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13 Ways To Lose Weight Faster or… How to break out of a weight loss plateau…

1. Exercise with more intensity or workout harder

For example…

You may HAVE TO exercise with more intensity to keep losing weight so…

2. Make changes to your workout routine every 2-to-4 weeks…

If you've been doing the same exercise everyday then over time…

I knew a lady who lost 25 lbs. walking on a treadmill everyday but after about 2 months she stopped losing weight so I told her to start doing something different like the Elliptical machine and she lost 7 pounds in her first 2 weeks after switching over to the Elliptical machine.

3. Workout longer


4. Workout more often

Basically if you're walking 2 times a week and not losing weight then you need to start walking more than 2 times a week.

5. Workout twice a day

If you have time…

6. Beat your last weight loss workout (do better than your last workout)

The quickest way to lose weight is to keep beating your last workout by pushing yourself more & more each time even if it's only by an inch so…

7. Eat less

For example… If you lost 10 pounds eating 1800 calories a day & now you've hit a plateau…

Then you may need to eat 1700 calories or less (that is if you don't exercise) to break out of your weight loss plateau because…

8. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting will help anyone break out of a weight loss plateau by helping you burn more fat faster but…

You should really think about using intermittent fasting with your current diet plan if you're having a tough time trying to lose your last 10 pounds.

9. Workout While Glycogen depleted to burn fat faster

See how to burn more fat while working out for more info but this is a good fat burning trick you should only use if you have less than 10 pounds to lose.

10. Make sure you're not bloated or carrying any excess water weight

See these tips to get a flatter stomach by getting rid of your bloated stomach and excess water weight which causes you to put on "false fat" which makes you look fatter than you really are.

11. Stop eating back the calories you burn exercising!

You shouldn't be doing this in the first place but read this here to see why eating back the calories you burn exercising will only make you lose weight slower or not lose weight at all.

12. You may be gaining muscle while losing fat

If you're starting to look better, look slimmer or if your clothes fit better even though you're weight loss scale says you haven't lost any weight then the GOOD NEWS is…

13. Be patient

See how fast you can really lose weight here but remember this…

More stuff to help you break out of your weight loss plateau…

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Barbara french

I'm rating 600 to 800 calories and I'm still not losing why Work out about 30 min a day

July 28, 2015

Adrian Bryant

how are those calories being tracked

July 29, 2015


Hi Adrian, I an 5' 4", 204lbs, 39 years old and have no idea where to start how to eat. What type if vitamins to take and just simply lost.

June 16, 2015


Hi Adrian. I'm 5'8 and I weigh about 146lbs. I know that's good but I have this belly pooch that I'm craving to get rid of. I downloaded the Myfitnesspal app on my phone and my goal is to eat 1,290 calories a day. I haven't been eating that much junk food. The unhealthiest thing I eat is white cheddar popcorn. But I'm starting to think I should start eating lower than 1,290 calories, but I want to not starve myself. And as far as cardio I just walk to school and back everyday. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get to school. And I walk to school before I eat breakfast. Since I do that twice a day I figured it wouldn't be a problem. I cut out French fries, chips, candy, pizza, etc. I mostly eat food from trader joes because that's where most natural foods are. I just want to know if I should decrease my calorie intake or not. But I definately want to eat smaller meals throughout the day. 6 meals a day at the most. Like a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with and Apple, then later a snack tray (carrots, grapes, pretzels, cheese.) Then for lunch a cheeseburger(that's the healthiest thing at my school and I just eat it plain.) Then a yogurt cup from trader joes, and last would be whatever mom cooks for dinner. We try to put spinach into dinner every day. Now I want to know am I on the right track, or should I decrease my calorie intake? Please inform me. Thank you!!

May 12, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here to lose pooch but as for total calorie intake that is something you will have to figure out thru trail and error but 1100-to-1350 range is probably a good start

May 12, 2015


I have been using the app on my phone My Fitness Pal and have lost 20.5 lbs in about 30-40 days.

I am stuck at the weight 193.5 and cannot lose anymore. I am 21 and i eat less than what the diet app says to .. i am eating on average 700-800 calories a day. i dont feel tired or exhausted. i am not active.

I am hesitant to fast because i am already not eating many calories. what can i do to get past this plateau? please advise. i am desperate.

April 09, 2015

Adrian Bryant

what about being more active with exercise? see this

April 10, 2015


Thus may sound of=dd to you but I believe if you add a little more protein like 100 calories per day you will start losing weight again. i went through your exact situation and had to add food. I am also stuck on a plateau and am frustrated! Good Luck and good job so far! its not easy but your are succeeding!

April 28, 2015


Hey everyone

I have a few questions here regarding my weightloss process due to the fact that I might not be doing something correctly because at the moment I am stuck and not losing weight.

