7 Proven Tips to Grow a Thicker Beard

grow thicker beard

1. Let It Grow

Surprisingly, leaving your beard to grow wild is one way of encouraging the same to grow out thick. It's advisable you withstand the wild growth phase, since it helps fill in the patches. It's important you let it grow for at least four weeks.

There is a need to keep your bush clean and oiled regularly. Brushing and hot treatments will encourage your skin and follicles to make their contributions. Remember, you need to be committed from day one; it takes some sacrifice especially when the strands start overgrowing.

Your patchy beard will turn around if you are supplementing it. The food you eat may not provide all the minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth.

It's advisable to get a good measure of crucial biotin supplements. The supplement is known to promote fast hair regrowth and it helps to boost the creation of thick hair strands. The results are a thick beard that grows uniformly.

2. Keep Facial Skin Clean and Healthy

If you want your beard to grow healthy and thick, skin care is crucial. You cannot expect your beard to grow evenly, if you barely take care of its foundation, the skin. There is a lot of dirt and grime that will build up inside your facial hair.

If you don't clean up your skin, the follicles underneath won't promote hair growth. Some products like beard wash or exfoliators will help open your pores. This will encourage the even growth of beard. Simply, a clean facial skin is the best environment for growing a thick beard fast.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

Before you think of supplementing your diet for a thick beard to grow, you need to stick to a healthy diet. Many people barely appreciate the direct connection between hair growth or loss and your diet.

If you are not supplying your system with adequate minerals and vitamins, you are discouraging it from boosting hair growth. You need to eat a diet reinforced with zinc and don't forget the role water plays as well.

4. Workout and Exercise

For a man, testosterone plays a huge role in promoting beard growth. Testosterone impacts the production of androgen and has everything to do with masculine hair growth. Start a strength training routine or a cardio one.

This will help build up your testosterone and ultimately your hair growth. Any man who ascribes to a healthy diet will not be bothered with the weight loss issue, having a well-toned and lean body increases testosterone levels naturally

5. Don't Cut

Part of your quest to grow a thick mane requires patience. Don't be in a rush just because your beard is two weeks old and looking up. Your hair grows in a unique way, and it won't be the same as your friends.

Also, your strands will grow differently. The truth is some strands will be quick to grow while other will drag. Don't rush to cut but you can do minimal edging and shaping. When the tuft comes to full circle, it will be easy to style the thick mane.

6. Reduce Stress

Stress is an enemy to many of your body systems. Your hair won't grow on your head or face if you allow stress to trigger the production of cortisol. This is affects the production of testosterone.

The cortisol in your system leads to blood vessel constriction and makes it difficult for circulation and supply of nutrients to your hair follicle. Exercise, meditation, and unwinding outdoors will help ease psychological tension.

7. Apply Beard Oil

If you want to grow a tick mane, there is a need for cleaning your beard and skin. However, beard oil has its role to play. Quality beard oil will moisturize your skin and help purge dandruff and beard itch. If you have to use beard oil, choose the brands that come with jojoba as a primary ingredient.

Jojoba will play the same role sebum plays. It helps your beard take up a fuller and thicker appearance. If you are in areas with harsh weather, jojoba is the perfect ingredient to have in your beard oil.

Nature and genetics play a major role in growing your beard with the density it deserves. These 7 steps make up the ritual for a thick & enviable beard. When you want it to go thick, use beard shampoos and keep away from you trimmers.

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