Take the Test to See if You Have Low Testosterone

  1. Do you have a lower sex drive (decrease in libido or less desire for sex) ?
  2. YES  NO

  3. Do you get tired easily or do you feel you lack energy?
  4. YES  NO

  5. Have you lost strength and/or lost muscular endurance?
  6. YES  NO

  7. Do you feel depressed or experience less enjoyment in life?
  8. YES  NO

  9. Are you more grumpy?

    YES  NO

  10. Are your erections less frequent or not as strong - Do you still get morning wood?

    YES  NO

  11. Are you having a hard time gaining muscle?
  12. YES  NO

  13. Is your athletic performance or sports playing ability deteriorating?
  14. YES  NO

  15. Do you always feel like you need to fall asleep?
  16. YES  NO

  17. Has there been a recent deterioration in your job performance?
  18. YES  NO

You May Have Low Testosterone if,

You answered 'YES' to just one of the questions above but before you panic,

To Increase Your Testosterone,

is my testosterone low

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