4 Interval Training Fat Loss Workouts

  1. Beginner Interval Workout
  2. Pyramid Interval Workout
  3. Hill Interval Workout
  4. Walk-Jog-Run Interval Workout

What Are Intervals?

Beginner Interval Workout

Here's an Example of a Basic interval workout…

Pyramid Interval Workout

Lose 10 Pounds Every 7 Days
doing the workout above ↑ ONLY if you also
DO Step 1 of Adrian's Fat Loss Plan

In these type of workouts, the duration of the LOW INTENSITY (resting/easy) parts OR the HIGH INTENSITY (working/hard) parts of the workouts 'pyramid' UP & DOWN thru out the workout.

In the jumping jack interval workout video below the HIGH INTENSITY parts of the workout pyramids UP by 10 seconds each time (from 10-to-20-to-30-to-40 seconds) before pyramiding back down (from 40-to-30-to-20-to-10 seconds)

Here's the basic layout of the above ↑ 30 minute Jumping Jack Pyramid Workout:

You can replace jumping jacks with ANY exercise of your choice. See More Jumping Jack Workouts

In the Walking interval workout video below the LOW INTENSITY parts of the workout pyramids DOWN (from 30-to-20-to-10 seconds) before pyramiding back up (from 10-to-20-to-30 seconds)

Here's the basic layout of the above ↑ 30 minute Walking Pyramid Workout:

More Walking, Running & Treadmill Workouts

Hill Interval Weight Loss Routines

hill interval training

Beginner hill or stair interval weight loss routine

Intermediate hill or stair interval weight loss routine

Advanced hill or stair interval weight loss routine

Walk-Jog-Run Interval Workout
walk run jog interval

This interval workout is best done on a track.

You don't need a track to do this interval workout

Beginner Walk-jog-run Interval weight loss workout

Intermediate Walk-jog-run Interval weight loss workout

Advanced Walk-jog-run Interval weight loss workout

More Interval Workouts

Using Intervals for Maximum Fat Loss

Play the video below to see 10 Rules for losing 10 pounds every 3 weeks doing intervals

More Tips

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Bob Feld

Hi Adrian, I've worked out almost all my life and I have the following to show for it 1) two total knee replacements, three lumbarectomies, none in the last 10 years, both right and left rotator cuff surgery.

I really would like to start interval training, but some exercises I just can't do. Can you point me in the right direction. I'm fine on bike and elliptical, and limited shoulder lifting, but no push-us, I only have terms minor in left shoulder. thanks much.

February 17, 2017

Adrian Bryant

all i can tell you is to go to nowloss.com and see which of those workouts are safe for you

February 19, 2017


Hi, I've been on your website before and it worked wonders but that was couple years ago and now I'm in the same situation as before but heavier.
I am a student at uni, I commute so drinking latte's and tea was a main part of my day to keep me going. I started dieting but failed already. I am 19 years old, weigh 11st 9, I occasionally walk and started the gym but I need a plan to follow with a diet and gym as I don't stick to anything otherwise. I want to be 9st 9 by June, which is hard but I do have the time to lose it! Any suggestions?

February 07, 2016

Adrian Bryant

go here and pick the best plan for you

February 07, 2016



I am a 50 year old female who weighs 260 lbs. I am looking to drop some substantial weight in three weeks. I want to go zip lining on our cruise we are going on at the end of February and don't think it would be feasible at 260 lbs. Do you have a diet and exercise regimen I could do for three weeks? I am serious about weight loss and don't want to do surgery.

February 06, 2016


Hey! I'm 22 y/o. 5ft 1 & about 127-129 lbs. All of my fat is on my midsection. I have a pop belly. My arms & legs are EXTRA skinny. So I'm very unproportionate. Any suggestions?

December 07, 2015


Hii my weight is 105 kg ... need to loose weight within 3 month ....plzz suggest me some good diet as well as good workout ...

November 01, 2015


Adrian ,....
I went to my specialist because I have a bad knee
(need a total knee replacement ) . Anyways ,
he said for me to go into a pool and just walk .
I been walking one hour 2 times a week.
The other 3 days , I'm working out at the gym ,
but I can only work on the machines and not
treadmill ( no cardio ) . I weigh a lot and it's going to take me along time , before I can get this knee replacement , I have to least lose 50lbs .
What advice do you've ? I read your entire blog ,
and I am determine to lose much weight as
I can . Since I started , I lost 7lbs ( july 15 - Aug 4, 2015 .....I only drink water , nothing else , to keep up with my calories , I use "My Fitness Pal " and write in what I eat each meal . I'm eating 1500 calories a day . Drink up 64 oz of water a day .
I stay away from much foods , no pasta , no sugary foods or drinks ( I stopped drinking soda 7 weeks ago ) I don't add no salt to my food , no fried foods at all .
Again all I want to do is lose this weight , this will
be a Life Style Change. I'll eat like this for the rest
of my life and never go back to what, I used to eat.
Much of the foods like pasta , breads , salt and
other foods I stopped 2 years ago ...
Sorry for the long story . Do appreciate you reading this and your advice ....

August 04, 2015


Thank you , Adrian ,
I read it several times.
I will follow that instructions .

Thanks Again !!!!

August 07, 2015


Hi, I'm a 5'6" female weighing 285 lbs. I recently found out I have type 2 diabetes so rushed to find a plan that would help me. I've always been on the plus size but this time I'm at my heaviest wearing a size 22. I would like to get back to a size 14 or less. What would you suggest?

