3 Ways to Lower Estrogen for More Testosterone

reduce estrogen in men

1. Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

Instead of expensive Aromatase Inhibitor drugs that come with side effects… You can eat foods to naturally inhibit or prevent aromatase from turning your testosterone into estrogen like,

Focus more on losing fat. Your body fat is where most of the aromatase enzymes are made. Less fat = more testosterone and no need for aromatase inhibiting foods or drugs.

2. To get rid of excess estrogen,

3. Try to Avoid Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are 'testosterone lowering' man-made estrogens or chemicals like BPA, Parabens & Phthalates found in plastic products, lotions, pesticides, air fresheners, detergents & deodorants. To limit your exposure to Xenoestrogens,

It's impossible to completely avoid xenoestrogens but… Xenoestrogens accumulate in your body fat. Simply lose fat to naturally increase your testosterone without worrying so much about avoiding xenoestrogens.

To Increase Your Testosterone,

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