Does Sex Make A Man Stronger or Weaker?

Guest author David Carreras of explains his theory on how sex affects strength, testosterone production and athletic performance.

Muhammad Ali used to refrain from having sex for up to 6 weeks before a fight. NFL coaches have insisted players be separated from their wives the night before a Super Bowl.

Several teams during the last World Cup were instructed not to have sex throughout the entire tournament. "There will be no sex in Brazil," Safet Susic, the coach of Bosnia-Herzegovina's national soccer team told reporters.

The Taoists believed a man's semen was his life essence, and "spilling his seed" was the same as dying a "little death". The ancient Greek Olympians believed in the idea as well.

Where there's smoke there's fire?

Ejaculation does indeed drain the body of a significant amount of nutrients. You are expelling millions of little potential lives and this is not without a supreme energy expenditure.

However, a few studies have tried to show otherwise…

For instance, one study found no difference in the oxygen pulse and aerobic power of 11 men (running on treadmills), measured 12 hours after ejaculating, and measured on another day after abstaining.

Another small study from the 60's, found there was no difference in "grip strength" in 14 married men the day after having sex, compared to after having abstained for 6 days but "grip strength"? Is that the best measure of whether a man has been weakened by sex or not?

While certain physical activities may not require all that much mental grit and inner strength, anything requiring "your all" (such as facing off for 12 rounds with an opponent in the ring or playing at the highest level of brutal competition on the football field), is a different story than a brisk jog on a motorized belt or squeezing something your hardest.

Men who refrain from sex in order to be at their competitive best often cite the increased mental fortitude and aggression. I personally note the difference in my performance in any physical activity when refraining.

Add to this the fact studies have shown abstinence from ejaculation increases testosterone levels for up to approx. 7 days, with a sharp spike on the 7th… it is pretty apparent our aggressive, male sex hormone supports the idea as well.

Want to see for yourself? Have sex or masturbate RIGHT before going to the gym, a long-distance run a more physical, competitive event requiring endurance

Does this mean sex & ejaculation are bad?

Of course not! I love sex! Who doesn't? It just means use this "secret weapon" to your advantage when your mind and body needs it most!

Have More Sex!

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