I'ts becoming very frustrating because for the effort I put into it I am not getting anything back for it. Some information you might need :

I am a female. 21 years old, 73.5 kg right now (started at 78 kg), 163 CM, Planning to consume 1200 calories a day,
moderate - low carb " diet"


So since, the beginning of january I have been going to the gym with my little brother (he is 14 and I am his 21 year old sister.) We have been going 4 -5 x a week and started with cardio 30 mins each session. This included mainly the elliptical machine with a bit of resistance. We gradually built this up to 35-40 mins at the end of the month.


We watch what we eat and I mainly look out for to not take many carbs in, we don't eat any candy or sweets maybe something extra on the weekend (like pancakes or hot chocolate, crisps) , only drink water , tea or a light drink of something. Then my breakfast and lunch consists out of either low fat yoghurt with a bit of sweetner, or a sanwhich with chicken, a salad, eggs, or protein shakes with no carbs or fat. For dinner we just eat what our mum cooks which is usually just regular vegies potatoes and some meat, I usually leave the potatoes.


I save all my workouts on this app on my phone so I can keep track
At the end of January we were happy since I lost around 4 kgs, my brother lost about 5 kgs. We did the same thing for february only my brother didn't work out as much as I did, since he was busier with school.
I increased the resistance and only did 40-45 mins workouts on the elliptical machine and sometimes a few weightlifting excersises, same food pattern only a bit more of sweet things every now and then. (So did my brother, ate way more then me)

(cookie here cookie there) but shouldnt make much of a difference I thought, since there is no way I consume above 1200 calories a day by having a few extra cookies sometimes..

At the end of February,. I had lost no weight and my brother still lost weight. I have also noticed every time we do the same workout for the same amount of time and resistance, he burns more calories on the machine in a shorter amount of time. I question myself why.

Start of March I figured I might of hit some sort of platau which I'm trying to break by inscreasing the resistance of the machine again and increasing the speed I'm going at and trying different machines. Also eating less food no sweets anymore nothing.. and that is making me quite cranky sometimes.

Now mid March I lost weight again the first week of march, now its coming to the 3rd week and Im doing the same thing still, working out pretty hard being out of breath sweating alot and no weight has been lost yet again. My brother is still working out sometimes and is still losing weight, up to 10 kg hes lost now..


I thank you if you have reached the end of this story and thank you for taking the time to read it, now my questions are obviously for advice.

What am I doing wrong?
What is my brother doing right?
What can I do?
Any tips or advice is welcome about what helped you break a platau and lose weight in general, food advice or working out etc.

March 19, 2015


When you say change the excersise, I use a cross trainer, would changing direction work? Or an easier/harder setting but going faster/slower

February 06, 2015

Adrian Bryant

going faster or just a spanking brand new exercsie will do the trick

February 07, 2015

Ritika Mehta

hello.. I am 20 years, 5'6 and 145.5 pounds.. and I really need to loose atleast 50 pounds more which is really being difficult for me.. please help me and give me your advice as im already into gymming from past 1 month and till now there is no result. please.. I need to loose my weight.. im ready to do any type of dieting. Help!

February 01, 2015



I would not suggest losing 50 pounds at your weight and height. You would be severely underweight, which is just as unhealthy, if not more, as being overweight. Strive for being healthier, and don't focus on the weight loss.

February 01, 2015


Awesome information. I just wanted to add another tip that helped me get out of WLP, you might think this is a little odd but it did work for me.

Whenever you hit WLP, all you have to do is eat one fatty meal (or the way you used to eat before going on a diet) just 1 meal. Like stuff your face with all the junk, don't go crazy, be quiet moderate, just make sure you're full. This tricks your body into think like 'oh we're back in business just like the old times' which results in speeding up your metabolism just like when you started your diet. You will gain pound or two the next day, but then you'll start losing weight again instead of being on hold for long.

That being said, you have to have a strong will, cause its a bit like playing with fire, once you get a bite of that oozing burger you might be tempted to break your diet. Don't! Stick to your goals.

Hope this helps.

December 25, 2014


Yeah, that always works for me. I eat maintenance calories for 1 day and the next day I am several pounds lighter.

March 01, 2015


Hi Im 44 yrs old, my height is 5'2. I was 74 kgs last 4 months ago, I start doing my treadmill everyday for 30 minutes, so I went down to 64 kgs from 74 kgs but now I notice Im not losing any weights no more but Im still doing the same routine everyday, doing 30 minutes in treadmill and watch my food intake. I dont know anymore what to do and Im getting frustrated, I want to lose at least 5 kgs more.

December 03, 2014

Adrian Bryant

so are you tracking your calorie intake?

