3 Ways to Lower Estrogen for More Testosterone

reduce estrogen in men

1. Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

Instead of taking expensive Aromatase Inhibitor drugs that come with many side effects… You can actually eat foods that naturally inhibits or prevents aromatase from turning your testosterone into estrogen like…

This is Important: Focus more on losing fat because your body fat is where most of those aromatase enzymes come from so the less fat you have means you wont have as much aromatase to worry about inhibiting with natural foods or drugs. Less fat means more testosterone for you. 6 important ways to increase your testosterone

2. Get rid of excess estrogen

To get rid of excess estrogen that's lowering your testosterone…

3. Try to Avoid Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are 'testosterone lowering' man-made estrogens or chemicals like BPA, Parabens & Phthalates found in plastic products, lotions, pesticides, air fresheners, detergents & deodorants and you can Use these tips to limit your exposure to Xenoestrogens as much as possible…

It's impossible to completely avoid all xenoestrogens because as you can see from this list they're everywhere but since most xenoestrogens accumulate in your body fat you can simply lose fat while taking these steps to get rid of excess estrogen to naturally increase your testosterone without worrying so much about trying to avoid xenoestrogens.

To Increase Your Testosterone,

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is DMI or DIM good in lowering

March 09, 2018


Hey,am 19 years and thought that my 'man boobs' will varnish but not yet.they make me embarrased that even i dont even wear tshirts or loose clothes to keep them from being exposed.my nipples are big and round.please help me??cant take it anymore

October 05, 2017

Adrian Bryant

have you seen a doctor to determine if there are man boobs or chest fat

October 06, 2017

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