How I Automatically Lost 54 Pounds in 3 Months

the Gastric Balloon Trick

NO effort required, NO Calorie Counting, NO Dieting, NO Starving & YOU Don’t Have to Exercise

What is a Gastric Balloon?

gastric balloon

The reason I get to eat anything I want & still lose weight without counting calories is because I figured out a way to naturally give myself a gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is a weight loss procedure where they inflate a balloon in your stomach and the balloon takes up a lot of space in your stomach making it very hard for you to eat a lot meaning,

You're going to automatically lose weight without any exercising, dieting or calorie counting because you're not going to be able to eat that much.

To Naturally Make a Gastric Balloon,

natural gastric balloon
(See a bigger picture)

Eat a good amount of RAW Veggies & PURE Protein before you eat anything else because,

RAW Veggies & PURE Protein are better than a Gastric Balloon because,

How Many Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins?

raw veggies pure protein

Eat enough Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins until you're completely full

On a scale of 1-to-10 with ONE being I'm very hungry to a TEN where you're completely full & satisfied… You want to be at a LEAST a SEVEN.

Or Eat at least 200 calories of Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins

But the more Raw Veggies + Pure Proteins you eat = the faster & easier its going to be for you to lose weight and as you start doing this,

You're going to gradually figure out the perfect amount of Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins for YOU to eat that gives you the best results.

After Eating the Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins

Then, For the rest of the day,

It's going to be very hard for you to eat that much more with all those Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins taking up all that space in your stomach.

adrian bryant cheat meal

What are PURE Proteins?

Pure Proteins are lean proteins or high protein foods with almost no fat & no extra carbs in them so that means you can't use fried foods, fatty meats or some protein supplements.

the Best Raw Vegetables

There isn't a "BEST" kind of Raw Veggies because any of them will work but,

Can I Use Raw Fruits?

Yes, Scientifically, Raw Fruits should also help you automatically lose weight the same way Raw Veggies do by filling up your stomach on less calories but,

Raw Fruits should give you the exact same results as long as you avoid the higher calorie Avocados, Coconuts, dried, canned or processed fruits.

To Automatically Lose Weight

adrian bryant automatic weight loss

1. Eat Enough Raw Veggies & Pure Proteins before eating anything else

2. Eat Freely for the rest of the day

Do this at least 2 days a week so your overall weekly calorie intake is low enough to keep you automatically losing weight each and every week.

For Faster Results,

After Step 1,

Continue to eat a smaller amount of Raw Veggies (about 50 calories worth) before every other meal you have during the day to force you into eating an even lower amount of calories.

For Step 2,

They Lost Weight Doing This

Paul used the first version of this plan

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