Top 9 ways to naturally increase your HGH

naturally increase hgh

1. Sleep more because…

About 70-to-80% of your HGH production takes place while you're sleeping 7-to-9 hours straight (whether it be day or night) but to get the best results…

You want to get deep, peaceful, restful & re-energizing sleep so to help you sleep better…

2. Don't eat 2-to-3 hours before sleeping because…

You want to keep your insulin levels low as possible before going to bed so you can produce more HGH while you sleep because…

Don't confuse insulin and blood sugar because…

3. Go on a temporary fast or…

Do intermittent fasting to increase your HGH levels because…

4. Do intense workouts because…

Of something called "exercise-induced growth hormone response" or EIGR & research tells us to get the highest EIGR or produce the most HGH after exercise is to do intense workouts that involve your entire body so…

5. Combine 4 & 5 so…

You can combine the increase in HGH from lowered insulin and EIGR so…

6. Lose weight because…

When you produce too much insulin you produce less HGH so…

7. Make your body produce L-Dopa because…

L-dopa stimulates your Pituitary gland to release more HGH and to get your body to make more L-dopa…

8. Clean out your liver because…

Almost all the benefits of HGH like fat burning, muscle building & anti-aging come directly from the liver because…

All the HGH your body releases is absorbed by the liver and converted into IGF-1 so even if your body is producing more than enough HGH…

You'll never experience the benefits of HGH if you have a fatty liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver or poor liver function so to clean up your liver…

See 10 Ways to Improve Your Liver Function for Better Health

9. Laugh more because…

A study from the Loma Linda School of Public Health in California says laughter can increase your growth hormone levels by 87%…

"The blood drawn from experimental subjects just before they watched a funny video had 87% more human growth hormone compared to a group that didn't watch a funny video."

-Dr. Lee S. Berk of Loma Linda University

So rent or buy movies like the The Hangover, Friday or my personal favorite Curb Your Enthusiasm and watch your HGH levels go up.

4 things that may or may not increase HGH

1. HGH sprays or pills

Even if you illegally obtained some HGH the only way you could make it work is by injecting it into your bloodstream and…

Eating or spraying HGH on yourself WILL Absolutely NOT work at all because your body will break it down before it reaches your bloodstream to have any effect at all. SCAM.


GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid does play a role in helping you increase HGH but you just cant take GABA pills or supplements to increase HGH because…

GABA is broken down in your stomach way before it has a chance to reach your brain where it can actually work to produce more HGH so…

Unless you're going to do a radically treatment where they inject GABA directly into your brain…

Avoid all the GABA related HGH scams out there.

3. HGH secretagogues or releasers

All the studies done on HGH secretagogues such as L-lysine, L-arginine, L-ornithine, L-glycine and L-glutamine say that they do work, they don't work or that they might work and even with the studies that show that they do increase HGH…

If you have the money then maybe HGH releasers are worth a try but in the long run you'd be better off with the 9 tips above to increase HGH naturally

4. Injectable HGH

Make sure you also see…

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1-35 of 66 Comments

Hey there i am 17 my height is 5.4ft what chances do i have to grow more of my height at this age.
My dad height is 5.3ft & my moms is 4.9ft

January 30, 2016


hi,i am 21 years old and my height is 5' there any chances of growth? if there is something i can do to improve it please tell me the whole procedure.please help me on this,i m feeling so unconfident now.

November 30, 2015


Don't feel inconfident sister. Even if you don't grow it should not be a reason for you to feel bad about yourself.

January 23, 2016


Hi sir i am 20 years old myheight is only 5.2 my dad is short but his father is nearly 5.9. So kindly tell me what is the reason behind that and how can i defeat that problem and howcan i improve my height

September 15, 2015

Adrian Bryant

go here

September 16, 2015


Hii I'm 22 yrs old and 5 only. Are there any chances of me growing taller at least 2-3 inches...if I do hard workout.......please reply..

September 08, 2015


I am 15 and I am only 155cm tall
Is there any way that I can increase my height
My parent are quite short.

September 02, 2015


u cn use smatotropine HGH, it can be available on ur nearest medicl store.
and do intense workout.

November 17, 2015


Im 13 and my height is 5'7 my mom is 5'1 and Dad 5'6 is there a chance I could be 6'4 or atleast 6'2

August 18, 2015


Hi.I'm 13 years old,5"6,and weigh 134 pounds with 14 percent body fat.My mother is 5"7 and my father is 6"2.If I do these things could I get to be 6"4?

August 04, 2015


hi , i am now 34 yrs old , my height 5.6, is it possible to grow height at least 6 inches more. please give a solution ,

July 31, 2015


Hi i am 16 and soon will be 17 will that hgh process will help me to increase height i was also affected by thyroid

July 18, 2015


hi, i am 15 and i am 5.0 feet tall. my dad and mom are both a centimeter shorter than me. i want to be of 5.7 or 5.8 feet. please help me

June 13, 2015


Hi I'm 15 and I'm 5'8 about 172 cm I want to grow to 183 is it possible? Please reply and tell me the possible height I could reach and give me some tips about it I used to swim a lot when I was a child and I was taller than my friends but now they are almost the same height like 1 or 2 cm away and some of them grew taller.

