfoliate

Honey can help in exfoliating the skin. It is advised for it to be used twice in every week. It should be used in conjunction with baking soda because baking soda can help in exfoliating the skin on a lighter touch. The honey helps in soothing the skin leading to a softer skin.

The recipe can also be used for the whole body. The effect can be smooth skin. The feet and the legs can benefit from the mixture.

Honey Used For Bathing
honey bathe

During winter, our skin tends to dry frequently. It is attributed to the cold winds. Thus, honey can be useful for ensuring it soothes your skin. It helps in enabling the skin to reduce the loss of excess moisture.

Honey also helps to boost the oils in the skin. The baths that are warm can help in maintaining the glow on the skin. Honey should be incorporated. You should then soak yourself for close to twenty minutes. In the last 15 minutes, you can choose to add some other ingredients. They include baking soda as well as some parts of Arm.

The concoction helps in the removal of dead skin. It has no irritation during removal.

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