Take the Test to See if You Have Low Testosterone

  1. Do you have a lower sex drive (decrease in libido or less desire for sex) ?
  2. YES  NO

  3. Do you get tired easily or do you feel you lack energy?
  4. YES  NO

  5. Have you lost strength and/or lost muscular endurance?
  6. YES  NO

  7. Do you feel depressed or experience less enjoyment in life?
  8. YES  NO

  9. Are you more grumpy?

    YES  NO

  10. Are your erections less frequent or not as strong - Do you still get morning wood?

    YES  NO

  11. Are you having a hard time gaining muscle?
  12. YES  NO

  13. Is your athletic performance or sports playing ability deteriorating?
  14. YES  NO

  15. Do you always feel like you need to fall asleep?
  16. YES  NO

  17. Has there been a recent deterioration in your job performance?
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There's a chance you may have low testosterone if,

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You answered "yes" to just one or more of the above questions but if you answered yes to all ten questions then you more than likely may have low testosterone but before you panic most of the questions above may have nothing to do with low testosterone because…

To Increase Your Testosterone,

is my testosterone low

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There are 38 comments

Please can low T cause changes in penile tissue,shape like hourglass in flaccid and also firm in flaccid and complete loss of sensation.I am very depressed to be in this situation and also a virgin due to religious reason and just 22yrs.
I saw a doctor and ran a test and told me I have low testosterone.The penis look strange just behind the head look dense which makes it look like hourglass shape when in flaccid and also something like brown liquid pulled under the skin right where the hourglass is formed making it had to get and sustain erection because the muscles constrict where the dense is form and this thing like liquid under the skin makes the penile skin feel like rubber and heavy causing lost of sensation.Am very depressed it all happened three days after masturbation and penis is very had in flaccid
Please help is there any thing to do that will help cos am too young

August 21, 2018


4 years back after masturbation my penis was not in normal position it came down to balls never back to normal position urine stream was weak , no sexual desire , no erection and my right body portion has no energy once it was dominating , suffering from suffering effects of masturbation please help me what to do

March 20, 2018


Im always tired after i start my day off i get enough sleep and i get and erection it also stays hard but i have no energy and dont focus on my work to oftetoand i dont have alot of strength in mornings by 11am im ecxusted i try not to drink energy shots but have no choice do i have not enough t level i also get stressed. ANd depressed alot

March 11, 2016


Man I took my first shot of test sat .today is Tuesday I feel different .I feel good more energy .just my whole additude has changed more positive .I know it takes a week to get into your body and you can feel a change but I already do.im joining a gym today and looking forward to it .before the shot I wanted to join but always had an excuse. Lol .I recommend test 100 % but be responsible it has its bad side to ..

October 25, 2016


All I have to say is ,I feel you .... I may wake up with a woody 2 times a week but sex wasn't on my mind .like it was when I was in my 20s .and at work man I just wanted to go home and I'm not a lazy person .no energy at all .tired all the time just wanted to stay home .I took my first shot of test sat and it Tuesday today wow I feel different I feel like doing things more energy .I know it takes a week before you feel it but I feel a change now .I highly recommend test 100% but be responsible it does have a dark side .I'm joint a gym today .I've been wanting to for about 3 months lol.i just kept putting it off you know how that is right working out with out energy or motivation. Good luck .go see a doc get test .

October 25, 2016


My family almost fell apart because of problems with male health in bed. I already despaired to fix anything. My husband has low testosterone - and needed supplements. We tried a bunch of brands - and of course I had to buy them all because I am the type of woman that my husband depends on - he cant do anything without me!

Anyway, we tried a bunch of brand, and we stuck with the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost because they worked the best and had no side effects for my husband. They literally saved me, and my relationship with my husband improved.

June 07, 2015


my chest is coming out like a breast suggest me a proper thing to do

January 22, 2015

Adrian Bryant

see this

January 23, 2015


Are you juicing? If so change the type your taking .I don't want to get. In a lot of detail .but there are some types that make you have breast .stop taking it and just work out your chest and should go back to normal .

October 25, 2016


I recently got married -We are virgins.My husband is 33 years old, obese, has a girly voice , and he is not able to enter me when we have sex.Or either he ejaculates in a sec before he can enter i.e during the foreplay. I asked him to see a doctor but he refuses saying he's fine I also asked him to join the gym to reduce the enormous fat deposit he has on his abdomen and tummy.But he refuses.I am living a life of hell. Now he's grumpy all the time, abusive and has no interest in sex, and hardly sleeps properly.I think he has low testosterone.What does this mean , what medical tests does he need.Are herbal medicine be effective?

