8 Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction without Viagra

cure erectile dysfunction

In most cases, a man can overcome his ED and achieve much stronger erections without Viagra or Cialis.

When we get our body working properly, fully strengthened, and in tip top shape, then our erection is almost like an extension of that (well, our erection actually is an extension of that…)

There's a lot of "fluff" out there as to what can be done to overcome ED naturally, and then there are things that actually do work.

I will provide you with what really works → things shown to improve erection quality in men, supported by science. Some may seem more like common knowledge. Others will be less known.

1. Keep Your Cell Phone Out Of Your Pocket

cell phone erectile dysfunction

I remember many year back I worked for a Taiwanese company, and the owner told me if I ever wanted to have kids, to keep my cell phone out of my pocket.

I brushed it off, thinking it was some Eastern medical nonsense without any science behind it. But apparently there was quite a bit of truth behind what he was saying and I've gained much more respect for Eastern medicine.

Studies have shown cell phone use can not only negatively affect testosterone production, but men with erectile dysfunction have been shown to carry their cell phones on them for longer than men with healthy erections.

When not using your cell phone, place it on your desk, center console in your car or at least hold it in your hand or anywhere else that is not in your pants.

2. Increase Your Flavonoid Intake!

Studies have shown men who eat more flavonoids have a reduced chance of erectile dysfunction.

Foods & beverages high in flavonoids:

3. Up Your Vitamin D Levels to Help Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

vitamin D erectile dydfunction

Studies have found men with ED, as well as men with low testosterone, have lower Vitamin D levels than the suggested range.

Luckily, this is one of the easiest things to fix, and help get your erections back on track. Get some sunlight, Vitamin D supplements or Foods high in Vitamin D

Interesting notes about vitamin D:

4. Kegels DO Work For Strengthening Erections

Kegels have been touted as the miracle solution to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, erasing refractory period and everything else under the sun that can be seen as beneficial in the bedroom → Kegel Workouts for Stronger Erections

For the longest I thought they may have helped but weren't a big deal but studies have shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that not only do kegels improve erectile function in men, but the improvement is MAJOR and continues for some time.

There are some advanced kegels you can do to really concentrate on and strengthen the pc muscle as well as manual techniques you can do to improve the blood flow to the penis which will result in much harder erections.

5. Start Your Day With a Cup Of Morning Joe (or Two)

caffeine ED

I personally love my cup of coffee in the morning, but since learning it can reduce chances of erectile dysfunction, I enjoy it even more.

Studies have shown men who drink a decent amount of caffeine experience much lower chances of erectile dysfunction. This reduction was even seen in overweight men, as long as diabetes was not present → Using Coffee to Lose Weight

6. Cardio Activity

Circulation is necessary for an erection, and cardio activity, such as jogging or any other activity where you're moving, your heart is beating and you break a sweat will get the blood flowing to where it needs to go.

Several studies have shown cardio activity provides a significant improvement in erectile function, whether ED be due to fatty plaques in the arteries, or endothelial damage associated with aging.

Keep your body moving & energetic and your erection will react accordingly. Cease to move, live a sedentary life and your erection will also cease to move.

7. Losing Weight

There is a strong connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction. Having excessive fat on your body, especially in the abdominal region, is also tied to higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone production in men.

Burn belly fat, slim down a bit and your testosterone production will be much healthier along with a better sex drive and improved erections.

8. Use Natural Viagra

natural viagra
Nitric Charge = Natural Viagra

Studies say 40 mg of Pycnogenol or pine bark extract + 2 Grams of L-arginine = Better erections without the side effects.

Your body uses L-arginine & Pycnogenol to produce Nitric Oxide which allows more blood to flow into your penis for a stronger erection.

Stronger Erections Without The Need For Medication

Make some tweaks to your lifestyle by following the above guidelines (as many as you can, at least) to keep your erection in tip top shape.

A happier you, a stronger erection and a healthy body all without the need for Viagra or Cialis!


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