May 11, 2015


I have currently started to workout in march, and am doing shift work. I am currently 176lbs and would like to be 121lbs by December if that is possible. but the issue is that the country I come from which is Seychelles does not have much of the high quality low fat food required. and also everything is expensive. so please can you help me with an easy meal plan and home exercise I can do to make the fat go away. I live on an island .

March 19, 2015



I want to lose some of the belly fats and I like your workout, but my question is, should I be doing some muscles training after or before each treadmill workout?

February 27, 2015

Adrian Bryant

before if doing a interval weight loss workout

February 28, 2015

Michele S

I am a sugar addict and have gained a lot in the past year. I was always active but I've been not even wanting to go to my yoga classes that I have always loved.....just being lazy. I am 5'6 and 170 but a year ago I was 150! There is so much information on this website but a bit overwhelming. Any thoughts?

February 24, 2015


Hi Adrian! I recently came across your workouts and have been doing the jumping jacks workout at 10 sec work and 10 sec rest for 15 minutes. My rib cage and whole upper body is sore. I am 39 yrs 5ft 5in and 204lbs. I was doing intervals of brisk walking/jogging/running over a mile everyday until I discovered your workouts. I want to lose weight healthfully and not extremely fast. Also, my breasts are sore. Not sure if this is from the bouncing or just muscles being used. I started wearing 3 sports bras. I'm only a 38D. Should I just tough it out, do it sitting down until I lose more weight, or what? I don't want to give up or quit. I have lost 25lbs since January 11th just from running everyday but Sunday's. I can't run when it is below zero or ice and snow on the ground. I will be getting a treadmill soon. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

February 05, 2015

Adrian Bryant

have you just started working out? if so then it maybe just a one time thing

February 05, 2015


Hi Michelle!
I just had to jump in and say "Way to go!!" Our stats are very similar, I'm 37yrs old, 5ft 5in, and currently 203lbs after losing 12lbs in the last 4 weeks. I just stumbled onto this site so haven't done any of the workouts yet, sill browsing to see what would suit me best. I've been doing pilates & recently started Bikini Body Mommy's 90 day challenge (1st version), very simple to do, at home workouts. I'm a 38C, I've been sore under the armpits & on the chest wall under the breasts but nothing too terrible. I haven't done any jumping jacks yet tho! Anyhoo, just wanted to say congrats on the 25lb weight loss & keep up the good work!

March 14, 2015


Hi please help... I weight 62.5kgs my height is 5'1 and I've recently lost 8kg n rested for a month which made me regain 3kg... Now again I want to startup n lose 10kgs within 5month for wedding, majorly I want to lose 4inches from my waist... I'm a vegetarian I love eating Indian food. It will be extremely kind of you if you could help me.

Thank you :)

January 27, 2015


I am 5'10 and I weigh 191lbs. I want to be 165lbs in 3 months. My fat is distributed all over and is not concentrated to one area. Please suggest an effective interval training plan for the full body.

January 25, 2015

Adrian Bryant

here you go

January 25, 2015

D Marie

I am a 49 year old mother of 3 (26, 19 and 9). My goal is to lose 50 pounds for my 50th birthday (Sept. 2015). I am 5'10 and weigh 270 pounds. I have had two failed knee replacements (same knee) so I have become very sedentary as knee swells. I have a treadmill and am wanting to start walking in Jan. What do you suggest as a eating plan and activity plan? I work 10 hours a day at a desk job. Any help is appreciated.

December 31, 2014


Hi, I'm a 15 year old girl, about 5ft 1 weighing 80 kg. I would like to lose at least 4 to 5 stone by March 2015, i'm aiming to lose about 2 and a half pounds a week could you please recommend a workout? thanks

September 08, 2014


I'm a 40 year old mother of 3 and I have only 1 child at home now and he is 17, I would like to lose 50 pounds I'm only 5,3 and I weigh 185 now. I work fulltime as a CNA I sweat a lot and I walk very fast But I have bad knees so I have a hard time running I work very hard at my job I love taking care of people but I have a hard time, Taking the time to care for myself. So can you please help and 40 year old mother and grandmother of 3 get in shape so I can play with my grand kids when the come over.

July 07, 2014


Eat 1200 calories a day and drink no less than 64 oz of water. Download my fitness pal to keep track of your calories. Trust me this work so far I have lost 19 pounds in 2 months.

January 10, 2015


My weight is 120 lbs and i want to lose 10-15 lbs. My height is 5"ft. i do have most fat around my belly and arm.i do eat clean every day and exercise about 80 mins on 5-7 weekdays. i am Vegetarian.
80 mins exercise includes 20 min weight lifting,Cardio and some abs exercises.

Can you suggest me what modification do i have to do on this schedule?

June 10, 2014

Adrian Bryant

are you tracking your calories?

June 11, 2014


I am diagnosed with pcos.What would be the best workout for me?

May 22, 2014

Adrian Bryant

see this

May 22, 2014


I am a 42 year old female, about 5'5", who weighs about 185-189 lbs. I spent 9 years in the Marine Corps and never weighed more then 135 lbs until I got out in 2005. Since then I have slowly gained weight and I am now at a point that while I do not feel that I am fat, I do know that I am overweight. My daughter is getting married in June 2015 and I need to fit into a dress and not feel like I am too old for it.
I would LOVE to see 135 lbs again and know that my body would feel better if I could shed the pounds.
What do you suggest?

March 05, 2014

adrian bryant

use this workout and this diet and you'll be a proud 135 mother at your daughters wedding

March 06, 2014

She lost 140 pounds on Adrian Bryant Plan

How She Do It?
She did the 20 minute walking workout in Adrian's Fat Loss Plan 3x a week

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