June 27, 2013

Adrian Bryant

from what you wrote here (and remember I'm not a doctor) but it seems to me that he is fine and maybe a marriage therapist is needed for this situation

June 28, 2013

Bob Magness

Your husband does need help. The fat indicates serious problems which may have something to do with testosterone. If he can get an erection without a problem, then probably not testosterone, but certainly other things are going bad. I wouldn't see a doctor though as they are usually too into drugs. I would solve it naturally using the Paleo Lifestyle, which includes saturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats, exercise, etc. The Body Ecology diet is also good. You have to do your own research, but this should not be ignored.

October 01, 2013


I had same problems as your husband. First of all I have decided to lose weight and i lost 30kg in 1 year. Started to do triathlon. I have extereme endurance at sex now. I can control it how ever I like. Also long fore plays, less stres and different women helped alot........

November 27, 2013


O.m.g I'm so sorry to hear that .he's only 33 wow when I was 33 I was very much into sex 4 or 5 times a day most of the time over a hour .I'm 40 now but I changed i dont think about sex .I might get a morning wood 2 week .compare that to every morning and several a day and the times I would have sex .I took my very first shot of test sat today is Tuesday and I feel a change more energy I'm more positive and it takes a week before you feel the test but I already do .ypu need to get him to a doc .tell him how you feel that you need a release to not just him .you have to get him to a doc .I.feel bad for you .good luck and there another solution take care of your self no one knows your body better than your self .

October 25, 2016


He should diet eating only oatmeal for months.
There's more to your story than you're saying I think because any man with an average penis can enter a woman providing SHE isn't obese too.
If he has a micro penis then that's different.

Sex is important but not everything. Hell may be thinking sex is everything when simple affection is needed.
Health and a slim body should come first and the good stuff will follow. A supportive wife is also a blessing. A wife that complains too much or at all instead of being constructive and a true partner too much burden. To be fair , a man should be just as helpful and affectionate.
Diet. You'd be surprised how much food you DON'T need. Most meals are just habit and conditioning from being programmed by big business.its nutrition that you need. Not just food.
Look into foods with b12. B12 can improve your mood and vitamin assimilation.drink lots.of water to deliver those vitamins to every part of your body.

March 08, 2017


Hello, I'm a 27 year old male that has been using heavy opiates for several years, and has currently in recovery on Methadone for 4 years - I mention this because it certainly increases risk of low testosterone.

Every so often when the fatigue and other issues become problematic, I goto a doctor, but, unfortunately, they rarely do anything besides telling me its due to the methadone, which it is certainly not - I have been on it for years, so I am aware of how it affects me.

However, I believe it may potentially be due to decreased testosterone because:
- I get hot flashes frequently, and just sweat profusely regardless of the temperature.
- constant low energy and fatigue (I sleep more than my cats)
- absolutely no sex drive, desire to have sex or form relationships, and weeks without masterbation unless I force the hell outta it
- increaesed belly and body fat that it simply mush even though I exercise daily and eat almost nothing - what I do eat is healthy.
- Very difficult time during critical thinking tests in school since I just become easily faigued, fuzzy, and blah to the point where I can't think or focus
- To be honest, in comparison to be past, it is really seldom that I physically feel happy, sad, anger. I may realize how I should feel emotionally, but I just don't feel nothing.

Well, no idea if its actually related to low testosterone, but hope it is since I am sick lf feeling this way. I am going to the doctor shortly, so I shall update this, and hopefully help others feeling this way.

May 11, 2013


I am a pain patient and I've struggled to STAY on pain meds for the same reasons you describe. (I'm actually on methadone for pain control). It is 100% a testosterone problem. It changed my life in the first shot. You HAVE to go get tested. Actually I already KNOW the answer to the test, you just are gone need it you get an idea of how much depo testosterone you are gonna need. Do the shot, it's better than the creams. You MAY need to eventually get on an "AI" aromatise inhibitor to keep your body from converting the testosterone to Estrogen. THAT "anti estrogen" pill is $10/day. Testosterone is $16-$40 A SHOT, usually given every 7-21 days. It can be expensive, but trust me, I've made it an absolute necessity and priority. I put it on the level of eating or sleeping. It isn't an option not to treat anymore. I'm a changed man. It's unreal.