December 03, 2014


Hi Adrian, yes I dont eat rice , nor eat pasta and bread. I eat more fruits just like apple, oranges, bananas and strawberry. In the morning, I have my fruit smoothies. At lunch I eat 2 boiled eggs with fruits and in the afternoon sometimes I snack a litte peanuts. In dinner I eat grilled salmon fish or bake fish sometimes I eat more roasted chicken. I dont drink alcohol or sodas I drink more water and tea before going to sleep and coffee with little milk in the morning when I get up. I do walking in treadmil before bed for 30 minutes. I walk in treadmil for 2.30 km.

December 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

so with eating all of that... then what is your TOTAL calorie intake on avg. each day

December 04, 2014

Adrian Bryant

so with eating all of that... then what is your TOTAL calorie intake on avg. each day

December 04, 2014


I dont count how much calories intake I eat everyday....I just try to avoid eating more calories like rice, pasta and bread. And I dont drink any soda's or alcohol and never eat chips and cakes or any sweets too. I know for sure I eat low calories now than before.

December 05, 2014

Adrian Bryant

but lets be sure before we move on. track exactly how many calories you eat for 3-4 days so i can get an idea of how to help you lose weight

December 06, 2014


Hi, I'm 27, 166kgs and been overweight most of my life. I've tried everything, every diet, every exercise and nothing works. I've been on a 1200 calorie diet, working out twice a day (cardio and resistance training) seeing a dietician, averaging more than 12,000 steps a day burning over 2,000 calories and I'm still gaining weight. I'm not pregnant I'm not any any medication and I don't have pcos or hyperthyroidism or anything like that. HELP!

November 17, 2014

Adrian Bryant

when you were on the 1200 cals how did you track your calories?

November 18, 2014


I'm still on the 1200 calories. I track it by counting the calories of everything I eat, using a calorie counter and seeing a dietician

November 19, 2014


I do this already, every second day. Every other day is resistance training

November 21, 2014

Adrian Bryant

but are you doing your intervals or HIIT according to those rules?

November 21, 2014


Yes, I am

November 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

when you say you're burning 2000 calories is that from exercise or is that exercise plus the calorie cut?

dont worry, we'll figure this thing out together but again.. triple check your calorie counts because at your weight the 1200 ALONE should force weight loss and also... have you tried intermittent fasting?

November 22, 2014


I eat 1200 calories a day and using my fitness tracker to track my calorie burn from my workouts it ends up between negative 1500-2000. So I burn off the 1200 calories I eat each day and then between another 1500-2000. I check the calorie count with two different calorie counters and my dietician so I know that 1200 a day is all I eat and yes, I've tried intermittent fasting, like everything else I've tried I put ON weight while doing it

November 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

give me a list of things you eat to get to 1200 and also describe the workouts you're doing to burn 1000+ cals per day.

How long do you usually try a weight loss plan before giving up on it (or before it fails you)

November 22, 2014


Hi, I am a 16 y/o female, 5f 6in, 132 lbs. I used to weight 140lbs and I'm satisfied with my weight but my waist won't budge by much. It used to be 30 in and now it fluctuates between 29 and 28 in. I don't have access to a gym or equipment so I do a hour an 40 min of body-weight cardio three days a week, and 20 min of cardio and 20 min of core work twice a week. My caloric intake very rarely goes higher than 1,300. I drink about 3 liters of water everyday, I don't have a high salt/sugar intake, get protein in every meal (tuna, chicken, eggs), and my carb intake comes from legumes, whole wheat bread, spinach, broccoli, etc. My thighs and glutes are getting firm and my core feels stronger but I would like to be at least at a 27 in waist. What should I alter?

October 24, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see #8 - are you able to do intermittent fasting?

October 24, 2014



I am a 29 year old female and am 1.7m tall.
I have been working out for 6months now and i have since lost 13kgs. I was doing cardio dance for 4 times a week for 2 months then changed to boot camp classes and take them 4 or 5 times a week.
My current weght is 91kgs and I am no longer losing the weight, I have been the same weight for the past 3-4 weeks now. I have started walking in the evening for 30mins and its been a week now and I still dont see a change.
Please help me on how I can lose another 11kilos.


September 09, 2014

Adrian Bryant

have you tried any of the tips on this page?

September 10, 2014


Hi, I am a 14 yr old male, so i dont really have much to say on what i eat, even if I'm not hungry im kind of forced to eat it (over protective parents) and i dont have much freedom as my parents work a lot so I'm stuck at our house. Although we have a big backyard im afraid thats not enough. I want to lose weight fast but i dont have much power of my calories. However as long as I'm eating something i think my parents wont mind. I'm 5'5 and weigh about 180lbs

September 08, 2014

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