May 30, 2015


I'm 17(female) and my height is 5'2.My dad is 5'10 and my mom is 4'9 or 4' there any possibility that i can grow 2 to 3 more inches...since I turned 16 my growth was stunt.

April 25, 2015


Hi am 17 and my height is 5.10 but i want my heigt 6.5 for basket ball is it possible

March 10, 2015


hey I am khullood. I am 13. My dad is not short.He is average and my mom isn't short though. My brother is 5.9.
I am only 3.8. will I get taller?

February 08, 2015


24 hrs Fasting increases hgh levels by 2000%

December 13, 2014

holy shit

yeah i also think that after 18 hgh is no important .shinbone lengthening is good cause you have to put only the pressure on the bone by creating microfractures by workout

October 26, 2014


Many peoples who has commented above,I personally recommend that not to follow the routine,who are above 18 because on that stage your growth plates are fused(closed) you can grow but not by the above instruction,you can grow your shin bone(tibia) it can grow up to 3 inches and you can also grow your torso(backbone) up to 4 inches,but you need to work very hard.If anyone has a doubt email me at I will surely help.

October 24, 2014


please help only 5"1 and 18...

February 20, 2015


That email address doesn't work..?

October 03, 2015


do masturbation affects growth ? ?

September 12, 2014

Adrian Bryant

I doubt it

September 12, 2014


yes,it affects your height by whole because in masturbation semen releases and it is the most complex supplement of your body which is very rich in 5 types of proteins and doing it in excess(1 times a day), it also affects 2 parts of our right brain which is harmful for your,if you do it try a routine for it as 1 times in 14 days or in 20 days. if you will perform the suggested routine it helps to reduce cancer and it also helps you to become less mature at ages(13-17) because in a study,doctors found that by listening music and doing masturbation makes our mind mature at very early age and from that our mind becomes satisfy from the immature physical development.

June 10, 2015


It's a real keeper. Straight forward without the bullshit.

July 28, 2014


hi i am 16 years and iam 5"4 . My dad is 5"3 and my mother is 5 . Can i be 5"7 or 5"8

July 25, 2014

Bob Sagat

Sorry, but there's a thing called genetics and you are going to be stuck short

September 11, 2014


Hi, I'm 4'10" almost 14 and my parents are 5'0" and 5'4". Do you think I still have time to grow 2 inches because I've heard girls usually stop growing at 15.

July 18, 2014

Beireisia Joseph Khithie

That is absolutely untrue. You can still grow throughout your puberty(till your about 18) and a little after that. You can see so many tall women basketball players.But be sure to do those steps mentioned above REGULARLY.Also i would personally add stretching your whole body and hanging for a minute or two to the basketball if possible and don't be lazy,drink,smoke,eat processed food,and anything that is biologically harmful. And one more thing, when you see some improvements in your height, don't stop doing the steps thinking you won't grow shorter(trusts me. I've been there).I was 5'6"and grew to 5'7" 1/2" or 8" and so Happy, I stopped for a few days and when measured again, I was back to 5"6' and when i did my routine again, I couldn't see the results much again.

September 19, 2014

Jeremine Khan

Hi i am 16 and 5'1 only.Are there any chances of me growing taller if I start yoga,basketball and cycling.
I am an Asian girl and my mother is 5'5 and my Dad is 5'8.even 14-year-old bro is 5'3.Please do reply.In the first few months of my birth,i had typhoid and so my growth was slow.Are there chances??
They say that you can grow till the age of 18.Is it true??

June 09, 2014


Hi my son is 16 years old & is 4ft 8". He's currently taking GH prescribed by the doctor as a trail over 6 months, we are half way through the course of daily injections of 1 milligram. He's concerned that he isn't going to grow much taller I'm 5ft & his dad is 5ft 8 his brother is growing normally like any other 14 year. Is there anything he could be doing to help grow himself such as diet or certain exercises?
Any advice would be appreciated.😊

June 06, 2014


I'm taller than your son by 10 inches and I'm 11 so I'm praying for him

December 28, 2014


I'm taller than your son by 10 inches and I'm 11 so I'm praying for him

December 28, 2014


Hi, i'm 16 years old and 5.5ft my father is 6.1ft and my mother is 5.4, will I by chance grow any taller, my brother is 14 and 5.8 and grand fathers are 5.9f and 6ft, uncles are 5.7 and 5.8 Do you think I might grow taller? Also are these steps effective at increasing height in teenagers. Sorry for the inconvenience

June 04, 2014

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