November 02, 2013


Hey, I've been right where you are and I got off of methadone. I was on it for 10 years 110 mg for the first 9. The last year I was sick and tired of the routine going to a clinic every two weeks. I tapered down to 25 mg and when I hit the 40 mg mark my libido came back with a vengeance felt like a 18 year old again. Once I was at 25 mg I stayed on it for 2 months. Them made a appt with a doctor that offers Suboxne. Now here's the important thing once you go get Suboxne take it no more than a week or you will be right back where you are now. I was told to take 16 mg a day to start and I knew that was way to high. So I just took one 8 mg for 2 days and a half the other 5 days. Then just stop taking it you will be fine no withdrawals at all. I did this and didn't have any issues other than being tired for a couple weeks. If you are sick and tired and ready this works but you have got to be committed to no keep taking Suboxne it works great but only if you use it to get off of methadone and stay off. If you need to talk just reply to this message and I'll inbox you. Good luck you can beat this

June 02, 2014


I had the same symptoms. Extreme lack of energy (by 2:00 PM I am done for the day). I was thinking through a dense fog. Unable to make good decisions. My muscles were atrophied, I gained 25 lbs in 2 months and gained 4 inches around my waist. I got angry easily.
I went to the doctor and they tested my blood and I had very low testosterone.
I only brought this to my doctors attention because I had gained the belly fat so fast.
Now I am on hormone therapy and am feeling better. I also find a surprise sometimes when I wake in the mornings. I lost 18lbs in 3 weeks. I do think a lot was also fluid retention, I now see the ligaments and veins in my feet.
This all happened very slow and I was so tired I had to do something.

I am glad I had it checked.

October 10, 2014


am 19 I think I have very low testosterone I have no morning erections and whenever I mastrubate I ejaculate only a few drops

May 08, 2013


i feel my depression is affecting my sexual life

March 31, 2013


what could be the probable cause and a possible solution to a situation where a man has no problem getting a firm erection at the start of sex but can only do one round? what makes it difficult for such a man of about 40yrs to get a second erection?

January 12, 2013


My muscles are small compared to other guys, but I don't think I have the other symptoms you listed. Should I get a blood test?

I saw in an article that you can put on muscle even without exercising if you increase your testosterone. www.sportsscience.co/supplements/the-effect-of-testosterone-on-strength-and-size-6kg-muscle-in-10-weeks/

Actually I do lift weights, but it still sounds cool to put on muscle so easily. I would keep lifting but also increase my testosterone.

Do you think that would work for me if I follow your other article about increasing testosterone?

January 07, 2013

Adrian Bryant

yes, follow the other article

January 07, 2013


I don't know how this happened or what it is. But i was feeling a very low sexual desire for about a week or 2. I had sex on November 18th with a prostitute and that time i take Viagra 100, that was good.then four days later on the 22th i feel that my penis is not working.this was the first time i have ever had an erection problem playing with my self. I woke up the next day and it felt like i did not have a penis. Like it was not attacked to my body. It is the weirdest feeling i have ever had and it is almost unexplainable. There was no feeling. Before all of this I could rub my self for 5 seconds through my pants and get nothing will happen, but now i felt nothing.I have never heard anyone having this and it has already been 4 days like this with no feeling only in the last half of my penis to tip and its not to sensitive, The base feels nothing and i know it use to feel everything. It is impossible to masturbate. Please help me!!! and feel free to email me. smitharya123@gmail.com

December 03, 2012


In 2007, my wife of 30 years(sex with her was 2-3 times/week, she was a boring lover) divorced me. I then retired from my stress-filled, sit-down, self-employed job in the US and moved to the tropical warmth of the Philippines. I began to relax and eat fish, lots of veggies and rice. I began to work out using heavy weights. recently began playing tennis, so now the running around after that little ball and then going to the gym and no stress and good food, warm weather and a good partner, i'm always horny, once a day is not uncommon. This beats taking xpensive supplements. BTW, doing full squats, 20 reps, i notice for the nxt 2 days after having xtra hard morning wood. My happy-go-lucky, smiley, younger Pinoy friends talk about 2-4 rounds per day, it is part of their cultural expectations, that explains all the children everywhere here. I really enjoyed reading thru your comprehensive blog on Test. Thank U.
i am 65 this Feb.

October 28, 2012


Had similar results with a passion booster blend containing Argenine and long jack. Wondering if some how the blend our just some "male"pills do the opposite of what's advertised in order to play upon your insecurities and get you to buy more stuff? I don't have erectile problems per say but notice Fuller action with some supplementation, probably offsetting the poor American diet. No replacement for a steady gym routine including cardio to keep your stamina up.

October 09, 2012


Over the past six months, I have noticed some concerning signs with my husband. Our once VERY active love life has declined to once or twice a month. He has become more & more moody, often not taking pleasure from the same things he always has. His sleep pattern is completely off. I know, by 38 yrs old, testosterone naturally begins to decrease & according to your check list he shows all the classic signs/symptoms. I guess, what I'm wondering is would it be wrong of me to try to naturally increase his testosterone levels without sayin anything to him? He has no medical issues that would prevent him from taking any vitamins or herbs. I just don't want to humiliate him....

June 20, 2012

Adrian Bryant

im not a relationship expert but you should maybe talk with your husband about this

June 21, 2012


I am 38 and for past year and half I have found that my sex drive has decreased dramatically. I only get the urge about once a week if that. I also have a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection. And even when I do it is short lived and usually doesn't lead to an ejacultion. My fiance and I are having some personal conflicts due to this and have not been able to conceive after trying for 3 months. Do you have any advice and natural supplements that we could try?

September 18, 2011


Yeah, get married before having kids without the benefits of marriage. Your testerone level isn't your problem, it's your morals and your priorities. If you think you have problems now, continue living this way and see what happens.

October 11, 2012



i really hope you can give me some sound reasoning and advise before i go crazy...

Yes I am a sexually active person aged 38 and would typically have sex 3 times a week, if not more - depending on my partner.

Recently I (about 2 months) have been on a mission to loose some excess fat that I had put on over a short period of time (6 months - about 6kg). By the way, my last check revealed a BMI of about 27.2. I enrolled in a gym and have been going to the gym about 4 times a week with an additional day of cardio workout. I noticed that my weight has moved slightly downward and that some cloths are now slightly looser. To ensure more results, I am taking about 65-100gms of whey isolate as added protein for muscle recovery. My diet has slightly changed to ensure more carbo base food is consumed in the day and protein based food in the late afternoons and nights. One problem I'm still trying to fix is...snacking at night...: (

The thing is I have noticed that since I have started going on this program, I DO NOT get sexually aroused as quick as before. Also, while I may get an erection during making out, I feel a lot softer. What's worst is that during intercourse, I loose my stiffness and get flaccid within 1-3 mins. To aid this as well as my mission to loose weight, I started taking a HGH releaser (GxxXXX-Plus).

Now, I find it even harder to get an erection. Its been 3 days since I last had an erection and during intercourse, my partner would try all tricks in the book but still I can't get hard...after going soft. I am not too sure if my testosterone level has plummeted because of my lifestyle change or a combination of that and the food and supplements I am taking to cause my inability to now get aroused and erect. I am also not certain if this is psychological or not. All I know is, it really is a bummer for someone who enjoys intercourse but can't seem to get any...



August 30, 2011

Adrian Bryant

do you think you may be overtraining?

i'm not an expert but the HGH releaser could be causing your problems especially if you said if it started around the same time you started using the HGH

August 30, 2011


I do not think I am overtraining. I workout on monday & tuesday with a break on wednesday to do some cardio. So for wednesday I run about 6-8 miles. I continue with resistance training on thursday & friday and leave the weekends totally free from exercise.

Yeah I thought the HGH may be the cause but then again, HGH releasers are suppose to enhance sexual vitality and not suppress it.

August 31, 2011

Adrian Bryant

unless you're taking actual illegal HGH you're not going to get any results form any HGH supplements - they mainly just use the key words HGH to sell their products but as to yoru problem...

I can't really pinpoint anything that can be causing your problem

i'm guessing you already looked at this article here?

August 31, 2011

jay ifrardo

First ,you need to get your blood test from your doctor .Talk to your urology and he will give you the correct information

July 08, 2014

  • After the broom makes your waists smaller,
  • Get Adrian's Plan to Lose the leftover belly fat for an even smaller waist.

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